Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990: 

This website does not imply or suggest that items for sale on this website are hand made by a person or persons who are members of a federally recognized tribe, unless otherwise indicated in writing and clearly identified next to the item displayed.  You are advised to first assume all items displayed for sale on this website are not made by a member of a federally recognized tribe.   The list of items specifically made by persons who are members of a federally recognized tribe has been deleted to avoid consumer confusion -- and pages displaying non-manufactured, handcrafted arts and crafts contain a notice regarding the origin of items displayed on that page.   Items such as books, cd's, dvd's, t shirts, ceremonial items, clothing and regalia, drums, flutes, flags, furs/hides, gifts, home decor, greeting cards, healing clay, herbal medicine, herbal tea, jewelry, soap nuts, teepees, videos, and women's gifts are not hand made by a members or members of a federally recognized tribe.  In some cases, a supplier company may be owned by an American Indian who is a member of a federally recognized tribe, but the item by its nature (books, t-shirts, etc.) are not classified as an art or craft and therefore are not identified as being made by a person who is a member of a federally recognized tribe.

For a copy of a free brochure entitled, "How To Buy Genuine American Indian Arts and Crafts" go to  



MAIC is proud to offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on most products and services purchased via the Internet on our website.  MAIC strives to insure that all patrons are completely satisfied.


Order Processing

MAIC works hard to begin processing your order with 24 hours of receiving your order.  Orders are shipped with 36 hours of processing. Occasionally, delays occur due to failure of email notification, electronic outage, and computer malfunction.  


Shipping Rates and Delivery Time:

Shipping rates vary depending on the product and destination.  We use USPS for most shipments due to the economy of service, but tracking is not available with this service unless an additional fee is paid by the patron.  Online tracking is available from FedEx, UPS, Avery and a variety of other shippers.  In the event you prefer tracking, please include your request with your order or email us at the address below.  Most products are shipped to arrive within seven to ten business days.  MAIC is not responsible for shipping delays.  Delivery times outside the continental United States vary greatly from 7-days up to and exceeding 90-days. Security and custom issues are often the cause of most delays.      


Foreign Customs and Delivery Tracking: 

Manataka will not be held responsible or liable for any problems that result at your local customs office.  No refunds will be given for items that are seized at your local customs office. Manataka will not be held liable for any customs duties or taxes that arise from your local customs office. Manataka will also not be held responsible for any additional fee the local carrier in your country may charge. Our international shipping prices reflect the base shipping charge not including customs duties, taxes and country specific fees.  Deliveries to other countries are not guaranteed unless an additional fee is paid by the patron for delivery tracking.  Orders outside the continental U.S. may take up to 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.


Ordering and Returning Clothing Products: 

1.   All orders are shipped with an Invoice enclosed along with a Customs Statement

2.   Customer MUST supply an accurate chest, waist and other measurements to insure a good fit.  Customer will pay  

      shipping and handling for change-of-size returns. 
3.   We will pay for return shipping if the product has any defects or is damaged.  A wrong size is not a defect.

4.   Customer is responsible for foreign customs and duty charges.

5.   The correct return address must be on the return package. Tracking is suggested.

6.   Customer should allow 6 weeks for delivery. If the delivery time exceeds six weeks, we will pay for shipping.

7.   Returned clothing items incur a return-to-stock fee, shipping costs, credit card processing fee, AND a flat $35.00 fee


Refunds and Returns:

Because of the nature of some products and services, such as custom-made clothing, rugs, crafts, VHS/ CD/ DVD's, books, packaged goods, etc.  a refund is not given unless the product is defective from the factory and not damaged by the customer.  Clothing items are custom-made and a 20% - 25% return-to-stock fee is deducted from refunds.  The cost of shipping and handling of the original order and returns is the responsibility of the buyer.  MAIC is not responsible for incorrect orders or shipping address placed on orders by the patron.  Returned custom clothing items incur a return-to-stock fee, shipping costs, a credit card processing fee, AND a flat fee of $35.00.


Flag returns are charged a minimum $25.00 restocking fee that is used to launder, iron and repackage returned items.


Refunds and Returns: Native Remedies

We are so certain that you will be completely satisfied with our wonderful, natural products, that we offer a One Year unconditional money back guarantee*.  Simply try our products for at least 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied - for any reason - return the product to us within 1 year for a complete refund less shipping fees.  Please return all opened and unopened product containers, plus your name and invoice or order number, to: 


Native Remedies Returns

2155 So. Oakwood Road
Oshkosh, WI 54904


All refunds will be credited using your original payment method. Refunds will be processed within 3-10 business days after receipt of your return. If you have any questions or comments about our Returns Policy, or want to follow up on a recently returned order, please email us at manataka@sbcglobal.net, or call us at +1.501.627.0555.

* Full refund limited to orders of $150.00 or less. For larger orders there is a 25% restocking fee


Foreign Customers Ordering Herbal Products:

Orders $0.01 - $30.00       = $13.99 Shipping Cost

Orders $30.01 - $100.00    = $15.99 Shipping Cost

Orders > $100.00              = $25.99 Shipping Cost


Please note that customs and import policies in some countries prohibit the importing of herbal and/or homeopathic products for personal use. It is your responsibility to check your country's policies. Because of increased vigilance in Germany, we no longer ship herbal products to Germany and Ireland.


Estimated delivery time for items we have in stock is from date of shipment provided no problems occur with your local customs office. Some countries may require various types of import licenses. Manataka's Native Remedies will not knowingly ship any products to any countries that may require any type of license. Manataka's Native Remedies will not be held responsible or liable for any problems that result at your local customs office. No refunds will be given for items that are seized at your local customs office. Manataka's Native Remedies will not be held liable for any customs duties or taxes that arise from your local customs office. Manataka's Native Remedies will also not be held responsible for any additional fee the local carrier in your country may charge. Our international shipping prices reflect the base shipping charge not including customs duties, taxes and country specific fees. Our fees ONLY reflect the cost for us to ship your order to your country. If you are unsure of your country's import policies, please check with them before ordering. Native Remedies reserves the right to change the shipping method at its own discretion and expense. Native Remedies is not responsible for delays caused by weather or other natural disasters.


Tipi Lodges

Products offered by The Manataka Tipi Lodge online store including Earthworks Tipis, are manufactured based on published specifications. Each product is manufactured to fill an order for a specific customer with their chosen details, options and choices in mind. If you have placed an order with The Manataka Tipi Lodge online store we are committed to making it specifically for you. Please be aware of the following policies:

Cancellation Policy

a.        Manataka Tipi Lodge online store Policy allows order cancellations under two conditions:

i. Condition #1: 7 Day Grace Period. Customers wishing to cancel their order within a seven calendar-day period starting at the date of their original order (as stated on their Sales Acknowledgement) will be charged a $100 processing fee. If a credit card has been used an additional credit card processing fee will be charged in an amount equal to the 6% of the deposit.

ii.      Condition #2: After 7 Days.  Any cancellation request which is received more than seven calendar days following the initial order (as stated on their Sales Acknowledgement) will be subject to the analysis of Manataka's management whose decision shall be final.  Any approved cancelation following the seven calendar-day grace period will be charged a fee equal to 20% of the entire invoice amount, inclusive of credit card processing fees.   NO CANCELLATION WILL BE GRANTED AFTER PRODUCTION OF YOUR ORDER HAS BEGUN.


b.   Cancellation by Default: When Manataka receives a monetary deposit for its product(s) Manataka will provide a sales acknowledgement to the customer. The sales acknowledgement will show details of the order including products, quantities and other details necessary to manufacture and deliver the product, including the approximate delivery or shipping date. At the same time the customer will be asked to provide any details that are missing to complete the order, such as fabric color choice or window placement. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm that the sales order accurately states the details of the product(s) ordered, including the approximate shipping date, and to provide any information necessary to complete the manufacture of the product(s). Failure to provide the necessary information to complete the order for a one year period beginning on the date of the sales order shall constitute cancellation of the order and forfeiture of the deposit.


Building Codes – Land Use Codes – Home Owners Associations - Permits

Customers must determine in advance whether there are restrictions or code requirements within their jurisdiction which would affect the installation of a tipi. Failure to obtain building permits, meet land use requirements or home owner’s association restrictions shall not be considered grounds for cancellation, return or refund.


Warranty Period — Tipi Lodges

a.        No Warranty Certificate is provided by Manataka on Tipi Lodges.

b.        Should a defect in materials or workmanship in a Earthworks Tipi be discovered within a one-year limited warranty period, the liability of The Company shall be limited to the replacement of the material and/or the repair of the defect.


Costs incurred to dissemble or reinstall the tent or tipi, or damage incurred due to improper installation of the tent or tipi, are expressly not covered by this warranty.  This limited warranty does not include any labor or repair cost incurred by the original owner for unauthorized work performed by any third party, nor does it include any shipping, transport or travel costs incurred in the unauthorized performance of repairs.


c.        Upon notification by the customer, and approval of a warranty claim, Manataka will schedule work to remedy the claim at the earliest possible date.


d.       Customer agrees to ship the goods in need of repair to Manataka whenever possible. Freight costs resulting from warranty claims shall be the responsibility of The Company.


e.        Manataka specifically does not warranty damage resulting from ultraviolet ray or mildew and mold.


Delivery and Acceptance Policy

a.        If your order is being delivered by Manataka vehicle or by common carrier please advise a representative of Manataka if delivery to your site includes:

i.      Delivery on unimproved roads. Include the distance on unimproved roads.

ii.      Crossing a private bridge or a bridge that is inadequate for truck traffic.

iii.      Delivery on steep inclines or tight turns.

iv.      Requirement to hand-carry any goods to your site, including the distance for hand-carrying.

v.      Adequate area to turn the delivery truck around after unloading, if necessary.

Please note that your delivery may require a truck and trailer combination at least 40’ long.


b.        Failure to advise Manataka of these conditions may result in additional delivery charges.


c.        When you receive your order, count the pieces and check the contents carefully. Check for hidden damage. DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT even if your shipment has been damaged.


Incomplete or Damaged Orders

a.        If the freight company has damaged or lost part of your order, note the details on the delivery receipt before signing for the shipment.  A claim for damage or shortage can only be honored when it is noted on the delivery receipt. No claims can be filed after 15 days following the date of delivery. For damage claims, save the shipping materials for inspection and photograph the damage, if possible.  All claims must be made immediately. Do not "refuse" the shipment. For assistance with a claim, call Manataka at (501) 627-0555.


b.        Manataka not responsible for damage or shortage on claims that are not noted on the delivery receipt.


c.        It is recommended that you check the contents of your packages against the packing list within 15 days to discover hidden damages or shortages.


d.       Orders in multiple packages shipped by Fed Ex Ground may arrive separately.  Any items marked “backorder” on your packing slip will be sent as soon as possible.


e.        Tipi poles are subject to normal cracks and checks that do not affect their structural integrity.  When shipped by common carrier, tipi poles may arrive at the destination scuffed and soiled due to handling by the shipper. This type of soiling is normal and can be cleaned with common household cleaning products.


Telephone Orders:

Because of strict security policies, Manataka does not accept telephone orders.


Customer Service

MAIC loves our friends and patrons and will enjoy speaking with you at 501-627-0555 during normal business hours.  


We strive to maintain 90% educational, spiritual and feature articles on this website and only 10% devoted to commercial areas to help fund our nonprofit purpose.  All proceeds from internet sales go for the nonprofit, educational, cultural and religious purposes of the Manataka American Indian Council.  We appreciate your support.

Thank you.

Manataka American Indian Council

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Hot Springs, AR 71902-0476


Email us your questions:  manataka@sbcglobal.net


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