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Magdala is a medicine woman born in Mexico who lived among the pyramids and ancient wisdom of the Maya and Aztec people. She writes with great knowledge, tremendous insight and a loving spirit.  Her books are a "must read" for anyone searching for new spiritual insight.  





There has been a lot of talk about 2012 as the end of times.  What the ancestors knew and what is explored in the Moon Codex is that 2012 is the end of time as we know it.  It is the beginning of a whole new era for the human being.  Knowing this, the ancestors left us many clues to finding that path within ourselves.  These clues are often in the form of an ancient language that uses symbols that work at a very deep level in us.


The Moon Codex is a book about decoding the symbols on a recently uncovered stone petroglyph found in Mexico.  It was made by the Olmeca people so that we could use the symbols to create deeper understanding within ourselves about how to enter this new era the fifth dimension or fifth world.  This is a very exciting time for the human being.


The author is Magdala Ramirez.  This is her fourth book, and the first three books form the basis of understanding for how people can begin to relate to the masculine and feminine energies within themselves the union of the polarities.  The union of the polarities is the door to the new world or era that is upon us as human beings.  Magdala is from the Maya-Aztec tradition and she has been working with the petroglyphs and symbols since she was a child growing up in Mexico.  While she brings a strong understanding of her traditions to her writings, her work is to bring back a knowledge that has been on this planet for aeons a knowledge that comes from the stars.  Soft Cover, 333 pages, 5" X 7"  $21.95



by Magdala Ramirez 

Sacred Sex - Ancient Teachings for Women is a book about the emerging of the feminine that is taking place today all over the world. The women are truly creating the new world. And as this new world is created, the women are in need of the ancient wisdom that holds the understanding of the sacredness of the feminine and the knowledge of how the women must understand and embrace their divinity. Sex is the door from which human beings entered into this realm, and the way to move on is to become one again within the self. Sacred love is the way of becoming one with the self - uniting both the feminine and masculine sides of yourself. We have waited a long time for this book to be written and for this story to be told. When the feminine was hidden, the human beings could not find that part of themselves to create this sacred bonding. Now, with the emerging of the feminine, human beings can embrace love as the bonding, making the inside self and the outside self the same. Peace can be brought into the world. Soft Cover, 190 pages, ISBN: 1419639242 $21.95


by Magdala Ramirez 

A guide book of meditation, prayer, insight, and  teachings. This is a feminine book that gives medicine in the way the Mother. Ramirez's speaks with the feminine Spirit who encourages the reader to ask questions "and she always answers."  Understandings are given in a simple yet provocative manner - strong and sweet.    


I Am You is the author's favorite book as it goes beyond cultural beliefs and separations, beyond traditional thinking and gives simple, yet never simplistic answers to life's difficult questions. The feminine Spirit is truth and love and is the teacher inside. This book introduces the reader to the feminine Spirit within themselves. She is waiting to express many wondrous things to us, if we listen.


Readers will find I Am You a fascinating treasure. The book reads much like stanzas of a poem -- because that is the way the feminine Spirit speaks -- softly but powerfully.  Soft Cover. 200 pages; 5.25"  x 8"  ISBN: 1-41961793-1   $21.95



by Magdala Ramirez

This book is an ancestral knowledge that has been on this planet for many thousands of years. 


From the Maya-Mexica perspective, the Union of Polarities is the first door to enter. It is the knowledge of Quetzalcoatl, the Tao and Christ in his original form. It is the medicine wheel and the way of using her, as female and male.  It is the dance of the multi-universe. 


The Union of Polarities uses ancestral ways to open many dimensions.  It is Quantum physics and the understanding of many worlds.  This book describes this knowledge and how it can help bring balance back to human beings and the world. 


Trade Paper. 106 pages; 5.25" x 8"; ISBN: 14196-1345-6   $19.95



by Magdala Ramirez


As a Maya Priestess, the author Magdala Ramirez explains twenty-one Maya Runes direct from the Maya calendar in this provocative book about understanding the cycle of life in the Maya Way. 


21 Illustrated drawings of the symbols by the author are in the book.  21 red stones are included with the book as a study aid in learning spiritual meaning. 


"...Understanding cycles is embracing life.  There is only One nature and cycles are her way.  One Nature, One Knowledge.  One Spirit.  All is interconnected into the Oneness.  Find the question, Then you embrace the answer.  The One is contained in the Whole And the Whole is contained in the One. Find cycles, Then you find life. Within the everlasting flow of cycles.  Life is unraveled.  Therein, wholeness can be found.  Nothing is permanent, Only change..." 


Soft Cover; 50 pages; 5.5" x 6"; ISBN: 801-183083-x     $27.95 

Magdala is a medicine woman born in Mexico and lived among the pyramids of ancient wisdom of the Maya and Aztec people.  She was trained in her work from a very early age, spending many years studying and sharing information with the elders of knowledge near her home.  She has worked 35 years with the feminine ways, warrior woman and sacred dance.  Ramirez regularly conducts workshops and lectures in Mexico and the United States.  

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