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CP 859 - BLACK ELK SPEAKS: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux  by John Gneisenau Neihardt and Nicholas Black Elk.  Named one of the ten best spiritual books of the twentieth century by Philip Zaleski of HarperSanFrancisco, Black Elk Speaks is the acclaimed story of Lakota visionary and healer Nicholas Black Elk (1863–1950) and his people during the momentous, twilight years of the nineteenth century. Black Elk grew up in a time when white settlers were invading the Lakotas' homeland, decimating buffalo herds and threatening to extinguish the Lakotas' way of life. Black Elk and other Lakotas fought back, a dogged resistance resulting in a remarkable victory at the Little Bighorn and an unspeakable tragedy at Wounded Knee.  Beautifully told through the celebrated poet and writer John G. Neihardt, Black Elk Speaks offers much more than a life story. Black Elk's profound and arresting religious visions of the unity of humanity and the world around him have transformed his account into a venerated spiritual classic. Whether appreciated as a collaborative autobiography, a history of a Native American nation, or an enduring spiritual testament for all humankind, Black Elk Speaks is unforgettable.  This special edition features all three prefaces to Black Elk Speaks that John G. Neihardt wrote at different points in his life, a map of Black Elk's world, a reset text, a listing of Lakota words newly translated and reproduced using the latest orthographic standards, and color paintings by Lakota artist Standing Bear that have not been widely available for decades. 246pp, Soft Cover $27.95 Out of Print. If you want this book, send us an email  


CP 773 - COYOTE HEALING by Dr. Mehl-Madrona   NEW!

Native American healers expect miracles and prepare in all possible ways for them to occur.  In modern medicine, miraculous recoveries are discarded from studies as anomalous cases that  will taint the otherwise orderly results. Yet this group of "miracle" patients has much to teach us about healing and survival. Coyote Healing distills the common elements in miracle cures to help people start their own healing journey. Looking at 100 cases of people who experienced miracle cures, Dr. Mehl-Madrona found the same preconditions that Native American healers know are necessary in order for miracles to occur.  The author reveals what learned from both his own practice and the interviews he conducted with survivors about the features of their path back to wellness. 6 x 9, 256 pages, paperback. $16.95 + s/h


CP 866 - HONORING THE MEDICINE: The Essential Guide To Native American Healing   NEW!

Published in 2003, this book contains an abundance of information about every aspect of Native American medicine.  Discussion of such topics include the importance of sacred space, finding and paying a healer, sweat lodges, sacred pipes, and the healing power of herbs.  Photos. 9.5" X 6.5", 429 pages, Soft Cover. $17.95 + s/h



In this interesting and informative book by Grey Wolf, find out how to locate your place on the wheel of life, learn to think in circles of the medicine wheel, find your birth sign on the moon calender,read of your personality and pathway through this lifetime, and discover your moon, plant, and mineral totems. 9 x 11,132 pages, full color photographs, a beautifully illustrated hardback.  $16.95 + s/h  OUT OF STOCK If you want this book, send us an email  (1579540465 / 1-57954-046-5)


CP 443 - DREAMBOOK: American Indian Medicine  NEW!

In this remarkable book, Brad Steiger shows how to enter a dimension of reality between the physical and the nonphysical, between the world of spirits and the world of humans. Drawing upon information relayed to him by shamans from many tribes during thirty years of research and study, Steiger teaches easy-to-master techniques of entering Dreamtime and receiving valuable personal guidance. He explains how to identify one's totem animal and spirit guide, how to project healing energy in dreams, how to travel in astral dreamscapes, how to guard against disruptive entities, and how to receive prophetic glimpses of the future. 0924608145 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. Paperback, 256pp  $19.95


CP 791 - CHOSEN BY THE SPIRITS: Following Your Shamanic Calling by Saranger  NEW!

Mongolian shamaness Sarangerel provides a hands-on guide for serious students of the shamanic path.
* Includes complete directions for traditional Siberian rituals, meditations, and divination techniques never before published.
* Shows how to recognize and acknowledge a call from the spirits.
* Offers traditional wisdom for nurturing a working relationship with personal spirit helpers to promote healing and balance in a community.  The shaman's purpose is to heal and restore balance to his or her community by developing a working relationship with the spirit world. Mongolian shamanic tradition maintains that all true shamans are called by the spirits—but those who are not from shamanic cultures may have difficulty recognizing the call or nurturing the essential shamanic relationship with their helper spirits.   This book provides the serious student with practical advice and hands-on techniques for recognizing and acknowledging a shamanic calling, welcoming and embodying the spirits journeying to the spirit world, and healing both people and places.
Paperback, 312pp $17.95


CP 776 - THE DREAM: In American & Other Primitive Cultures. by Jackson Lincoln  NEW!

Because many primitive cultures assign equal value to both the fantasy and external world, dreams serve as their guides to both ritual and individual behavior. Trained in anthropology and psychology, the author of this work collected and examined more material than ever studied previously to demonstrate the key role of dreams in primitive society. Combining material from library as well as field research, this analysis opens with a historical review of dream interpretation, exploring the structure, theory, and function of dreams in primitive cultures and examining their predominant symbols, types, and forms. Focusing chiefly on Native American dreams, the study defines their significance to the individual as well as their relationship to the culture pattern. Paperback, 384pp $19.95  SOLD OUT  If you want this book, send us an email


By Ernest Thompson Seton. This classic, which was first published in the late 30s, we print for the Boy Scouts of America. Ernest Thompson Seton was known the world over as "The Chief, " a title bestowed when he headed the Boy Scouts of America. We are proud to be a distributor of this extraordinary compilation of Indian thought and culture, approved by the chiefs of many tribes. This book describes the wonder of Native American life before it was destroyed by Europeans. Santa Fe, NM: Seton Village, 1966. Soft Cover. Used Like New. 109 pgs. Author is
Ernest Thompson Seton.  $ 8.95

OS15717-  NATIVE WISDOM: Perceptions of the Natural Way  

By Ed McGaa Illustrations by Rudy Chasing Hawk. 

Written in response to questions from some of our Nation's youth, this book brings in some much needed perspective of how Natural Way Spirituality relates to some very tough questions facing our youth. Truthful answers give hope that Native Wisdom may some day heal this Earth and all the inhabitants. Written in a good way, it gives us a look at a perfect dream that was lost, and gives us some tools to help us on our journey. This book will definitely make you think. Soft Cover, 312pp, 6 x 9. $ 15.95


CP 441- THE CIRCLE IS SACRED  By Scout Cloud Lee
Chapters on making drums and rattles, making prayer bundles, ritual cleansing, music, dance, sacred acts, games, creating sacred spaces, women's moon cycles and power, the fire woman, women's healing circles, dream stalking and vision questing.8 x 10, 255 pages., illus., Soft Cover
. $18.95


OS15717-  THE CIRCLE IS SACRED: The Spirit-Powered Life 

By Scout Cloud Lee and Carol Ann Washburn
Awesome powers can be harnessed in the sacred circles of our lives. Each tree, animal and cloud offers to share its own innate medicine power. We can access such powers within themselves and share them with others. If we can learn to identify such gifts, our lives will be blessed with joy and we will learn how to bring sacred love and devotion into all our activities. Through stories, ceremonies, rituals, and meditations, The Circle is Sacred clearly marks for readers the road to a fulfilling life. Motivational trainer Scout Cloud Lee bases her work on principles that have evolved from thirty years of guiding individuals in creating non-hierarchical organizations based on ancient indigenous ideals that encompasses a blend of Native American, Christian, Australian Aboriginal, and New Age concepts. Soft Cover, 272 pp. $ 19.95


OS15717-  TOLTEC PROPHECIES of Don Miguel Ruiz 

by Mary Carroll Nelson
At this pivotal point in human consciousness, millions of people are awakening to an expanded awareness that humanity may one day realize and use its deepest gifts to live in peace. Many have lived with the foreboding of Armageddon they feel helpless to prevent. This threat has produced a pervasive fear that now engulfs our planet, breeding discord, suspicion, and hate. Yet hope remains and springs from unexpected sources through story and image. Ruiz describes the emerging Sixth Sun and predicts what it will mean for the future of humanity. In keeping with this tradition, Ruiz asserts that we have the power to replace fear with a new dream of Heaven on Earth, and that the solution to human survival rests with our Intention. It is in our power to focus our intention to create the vibrant future we desire.  Hardcover, 96 pp. $ 14.99



By Daniel Scott

Soft Cover $ 6.95 Temporarily Out of Stock




Written by a tribal elder, "The Cherokee Sacred Calendar" provides an easy-to-use format for determining what signs and numbers rule the day of your birth and what influence they have on your destiny. Soft Cover, 152pp.  October 1999. $ 15.95



By J. Ed Sharpe

Soft Cover $ 6.95


OS18878- NATIVE HEALING: Four Sacred Paths to Health  

By W.F. Peate, M.D. Alternative medicine, holistic health, and spiritual healing are promoted as recent innovations in modern medicine, yet all have been practiced by native peoples for thousands of years. Native Healing: Four Sacred Paths to Health is unique among health-related books. Native healers explore and promote the powerful effects of family and community, as well as spiritual and traditional treatments, on personal health. Today they are beginning to be integrated into the health care system, and this book shows how you too can benefit from their wisdom. In words and photographs, Dr. Peate draws on his personal experience to describe native healers' holistic approach to healthcare, from sings to sandpaintings to chants and cures. W. F. Peate has lived and worked with native peoples and healers in east Africa and South America, and in the reservations and barrios of the Southwest as a physician and professor of community medicine. Dr. Peate is a native of the Southwest whose maternal grandparents were affiliated with the Mohawk and Onondaga tribes. His writing has appeared in Newsweek and several articles and books including On the Serendipity Road. 120 pages, 7.5 x 7.5 in., Soft Cover.  $ 23.95


CP 460- THE SOUL WOULD HAVE NO RAINBOW If the Eyes Had No Tears  By Guy A. Zona.  Drawn from copious research and correspondence with Native American leaders and other tribal sources, these time-honored truths represent the collected experience and wisdom of a culture and offer a universal message to all. Sayings of time-honored truth and contemporary wisdom from the Native American tribes. Why will you take by force what you may obtain by love?  We will be known forever by the tracks we leave. He who serves his fellows is the greatest of all. If a man is as wise as a serpent, he can be as gentle as a dove. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves. A sin against a neighbor is an offense against the Great Spirit. Soft Cover, 128pp  $11.95

CP 194P - SECRET NATIVE AMERICAN PATHWAYS: A guide to Inner Peace by Thomas Mails.  Revised and expanded classic. This classic details the religious beliefs and ancient rituals of four tribes: Apache, Cherokee, Hopi, & Sioux. In this beautifully illustrated book, Mails provides the meaning behind each ceremony as well as instructions for applying Native teachings to contemporary life. Each tribe discussed has clearly overcome adversity while walking the pathways” that lead to inner peace. Soft Cover, 336 pages, 7x 10 illustrated. Was $ 24.95 Now Only $ 20.95  SOLD OUT 



By Jose and Jena Stevens

Shamans possess the power to journey deep within themselves to tap the universal source of information and power. The authors demonstrate how the ancient techniques of shamanism can be adapted to the needs and concerns of the modern world using a series of simple exercises, lessons, and rituals, enabling you to identify and communicate with your inner spiritual guides and to achieve professional success, and psychological enlightenment. 4 1/2 x 7, 228 pgs., illustrated., Soft Cover $ 9.95



by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
"The Song of the Night Bird," writes Joyce Hifler, "is a serenade to life." In When the Night Bird Sings, Hifler pays tribute to the simple blessings of daily life and shares the lessons she learned from those who nurtured her with wisdom and love during her childhood in Cherokee Country. Read straight though, or cherished individually as daily readings, the lyrical, unforgettable vignettes in When the Night Bird Sings depict an authentic way of life while offering the gentle and comforting insights. Soft Cover, 176 pages, 5 x 7.  $ 12.95



By Joseph Rael and Mary Elizabeth Marlow
Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) combines the sacred teachings imparted to him while growing up at Picuris Pueblo with knowledge learned during his years of contact with the mainstream culture. Since childhood, Rael has been interested in sound, and here he describes how he began tracking sound in his native Tiwa language, and later in Spanish and in English, always with the belief that in these vibrations he might find the presence of the Great Mystery. 0.75 x 4.75 x  6.75. Soft Cover, 193 pp,
$ 25.95 - going on the hard-to-find list.





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