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Stop Child Bedwetting, Natural Bed Wetting Solution For Children, Teens, Adolescents

Be-Dry Bedwetting Formula
Use Be-Dry Bedwetting Formula regularly to:
  • Relieve anxiety and relax nervous children
  • Tone and strengthen immature bladders
  • Help your child to be dry at night
  • Reduce bedwetting and improve self esteem.
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Bedwetting is a common problem

Bedwetting is common during the pre-school years and children vary in their ability to control their bladders at nighttime. It is quite normal for a child under the age of five to wet the bed occasionally and boys often take longer than girls to become dry at night. 'Accidents' do happen and should be dealt with kindly and sensitively in order to prevent emotional problems. Children who wet their beds should not be punished.

How should bedwetting be addressed?

There are many possible causes of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting), including medical problems, emotional and family problems and immature bladders. Your GP should be your first port of call if bedwetting is regular and persistent or if a child suddenly starts wetting the bed again. He/she will be able to examine your child and advise you of the appropriate steps to take.

What is Be-Dry?

If there are no underlying medical causes, regular use of Be-Dry Bedwetting Formula can calm the anxious child and help to strengthen immature bladders. Be-Dry has been especially formulated by a Clinical Psychologist in accordance with strict homeopathic standards to help your child to achieve bladder control at night time. Say Goodbye to smelly mattresses and wet sheets in the morning and help your child to be more confident!

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How has Be-Dry helped others?

"My nine year old son just started taking Be-Dry and has been dry every morning since. We have spent a fortune on different programs and prescription medication without any success. My wife and I thank you and more importantly my son thanks you." - ND, USA"

Who would have thought that a natural remedy could stop my daughter from wetting her bed! I was really dreading winter again and all the wet sheets every night - and it used to happen more often when the weather was cold. This stuff really works!" - Darlene Matthews, USA

"My 11 year old son did not want to sleep out because he was afraid he would wet his bed. I felt so sorry for him, but nothing we did made any difference. Your 'Be-Dry' Formula has him dry for the first time in his life and he is so proud of himself! Thank you!" - Margaret, USA

"My son is 9 years old and he has never had one week when he went through without wetting his bed. We tried everything to help him and we even had him at the doctor who said he was just a late developer. After two weeks of taking Be-Dry he stopped wetting his bed although we would still wake him up at night to go to the bathroom. Now it is three months later. he doesn't take the Be-Dry anymore and we don't wake him up at night - but no wet beds! What a great product!" - Pat l., USA

"Be-Dry has helped my son to stop wetting his bed. He would never sleep over because he was embarrassed, but now he is much more confident. I can really recommend Be-Dry!" - Cynthia Landers, USA

"My 4 year old son (he'll be 5 next week) has been taking Be-Dry for 6 weeks and we have had wonderful success! We are thrilled with the product." - Christi, USA

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Children's remedies

Children have problems too! Many medicines for children contain additives, artificial color and preservatives. Some are addictive and others may cause side effects which end up being worse than the condition that they are supposed to treat. Even some of the more natural, herbal medicines should not be given to children under the age of 12, unless supervised by a health care practitioner! Parents are understandably concerned and may feel confused about what they can and can not give their children. As a Psychologist and as a parent, I have seen a need for safe, effective and healthy natural remedies especially formulated for children's health. Together with Native Remedies, I have spent a lot of time in researching and formulating a range of natural remedies especially for young children. All remedies are herbal or homeopathic and carefully chosen for maximum effect and maximum safety, to safely heal and solve your child's problem - naturally. While herbal remedies help to heal and promote health, homeopathic remedies work by strengthening the child's own body to heal itself. The remedies are non-addictive and presented in child-safe doses. No artificial colors or preservatives are used and manufacturing is in accordance with the highest pharmaceutical standards. - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist

What does Be-Dry contain?

Be-Dry is an effective and proven homeopathic remedy containing:

Equisetum (6cH) - a remedy which comes from Asia and is widely used in Chinese medicine. Used homeopathically, Equisetum is a proven remedy which is especially useful for all bladder complaints and also helps to relieve anxiety. It is safe and effective for children who wet their beds, often during nightmares and other dreams. Equisetum comes in pillule form with a pleasant tasting Lactose base and is easily dissolved in the mouth.

How do I use Be-Dry?

Dosage: 2 pills twice daily on an empty stomach (30 minutes before or after a meal)

How long until I see results?

Children differ in their response times to homeopathic medicine and Be-Dry can take 3 - 5 weeks to be effective, although many children do respond sooner (1 - 2 weeks).

How long will a bottle a last?

One bottle of Be-Dry contains 125 pills and will last 30 days. A 90-day supply is offered at a discount (See Buy 2 Get 1 FREE special below)

Be-Dry is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

Be-Dry is backed by our 60 day money-back guarantee so you can experience guaranteed results risk-free

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Be-Dry Bedwetting Formula

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