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The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild & Laughing Dog Red Feather


Online Lessons in the Medicine Way




Attention - the ability of a living being to focus its consciousness.

Being  - in this context, this is living in the state of an expanded awareness of the theatres around you, accepting the responsibility for your actions, harming none.

Belief system the collection of assumptions that we use to define our worlds, and to operate our realities.

Blockages - the issues or events that enter our space and create an off-balance situation to assist our learning. 

Chaos the arbitrary energy movement around us that assists in the development of our learning theatres.

Chi hullo li -  you are sacred to me (Choctaw). 

Clinging -  the inability to let something go, the attachment of one's self-definition to an external event.

Consensus - the mass reality around us, created by society to focus the individual on preconceived norms that may keep the individual asleep to the world of Creator.

Creator - the source of life, the power of the universe; may be identified by various names ( i.e. God, Odin, Manitou, Ancient One, etc.).

Dances - our interactions with an event, person, time, etc.

Dream - the physical life we returned to on this plane to experience.

Dreamtime - the unconscious part of the dream that we experience, the other side of our waking life, the place where our manifestations occur first.

Earth walk - our day-to-day participation with the events we encounter, our collective consciousness.

Enlightenment - a state of existence in which one's awareness is expanded to keep the individual awakened to the realities around and the inner light radiates to show the individual's pathway regardless of what consensus dictates.

Events - the phenomena moving through our personal spaces that we choose to either relate with or ignore.

Flowing - the concept of getting the personal issues out of the way and letting great Spirit guide one's life and activities for the highest good for All.

Giveaway - the part of ourselves that we release into the universe for others to experience and/or learn from--this may be through physical actions, thoughts, or verbal.

Great Mystery - the unnamed energy within and surrounding our personal spaces that exists as total potential.

Great Spirit - as with Creator, a term used to define the source of life and potential that we are connected to.

Healing - bringing events into balance and harmony within its given reality icon.

Illumination - the light outside of our personal spaces that serves to guide us through our realities.

Incarnation - the manifestation of spirit energy and consciousness into a physical body.

Intent - the focusing of our attention to push energy.

Knowing - knowledge and insights that come through us from Great Spirit.

Manifestations - the creation of our desires on the physical level.

Medicine - the innate personal energy and attributes of a being.

Mindset - the rules with which we process the surrounding realities.

Pathway - our life course.

Perception - an energy we use to create the theatres for our existence.

Personal space - the twenty-foot circle around us, also above and below, that holds the icons that our focus of attention animates into our realities.

Seeing - an abstract term for having divine insight into knowing the intent of the events in one's personal space.

Selfthe consciousness inside the physical body that directs our daily activities.

Shaman - an individual who creates the belief systems to operate reality; someone awakened to the natural energies of Mother Earth in the capacity to heal and rebirth.

Waiki - a real person who strives to live in harmony with the Earth and worlds around him (Cherokee).

Wheel - another term for personal space.

Bibliographical Notes

All writings are the insights and teachings as presented by Laughing Dog Red Feather, the author's spirit companion. The stories are true in detail, but the names have been altered to insure privacy of the characters. Any resemblance to a pre-existing work is purely coincidental as there were no outside contributors in the creation of these teachings. 


...going full circle...

met an old man with a booger in his nose

his eyes held fire but his hair wouldn't grow

so I asked him for the time but he didn't use a watch

.cause he had a piece of quartz underneath his crotch

and he said it's never early and it never gets late

at the crack in the Earth where the shaman play

then he took a deep breath as he closed both eyes

and the light he emitted caught me by surprise

so I squinted but I asked if I could learn to glow

while the man shape shifted and became a crow

with his head cocked sideways and his wings half-spread

(and this magic was alive and not inside my head)

so I closed my eyes to imagine flight

like the hawk that soars when the sun is high

and then I heard a feather call out loud to me

as the old man crow caught a southwest breeze

saying it's never too early and it never gets late


Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.


April Smoke Signal Preface
May Smoke Signal Introduction
  Lesson 1 - Emotions
June Lesson 2 - Consensus
July Lesson 3 - Dreaming
August Lesson 4 - Being
September Lesson 5 - Honoring
October Lesson 6 - Knowing
November Lesson 7 - Creating
December Lesson 8 - Seeing 
  In Passing
  Bibliographical Notes

Copyright 1999-2009 Boe Glasschild



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