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The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild & Laughing Dog Red Feather


Online Lessons in the Medicine Way



Lesson 8



We see what we believe. We see the unseen, non-physical as well. But to truly "see" is to get beyond the dream symbols and connect to the intent. This is more like watching the action instead of the event, getting into the plot more so than the characters. This is also pushing the envelope with the personal equipment, for we have been conditioned to think of seeing as only being relative to physical objects, so we unconsciously buy into being limited to only seeing the physical world.

When one connects to the intent rather than the drama, lots of dialogue is exchanged without being noticed. Events define themselves simultaneously without clashing, spaces are honored, things align to the flow of Creator. We are moved to do something that contributes to the moment's enlightenment, we see Great Spirit in everything. We move beyond the labeling of good versus bad to the point of just is.

When we can recalibrate our equipment, and become more aware and sensitive to the activities behind the veil of the moment, .seeing. then takes on a whole new depth. Words are so limited in trying to describe the abstract until it has been experienced, but to truly .see. is a very high spiritual level of awareness.

Seeing begets knowing, which begets being, and so forth until we are back at seeing. So moves the powers of awareness.


Everything has its relative light...when light manifests in the environment outside the self, this illuminates the entire world and not just one path.

Repeat, light each and every path.

Truth is illuminating regardless of what we must be seen as it really is (and not as we wish) if we want to really deal with the truth of illuminations.

The Sun lights up the day for all to see, this is enlightening... the Moon illuminates subtleties, this is the magician's vision...stillness is where the magic is. 

What some may see, others may not... use your tools to see all Balance is the result of being in rhythm.

Illumination is the ability to see the life force in everything and dance with it accordingly... this is experiencing the path of Light.

Illuminations assist individual events in their choices... darkness is the illumination of being lost, it helps us seek the true light.

Day and night are synonymous with light and must focus more to see through darkness, this is spiritual practice.

Illumination is seeing your life cycles and components... enlightenment is finding your exact location in these cycles and moving towards the highest good.

Illumination may also come through observing others... do this.

When your pathway becomes balanced, and your medicine your significant other, you will reflect to the world the beautiful relationship Creator has with you.

Allow everyone the time to do their work unmolested.

Light never bends... on behalf of Creator, be as firm. 

Sometimes we must release others from within our orbit so that they can have the space to see their own light without interference.

Be like a seed, know exactly what your energy is capable of reproducing.

Your words are the vibrations of your mindset...the warrior knows how to match energies to succeed.

To rewrite your mythology on behalf of others is giving your power away. 

Never exhaust any life force uselessly.

The Sun rises every day, whether seen or not... never veer away from what is appropriate for the sake or comfort of others.


Marcia Perez is a very good friend of mine from Guatemala; we've known each other for about four years. I knew that her faith was not totally Western-based as in Christianity, but she never really said anything about her beliefs other than her altar to Santa Barbara. Regardless, we always had spiritually flavored conversations.

Well, a few days before Christmas one year, I went over to Marcia's home to find she and Mario doing a ritual to heal her mother Linda, also a friend of mine.  Linda had been diagnosed with a tumor growing on her liver, and the doctors were afraid to remove it. Marcia said she had been calling me spiritually to come over this night, and it worked. I got involved with the ritual to Santa Barbara to heal Linda, but I felt it was not enough at the time so I made arrangements to return the next night with some power objects. Marcia agreed.

I returned the next night to work on Linda, but Mario could not attend. 

However, it was a unique situation to be in, for Marcia's daughter Alexis was present, so now we had the lineage of daughter, mom and grandmother in the healing space. I used esoteric toning to relax Linda's space, then used an amethyst to dissolve the tumor as in my daughter's situation a year earlier. I left Linda with a rose quartz to empower herself with, and in two or three days Linda was up and about again.

Well, one month later, Linda was again very sick. Marcia told me she now had bone marrow cancer, and could only eat intravenously. We decided to do another ritual to heal this new condition, so we fasted all day to be cleansed by midnight.

Alexis, Marcia and myself all sage, then we make a shrine to Linda with thirteen seashells, two candles, tobacco and chicken bones as an offering. We use a picture of Linda because she cannot leave the hospital at all. We eat on behalf of Linda, then make prayers for her to be home in health again as soon as possible. The next day Marcia buries the shells and bones, and she told me as soon as she went to visit Linda in the hospital, she found her sitting up and eating by herself! Linda went back home to heal the very next day.

As Spirit would have it, these moments of resolution would once again change for Linda. I went to visit Marcia a few weeks later, and Linda had a new condition that was again very serious. Now she had kidney failure, and her body would not cleanse itself without assistance. I visit her, but her spirit says that her body wants to move on now to other realms and to not do any more healings. I share this with Marcia, and between her tears she tells me that Linda wants to pass over in her birth country, the Honduras, but she is too weak to fly back and the airlines will not transport her while she's this ill. Spirit says that I may assist once more, so I go to the mountains and take a few strands of Linda's hair and some wood from her homeland. I create a pyramid out of three sticks to raise her energy for the trip home, and empower this with song and herbs. Marcia phones me three days later to say that Linda regained enough physical strength to make the flight back, and that she left to return home the day before. Linda went back home to cross over, but her giveaway was to show the world the unlimited possibilities of spiritual healings.


Allow the dark self to have its chatter, this will show you what not to do... never give it your life force, ask Creator to push it to your feet so that no one is harmed.

When you can see the essence of your focus, you can see the chaos it deals with and make your adjustments accordingly.

Everything exists simultaneously.

Cleanse, burn away the debris around issues that create cloudiness and block your vision... this is illuminating your world.

Keep sacred things sacred... the application of energy without pure intent only enhances negativity.

Illumination is viewing with enlightened eyes, the world glows within... it is momentary and not fixed, a piercing vision that sees the core.

We may illuminate the wheel around us, yet only perceive the area in front of us... to perceive from all directions is to really know the wheel. 

Illumination must prevail over moments of bliss as well as moments of darkness... a bell goes off when we're on track.

Give light to all.

Illumination shows both the road and the obstacles.

Fire doesn't stop until its relative physical life is over... be as thorough and consistently as encompassing... use all your resources like fire.

Bring your energy into the open like fire when appropriate... life is a game, never stop playing.

Do not ask, seek.

I have always been able to travel in dreamtime and return with souvenirs for friends. This is that sacred space where the potential lies en masse, and it's also a great place to shop. Anyway, one winter we were preparing for a November sweat lodge in Angeles Crest, and I really wanted to honor the Lodge Chief Eagleheart as the weather was really cold. Well, I did not know what to get Eagleheart for this giveaway, but I remembered that he wanted, but did not have, any rattles.

Then it came to me in dreamtime; I moved through a pocket of time to a grand, charred eucalyptus tree. It was an imposing black figure against an off-white stone wall about 30-feet high. At the base of this tree were seven planks that were covering an underground entrance. I moved the planks to find an underground chamber filled with Aborigines having a festival. They were listening to music and sharing some unfamiliar herb, and they invited me in. I entered and closed the planks behind me, and then they gave me a few sacred symbols to paint on Eagleheart.s rattle- the one that I was about to make. I gifted him with a seed pod rattle with a rabbit fur holder and the gold symbols on it, then I got Spirit's validation. A few days later I went to a party and the didgeridoo player had eel designs like my former pet eels; then I met an Aborigine who described the festival in my dreamtime as a "corroboree,"  a secret celebration in the outback that only a few people get a chance to witness.

Enlightenment is always relative and never fixed.

Have a new song daily, like the solo bird at dawn.

Illumination comes and goes and is relative to the ability to interpret... be aware of the insignificant as well as the principals on your path... know where your light comes from.

The world stares at enlightened beings, as they are the givers of pure energy.

Bring fruition to your dreams like the Sun does to flowers.

Fire burns away the toxins in have abundant, apparent growth you must totally burn off the toxins to the core...then, truly nourish the new growth and good results follow rapidly.

Fire exemplifies the conversion of matter into its base the physical transformation takes place, allowing the energy to rise to its pyramidal point and releasing itself to the universe.

Fire is a tool, air is the energy...the proper bonding of these can create rapid transformations.

Illumination is not only seeing, it is also hearing the voices inside of everything... illumination is a direct link to the soul.

Forest fires cleanse the Earth... burn away the debris in the human energy field as well... this permits new growth and reduces the probability of sickness.

To create change, the symbols present must be understood by the intellect... connections must be established and dialogue comprehended... to change circumstances, know where the energy lies, then establish rapport... this is conscious change.

Allow all healing energies to dance with you... do not attempt to be in control, they already know the appropriate areas to go to.

Be true to your energy flow and you'll flow where you desire... everything heals everything else on some level.

Have enough patience to hear the songs of others without judging them.

Shamanic Fasting 

This is a form of fasting to reclaim personal power lost through living in a consensus oriented world. This fast is your giveaway. It pushes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to their respective limits to strengthen them. This fast is most effective if the focus is on what one wishes to change and not on eating. A three day fast when completed, it is begun at sunset and finished at sunset three days later. However, if it becomes imperative that the fast be broken and food consumed, by all means eat. No harm shall come to any of the children.

To prepare for this fast, get three one-gallon bottles of water to drink, one for each day. Pick any three stones that call out to you and place one in each bottle.

Allow these bottles to sit in the sunshine about one day before you begin the fast, and drink at room temperature as often as necessary during the fast. 

The challenge is to go about your normal life while maintaining this fast. Go to your work or whatever, but take time to refocus on what you wish to change by fasting. As you get past the physical body, you may experience an increase in energy. By the second day you may be able to feel the differences between the stone energies in the water. Regardless, try to periodically push your energy into the area of your life that you wish to change. At the end of the fast, visualize yourself nurturing this change as you begin to eat again. Allow this new area to grow in your life, experience this birthing. Believing is seeing.

In passing ...

I am as all

I am as none

I am as me

Me as I am.

The ability to heal flows through all belief systems. It is a universal energy that can work in any arena to create balance and harmony in unstable and off-balanced situations. These healing energies are available to all; no one has the power to determine who receives these gifts, for the powers to heal are your gifts from Great Spirit. These are the powers that have always been here and will be here when existence as we know it has gone full-circle. Regardless of how society labels these energies, the flow of Great Spirit brings everything in balance. These are not healing energies from any specific path or ideology, but of universal origin, so terms such as Great Spirit and Creator are no more exact or wrong than terms such as Odin, Jesus, Buddha and so on. It's all about the intent.

When we do the work to cleanse ourselves of the baggage, we see the world change before our eyes. At first the changes seem subtle and just lucky, but as the awareness grows we do see, and become, the magic. We have a growth in our ability to experience the uniqueness of life, as we know that there are no ordinary moments. We live in continuous ecstasy; the child returns to the heart space. We begin to see each new day as another chance to move closer to the source of our beliefs. We feel movement that comes from something that we know is so much greater than we are. Great Spirit has us by the hand.


Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.


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