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The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild & Laughing Dog Red Feather


Online Lessons in the Medicine Way



Lesson 7



We create the space we call reality through our focus of mental energy onto icons. We are the designers of the events that we experience as good, bad, indifferent, etc. These icons, or fascinations, create the theatres through which we get the opportunities for growth as the seeking spirit. Likewise, we can also create energy movement in the world around us by applying focused energy. This is our personal magic, the ability to reshape our dance with the events we encounter.

This is also our personal power, the level to which we are capable of directing the various forms of potential entering our space.

Either form of energy design requires that we get the mental self and the blockages held within out of the moment. Also, both types of energy design are nothing more than empowering our thoughts with life force, for the first form of contact we experience with anything outside of our space is with our attention, then the other senses get involved. We likewise break our connections on these higher levels first, then things flow into the physical worlds. So, if creating energy movement around us can be understood as pushing life force on potential, then our abilities to create will be unlimited. It's all in how we name the things we dance with.

When we do choose to design energy movement, or create changes, please keep in mind that the observers can have an influence on the event through their attentions as well, so some things should be kept in silence from the attentions of others. And the most important thing to remember is that no harm shall come to the children of any world--this must always be upfront in the heart. Enjoy the path to growth.

 Empower yourself daily, you can never store up too much energy... learn which energies are where.

To design energy efficiently, keep doing keep connections strong, stay active.

Regarding inner energies, recycle daily.

Bad and good are relative and everywhere... commit to the truth.

Be like the twig...when the flame comes, have the potential to catch it and change.

Loosen the corners of your round, this creates flow more easily.

A healthy plant produces many seeds...a healthy intent toward everything produces many affairs that touch many hearts.

Increase the capacity to love unconditionally.

Some things come to you to be a long-term associate... know when you have pulled these things in and honor this.

To be what others need to see can win allies.

Memories are proof of the energy and circuitry you once held.

The intent of every step should be to move towards Creator... this is pursuit of the highest good.

Energy is like currency, transferable.

Love is joyful energy between events 

People expressing sincere interest in your growth will elevate your energies, and vice-versa.

Sometimes the designing of energy is too subtle to notice... be aware of the continuous creations around you.

 My mother was born on June 3rd, 1933, so I always tried to honor and remember this day, even though she passed away in 1983 and had been dead almost a decade. Well, on June 3rd 1988 I decided to honor my mother through astral projection, so I took all my clothing off and made a triangle around myself with a white candle and two crystals. I stood facing the east and immediately went out of body. I met and traveled with a spirit guide adorned in long hair and sunglasses; his face was familiar but I couldn't place his name. Anyway, we traveled around Hollywood, then I asked him to validate this moment, so he flew me to Vermont Ave. and we looked through the roof at a lady sleeping. I knew her--her name was Rosilyn, and she was my lady's friend. Then we returned to my body and I awakened. During this time, my girlfriend was at work but phoned me to say that Rosilyn called her at work to say that she dreamed that I was standing over her.

Time passed fast, and I had forgotten about this incident until two years later. It was June 3rd,1990 and my lady and I had come home late as I had performed with my band. About an hour or so after we went to bed we had an earthquake, and I awoke and headed towards the back door. I never made it, as about halfway there my physical body froze and would not move, and my head turned into a globe of yellowish light for about 15 seconds. Then, I felt a voice calling me outside, so I walked to the north side of the house in the dark. There, sitting on the hedge bushes, was the apparition of a man. Here was my spirit guide again.

Well, two years later I'm still playing in bands, and we play a show on June 29th 1992. I don't get home until the next day, and my guitar player stops by to be social. We're hanging out in the living room, then I have the urge to go outside, so we go to the back porch. Slide and myself are just talking, then I remember that I must move the recycle bin to the front yard for pick-up the next day. Not wanting to bring any bugs into the home, I decide to leave it out back one more day, so we go indoors and I lock the door.

Shortly afterwards, we're in the living room when we hear a noise in the kitchen. 

When we go into the kitchen, we discover that the recycle bin has somehow made its way into the kitchen from the back porch. This is somewhat unnerving to Slide, so he decides to leave immediately. I return into the kitchen after he leaves, then I hear the voice of my spirit guide saying that it never left me, and it moved the bin to show me that it will assist me in my endeavors should I call upon it. I inquire why it didn't come on the 3rd June like in the past, and it responded that today was the 30th in my time frame, but to it there was no difference between the 3rd and 30th except one zero.

Focus your energy, then apply yourself without hesitation.

The closer we come to Creator, the stronger we manifest... make room for the new events you desire by cleaning house and releasing the old... this prevents spiritual clutter.

When designing energy, you take part in the dance... it is a choice between being the flowing stream and the floating twig...the stream conducts, the twig experiences the flow.

Sometimes moderation is needed in creating new events; a chef does not use all of his spices in creating one meal.

As everything is alive, harmony should be the goal of magical works.

Energy follows attention...for best results, keep the attention focused, as this is empowering the outcome.

Persistence moves energy... committed attention creates faster movements. 

A clear vision and consistent attention produce results in dreams.

Energy designed for the highest good is always beautiful.

Prove that magic works, first in your life, then for others.

Please be prepared for everything.

Everything that flows to heal creates more of its kind... to offer assistance.

unconditionally helps others receive the energy flow and exchange.

Pray that all conditions and events seek their highest good... this facilitates growth, as prayer is powerful medicine.

I once danced with a coyote spirit guide, and he gave me the medicine name Laughing Dog Red Feather. I got my coyote medicine in the hot summer deserts of northern Arizona, while working with Spirit Wind and the Rainbow Dragon Lodge. We went on a vision quest that lasted 12 days, and we stayed on the Hopi lands in Canyon de Chelly. On the tenth day, everyone was going to the Four Corners, the place where four states meet. My medicine told me to leave the clan and go south alone, so I said good-bye and left the clan in the early afternoon, driving south for about two hours.

About 150 miles down the road, I saw a young female coyote that had been killed by a car earlier that morning. She had begun to swell up and stink from the blazing sun, so I stopped to remove her from the road and bury her. I dragged her to the grassy median between the highways, and did a ritual for her passage into the next realm of existence. My spirit guide said that I could take her tail for this, but I must buy this medicine and the trial wouldn't be easy. I readily took the tail and the challenge, and after making prayers, I drove away.

About 200 miles later, I was very hot and tired, so I pulled over at a rest stop to refresh myself. I walked around and grounded myself, then enjoyed this beautiful oasis for another hour or so before I felt it was time to get on the road again. I walked over to my motorcycle, only to discover that my front tire was totally flat. I attempted to fix it with tire repair, but it wouldn't hold any air. I did everything possible as there was no one in sight, but after about six hours, I realized that I was somewhat stranded until someone came along--the nearest city was 32 miles away.

Toward the evening hours, people came through the rest area, but every time I tried to get assistance I was refused as no one wanted to assist me. At about 11pm, I realized that I would be spending the night here, so when it cooled down, I walked down the highway to see where I was. I was the only one in the area, and I had no food and very little water, so I tried to stop passing cars and trucks to get help. No one stopped at all.

Well, with sunrise I tried to be more optimistic, but everyone I asked found the most polite way to avoid helping me; no one would even use their phone to call any assistance. I began to feel desolate as I'd been stranded almost 24 hours, so I start looking through my backpack out of frustration. The tail from the coyote began to stink in an awful way, so I took it out to get some air, and for some reason I also took out my large amethyst crystal. I sat to meditate with these; then the voice of the coyote said to be a shaman and call in the assistance I needed, so I began to conjure using the crystal and the tail.

It began to get really hot by the early afternoon, but I kept focused on using magic as this was all I had. About 30 minutes later, I saw a man pull up in a pickup; he was the guy who changes the flags at the rest stops. I went to ask him to phone for me to get assistance, when to my surprise he told me he was a motorcycle mechanic, and he helped me to get my bike in the back of his truck.

We went to his home in the desert to fix my tire, where I discovered that he was also a shaman who captures rattlesnakes as well. By the end of the day we were good friends, and I understood better what the coyote meant by "buying" this medicine. The coyote is one of a very few animals that is so adaptable as to be able to live anywhere on what is available.

 Energy movement is creating vibrations; attraction is creating vibrations that are receptive... receptive vibrations pull inward, projective vibrations push away and expand, fortune flows through pulling in energy.

Stillness is movement on the inner level that does not appear on the outer level... persistence wins too.

Successful energy design can be erotic.

It is very possible to change into your opposite.

Practice makes practical.

The magician on one wheel is the prop on another wheel... roles are exchanged by assignment towards usage.

All pieces must unite like a puzzle, listen to the inner voice to see what does what best... all circuits must be aligned as .flush. as possible -- proper unity equals proper flow.

When the attention is firmly rooted, the flow is stronger and produces more... the flow then reinforces itself along your path like the sprouts on a crawling vine.

The emotional colors we apply to energy flow create our vibrations.


Once we were camping in the Canyon de Chelly, and a few of us decided to sleep outside the tents in the warm summer air. Well, we went to sleep around midnight, but I couldn't close my eyes to rest. I kept thinking about the discovery earlier that day--we had found a stone with hand fingerprints in it. While rubbing it, I could feel the warmth of the person rubbing it before me. Then, when I looked out at the buttes that looked like two hands held upright, I sensed the connection between the Earth and other worlds. I understood things about those buttes that words don't describe. 

Well, because I can't sleep I start thinking about scorpions, because we have seen quite a few. I decide to roll over and face the other way, when I see a small spark on the ground. This spark starts to grow into a flame about six inches or so, then it grows to about one-foot high and turns into a ball of burning fire, like a burning bush. I try very hard to awaken Alex Brother To The Winds And Thunder, but he's dead asleep.

As I watch, the ball of fire starts to roll uphill about 12 feet away, but Alex will not awaken. Then it vanishes, but I couldn't tell if it burned out or went back into the Earth. Somewhere someone knows, perhaps Moses.

 Things behave as named, so name them to suit yourself.

Dreams are blueprints to shape energy.

Shape the energies within your relationships with the truth of the moment.

Design energy with conviction and courage, use sweet medicine to change and create... energy cannot flow when connections are not solid.

Design on each level and nurture into existence your desired outcomes.

The shaman is the master circuit, the wildcard, he matches everything... you have the tongue for universal languages to everything, use it.

Speech designs energy... any form of contact and exchange between bodies designs energy on many levels.

Channel your gifts (talents) into your projects, your gifts are "extra" hands... any talent can express itself in a variety of mediums for the wizard.

Physical abuse is the least beneficial application of energy; do no harm on any level if possible.

Flowering Tree Ceremony

This ceremony is a tool that can help us make valid self- discoveries about ourselves. Our attention moves beyond what we perceive as the reality of the moment to the space of seeing the intent behind the symbols.

We get information that shows the most appropriate pathway for our spirits.  Evolution and our personal enlightenment. We create a space where we have the potential to come to terms with ourselves.

This ceremony will take five nights to complete as you do it once each night at approximately the same time. You will need five candles, a small mirror, four objects to represent the directions of east, south, west, and north, and an object to hold the space for the center of the circle.

On the first day, create your circle by placing one candle and one object in each of the directions beginning with east, south, west, north, and ending with the center. Light your center candle first, then sit behind your south candle and light it, leaving the other candles dark. Place the south object so that you can see its reflection in the mirror by candle light and ask, "Who am I?"  Stare at it until you have an answer and write it down.

On the second day, recreate your circle as it was. Light the center candle first, and then sit behind your north candle and light it. Stare at your north object and ask, "Why am I here, what is my purpose?" Write these answers down.

On the third day follow the same procedure as before, but sit behind the west candle and ask, .Where did I come from?. On the fourth day, the same procedure is followed again, but sit behind the east candle and ask "Where am I going?" Record these days as well.

On the fifth day recreate the circle one last time, but only light the center candle. Go to the center of the circle and present to the center all of your four answers and ask, "What does this mean?" Notice how the pieces fit together.

Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.


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