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The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild & Laughing Dog Red Feather


Online Lessons in the Medicine Way



Lesson 6



When Great Spirit works through us, we know. The guidance comes at the correct time, the actions create the desired result, we give out intense light to our environment.

"Knowing" is working from a place of divine guidance, being what we need to be when needed most. Knowing is having the inside track on the game plan, an awareness that defies explanation. Knowing goes beyond our rational attempts to understand our environment, it defies our systems of mental analysis for obtaining information to form conclusions. Knowing is allowing the voice of Great Spirit to manifest within.

"Knowing" is not based on experience as much as it is foresight. It's similar to having a divine counselor sitting in on your daily interactions and giving you the inside track to most successfully accomplish your tasks. Sometimes knowing entails doing the most appropriate thing without a clue as to where the decision came from; but then again, this is Great Spirit's mystery of unfolding. It is the gift of seeing correctly into the moment while bypassing the need to learn from an experience.  "Knowing" is just that: knowing.

Ground yourself like the great pines... the more you extend into the Earth, the more you can reach the Sun.

Truth is the ideal wisdom.

Hold your space in all adversaries, growing towards the light of Spirit. 

Wisdom may come through stillness; this is living in a controlled response to life.

The bottom of a tree is in the physical world and has to deal with the Earth changes it connects to; the top is as close as the tree can be at any given moment to the light... keep your head above your body in such manner, your feet securely grounded into the Earth-- but not your spirit.

Clarity is a state of mind that we hold when we understand the event at the given moment... clarity describes the moment, not the event.

Give appreciation to the beautiful events you encounter.

Knowing why you want what you want may erase the need and you'll want it less; this is clarity.

Clarity is a state of being that manifests physically... keep the heart clear too. 

When the vision is cleared, the pathway is obvious.

To see the weakness in the bridge without having to experience the fall is true wisdom.

Everything is so unreal, your connection to reality comes from the focus of your attention... the only real thing is the moment.

Each human body is an Earth unto itself... we are all planets in orbit with one another, and sometimes we collide.

The illumination of darkness is a portal for light... conjure the light within everything.


One day, I was trying to make a decision about writing this book. I didn't really know if it was meant to be, or if it was just my ego taking charge. So I went out into nature at Griffith Park to let Great Spirit give me guidance. I went to a familiar spot in the mountains and made a circle around myself with seashells, redwood shavings and crystals. I then asked Great Spirit to give me a sign from my hawk brothers if this book was to be.

I had been in this circle for about 45 minutes and the energy was really flowing smoothly when Spirit gave me the feeling tone to face northwest, so I turned in that direction. Then, over the mountain top appeared three hawks flying together. 

I immediately felt this connection as the answer to complete this book, so I said thanks and hiked down the mountain. I was beginning to feel as if I had to rush home, so I hardly noticed anything until I heard a group of teenagers at the waterhole below.

As I passed them by, I saw a yellow striped garter snake about four-feet long, and he moved from my right side to in front of me, then quickly glided to my left out of sight. I knew my prayers would be answered and the book was the right thing to do, but I still felt rushed. Then I heard a voice calling to me from a small pine cone, it asked me to pick it up. I did, and then its vibration told me to relax and really try to enjoy the walk out of the park, things were not as pressing as I wanted to envision them. I then tried to follow this advice and enjoy the walk out when I heard a hawk cry out underneath the trees near me.

My pine cone said to relax and investigate this, so I walked about 20 yards off trail in the direction of the hawk. At this time, I discovered that there were three young hawks playing .hawk games. underneath the canopy formed by the trees.

As they played, one left the group and flew to a tree next to me, landing on branches about 30 feet over my head. As I looked up at him glistening in the sun, he plucked a patch of fluff from his body and let it go upon the breeze. I watched it glisten in the sunshine and drift Earthward, then bells went off. A voice on the inside said it was a gift from the hawk, and to catch it before it touched the Earth to get the blessing. I moved underneath the fluff and extended my hand out; it landed so softly I could hardly believe that I had caught it. I never showed this fluff to anyone, but I put it in a sacred bundle that I wear every day.

 Be as playful as possible, laughter and joy will easily manifest.

At this point in evolution, man has become the planet's most feared virus.

Our energy increases as a result of our giveaway to the world.

People can only classify and catalog to the level of their perception.

Grow regardless.

Actions done in innocence contain the purity of the inner child.

Focus to fine-tune your life like the wind polishes rocks.

Grounding makes you one with the moment... it is a connection to the energy of the present moment, a change of spiritual chemistry.

Wisdom is knowing when the part is more or less than the whole, and when all parts are equal... shine when it's needed most.

True wisdom remains when everything else is gone.

We are the tree of life that the wheels of reality spin around... enlightenment is grounding to the tree at the wheel's center, honing one's wisdom.

The wind speaks through the trees, filling the air with sweetness and song. 

Your space is very sacred, know all who enter very well.

The ability to see the rhythms gives one the ability to ride the rhythms... seeing is knowing, see all first and know what you are seeing.

Trust all senses equally, keep fine-tuned.

Seeing things as they really are comes with practice... clarity is oneness with reality, a cosmic tune-up


Our daughter Hillery Frances Glasschild has always had an awakened existence, even in the womb. When she was something like three months old, the sonar photograph showed her as having a head full of hair (lots of spirit), and her eyes were open. She seemed to be totally healthy, but the doctors felt a concern for her birthing as my spouse Brenda had a colony of fibroids growing in her uterus.

They weren't toxic or anything, but they grew as the baby grew and they were blocking her exit from the mother. At about seven months into the pregnancy the doctors felt that the only safe way for Brenda to birth Hillery was through surgery, although we both wanted a natural childbirth.

One night, Great Spirit told me to intervene as no harm shall come to the children, so I opened up the massage table and Brenda laid on it. I tried to relax her, then did a gemstone layout over her chakras, coordinating the stone colors to the chakras. I used second attention to talk to my daughter inside of Brenda, and I told her that I was her father and also a shaman and that I would protect her and take care of her on Earth. I then told Hillery that we had to work together to get rid of the fibroids as they would create complications for Brenda, and we didn't want to hurt her mother. I told her that if she would show me the fibroids that were blocking her birth canal, I would dissolve them with an amethyst crystal very painlessly. Hillery then pointed out the dark spots in the womb that needed removing.

Well, to get to the point, about eight months into the pregnancy Brenda went in for a checkup, and the doctors said that the fibroids had vanished and would not be a concern. Brenda was able to have her birthing as planned.

 Once the fog has been pierced, the world pushes on our perception and we can vividly see how our actions interact with others.

New breaths are refreshing, as each breath is new life force.

Dreams are the vehicle, energy is the pilot.

The winds blow away debris (illusions) to show us the Earth (reality).

Inside of us we must use the law of fertility... we must reproduce our highest self like a tree regenerates its kind through seed... we can find everything for survival within, as the tree does.

Clear the mind like the seasons purify natural places... use various tools at the appropriate times, know which tools serve you.

The healer uses logic and mental clarity to balance the world.

Time logic and clarity rest not in the ability to transform chaos, but in the ability to find chaos. most favorable place to exist in.

What goes on in our heads is not as much an issue as what we retain and use; know your purchases.

Not everything seen and felt is physical; likewise, not everything physical is seen and felt.

You can never be the source, only the vessel through which All flows... don't push, yet allow yourself to be pushed on...the gift will come to the worthy... one will traverse the land in time, the time is now... time is healing, healing is movement.

Trust inner visions, they are shortcuts through your reality... everything is synonymous with everything else on some level.

Clarity comes from the ability to discern and focus... there are always solos being played during life's biggest fanfares...take note, get the experience through strong connections.


One hot summer afternoon I took an amethyst crystal and laid down to empower myself. Well, I was holding the crystal at my solar plexus area and trying to send out healing vibes to my children in Houston, Texas when I focused on my son Chuckie. I got a burst of flames and energy and felt Spirit say to phone him long distance. I called their mother's number, but my children were out and the only one home was their grandfather, who said they were all doing fine.

Then he began to rant and rave over the phone about how mad he was--his son James had just died and the grandfather wanted to have his body returned to St. Lucia to be buried, but things didn't work out like that. He had barely arrived in Texas in time for the funeral, and he was pissed off because they almost had the funeral without him. He didn't really know who I was, but he needed to release this anger verbally--and I was the long distance ear he needed to talk to, thanks to the crystal.


Prayer, meditation, whatever...just connect to the source of your spirit to have the growth you seek... all growth is equally good.

We may drink water, we must breathe air...we may take in salts and minerals, we keep our space with fire (energy)--where can you go with this one?

Seek the open, pure thought fields to harvest mental food.

To truly see the life force in everything is to truly live... see and be.

When a house is darkened, you can hear what you don't see... likewise is the mind.

Meet all responsibilities, do not allow limits to prevent success... go forward regardless.


Tooth Mother Fetish

The Tooth Mother Fetish represents the times of change, it the aspect of the Divine that puts you through change. Symbolic of the nexus of change at the center of the wheel, it is that point in space through which all change must occur-wisdom comes at the price of innocence.

To create Tooth Mother, use materials that have a special meaning or connection to you. Make it look like either a male or female, but never show it to anyone.

Awaken it and empower it with the four elements of air, fire, water, and earth. 

For the air element use sage or incense smoke, for the fire element use a candle, for the water element use water with a pinch of salt, and for the earth element use soil or crystals or stones. Empower it as Tooth Mother and keep it wrapped in either red or black raw silk (silk prevents energy from entering and also protects your interests). Meditate with this.

Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.


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