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The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild & Laughing Dog Red Feather


Online Lessons in the Medicine Way



Lesson 5



Everything is due the respect of being an individual unit, for all life forces are sacred.

We should feel honored to get opportunities for growth in the many scenarios we move through. Likewise, we should honor the events that are our teachers and bring us the lessons, for this is Spirit's workshop. Here we learn the rules and laws that create the conditions we witness as events. This is where we identify the limits of our relations, and where we also find out how we fit in the scheme of things.

To honor is to give unconditional respect without any thought of compensation. This is a respect of the rules and laws of other belief systems, however different they may be. Honoring is dancing to the parameters of different beliefs out of respect for the relationship. To honor is to treat another's space as if it were your own, accepting the rules and laws of different realities as they may be. This is the walk of the secure individual, someone not intimidated by outside standards, someone without issues to defend, someone capable of flowing through all realities and making the adjustments on behalf of the highest good for all. When we really have ourselves out of the way, we can work within any system without discriminating at all.

Use all of your senses of observation in your relations... this will give you the clearest picture of how the world is functioning at that moment. 

When the intent is to be sacred, let the actions be carried out in silence.

Animals reveal our weaknesses... when we work to correct these, we strengthen our ceremonies.

Slip in and out of focus when focusing.

To tell the truth is to honor the self and others... to lie is to rewrite the event and implies a relationship to a different set of rules... conflict arises when these different sets attempt to mix.

The honoring of another's space is empowering.

Even though rules and laws are relative, our relations with others will show which ones are bogus under any conditions... avoid bogus laws.

To honor friends and enemies puts one in touch with Creator...regardless of our personal exchanges between events, we are still one large family in Creator's eyes.

As a rule, your ability to enlighten others enhances your abundances.

Respecting the rules and laws of others is the greatest honor.

Like energies create stronger flows for empowerment as there is less friction and clashing.

Dreaming is unconscious thinking.

Rules and laws create the parameters which show the most appropriate way to design energy with other events.

Create harmony and balance with all... enemies need this as well, for they are just spirits preoccupied with opposing viewpoints.

Enforce the rules that keep your space sacred without remorse.


Once, during my medicine lesson with Lightning Hawk, I told her about a dream that I'd had.  I dreamed that I went hiking with Jeff Eagleheart, and I counted coup on a rattlesnake, but I did not harm him.

Well, as things would have it, about three months later I go on a hike in Angeles Crest with Bill Hopkins and Jeff Eagleheart, and it's to be noted that both of these guys were born on the same date, November 15th, but at this time they are as different as day and night. Anyway, we are climbing along ridges enjoying nature when we get to a washout. We are scattered about, when Bill yells out that he found a snake. I approach and look over the rocks to find a mass of dark brown coils, a rattler. I lead the way down to it, Bill follows closely, Jeff stays at a distance. I approach the snake and ask for permission to be in her space; it is a female with an elongated left eye, almost one half-inch long and coming out of her face. I sprinkle her with water and tobacco, and ask to do a healing on her in exchange for a few rattles. She says yes, but to be careful, so I baptize her and then tie a hawk feather to the end of a stick. I use this to bless her and relax her coils, for when I touch her with the feather she uncoils and tries to slide under the bushes. Since rattlers can not strike unless they are coiled, when she is crawling she is very vulnerable.

I pin her to the ground about three inches behind her head so as not to hurt her, and ask Jeff to hold this stick. I make prayers for her eye, then take my knife and remove the last eleven rattles from her tail, leaving her three. I play flute music to awaken her to her next incarnation as a human, and sprinkle her again with water. The rattler crawls away under some rocks; I give the rattles to Bill as his snake totem. He eventually passes them on to Lightning Hawk in a sweat lodge. Such is the power of dreamtime.


Violators of sacred spaces will be reprimanded.

Strive to really dance your dream, regardless if you fit in with consensus or not... this is the most valid way to honor yourself.

To tell someone the truth, even if it is not what they want to hear, is to honor their belief system.

To set something that you love free also frees yourself, as there are no losses, only changes... freedom creates room to experience.

Our actions are choreographed by the rules we hold, systematically shaping our behavior.

Awakened events are connected through universal laws.

The rules that make up our belief systems reflect the extent to which we have researched ourselves.

Honor is an exchange of respect... in all moments, find the most appropriate way to honor the relationship... the relationship becomes a ceremony in itself.

Your Earth walk should never upset the balance of others; be consistent in your attempts to create harmony... apply your life force to its truest nature without harming intentionally... that is both the gift and giveaway. 

Go to a new area of your life each day.

Follow your intuition, don't force connections...with those of like energy the bonding will be automatic and the ceremony correct and flowing.

Life is our ceremony, our rules keep it holy.

Proper behavior is essential in all relationships and ceremonies... honor yourself and the moment in light...these are the rules to harmonize and open your doors to abundance.

To relate through an insincere intent creates a false relationship.

Once, on a vision quest with the Rainbow Dragon Lodge, we went to Schendley Road in Sedona to visit a medicine wheel. It was up in the mountains, then you had to park off the road and hike to the wheel about one-half mile into the brush.

This is always a beautiful hike, and on this hike I had the fortune to find a patch of mistletoe growing amongst the vegetation.

When we get to the mesa where the medicine wheel is located, we discover that the groundskeepers had dismantled the wheel due to the tourists and local vagrants. desecration of the spot. There are still hundreds of stones here, but they have been randomly scattered about. As a group, we see a bright green lizard, and we try to converse with him; he runs but says that he'll see me later.

So we sit in a circle of eight members, and Spirit Wind and myself sit opposite of each other. She leads us in a guided meditation; we walk over pathways and journey to a set of golden doors. I watch the doors open in this vision, and behold, I see Spirit Wind looking at me, and behind her I see Toporah and a lineage of ancestors that I can't recognize.

Then, I understand that one day she'll be looking over my shoulder and I'll be initiating another soul in a like manner. Well, as we end this meditation, I open my eyes to see Spirit Wind staring at me, and I know she saw what I had experienced, and our connection felt very spiritual and timeless. So we break up our meditation circle and go off to have individual experiences, and I walk alone to the edge of the mesa.

While looking around, I see the green lizard, who has come back to talk with me. I ask him what does he want, then I sprinkle him with water and toss him a crystal. He runs up to the crystal and nudges it with his head, then he leads me to the edge of the mesa. I look down, and I see a makeshift campsite with charred cans in the pit. The lizard asks me to break the site down and clean the debris out to make it once again a piece of nature. I do this, throwing the stones from the fire pit in every direction and removing the tin and aluminum. When I am finished I climb back on the mesa and the lizard is nowhere in sight. But behold, all the stones from the medicine wheel that were scattered about have been magically shifted into a pictograph of some kind, showing people running and socializing beneath flying saucers or spaceships, as if there is a connection between the two. I want to call the lodge members and let everyone see this, but the stones on the mountain mesa say no, this is for my personal medicine and not to be shared, only to be savored.

Bonding to the Tree of Life is connecting to the source. 

Know which rules apply where, find the purity in everything.

Be a gentle ruler, have both strength and discretion 

Rules not only symbolize authority, they also represent .processes.... seek gentle interpretations.

Man exists outside our circle; Spirit dwells within our circle by choice.

Learn the rules as they apply and you will always fly everywhere.

Sometimes we go to extremes to defend an invalid mindset when we should change.

Treat all brothers from all worlds with equal respect.

Rules sometimes overlap and supersede, know your location and your legislators.

Tension is created by disturbing the flow of energy seeking its path... there are no bad rules, only incompatible ones...rules are very much alive in the minds of their violators.

When no laws are present, the highest standards are the best course of action to honor the moment you're existing in. 

To know and honor the law is right, but laws must be rewritten when they don't aspire to the highest good for all... this is healing others and the key to the center gateway... keep the laws of the moment within the heart.

Some rules are fixed and serve as guidelines, respect this... at other times we must create rules as we go, do this...rules help maintain harmony and balance.

Rules and laws are stabilizers that offer everyone the same perspective in experiencing what they know as the moment.

To honor one's space in a spiritual way, honor the rules he lives with... honoring outside lessons also teaches us.

Honor all the rules you are presented with until further notice. 

Rules and laws which serve the highest good are paths to enlightened moments and beings.

In the world of the extraordinary, expect to find radical laws.

When we are holding our space, the laws we generate are the better choices, as they honor and respect.

Know that your actions represent your mindset.

Megan Kearney lived in the apartment below my family, and Spencer was her son. They lived alone, but Megan's sisters had apartments in the same complex.

Megan had collected a lot of rocks throughout her life and was somewhat awakened to metaphysical healing work, and we sometimes discussed holistic healings.

Well, one day Megan called and left me an urgent message to phone her. When I returned her call, she was both nervous and stressed out because her mother had contracted some kind of ailment that had rendered her totally blind. She had visited several doctors, but the prognosis was not very good-- she would not regain her vision without a miracle. Megan had requested that I do a healing on her mother in absentia, but she did have a picture of her for me to use as a point of reference. Megan said that she could not tell her family about this as they were too closed-minded, but she requested that I take the picture and do the energy work. Well, I took the picture, cleansed the image on it, and made prayers that her mom should see if Great Spirit wills it. About one week later, Megan told me that her mother's vision had miraculously came back about 70 percent, and the doctors were amazed. Then a few days later it had returned over 90 percent. We both rejoiced, but we could never mention this to her mother.

The patterns of existence speak of the rules that govern the object.

Be prepared to try the impossible... never hurt anyone emotionally when they are doing their best, show them other alternatives.

Our manifestations are the result of the rules we honor.

Rules are not solely limiting; they can redirect energy flow if used as tools for balance and not control. 

Traditions create rules that bind us consciously...the lack of rules may create unstructured flowing, but sometimes less rules are better... rules should never create clutter.

Proper actions produce results...planting holistic seeds produces holistic growth.

Regardless of the intent, people bond when their rules are honored, even if this is not the best course of action.

Find the rules that do not work within your system, change these to correct the flow... rules show the extent to which the .event. has researched itself.

Rules and laws are like bones, they hold the system together to create the event...cycles are the pathways events use to .dance. an orbit with other events... energy creates cycles.

"Awakened" events hold sets of rules and laws that are universal... events with weaker connections to the universe must sometimes be shown the expected codes of behavior-- this is discipline.

We relate to rules and laws on an unconscious level, our actions toward any desired goal are choreographed by the rules we hold...these systematically shape our behavior to accomplish the goal when we are in balance and harmony.

To really .be. the event the moment holds, regardless of whether it fits in with consensus or not, is really dancing your dream... this is obeying the laws and rules of you being you, for growth produces change... allow this freedom in your rules.

Strive to give harmony and balance to all... enemies need this as well, for they are just spirits preoccupied with opposing viewpoints.

We tend to think of rules and laws as parameters that govern and restrict... rules and laws also show the most appropriate procedures to design energy with other events, and when and where protocol is necessary.

Thinking uses as much energy as physically moving, for thinking is also physical... dreaming is unconscious thinking.

Honor the elements as teachers and give them their due respect... humility to the allies of Creator helps to achieve light empowerments... like energies create stronger flows for empowerment, as there is less clashing and friction.

Mental Exercise

This mental exercise will teach you to be flexible and to recreate your reality by renaming it. It will also enhance your ability to both divide and gather the information bits from your existing reality, again increasing your ability to perceive.

Take five ordinary objects and list at least twenty of their likenesses within ten minutes. Then, list twenty of their differences within ten minutes. Write these down, and do this again later with five more objects.

Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.


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