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The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild & Laughing Dog Red Feather


Online Lessons in the Medicine Way



Lesson 4


To be in a state of living that is grounded and unshakable, to know your connections to Great Spirit- this is being. This is walking the pathway for the highest good for All, this is relating to the moment at hand, this is sacred living.

This is having a presence that radiates the light within, coming from a place where the individual integrity is never compromised, bought, or swayed off axis.

Being is making the Earth walk on behalf of Great Spirit, showing his presence through your lifestyle. Being is relating to the world through kinship, not biases.

Being is living a spiritual existence in a physical body, finding the most appropriate actions at all times, keeping the ego at the feet in servitude.

We dare to .BE. when we design our movements to flow with Great Spirit, when we accept our lessons with gratitude, when we get the blockages identified and released from our personal space. This moment of consciousness can be fleeting, but may be maintained through renewing our connections to the world we live in, as all relationships are sacred exchanges between events. To be in an awakened state of oneness with the surrounding potential is being as one with the great mystery. We are all Great Mystery, we are all a piece of Creator's stuff.

Knowledge comes from our relations, wisdom from Spirit.

People are like seeds... we may assume whatever we wish, but we must wait until the person blossoms to see what really is.

Spontaneous relationships have limited roots; grow a relationship and it will last.

Through relationships we alter reality to accommodate others in our lives... look inside for wisdom.

Visualize, daydream, explore the other realities within the mind... allow thoughts to find energy patterns and flow into being... these are the circuits from the mental to the physical worlds.

Time is a big strong muscle that either protects or intimidates us.

The blind can't see, the deaf can't hear, yet all can know Great Spirit... use your equipment to really see inside yourself, for here the birds sing and the mountains loom forever... what is seen on the inside can be created on the outside.

When your life seems to bog down, release the anchors and raise your sails... when in rhythm you will feel a continuous flow, set yourself adrift. 

We should be like kittens, seeking new thrills... play more often than not. 

Never do things which may bring shame to yourself... this can be avoided for the most part through foresight.

There will always be an abundance of whatever we desire to be fulfilled... the shortages are in the mind and belief systems only.

You are the entire picture... likewise you are only a small facet of the entire picture... nothing is real.

Know yourself better than you know anything else.

There is no limit to how far we may probe inside ourselves... go as far within as possible, for here the treasures are found.


I've always felt that animals held spirit energies, so I gave each brother a name that I felt reflected our connections. I had a pure white male cat that I named "Sacred Like White Grass", but everyone called him Grass. I always felt a weird connection to Grass, even during the times before we lived together and I tried to scare him away.

Well, one night I went to sleep in my living room on the floor, and I had my head in the south, and I had a strange feeling tone in my dream. I only remember seeing a rather large man standing at my feet. He was like a pure white porcelain statue, and he held this pose without moving. I awakened through some kind of veil... I only know that when I opened my eyes, my white male cat was sitting at my feet in a motionless pose like the white dream figure. Hushuk Toibe Hullo


Flaws become beauty marks through the shifting of our attentions.

To be aware of the possibilities of failure fine-tunes the focus Nature is the artwork of Great Spirit.

Plants hold their seeds to symbolize us holding our potential... we have lots of potential, but like seeds, not all will manifest.

To allow the wrong people to absorb your time is giving away your power.

We must focus harder to look within; we must know what to look for as well... there are many chambers to get lost in within the person.

Know where the inner voice is and keep it accessible. 

Comfort is a relative concept, as is is possible to be more at ease sleeping

in the streets than in a mansion when the connections are true... we buy and oversee all realities on some level.

When needs become desires that become desire-less, we become happier and miss less of life's offerings.

Under healthy mental conditions, physical discomforts inspire change.

Our bodies are controlled internally, not by exterior connections ... we are inside, pull in energies from the Earth by grounding.

The voice of wisdom is strong, and true knowledge multiplies... the majority will acknowledge a true and righteous path.

Our outer relations are manifestations of our inner connections... we fear no encounters when we live in the Light.

Do not buy anyone's problems, you'll suffer more than they will... show connections through personal expressions.

You can't prepare for change as much as just being ready to change.


Frank and I were songwriters for our band, so we hung out quite often. One night we were repairing electric problems in our equipment, so we decided to celebrate good work with tequila. I drank a lot and got drunk rather quickly, so I took off my shirt and jacket and laid across Frank's bed. During this dreamtime, I got a vision of a red face, somewhat round, pug-nosed, salt and pepper hair. I thought, .This person is a dead red man,. but then felt I was wrong. I also had trouble sleeping that night when I went home.

The next night, Frank came by to ask me to do a long-distance healing for his grandmother. He had received a phone call from his brother Billy in New Jersey, and was told that his grandmother had kidney failure and was on a 24-hour watch at the hospital. He said she was on a life support system, and that he had asked everyone he had met to say a prayer. At first I was somewhat reluctant; then it dawned on me that the vision the night before was his grandmother. I described her to him, and we both felt that she had come to his room seeking him but finding me.

So, I got a beeswax candle and carved the name "Nani" on it. Then I carved an arrow pointing up to the sun to increase her energies. We lit the candle and I asked Frank to visualize her in blue light. We did Kundalini to give her life force, we breathed in white light, then exhaled blue light out through our bodies into the earth to reach her hospital room in New Jersey. We did this at about 2:30am in Los Angeles. Then we both held the candle and visualized her body pulling in energy to live, like the candle pulled in air to burn. After about 15 minutes of doing this, Spirit told me to tell Frank that his grandmother would live through this, but she would not like the medications.

Well, Frank got another phone call the next day from his family at the hospital-- they were all rejoicing that his grandmother had made a miraculous recovery at about 5:30am New Jersey time! She was to be released to go home soon, but she did not like the medications and tried to pull the tubes out of her body.

Helping others grow spiritually is the greatest benefit; their experience becomes another perspective for you to take in so that you now have more that one point of reference.

Always have a joyous heart to share with others.

Water cleanses everything it contacts to a certain degree... keep your world in the constant process of cleansing as such.

The ocean stabilizes the planet...we stabilize, to the point of least disturbance... find the silence and stillness like a body of water.

The magician flows like a river to keep fresh energy... the life that flows like a river also keeps itself sit still like a pool of water is to stagnate.

Illumination will come when the time is right... detachment from everything is necessary first.

The inner voice will help you read the outer world... listen, believe, follow.

You must occupy your space like water does, you must know when to change likewise...on hot rocks water becomes steam, on ice water becomes ice...cover your space and change whatever needs reworking.

Our expressions are reflections in the world; they also shape our paths... beautiful expressions create beautiful paths, showing the beauty we hold inside.

Energy and connections are always dancing around us...we sometimes bond with the unexpected.

Listen for your personal song, it shows how your energy lives and flows.

Once when I was living with my girlfriend her father got really sick, and everyone thought that he was going to die, as he was getting on in the years and he had been in the hospital so many times. This time, the doctors said he was to have another heart operation, but he was so weak that he might not pull through.

This made everyone in her family upset, and they began to fear the worst.

Well, I went to bed that night thinking of this probable event, and I wanted to know what would be the outcome. During my dreamtime, I went to a funeral parlor and saw people sitting and viewing a casket made of gray material. It was my girlfriend's father's funeral, so I walked up to pay my last respects. When I looked inside the casket it was empty, and then Great Spirit said that it was not his time to die yet. I awoke and told my girlfriend this, but she was still troubled.

Anyway, the operation was successful and her father did not die. When she talked to him, he said that during the operation, he saw people in another dimension calling out to him to come over to their side into the light, but he would not listen to them and follow.

Find the bridge between the unconscious and waking minds... this is flowing in rhythm and the ultimate state to learn in, this is controlled dreaming.

Listen for the sacred voice and go to it... it will take you a long way from the ordinary, as it dwells in the Unknowable... be available for this and you'll live better.

The process of change and cleansing is at work constantly, be loyal to yourself.

Grow into your personal truths, keep cool at all times (you'll get this with practice).

Always have a joyous heart to share with others. 

Dogs seek each other to form a pack... do this when the vibe between yourself and another is pure and real.

Connection to the magic around us makes us Pharaohs of the moment, with Faith as our sacred partner.

We are who we are, we are where we are... balance these. 

We journey into the caverns of our mind...with fire, we purify, with light, we enlighten this space... with emotion, we give in to the light.

To fight for space is ridiculous; we have more space within than outside.

Sometimes things don't grow because our seeds don't sprout... replant.

constantly, and give away the the energies to find the more wholesome seeds to plant.

Seeds have no identity problems, they grow and become the best of their kind... humans fail at this because we're too busy trying to be the ideal of what others seek.

Find the balance and harmony in your life by pushing on your energies... this will bring into the light your flaws.

As long as we are in our space of power we will be protected.

Successful endeavors require steady applications of consistent focus (energy)...accelerate when necessary, slow down when mandatory.


This meditation will strengthen your ability to hold visualizations, and to also recall them at later times. It increases your total perception as well. Sit and gaze at any common object for five minutes. Try to memorize every detail as much as possible. Then, close your eyes and visualize the object as clearly as you can. You may open your eyes to correct your visualization against the true object until you can see it clearly with your eyes closed. Finally, practice recalling the visualization before you go to sleep at night.

Copyright 1999-2006 Boe Glasschild

Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.


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