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The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild & Laughing Dog Red Feather


Online Lessons in the Medicine Way



Lesson 3


The concept of dreaming is not limited to the experiences we obtain through sleeping, it is both our waking and unconscious existences. We access the dreamtime in an unconscious state, but this moment is a reality that is as alive as what we know when awake. The dreamtime is the space where we dance as close to Spirit as when we birthed, for here the self stays consistent in being "it", and the changes are the manifestations of the theatre around it. It is in the waking, conscious world that we loose our personal powers, for here we do the shifting to accommodate and appease the consensus. The dreamtime is that sacred space where all events happen first, then move through the realms to our physical world... though society would have us see things differently.

The waking world is in reality the "dream", the dance we incarnated here to be a part of.  If it can be understood from this perspective, then we can rewrite our books of life as we move into the sacred space to make the needed changes, aligning our physical waking world to the spirit dreamtime. In this waking-world reality we can operate from one of two places, of being .present. or on autopilot.

When we are really in the moment and present, we do hold a space of consistency as the theatre evolves around us, supplying the drama. To be on autopilot is akin to being dragged downstream by strong currents; one has little control or awareness. When we are in any other mental space than the present moment we tend to react rather than to respond to the events around us.

Make dreams real, let them throb with life force...allow the dream to dance throughout the body.

In the physical existence, the dream is on the other a spiritual life, the dream is the present moment...the space of the living moment holds the waking dream.

Sometimes dreamers have more than one dream; sometimes the dream needing the most work is the real one...look past the physical attraction to see the core... everything changes, so as beauty must change in itself, the less fortunate too shall change... to see the face in Nature's creations is to see its spirit, do this with dreams as well.

Never sacrifice valid dreams to appease others; be more assertive.

Nothing dies because you say no...get more strength in your dreams. Push on them, they are durable.

Losing one's dreams in life will create an emptiness that will be felt immediately. 

There are no lazy dreams, only lazy dreamers... dreams and dreamers will remain separated until connected by Spirit.

To separate from one's dreams is to die in the heart... to abandon the dream is the choice to suffer at one's expense.

Dreams are vibrations without physical is almost impossible to work with dreams that you cannot buy into.

Dreamtime is the workshop for Spirit...when totally connected, the dream mirrors the dreamtime.

In 1995 I went to a Sun Dance hosted by the Deer Tribe. Before leaving, Claudia Sky Dancer, the lodge chief of the Singing Tree People, told me of a dream she had about me presenting her with a gigantic crystal cluster with tons of fairy crystals on it, and I was very magical.

Anyway, at this Sun Dance, we had four sweat lodges going at about 3pm, and when we came out it was very hot and we were extremely dehydrated. I stood naked facing the sun, and made a triangle out of my hands and held it overhead.

The coolest winds started blowing and we had temporary relief.

Well, I went back to my campsite and began to work with four stones. One was indigo with white sunspots, one was a citrine with a crack in it, one was a red jasper, and one had a white spot like the moon over mountains. I made a pyramid with the indigo at the top, the citrine at the lower right, the jasper at the lower left, and placed the one with the moon on it in the center. I then smudged each stone and named them, and threw four handfuls of water over my left shoulder and seven over my right. To empower any ritual it is best to give away something of importance. Then, I offered the sage stick to the blazing sun and within 10-20 seconds it burst into flames as I was holding it. The flames lasted about 15 seconds, then it began to lightly sprinkle rain over us. I was so awed that I took the sage stick and encircled my campsite three times as it rained.

By the next afternoon, it seemed like the Sun Dance would get rained out as everything was blowing away in the winds and rain. Around 11am, we were huddled inside the Sun Dance arbor as we had to stop the dance due to the rain; then I looked up in the sky and saw the clouds making the same dark pattern like the stone that I called the moon over the mountains. Then Great Spirit speaks, and tells me that it is not a moon but an energy portal on the stone, and that we would get flooded out unless I respond. So, I run out in the downpour across the hill to my campsite, and I go to the stone pyramid. I flip the portal stone over, but Spirit says I am too late; now I must rebalance everything with another ritual.

So, I go find a large red clay stone, and I rename it our campsite. Then I take four small white stones, and rename them rain clouds and place them along the east and southeast edges of the clay stone. Then I take a hawk feather and an owl feather together, and use them as a wand and send prayers to Great Spirit to protect our campsite day and night for the Sun Dance.

Well, it never stopped raining, and it rained all the next day...but the rain fell upon our Sun Dance no more. As we danced, we could see the lightning, hear the thunder, and watch the rain fall around the perimeter of our camp like the white stones around the clay stone. After the dance was completed, Claudia Sky Dancer named me the Singing Trees Kachina (medicine man).

 We must use the same feeling tones we experience with people we like to touch our dreams... like the dream as much, touch them likewise.

We are the bridges between the dream and dreamtime... death is also a dream and the dreamtime, only non-physical...we go on without bodies to do this work.

The events of our dreams can also be the symbols in our dreamtime.

Dreams can be seen and felt, when ready you may touch them... dance your dreams alive, for dance is movement, and moving dreams grow. 

Dreams travel, go with them...teach yourself to let your dreams shine in the forest of your life, for you are the Earth it will manifest in... everything exists on all levels at the same time, so your dream is already in this world now... locate it.

When the dream changes, the dance changes...really know your dream so that every moment is consistent.

Bond with the dreams that are yours.

To assist others with their dreams pulls in assistance to yours.

Hold others to the truths they are being compensated for.

When sailing to the islands of our dreams, we may encounter storms... sometimes we start to sink and must abort, but sometimes we also make it.

Color creates activity and fascinations for the eyes... colorful dreams catch our attention, as do colorful lives.

Dreams need physical energy to be real... be the energy that makes still water flow like rapids... dreams that get human energy flow like rushing waters.

The dream path is made by cutting, not following.

Animate dreams through body involvement.

Dreams manifest when you physically work them... do them, be them...move them from the head to the body and they'll dance alive on Earth.

We can always make a portal to channel our dreams at any given time.

To correct people with tact reinforces their dream.

To establish symbols of communication between you and your dream makes the dream respond to the physical world.

One afternoon when I came home for lunch, I had the strangest desire to stand in the south window to get the sunlight. Standing there, I looked up in the upper left corner, as I heard a fly buzzing. This fly had just gotten entangled in a spider's web and was fighting for its freedom. I felt an urge to set the little creature free, but Great Spirit spoke and said not to interfere with the fly's destiny. I watched as the spider responded to the vibrating web; this was his sensor into the world. He approached the fly cautiously to make sure he could handle it, then began to spin webbing around the fly, encasing it like a mummy suspended from a string. The spider then went into the darker part of the window corner, taking the mummy- wrapped fly with him. Everything was totally quiet at this moment; it felt very lifeless for me just to witness this event. Then, from within the dark corner, I saw a faint purple glow about the size of a quarter that lasted a few seconds and then dissolved into nothingness. Great Spirit told me that I had just experienced a very sacred energy exchange from the fly to the spider to the universe.

As all views are valid, allow others to help you to find the new areas in life.

Offer to dance with every heart you meet.

Don't give up precious dreams, don't invest energies in dreams you don't wish to connect with. This is waste.

The powers of the universe are not your props, you are theirs... allow energy and white light to flow in unison.

Find the silence, dissolve into it until only the mind exists... this will permit you to see the structures of light and sound in life, for light and sound are both vibrations.

Symbols are pathways to understanding others, they make language and dreams concrete... every dream can manifest.

Honor all visions and their bringers (vessels).

The concept of failure creates blockages... there are no failures, only energies applied incorrectly to dreams...these energies open the doors to correction and growth.

Everything is a prop to assist growth if named as such.

There are no fixed symbols for dreamtime... each is individual, but the whole is still represented as each can change its meaning to balance the dream... the various symbols in dreamtime still lead to one path eventually.

Look into the forest of your life to locate your most exact dream.

The fulfillment of a dream (fruition) should produce more dreams (seeds) of its kind... keep beautiful dreams, let weak dreams die if they must... it is all right to allow things their death.

We hold our consciousness, the subconscious is a gift from the other side... if we don't have a space within to receive it, the gift may bypass us... always have extra space within.

Live your dreams now, allow others to have their dreams and not yours.

When dreams are covered by fears, they can't grow as they can't move... releasing your fears releases your dreams...every moment is the dream dance, meet it fearlessly

Nothing is everything.

There is no such thing as the perfect time or ideal condition to dream, as the dream is always with us or there is a faulty connection...seeing the uniqueness within little dreams (color) is the pathway to the bigger picture.

 On February 20th 1996, I had an audition for the production of Sitting Bull, and the ad said that I must be able to ride bareback. It's raining steadily outside, so I get into my motorcycle rain gear as it's a long ride to Pomona. I also put a dry change of clothing in my saddlebags, wrapped in plastic. On the way to the audition, the big trucks splash me with so much water, and the rain is pelting me so much that I am totally wet when I arrive. Also, my saddlebags are drenched, and so is my dry change of clothing. When my turn comes to ride bareback I can't change to dry things, so I put on my headdress and medicine shawl from the Sun Dance. I have to ride a big red horse, and as we gallop in the rain, for a few moments I am an Indian of old on horseback; I got the entire physical plane shift.

I didn't get the role, but during the ride home it began raining very hard, and then I heard the voice of my grandmother saying that I only went to the audition as she wanted me to ride a horse on her birthday. She said that the roles in the wild west show were too stereotypical of the red man, and that I would get something better. Well, about two months later, I responded to a casting call for a Black Choctaw to be a medicine man in the Tennessee Williams play, Orpheus Descending. I was cast on the spot, and my involvement in the play ran from May through November due to a lengthy extension. I got lots of exposure as a Black Choctaw actor, thanks to Mama.

Dreams need energy to be, energy uses dreams to flow. This is balancing the dream wheel.

Sacred dreams dance for sacred beings...find your light, hold it, keep yourself sacred.

Use dreams to visualize the desired reality.

Cultivate closeness to your dreams like lovers.

Help others with their dreams without overdoing it.

On the physical level, we fear scary things and the unknown... we should show the same respect for the unseen on other levels too.


This is an active meditation in shaping your reality from your dreamtime energy. It uses the power of the subconscious attention to animate the conscious world.

In the morning when you first awaken, do not get out of bed. Instead, lie in bed and visualize how you wish your day to be. Decide how you want things to flow and mentally see this. Then, recall an event in which you were very successful.

Re-experience this feeling tone of success, and use this energy to "color" your visualization. Give this visualization as much energy as you desire, then let it go.

Allow it to dissolve without clinging to it, and notice how reality flows for you throughout the day.

Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.

Copyright 1999-2009 Boe Glasschild




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