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The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild & Laughing Dog Red Feather


Online Lessons in the Medicine Way



Lesson 2


The world around us, the experiences we process every day are our consensus reality. It is the projection of our fascinations within our reality space. I say projection because we do create the world around us; it is not sitting around prefabricated for us to go through like some shopping mall. It is manifested specifically for each of us that we may best complete this incarnation. Likewise, the world does not appear the same to all eyes. Neither is the world operating solely by one set of defined and unchanging principles-- the governing laws are relative to those being governed.

The consensus reality feeds off the energy and attentions of those who buy into it. By this I mean that the majority's reality is always thirsting for energy to maintain itself, even at the cost of keeping us asleep, or "unawakened." At times we allow ourselves to be lulled asleep by adopting standards for our existence that are nothing more than the path of least resistance; then at other times we become shocked or traumatized into this unawakened state as a defensive measure, a last resort. Either way, when we are in such unawakened moments, we tend to operate from a point of automatic actions instead of manual decision-making, and we then rely on our sets of assumptions to define and choreograph our experiences. The downfall of this is that we try to force the events into preconceived spaces instead of helping them move along their own paths, like making the square peg fit into the round hole.

Change is everywhere in everything...honor all and let death have its moment.

Your space is your microcosm and very sacred...expect the best and prepare for the worst.

Use discipline as a tool to polish the relationship with the self as one seeks the way to purification.

One must transcend the limitations of the moment to relate to All in wholeness.

In relationships, we create reference points where we allow our attention to go... ignoring these reference points creates distance between events... our connections to multiple events creates reference points between the events themselves.

Sometimes our minds are too big to solve our own problems.

You are connected to everything, and everything is you... balancing the world balances the self, honor yourself through your actions.

When your heart sings, give this to others... when other hearts sing, take the time to listen... healthy relationships inspire songs in the heart and soul.

As we leave a part of ourselves in the world around us, we must periodically clean up the debris.

When the intent is for the highest good, go with it... you'll only repel the darkness.

Every relationship has a nucleus that pulls in the respective energies to grow... these energies are like vitamins, each produces some kind of result Sacred teachers create bridges to Great Spirit.

Once, at a sweat lodge in Sedona, AZ, my medicine protected me from a shaman (name with held). Before going to Arizona, I told my teacher, Lightning Eagle, and she sent me with an owl feather. The day before the sweat, I lay in the campground and read the clouds. I saw various animals manifest and leave; among them were wolves, cougar and deer. Then, in the northwest sky, I saw the apparition of a bear eating a man--his mouth was open and about to clamp down on the man's head.

Anyway, the day of the sweat, my energies told me not to enter the shaman's lodge, the Siberian Cave Bear Clan. When everyone went into the sweat, the shaman saw my owl feather (protection against him) and asked what I was afraid of. While everyone was inside, I visualized an obese mosquito being trapped in amber (amber comes mostly from Siberia). The mosquito struggled but could not escape. After the sweat, I tried to give the shaman and his son each a necklace, but they were wary of me and politely declined. After a few hours, we left the lodge and went into the city to get some cold drinks at the shopping center; then our newest lodge member, Andrea, got busted for trying to steal a pack of cigarettes even though he had money in his pocket. Thought: Andrea was the obese member of the lodge.

Spiritual lineages are as real as anything else...spiritual energy is also passed through incarnations... everything connects through the Creator Tradition flows through you, connecting the past to the future... your interpretations of history becomes the building blocks for others. 

Slow down to listen...the absence of noise allows the voice of Spirit to speak uncontested.

Relationships are energy dances between events. 

Relationships that really reflect the moment will give off warmth; to know your moments will warm you... remember this during the cold periods of life and relate to the moment... the warmth will come. 

Never stop sending out energy to your dreams.

Two compatible people will tire of each other if either puts their self on hold to serve the other... serve the self first by staying connected. 

Know true compassion for all your relations.

People may have a lot in common, but if there is no connection they will let each other go.

Encompass all extremes to create a path of wholeness.

Unsatisfied dreamers have lower levels of faith and outlooks on life 

"I" denotes ego, "we" denotes Spirit... we are connected to everything:  pain, pleasure, enemies, lovers... we only have barriers in the mind.

Give dances to every heart you meet.

Before creating an intimate relationship, relate intimately with yourself... then, you will hold lots of power and go beyond the ordinary live-sex union with your chosen.

Hardships befall everyone--we all have trials... Nature doesn't test us blindly, for we all would fail... She gives private lessons.

Know where to put your love... follow your intuition regarding misrepresentations from others.

Treat yourself to leisure moments like the dog enjoying the porch in the sunshine... wallow at liberty.

In relations, speak of everything as if you are speaking of yourself... if you hold the moment of truth, you will be the most radiant mirror for the world to grow through... don't hold internal lies.

As a member of the Rainbow Dragon Lodge, I used a crystal with rainbow ribbons to hold everyone's prayers. Well, every morning I would awaken before sunrise and offer everyone's prayers to the sun. At this time I was living in West Hollywood with my guitarist, Tamaras. In this house, I found a geode piece used by a Wiccan priestess, plus a crow feather. Tamaras found a crystal cluster the size of a loaf of bread, but she tried to break it and really messed it up.

Anyway, one morning as I was about to greet the sun, I was holding an orange owl feather when I got a vision of a very attractive cat-faced lady with reddish hair. This vision then split into twin images that could not reunite, so I felt that I was watching twins. Within the following week I was dating an attorney named Leslie Gail, and she was a manifestation of the twin images. Her arched eyebrows gave her a cat-like appearance, and she had orange-blond hair. We were off to a cool beginning, then the lesson came forth.

Leslie was torn between being holistic and having a career as a female attorney in a male-dominated field. She was very much aware of her medicine self, but could not integrate this world with that of the attorney. And one night, when we were together, the strangest thing happened--we shared the same dream about each other's relatives, even though we had never discussed this before.

Leslie dreamed of being at an outdoor picnic in the presence of a white-haired lady (Mama). I dreamed of being at the other end of the same table in the presence of a balding, older man (her grandfather). Both of our dream settings were identical, and we felt a beautiful connection through this, for we had shared the same dream in the same bed.

Anyway, over a period of time we broke up for good as Leslie was having problems balancing her earth desires with her professional environment. Then I realized that the cat-faced lady was Leslie trying to integrate both lives, and Spirit showed me that I must honor the visions that come to me, for they will surely manifest on this plane and be my guidance in doing healings.

Everyone has so much in common, we just use it differently... to honor differences is to honor the individual.

Laws and behavior balance our relations...relations are shaped and defined by presiding laws.

When in balance, relationships both serve and lead...when not in balance, this becomes work.

When relations are proper, they help the beings transcend to higher moments.

My ancestors connect to me through the Earth, they vibrate to let me know they exist and are aware of me...honor all relationships and see their strengths without biases.

Protect the relationships you "buy".

Our relationships are shaped by our responses and interpretations of energy in our space... we express reactions to energy. 

Language connects "like" energies through shared symbols... the language of life connects all things through "shared spirits," as everything has some of everything else within it.

Keep connected to relatives.

Connections are never permanent, they must always be repaired.

Don't allow other people's dramas to become your baggage... cleanse so that you may see your own garbage.

Cleansing is a most important issue... cleanse all relationships as much as possible, as this will permit you to harness the energy needed.

Good relationships warm the individual on all levels.

The body may heal on the physical level; the person may heal spiritually on all levels.

At this point, the most important relationship is with yourself. You must know who you are...there will always be time for festivities, but for now, release all distractions and clean out your lodge.

When relationships bond through the heart with energy, everything else can be accepted.

There is no such thing as too much space between lovers.

One midweek afternoon, a friend named Rob Martel and I drove to Malibu Beach to do some energy work. On this trip, I commented how we hadn't seen any crows or ravens all day. Well, as we approached El Matador Beach, I saw several black birds and knew that this trip would be special. El Matador Beach gets its name from a giant rock formation that looks like a grand Spanish bull guarding the coast from invaders. Well, as we walk along the beach I notice a crane atop a rock formation and I honor him with tobacco. I also stop to pick up a pair of crab claws from some creature's late-night feast when I notice a small black chicken stuck in the sand. It's getting cool, the sun is setting and the chicken is shaking from being wet by the cold salty seawater. He couldn't seem to move to dry land--his feet were stuck in the sand and the water had saturated his plumage. Wanting to help, I picked him up and moved him to a big, dry rock in the sunshine; then I made prayers for his life and chanted for his recovery. We left him there and went further down the beach. 

As we go about collecting shells, we see a group of three black dolphins swimming north, and their energy patterns fill the air above with sparkles like stars. I say this is water magic and a blessing.

Well, after collecting, we return to the car. We pass the rock where I placed the chicken, but he is nowhere to be found. We wish him well and head home.

Later that night, I have to go to a lodge meeting in Burbank, and it's after 11pm when I'm driving home on my motorcycle. I'm going about 75 mph on the south freeway, when in the middle of a curve my back tire blows out. This happens on the part of the freeway where there are no emergency lanes or exit ramps, and I'm so lucky that my cycle didn't go into a massive skid (as bikes usually do in these circumstances). So now I'm broken down in the fast lane of the freeway with a bike that can't move, but even as the cars speed around the mountain curve in the darkness, they never hit me and always seem to brake in time as I struggle to push my cycle uphill and get out of the way.

It is at this time that a voice talks out loud to me. It says not to worry, no harm will come to me because I went out of my way to save the black chicken, Esu.  I too am blessed. So, eventually, I get the cycle into a safe place and begin to hike down the freeway at 3am. I accidentally wander into an unknown gang's territory, and the police stop me and inquire if I have a death wish for being in such a dangerous place, walking alone in the early morning hours. I explain my situation and they direct me to a pay phone to call a tow truck. I make it home safe and unharmed at 6am, just like the spirit of the black chicken promised.

The strongest medicine is to rise above the chaos and establish a pure connection with the source of your relations.

Relationships are pathways between individuals... honor these pathways, for reshaping a relationship in one direction makes a void in the opposite direction. 

All relationships are fleeting.

Relationships continue even after we give up our present spacesuit.

Relationships are paths to abundance...shape your relationships in light so that they may complement your life...your relationships mirror your connectedness, determine your connections.

Relationships are as much giving as receiving, as much being as letting be. 

Get in touch, keep touching.

Relationships should be like the stars in the sky, twinkling and shining, but never harming another.

The relationship with the self is very valid...we can only be as good outside as we are inside.

Your relationships should always be individual and personal...avoid standards, as no two things are exact and you should relate to each as an individual.

To create a relationship requires a change in the energy flow of those involved. 

Wake up to where your relationships really are...know their strengths and weaknesses, know their truths.


The Great Spirit that created Earth Mother also created us, so we are a part of everything and everything a part of us. We do not defend our right to be when we release our issues of self-importance. This meditation will expose the assumption sets that are out of balance and creating baggage we take personally and fight for.

Sit in a quiet space in a comfortable position and close both eyes. Focus your mental energy on the phrase "I AM WHO" and do nothing else. This phrase is the feeling tone of Great Mystery, spend time with this. Do this meditation at both sunrise and sunset whenever possible, and watch the consensus change around you.

Copyright 1999-2006 Boe Glasschild

Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.


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