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The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild & Laughing Dog Red Feather






I am the Rain that wets your hair

Within your lungs I am the Air

I am the Earth beneath your feet

I am the Fire that gives you heat

I am the dance Great Mystery



To live as a balanced human spirit is to be totally present in the moment known as life. 


This is living through responding as opposed to reacting, living in a state of desire-less passion where everything is alive, conscious and expressive of the potential it holds. This is the .place. from which we originally began, but as we interact with the consensus world around us we can unknowingly imbalance ourselves by taking the theatre around us too personally, giving it too much control over our sense of direction and self. This weakens the connection between self and Great Spirit.

If it can be understood that we relate to the events around us according to how we perceive things, then we must also accept the fact that we may not really perceive things as they are, but as we wish or believe them to be. We may also perceive things based on how they present themselves in our world. Regardless, the point being emphasized is that sometimes we relate to the image or behavior of an event and not to the event itself; we are being connected to an assumption about the moment, be it truthful or not. Our assumptions are the energy bases that we use to create the operating rules for our realities-- these are the conclusions that we have bought into. We get this information every waking moment, from our parents, peers and personal experiences. The downfall about assumptions is that the information may be distorted or totally false, yet we use this knowledge to design our lives. If we can accept the fact that everything is alive and has a consciousness, then it stands to reason that we should strive to know each thing as the individual it is, and not how we think it is or appears to be. This is putting the mental self on hold and allowing the physical equipment to engage in the moment and experience the event, collecting its own information. The end result creates a pure relationship between events, for there are no exchanges of actions based on incorrect truths. In this space, everything is done to honor the other.


Another Perspective on Spiritual Alignment


The human body is constantly being bombarded with different energies; we exchange energy with every event we encounter. This exchange leaves imprints on our energy centers, and we sometimes hold on to energy that unbalances us.


This becomes our baggage-and sometimes our mindsets. This baggage affects the functioning of our bodies. internal energy centers, disrupting their natural flow.


The spiritual power of these teachings will enable us to remove the baggage we have stored collectively in three energy centers on the body. These centers are the points on the body from which we send out vibrations that either create or dissolve relationships. They use the knowledge gained from each experience to design each person's game plan, and are the source of spiritual flow for both conscious and unconscious attentions. These centers are gender-balanced at birth, but in the process of attaining the consensus ideal of adulthood, the events we experience leave imprints on these memory banks and color them with feeling tones retained from the experience. Pleasurable feeling tones excite us and create within us a drive to get closer to this stimulus (attraction); uncomfortable feeling tones tend to set off alarms within us and we take action to distance ourselves from the stimulus (rejection). As with the proverbial blind men and the elephant, a single event may produce a variety of feeling tones among us.


One of the energy centers we project from is the crotch area. This area focuses on survival and sensuality and is stimulated by opposite gender energy. In male bodies, this center vibrates to the moon's energy. Like the moon pulling tides ashore, the aroused male body projects outward from its space, seeking the source of stimulation. It parallels the profile of a hunter at this time. In the female body, the energy center is more aligned with the sun, a source of male energy. Upon stimulation, the female body holds its present space but increases the body heat in the crotch area, very similar to rocks holding heat from the desert sun; the physical body is aroused by opposite gender energy entering into its space. For this arousal to be pursued sexually all one has to do is not move the energy out of the crotch area.


A second energy center we project through is the heart center, located in the chest area slightly left of center. This is the area where we hold the heart consciousness of both genders; this is the lodge of Great Spirit. This second area is not stimulated by sexual energy like the crotch area, but by the feeling tones of the life forces around it. This is the area where we create and dissolve our bonds with the environment, somewhat like an emotional warehouse. Everything bouncing off this area either resonates with us or unsettles us. We then either extend ourselves towards the pleasurable feeling tones, or move away from those unpleasant. These feeling tones are the vibrational field created between consenting events -- when sympathetic there is magnetism and bonding, when unsympathetic the orbits create distance between themselves.


All things being equal, the final energy center we project through is the area around the forehead, the third eye. This center perceives the energy outside of our wheels, energy we use to shape and walk our chosen pathways. This area uses the same gender energy in designing the pathway. The third eye area for males holds the sun energy and its projective nature; in females, this center holds the receptive qualities of moon-based energy. Whereas the crotch area is a physical, sensual area, and the heart center is an intuitive space, the area around the forehead deals with the mental applications of determining actions from the thought processes of logic and rationale. This is the place where dream material manifests in our space, calling on our experiences to assist our growth, but it must be understood that nothing is set in stone in the spiritually developing individual. Things will certainly be alive and independently functioning, doing what the experience they relate to says is most correct.





"Emotions got the best of me, then..." -- how often have we heard this spoken?  Though it is noble of thought to think that to connect with something on an emotional level makes you closer to it, this can also be detrimental. To be too attached to an event, object, or person can create blockages when the attachments must be broken and our space cleared. Most of the bonds between us are not true emotions as much as just energy hitting our space and creating feeling tones that we label according to how they make us feel. This is not to say never bond with anyone or anything, but find the inner space to allow yourself the chance to view the moment unbiased. See your connections as they really are, and when the dance is over, understand that terminations can actually be transitions to other levels.


The teachings that follow are intended to move us into a state of being that is beyond clinging and the need to control. These insights on emotions are focused on helping us regain the personal power we may have lost or given away, and to increase our spiritual credibility, for the soul of the warrior can not be bought or manipulated.


Emotions should be free-flowing...


Emotions, like water, both cleanse and destroy.


Some emotions enter within us, some must remain outside... all are beautiful and relative to our lives. 


Emotions should be free-flowing in life and not limited in expression.


When they come from a place of truth, they show the world where our dance is at any given moment.


Emotions should never hamper our ability to change.


Blocked emotions, like sludgy water, have a tendency to clog the spiritual flow.


We call in the appropriate events to experience our lessons.


We buy into these and give to the inner child... inner pains are the least visible yet most destructive.


Emotions need mental clarity to create the proper circuits... then, these emotions may animate our logical selves.


Emotions indicate the level of drama we succumb to.


When one loses it emotionally, he splatters the world with the same unbalanced energies that he holds internally.


Emotions, like sound, are vibrations that can be very physical, permeating the air around us, the Earth we touch, and the spaces within us.


Potential, should-be, emotions are woven together by the inner child spirit to create the fabric of the adult game plan.


Sometimes the pathway to the highest good may be painful... allow this pain its moment, for sometimes the wounded must come to terms with their wounds to heal.


"Sit still and listen to the music"


I don't know where this voice came from, but I was just about to get out of my '76 Chevette and go inside my apartment when it spoke, so I sat behind the wheel and closed my eyes and listened. Within a moment I was transported or shifted to another realm. I was attending a bout between two shadow figures; both were identical in appearance.


They were about to fight over me, one for and one against. Through some form of vibrational communication, they both agreed to remove all accessories. When the fight began, however, the one against me pulled out what looked like a giant pencil and began trying to stab the figure that fought for me. At this moment, the friendlier figure yelled to me, "Run Glasschild!"  


So I began running and running through what appeared to be a dark, long tunnel. It seemed as if I were running inside of an inner tube or pipe, and it seemed endless. All of a sudden, I heard a crow's caw, and I opened my eyes to find two crows sitting on the hood of my car, and it's about 12:45 am or so. I don't know what to make of this event, so I decide to call my sister in west Texas and share this with her--or so I thought.


I phoned Frosty to tell her about my experience, but she beat me to the punch.  Frosty tells me that two nights before, when she had just put her son to bed and gone down into the den to relax, she had heard the same voice. She said that she had just put on the cassette player, when a voice that she had never heard before came in through the music and told her, .Sit still and listen to the music!. She was so terrified that she jumped up and ran out of the den into the bedroom with her son.


That was on the 19th of February, and my experience was on the 21st of February. Then it dawned on me-- Kitty Pearl Francis Ray, my grandmother, was born on 20 February 1896, though she had died 20 years before in 1966. Mama, as we called her, was five-eighths Choctaw and the rest we never knew, but she had always been the source of power in our family.  Let's just say she was very influential in everyone's life and leave it at that. I know there are those who saw her as nothing less than the devil itself, but she was not very tolerant of foolishness and tended to be too aggressive for such people at times. She was very upfront, and her silver-streaked curls made her look the part of the wise elder of the tribe. And yes, she did rewrite our family history to her liking, but the power was hers and she used it. She had earned it.


Emotions validate connections...


Chaos creates change -- water can become ice or steam.


humans are also capable of change -- don't resist changes.


Emotions are the energy that animates the body through the subconscious mind. 


Lighten up on the serious issues...cleanse to the roots, not just the fact, lighten up in general.


There is no protocol;  Is-ness. makes everything equal... lessons are set into motion by focus and choice... the identity can not be structured so much as only revealed.


Smoke flows like water; do the same emotionally.


When emotions are balanced, we twinkle like stars... physical comforts are excellent, but to caress someone emotionally is the sublime gesture of connectedness.


Emotions validate connections and create bonds.


Really get to know your personal truths... to partially know them creates a shabby reality, as you are creating your world from distorted data.


Consistency and loyalty enhance focus.


Actions coming from a place of truth need no defending, as there is no guilt involved... know the truth, be the truth.


Keep sacred moments sacred, stay focused.


When you are in a space of purity, you move energy better because clean props are more efficient.


Emotions help us feel and experience.


Actions done in innocence are not transgressions to repel; understand this.


You will experience everything around you on some level.



It was the strangest day, that Saturday, May 7th 1966, when Mama died. I was very close to her in the last few years of her life, years spent in bed from a variety of illnesses. I remember the early 1960s and all the trips we made to Oklahoma City to visit the last remaining family members on Mama's side. We did this regularly until about 1964, when Mama was bedridden with what eventually became leukemia and back cancer. Before she was hospitalized, I made sure that she always took her medications on time, but when I was nine she was taken to the hospital and never returned home.


Anyway, on this particular Saturday, I was outside riding my bicycle when my grandfather (.Papa. as we called him) drove past me rather fast in his car. He was going home, so I turned around to follow him, and I looked and saw Mama sitting in the car beside him.  "Wow!" I thought,  "Mama is coming home." When I got to the house about a minute after Papa, I rushed in and asked,  "Where's Mama?"


"Don't ask silly questions," Papa said solemnly. I then told my mother,  "I just saw Papa come home with Mama, where is she?" My mother then said that the doctors had phoned to say that either Mama had just died or was dying, I can't remember, but she was dead within a few hours.


I didn't understand seeing Mama in the car then, but on her birthday anniversary, the 20th of February 1996, Mama told me in dreamtime that I had seen her spirit body the day she died.



When in balance...


Light protects the balanced One.


Examine your life for cracks and leaks; be prepared to repair if needed. 


Keep abreast of your status-- this is protection.


Security is a relative concept.


Knowledge is the tool to harmony.


The respect others have for you is your best protection.


Making one's presence known establishes your boundaries and makes others aware of your space.


Unfulfilled expectations are destructive to emotional balance... expectations are assumptions we have animated through focusing energy on events.


A body of water contains several different temperatures at one time... when truly known, any given emotion has several different "temperatures" within it... no emotion remains one dimensional.


Never let the voice of your emotions overshadow the emotions of the environment around you... they are indicators of where the other events are at Silence is protection to the mystic.


Water can be liquid, gas, or frozen...we, as water beings, must be able to change our emotional structure likewise. 


We must be flexible Emotions can be expressed with strength to show your level of connection to the event, but to lose emotional control to an event implies that the event has somehow defeated you.


Animals react naturally and from the truest moment... not so with humans; we contrive the moments.

When in balance, we choose the way to feel...when out of balance, we react emotionally to the world around us... all choices are generated from within.



It was the summer of 1994, and we were in Sedona, AZ, to visit the power sites and do personal spiritual work. I was doing a vision quest with Spirit Wind Of The Dreaming Oaks, leader of the Rainbow Dragon Lodge. She is a registered Cherokee, and also has an Irish Druid background from her father. Our lodge had nine active members, and this day we had visited the cliff ruins until it began to get dark. We returned to our campground after sunset to rest, for tomorrow was to be even busier.


I had just unrolled my sleeping bag and laid down, hoping to really sleep, when I felt something move underneath. It moved down my right side, along my spine, then turned around and moved up the left side of my spine. I knew this was a snake, but there was nothing I could do as I didn't want to startle it. As it was moving underneath, I could hear gunshots, screams, and animals making all kinds of chaos even though our camp was totally quiet. It was a two-dimensional sound, like voices from a real world mixed in with the supernatural. I could only lie very still and listen.


When morning came, we ate breakfast and sat in our circle. In privacy, I told Spirit Wind of my snake encounter. She then told me that about five years before, she brought a group of women to this same park to do medicine work. She said that some guys arrived in a van from New York one evening and began to party loudly. They got really drunk and made passes at the ladies. Fearful, the ladies notified the campground officials that the guys were disturbing them. When the rangers arrived, the guys became defensive and began firing their guns at the rangers. Spirit Wind said that the rangers fired back, people were running and screaming, and the animals were in total chaos. Then I realized that the snake had been present to witness this event and gave me this experience.


Live each day anew...

The Moon moves water, and we are mostly water...know your cycles as the Moon does hers, and you will illuminate as she does... there are no ugly Moons.


Experience the energy of stillness.


Emotions are states of comprehension, pull these inward to the soul and examine... outside energies dance into our attention to give us our lessons. 

We are the shores, the energies of life our waters...they cleanse us, gift us, shape us, but we must be as consistent in our moment as the shores are in theirs, that the waters of life may dance upon us.


Rigid emotions are harmful, as their inflexibility makes them work only one way... emotional flexibility allows us to ride the winds of change like sand Harbor no ill thoughts, this is poison fruit. 


Live each day anew without bad memories, this protects the inner child's space.


We protect ourselves externally from things approaching our wheel, Spirit protects us internally from habits we generate within our wheel.

Protect yourself by not clinging to things in general.


Our animal instincts are a form of protection, as they make us sensitive to dangerous encounters.




This is a gentle meditation to connect with the sense of perception. It opens up our personal baggage that we may take a better look at ourselves should we desire. It is very simple to perform, but the work comes in doing it over a period of time on a consistent basis.


Sit in a relaxing position on the floor, in a chair, cross-legged, whichever you choose. Close both of your eyes. You are going to be aware of your breathing and nothing else, but as you breathe shift your attention to the bridge of your nose and focus from here. If you find yourself daydreaming return your attention to the bridge of your nose again. Do this ten minutes a day for five consecutive days and notice the experiences.

Copyright 1999-2009 Boe Glasschild



Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.


Copyright 1999-2009 Boe Glasschild



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