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"Have a new song daily, like the solo bird at dawn

Keep sacred moments sacred, stay focused

Knowledge is the tool to harmony"


"This is one the teachings offered by Boe Glasschild in The Shores Within.  With a mixture of philosophy, teachings, and personal anecdotes, Glasschild draws the reader into a world of magic, compassion, and healing. The world of the shaman is closely linked to the natural world and lessons in spirituality are everywhere - in animals, birds, sacred places. To read this book is to join the author in a gentle, magical universe. This is the world we were all meant to live in.  Chi hullo li."   ~Helen Berdert, Milligan Press, New Jersey




The goal for those that receive these teachings

is to no longer to endure reality, but to operate it.


The Shores Within

By Boe Glasschild

& Laughing Dog Red Feather

ISBN 0-9721943-1-2


The Medicine Way has been exclusively an oral tradition for centuries. Now, Choctaw Spiritual Elder Boe Many Knives Glasschild, Bvshpo Lawa,  puts these teachings in writing for all to read and understand.


"In the last few decades, formerly secret teachings (the Mystery Schools) of many different spiritual disciplines worldwide have been made available to the public. Some see this as a sign of the natural maturing of humanity, such that many more of us can qualify to make good use of these teachings; others see it as a desperate attempt in desperate times to recruit more of humanity into these higher states of awareness..." 

Pamela Jaye Smith  ~ Author of Inner Drives:


…About the author…

My name is Boe Glasschild.  I am of Choctaw and African heritage. I am a tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a member of the Manataka American Indian Council and president of ANASCA (The Alliance of Native Americans of Southern California). I presently reside in McCool, Mississippi, living my daily life in acknowledgement of these first Nations’ ancestors.


The Shores Within is a book on shamanism and self-discovery.  It contains stories, meditations, and the dialogue of Laughing-Dog-Red-Feather, a teacher of Spirit. This book has power – it can help us find the magic of Great Spirit in our lives again, it can move us into the space of being the magic, and it can strengthen our spiritual muscles as we rewrite our books of life.  The power of these teachings is relative to the reader. I have created this piece of literature based on my life as a shaman.  


The stories call attention to the magical moments in our daily life. The dialogue of healing reawakens our inner child to the call of adventure, a letting go of the "normal" for the non-ordinary.  The meditations open our pathways to new perceptions as we learn to gather information in nontraditional methods. We have so much potential, yet we miss these moments as we  have made the choice not to see these things. Now we change.




[Editor's Note:  This book should be read in chapter order.  Certain words or phrases in this book are 'linked' and will provide an opportunity to open a portal to the glossary or another area of the book.  Click the 'Back' button to return to the original page.  The Shores Within originally copyrighted © 1999 Living With Me Surrounded By You.  Cover Design by Wendy "Sunshine" Slee. Author’s photo by Steve Moeller.



Rainbows wed the Sky and Earth to unify realities 

Seeds are flowers awaiting birth, a bonding of dualities

Shadows dance to gold Sun rhythms, reflections of the flowing

Nature dreams to share the vision and bring All into knowing

Lips must part for truth and lies to come into their being

As shaman souls rehearse along the shores of inner feelings

And those who cling to try and be will never break the fever

As webs of personal history again entrap the weaver



An apple seed, an apple tree, and an apple are really all the same thing. The seed becomes the tree, the tree bears apples, the apples ripen and make seeds that start the cycle again. 


There is not a change in the chemistry of the apple so much as there is a change of appearance, a physical change. All three have the same spirit.

Two close friends are walking down the street. One has been rather successful and has a sizable bank account. The second has struggled a lot and lives day to day, hand to mouth. At the same moment they both see a thousand-dollar bill, and the thoughts start rushing in their minds. The richer friend thinks that the money would be nice, but his account is rather large and it wouldn't really make a difference to him. The poorer friend sees the money as prosperity; it would definitely make a difference to him. All this time, however, the thousand-dollar bill doesn't do anything but lay there as a thousand-dollar bill--it never changes at all.





This collection of teachings and experiences was a gift from Great Spirit that desired to be shared. Hopefully the reader will get the "medicine" that the soul is seeking. We are where we need to be most at any given time, for the classroom of Great Spirit is everywhere. As we are the result of the previous choices we have made, we are also events about to happen. We may not be able to eliminate life's obstacles, but we can reclaim our personal power and increase our sensitivity of our connectedness to Earth through releasing the assumptions that bind us. 

To free ourselves of these entrapments that drain our energies may require that we .unlearn. or let go of the dogmas we have bought into, the unhealthy reality we wish to move past.


As It Is... 


We choose to suffer. Our perception of the thing we call reality is nothing more than our fixation upon whatever we find stimulating. We create our reality by pulling in the images and symbols that we feel are closest to defining that ideal we envision. All life is energy and potential which acts as building blocks to animate the physical spacesuits we call our bodies. 


Our bodies are the vehicle that this incarnation chose to use to experience the realities that we call life, and our Spirit uses this incarnation as a workshop to complete its evolution. As everything is total potential, there are no mistakes in the bodies we occupy, neither are there standards by which one body is superior to another. To truly walk with Creator is to understand that each body is specifically designed to help that Spirit best attain its enlightenment. This is healing.


For whatever reason, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to find out what our bodies came here to do; this is our dance. In our earlier years we are very much connected to Creator and our pathway, but as we grow into adults we, unfortunately, get redirected into adopting an identity or occupation that molds us into the consensus framework. We are educated to believe that this will solidify our place in society and contribute to our success, and that these actions will provide us with security. So, unknowingly we begin to move away from Great Spirit in our pursuit of comforts, possessions and prestige. We allow ourselves to be lulled to sleep and start experiencing less and less of the real picture. As we allow our focus to be shifted to what can be attained in the consensus scheme of things, we are in a way subscribing to bondage.


Heed the voice as it calls you

From the zone of logic comforts

For the voice that calls out to you

Dances near you quite unnoticed

Should you be a daring soulster

Letting go will reinforce you

But to linger in the shadows

Is a fear to walk your pathway




Beginning in April 2009, the Manataka Smoke Signal will feature one installment of  "The Shores Within" book.


Copyright 1999-2009 Boe Glasschild




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