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I believe that being a medicine man, more than anything else, is a state of mind, a way of looking at and understanding this earth, a sense of what it is all about." -Lame Deer, Lakota


The Medicine Wheel explains different ways of looking at the world. The four directions are the East, the South, the West, and the North.In the East is the view of the eagle - the eagle flies high and sees the earth from that point of view. The South is the direction of the mouse. Moving on the earth, the mouse will not see what the eagle sees. Both the eagle and the mouse see the truth. The West is the direction of the bear - the bear will see different from the mouse and the eagle. From the North comes the point of view of the bison. To be a Medicine Man you must journey through all points of view and develop the mind to see the interconnectedness of all four directions. This takes time, patience and an open mind. Eventually, you understand there is only love.

Great Spirit,
today, allow my mind
to stay open.

By Don Coyhis






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Manataka:  Place of Peace

Myth or Reality?

By Linda Van Bibber



As we hike the trails of Manataka Mountain today, we find no monuments to the gentle people who were once the keepers of Manataka (Place of Peace).  Only the Grandfathers now tell the story of the Rainbow Woman who blessed and guarded the Valley and the healing waters of Nówâ-sa-lon, the hot springs. 


In fact, the only mention of Manataka or the Rainbow Woman is in the Parks Service historical display in the observation tower on Hot Springs Mountain where the stories of the Grandfathers are cited as ‘myth’.   Even among many First Nations people there is barely a remembrance of the spiritual power the great Manataka gave to the people. 


But the Grandfathers still tell of this sacred ground which held great meaning for all First Nations people; a place where pilgrimages were made to seek the favor of the Lady of the Rainbow.  Here sacred leaders of all Nations gathered to pray and perform sacred ceremonies.


These stories are honored and preserved by the Manataka American Indian Council (MAIC).   Each year MAIC offers several educational gatherings, free to the public.  But MAIC is not allowed to obtain a religious gathering permit necessary to perform the sacred ceremonies that the Grandfathers once performed.  And the National Parks Service seems intent on erasing this sacred history.


Will Manataka always be held captive by government bureaucrats, never to breathe again?  Will the spirit of the First Nations people reawaken and its awesome strength give life and power back to the people of the land?

Today, there are many signs of such an awakening.  The great resiliency of native cultures has preserved many of the traditions, stories and ceremonies of the Grandfathers.  The sons and daughters of First Nations people are returning to the old ways in search of peace in their daily lives.  Everywhere you look there is renewed interest in native culture. It was foretold that this would be so.


The people of the land are returning.  The day when the tribes of many nations will journey to the sacred grounds of Manataka once again has come.  They do not come as tourists looking for wondrous sights, but as brothers and sisters seeking healing and guidance; they show reverence and faith in the Great Spirit who dwells in this sacred place. 


The tribes of the First Nations people will come together, not to achieve some political or economic purpose, but to learn from each other and share the strengths of our cultures.  Now is the time.  Leaders from many Nations have already joined hands in the Great Circle of Peace to give thanks to the Creator.  And as they do, the spirit of the Rainbow Woman is awakening.


The message of the Rainbow Woman is a message of peace; her spirit is a spirit of healing. 


We are, each of us, the sacred Water given to us by the Creator of All That Is.  We are born in Water and we are composed mostly of Water.  Water is necessary to life.  But, sometimes the Water comes in floods and washes away our homes and food.  Waters of the flood take away our homes and often bring disease.   We are sad after the flood waters leave.


We are the sacred Wind given to us by the Creator of All That Is.  Every cell in our bodies contains the Wind.  We must breathe the Wind in order to live.  But, sometimes the Wind comes like a tornado and blows away our homes and kills our loved ones.  We are sad after the tornado leaves.


The white European Judeo/Christian culture came like the wind and water.  It flooded us with disease and greed and killed our Grandmothers and Grandfathers.  It came like a senseless flood and washed away the homes and sacred places of our ancestors.  It flooded our homes and took away our land.   


It came to us like the tornado bringing the whirlwind stench of war and the shame of false ways. It is easy to hate these Europeans and their children who continue to violate our sacred Mother Earth, break our treaties and perpetuate terrible injustices upon us.  It is easy to despise the government that came like a terrible tornado and killed our people and defiled our sacred places. 


But we are all connected.  To heal, we cannot hate.  We can only be sad and allow the sadness to wash through us.  We cannot be angry at the sacred Waters and the Wind.  They are made by the Creator.  In the same way, the white Europeans and their government are also made by Creator.   


At Manataka, we shed no more tears for the past.  Our culture is not gone!  It flourishes and grows stronger each year!  Look around you.  American Indian culture is spreading all over the world.  


We do not cry for our ancestors because they are not gone. They are here with us now. Their spirits dwell within us. They are on our lips as we speak. They are upon our fingertips as we do the work to uphold our heritage.  They are guiding us into a healing time.  We do not cry for them.  We honor them. We rejoice for them!   


The Great Spirit allowed our circle to be broken so that it could be expanded for the healing of Mother Earth.  It is for that reason we are here keeping the spirit alive at Manataka.


Together, we can awaken the great forces of all indigenous peoples by rekindling the fire in The Place of Peace.  The hot springs are still here. The medicinal herbs, quartz crystal, precious stones, and beauty are still here.  And the beautiful waters of Nówâ-sa-lon still flow abundantly.


The Spirit of the Rainbow Woman welcomes all who come in peace and healing.



Manataka™ American Indian Council is a non-profit, 501(3C), tax-exempt, educational, multi-cultural and religious organization made up of American Indian and non-Indian people dedicated to sharing our understanding of the Spiritual way of Native peoples. Manataka also offers a variety of community services and sponsors several public educational events throughout the year. For more information on Manataka American Indian Council visit







Organic Bees Are Thriving
While commercial bee populations are plummeting




While bee populations in commercialized hives are declining by rates up to 80%, organic honey bees are thriving!


(EXCERPT) Over the past few weeks we have highlighted reports that suggest bee populations are declining at rates of up to 80% in areas of the U.S. and Europe. Experts are calling the worrying trend "colony collapse disorder" or CCD.


While no one can pin point the exact reason as to why bees are declining so rapidly it is interesting to note that no organic bee keepers are reporting losses.


A recent report at sci-tech website cites a statement from longtime environmental activist and part-time organic beekeeper Sharon Labchuk from Prince Edward Island who states:








Moon Changes


The pale face of Grandmother Moon slips through the sky, as night after night she watches over me while I sleep.


Her silver light makes silvery, lacey patterns on the wall, as she sends her beams through my window curtains. I watch as the delicate spider web pattern moves over the wall, and find myself spun into her magic.


I spend my mornings these days talking to the birds, which fly about my door. The two crows who come talking and share my bread keep me from being lonely. I see them perched on the branches of the old black walnut tree waiting to see what I will toss out to them for food. They scold me and talk of things that they see in the night while I sleep.   


These brave feathered messengers of the spirit world, the two Crows come and greet me each morning.   I now know that they are warrior brothers and come to protect and help me; sent by one who remembers.


Two years ago that same black walnut tree lost her mate to a wind storm. He lay down so gently trying not to damage any homes. I heard his death cry as he was sent crashing to the Earth Mother. I went to him when he passed and offered his spirit tobacco, giving also tobacco and corn meal to his life long mate. Soon the men came and took his strong body away and there was a big hole left in the earth. I took one small twig from his body that held the story of his life and place it on my Alter. I notice this winter that some of the old black walnut trees branches that once were locked in his branches are broken,   they will in spring fall to the ground.  Even if these branches that remember that touching fall, they will carry the memory and love of that soul mate forever.


When they fall I will ask to take one and create a talking stick so that the love will continue to be shared in circle.


Now the grass grows and covers the scare the walnut tree left in passing. Each year wild flowers and other plants come to cover the empty space making it less noticeable. Yet I remember where he stood so strong and tall in the moon light as it touched the two trees in passing. Locked in an embrace they stood against many storms and cast shadows across this old house from the time it was built. The remaining walnut tree still holds the memory of this land and the people who once lived and laughed here. At these times I still go out into the yard to stand in the pattern of those branches and sing to the trees that protect this home. Two great old maples still giving the sweetness of their bodies watch and listen in the light of the moon.


Grandmother Moon moves eternally in her path across the sky and in time her daughter Mother Earth comes between her and Grandfather Sun. They embrace their daughter and hold her between them for a few minutes during the eclipse of the moon as we call this moment. We Native people call it the reuniting of the Earth with her parents the Sun and the Moon.  It is in this perfect moment of love that we here on this Earth feel the wonder of all creation. In these few hours the love that our Mother Earth feels from her parents is radiated into every living thing here on her earth body. 


The Moon who is the mother of all things watches us during the long nights and holds our dreams in her power. She controls the water here on Earth the tides come and go according to her cycle. The plants that we place in the ground are all done on the phases of the moon.


The weather is also affected by the Moon so are the tides of our emotions and our reproduction cycles. It is in the full moon that many women gave birth, or they would have their moon cycles during the full moon. Many ceremonies and celebrations were held during the full moon, the cycles and phases of the moon affect everything here on our Mother the Earth. We sing songs to Grandmother Moon, and even call the first phase of marriage the Honey Moon.


Our children when they are born were held up on the full moon and introduced as human beings to the sky world.

We tell time and seasons by the times Grandmother Moon waxes and wanes. From time beyond this has been a constant cycle of the Earth and the seasons.   


We human beings look to the sky and are always amazed at the changes and wonders of this gathering of the planets and stars that surrounds us with love.


As long as Grandmother Moon watches over me I am safe.  In time she will help us all to know and understand the Great Mystery of the Universe and the original creation of life.


Celebrate life and all of its sweetness, for that is the true love and peace we all seek. It surrounds us with the blessing of life and love eternal forever and ever.  


Love and Blessings.



Copywrite © 2008 by Waynonaha Two Worlds     All publication rights reserved




No offense intended for any individuals or tribes.

Archaeological Finds


After having dug to a depth of 50 feet last year, Mexican  scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 100 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the Mexicans, in the weeks that followed, Texans scientists dug to a depth of 75 feet, and shortly after, headlines in the Houston newspapers read:

"Texas archaeologists have found traces of 200 year old copper wire and have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than the Mexicans."

One week later,  the "Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council",  in  its Reservation newsletter reported the following:

"After digging as deep as 90 feet in wash beds near Bear Soldier District,  Casper One Horse, a self taught archeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing.

One Horse has therefore concluded that 300 years ago Natives had already gone wireless."







Americans eat far too much 'dead food' -- all that highly processed, bleached, and chemically-saturated, stuff that comes in brightly colored boxes, cans and packages -- that money-greedy, mega-corporate advertisers have the audacity to call 'food'. 

Creator and nature intends that all animals, including humans to eat fresh 'live' food.  Vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, and meat have become old-fashioned to many Americans. 

Humans do not "catch" cancer.  Cancer does not appear out of nowhere.  We eat, breath and absorb cancer-causing substances -- ugly chemicals found in our environment.   Change your eating habits or die an ugly death.







From Grandmother Selma Palmer


Protects your heart

Prevents constipation

Blocks diarrhea

Improves lung capacity

Cushions joints



Aids digestion

Lowers cholesterol            

Protects your heart

Stabilizes blood sugar

Guards against liver disease


Combats cancer

Controls blood pressure

Saves your eyesight

Shields against Alzheimer's

Slows aging process



Battles diabetes

Lowers cholesterol

Helps stops strokes

Controls blood pressure

Smoothes skin




Protects your heart

Quiets a cough

Strengthens bones

Controls blood pressure

Blocks diarrhea



Prevents constipation

Helps hemorrhoids

Lowers cholesterol

Combats cancer

Stabilizes blood sugar



Controls blood pressure

Combats cancer

Strengthens bones

Protects your heart

Aids weight loss



Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Stabilizes blood sugar

Boosts memory

Prevents constipation



Strengthens bones

Saves eyesight

Combats cancer

Protects your heart

Controls blood pressure



Combats cancer

Prevents constipation

Promotes weight loss

Protects your heart

Helps hemorrhoids





























By Carol Spirit Dove Henderson



He was an old elder of the Onion Lake Reservation, of the Plains Cree First Nation.  He was known as Antoine Little Wolf.  As a young warrior he endured many things at the hands of others.  He learned to be patient.  He taught he's sons hard lessons.  He was known to have a sharp tongue in his younger years. He loved to dance the dances of the Fathers.  Antoine Little Wolf learned the way of the spirits and had many visions.   He was an Elder always giving counsel to who ever wanted it (and sometimes to those who did not want it).


The story of his retuning to the Fathers will be remembered by all who came to his burial.  It starts many months before.  Little Wolf felt it was time, to share that which he saw with his adopted son and dear friend.  For several years, before his old body could no longer do for itself, he sat with his adopted son, talking about many things; told him of sacred places; taught him the ways of the peace pipe; told him of his visions.  Mother Earth whispered many things to Little Wolf.  Little Wolf wanted to make sure he had done his restitution, wanted to leave behind the old ways which he only knew too well.  He wanted to make sure that these things could be taught to his sons, when his sons were ready to receive them.  For his sons walked other roads at this time looking at other Gods and not to the Creator. Many nights now Little Wolf talked to the ancestors that came to give him direction and to the Fathers that told him it was soon time for him to come home.  Then came Brother Bear.


Brother Bear came in the brightness of the afternoon sun and peered into the small kitchen window looking to talk to his brother.  Little Wolf could not see him for his aging eyes were not able to see much of this physical earth any more, but his beloved wife did.  Little Wolf could hear his wife shooing away something at the window.  He inquired to his beloved wife what was going on and was told about Brother Bear at the window.  He asked her if Brother Bear had brought a message from the Fathers for him.  She did not know for she had forgotten to ask.  It was then that Little Wolf knew it was time. 


Little Wolf, because he knew time was of the essence now, started his sacred chants and prayers.  It was time to get ready for the ancestor that was going to come and take his spirit home.  He talked increasingly more with the Fathers.  He talked increasingly more with the ancestors.  He saw many visions night and day.  His heart was softened, he could no longer see much and his physical body was failing him.  But his spirit, oh the spirit of one who does the will of the Fathers, becomes stronger and mightier as they strive to do the will of the Creator.  He continued his prayers.  His adopted son and friend continued to visit and learn and they talked much, Little Wolf doing most of the talking.  They would fall asleep as they sat together and talked of sacred things.


Then at last Antoine Little Wolf was taken to the white man's hospital.  His friend now became the white boy that fed him, for he no longer could make out who was there, for now also his hearing was gone.  He continued his prayers.  His prayers now changed and now the prayers were only to the Creator to send the mighty eagle for his spirit when it was time.   He no longer could hear, and maybe wished not to hear, that which was said around him.  His concentration was on his spirit and the Creator.  For 3 weeks he prayed and chanted and concentrated on what would happen to his spirit.  Many things he said to his sons for he wanted to leave this earth knowing he said all and sorted out all that he could for the past mistakes he had made in his life.


He finally let this life come to an end.  We all mourned for our elder, our friend, father and grandfather.  He taught us much.  Helping us grow with much understanding.  As we had our wake for him, he was seen many times dancing to the beat of the drummers.  He was heard to say .."Pick up the pace boys, pick up the pace."  The grave was dug, the casket placed inside.  The family in front ready to pick their footsteps around the grave, it was then when it happened.  "Look! Look up there!" was the cry with someone pointing to the sky.  All came to an immediate stopped in their tracks, how someone dare disturb the solitude, the mourning.  But all who heard looked up.


From the east they came.  A sight that none in these parts had ever seen before.  They were only about 100 feet up in the sky.  You could almost reach up and touch the two of them.  They were magnificent and grand beyond description.  The eagles had come for Little Wolf.  Just as he knew they would.   There were two of them and they came from the east.  They were so close you could hear the swoosh of their wings, so close you could see their piercing eyes,  so close you could feel of their spirit.  As they came closer circling on the air currents they came to the gravesite and circled around it three times.  In awe we all watched as we sensed that they picked up Antoine Little Wolf's spirit and took it with them to the west.  It left us awestruck and a feeling of total rejoicing came over everyone.








Maya Priestess

Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Maya


March 14-23, 2008 - Yucatan Pilgrimage

Journey with Magdala, Maya Priestess

You are invited on a beautiful journey within your self.  This is an initiation that has been prepared since the beginning of time, just for you, an initiation that will unravel different ways to perceive reality, a world inside of a world inside of a world, all inside of you.

Join us into the journey of the ancient pyramids’ messages, into a knowledge that awakens and uncovers the true DNA. Join us to embrace, understand, dance, study, and make ceremonies in the ancient pyramids of the Maya. Discover a world of virtual reality that is full of light and ancient knowledge. This initiation will reveal the secrets of you as the true human being.

We will visit many pyramids, for this is a peregrination, and  in each one much wisdom both inside and outside of the self will be revealed. This is a Journey that you have been waiting for a very long time, for it is a life changing experience, to see the world through the ancestors’ eyes, to see yourself the way the ancestors did, so beautiful … so perfect…so divine.

We will hold seminars and ceremonies in the ancient Sacred Places at a very Sacred Time.





By Carol Petersen, Elk Looks Back


I come from a universe void of galaxies to the human eye.  I am here to elucidate the consciousness of matrix vibrating spheres into the neural meridian pathways of the human temple and ley chi of the land.


In the Beginning was the smile.  Surprised?  Most of you thought it was a word or a frequency.  Many of you focus on the sound of creation.  While sound is a wave the wave is always changing thereby the sound is always changing.  The wave in time was the sound of the OOOOOOmmmmmmm after 1987 it became aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh   after that EEEEEEEEEE and now it is uuuuuuuu. The shape of a smile is most usually an arc.


The sound out of time is MA MA MA MA ad in fun um.








Tales of buried bodies

By Daniel Macissac, Sun Media

January 4, 2008


Catholic church and Canadian government officials cover-up deaths of Indian children.


Dean Brown hopes upcoming hearings into residential school abuse uncover not only the truth, but scores of hastily buried bodies.


"Everybody I know who went to those residential schools knows about those hushed-up deaths," said Brown, executive director of the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association.


"You hear stories, oh my God, like babies being born and just disposed of because they were the results of sexual abuse."


Bob Watts, interim executive director of the federal Truth and Reconciliation Commission, is preparing to launch hearings early this year.


He has been reported saying former students will testify about alleged "criminal deaths" at residential schools and that the [Canadian Royal Police] RCMP should be ready to investigate.


However, spokesman Christina Selin of the federal department of Indian Residential Schools Resolution qualified that:


"There is currently no specific evidence of criminal deaths in Indian residential schools.


"Any criminal investigations will be carried out by the police."


Brown says his association rented out space to Resolution department staff processing the compensation for thousands of local residential school survivors last fall.


But he says a residential school led to the premature death of his own mother, Rita Cardinal, in Grouard, 366 km northwest of Edmonton, and argues money is only part of the healing process.


"Paying out is just a little bit of the bigger issue," he said.


"And the amounts are ridiculous - $13,000 for being robbed from your family and culture.


"That's a drop in the bucket for the pain and abuse that goes through your whole life."


Aboriginal children across Canada were forced to attend residential schools run by a variety of churches on behalf of the government, and later complained of forced assimilation and abuse.


Ray Harris and George Muldoe, taken from Hazelton, B.C., to attend the Edmonton Indian Residential School, both tell of their own traumatizing experiences with death in the 1950s and 1960s.


As adolescents, they say staff directed them to bury aboriginals who had died of tuberculosis and other diseases at the Charles Camsell Hospital in unmarked graves on school grounds.


"I had no feeling left after my first year there, so when I was asked to dig a grave I was actually happy because I knew the older boys got paid to do it," said Harris, now 64, speaking from his B.C. home.


"But one that was really, really disgusting to me when I finally got my senses back was a baby - because I dug a grave for a baby.


"I was the one who carried the baby from the car in a small coffin, and we buried it right behind the principal's house with no markings whatsoever."


That's why Muldoe, 65, wants the hearings process to continue and the bodies to be exhumed, even if is too late for most school or government officials to be held criminally responsible.


He says the families of those buried in unmarked graves, today's Aboriginal youth and Canadians should know.


"Why should we do this?" he said.


"To find out the truth, I guess - exactly what happened."



[Editor's Note:  Some activist's say there are over 50,000 missing Indian children.  A protest rally staged.  A large crowd of people besieged the front entrance of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Vancouver on January 13, chanting "Where are the Children?!" as residential school survivor Rick Lavallee handed a Letter of Demand to a priest after the intended-recipient, Archbishop Raymond Roussin, quickly left town for Mexico.] 





Attention Educators:





Teaching Resources for Educators

Here are resources if you've ever wanted classroom-teaching activities on American Indians beyond the Thanksgiving holiday or the history of American Indian Education or best teaching practices addressing American Indian learners. Resources include books, magazines, articles, bibliographies, maps, etc. Although often times there is overlap, these resources are organized in four categories:






We cannot banish that which we consider unacceptable within ourselves;


We must know and  embrace all of what we are.


We create physical, mental and emotional illness when we separate body and soul.  And...


Whatever we choose not to look at within ourselves will end up ruling our lives.


~Submitted by Romaine Garcia






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