Sounds of Manataka




Nurturing our global family with original songs inspired from the heart of the Black Hills, Bunny Sings Wolf's songs are dream-painted and sung with conviction, beauty and compassion in peaceful lyrics with a memorable feminine voice.

Songs of Peace and Healing..........     Acoustic Guitar, Drum and Native American Flute..........



1. Treaty 

2. Prophecy Keeper
3. Wyoming's Yesterday
4. Black Mountain Mist Woman
5. Growing Old

6. Liberty
7. Blind at Three Forks
8. Trail of Tears

9. Hand Song

10. Chains
11. Jackalope

12. Paha Saga Poluza
13. Song to Trees

14. More Than a Mountain

15. Black Hills Train

17. Loyalty (Like A Shadow)

Vocals, guitar, flutes & drum by Bunny Sings Wolf
Produced in the Black Hills by O. Lee Engberg


Unbelievably powerful!


Refreshingly Insightful, sunrise beautiful music to comfort your soul from the Heart of the Sacred Black Hills. 


WHITE HAIRED SUNRISE is a gentle breeze with crisp, melodic Native American flute harmonies over Bunny’s river rapids powerful seasoned voice and acoustic guitar dancing in the background.  The peaceful sounds and life-experienced lyrics is a memorable journey and healing experience. All 16 of the fantastic original songs on this CD are comforting, peaceful sounds, just in time to send messages of hope, freedom and peace to a troubled world. 

BUFFALO TALES is Bunny's second CD release that takes you from the fast, vibrating Two Worlds Clash to slower times and restful places past remembered by the Lilac Bush and the Apple Tree. This magnificent CD underscores hope for the future after times of uncertainty  - true peace for all our relations ... Mitakuye Oyasin!


BUFFALO TALES is about bringing ancient perspectives forward in time.  The CD features some wonderful original songs like More Than A Mountain (about Crazy Horse Memorial),  Dance! Buffalo Dance! (about white buffalo "Rainbow Spirit"), Vision Quest and O' Great Spirit - a traditional Lakota prayer in music.



A new CD release was announced across the stone crystal powered computer web by Bunny Sings Wolf from her home in the Black Hills on January 26, 2009 – at the total eclipse of the Sun.    Many indigenous tribes have long understood the powerful energies and creative force held in stones (the rock) and many creation legends and stories tell of them giving their blood (energies) to create all form, shape, life.


The Lakota call them Inyan Oyate – Stone Nation - (Creator) and those who carry (walk) them and sing their songs for healing and wisdom teaching, a St8newalker.  Walking the 8th ceremony for Harmony, Balance, Abundance, Peace.  This CD is dreamed, designed, and funded totally by the creative gifts  day to day living an hard work budgeting and earnings of Bunny Sings Wolf and Hillbunny Productions with no support from outside material sources.  Through miracle and against all odds this music continues to flower as a gift of Spirit for these times.


Bunny Sings Wolf

"Her Lakota-inflective acoustic human music embodies the unique character of the Sacred Black Hills which have inspired all of her original compositions." ~The Sundance Times


"Sunrise' folk captures earthy spirit with style... of the Earth Mother...and sets it free to roam the Black Hills again" ~Rapid City Journal


"Chicken Soup for a Beautiful Land. There's nothing greater than an artist that can take you places when listening to their music...weaken your defenses and saturate your being in an inspired album of gentle bird flutes and holistic peace. "Freedom" is a song that utters the Lakota "Mitakuye Oyasin" We are all related- all my relations." Reviewer: Wayne Johnson



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