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Greetings friends, my name is Joe Ravenbear and I need to sell my beautiful regalia. 

The regalia you see here was passed on to me by a dear friend, Ace, who could no longer dance.    

As a nurse for the past 12-years, I first went to care for Ace's son who required dialysis and continual attention.  Then years later, I again found myself returning to his side when he had three-quarters of his lung removed.  Ace was forced to retire early, sell his business and relocate to a more climate-friendly environment.

I lived with Ace and his family and charged them nothing for my nursing services -- and I expected nothing in return.  So, believe me when I say I was blow away when I came home to find a giant box with this fantastically beautiful regalia inside.

There was a big lump in my throat as I read the letter inside the box.  "...I want you to have my regalia," Ace said.  "I can't dance with it anymore so considerate payment for when you stayed with us taking care of me and my family.  Do not send it back, you may do with it as you wish..."

The "Ace" regalia is plains style fancy dance with feather bustles found throughout Oklahoma, the Dakotas and other western states.

My decision to put the regalia up for sale was very difficult.  Finally, I reasoned that because I am Tlinget and Athabaskan of Alaska I would sell it because I do not dance Plains style.  Besides, I need the money desperately now.  I am trying to make it home to Alaska to live by my family.  I currently live on the East coast and my father has serious health problems and I am needed.  Yeah, Ace said to go ahead and sell it or do as I wanted with the regalia, but the decision was still rough.   I still don't honestly think that if it were my own cultural/tribal regalia I would be able to sell it.

I can only hope that whoever receives this regalia will honor it as much as Ace honored me when I received it.

I have been told that it is worth much more, but I am asking $7,777.  The same regalia is advertised on Ebay for $15,000. 

Below are some close-up pictures that may help you decide. 

Will you help out Joe and receive this beautifully hand-crafted regalia?

The entire dance regalia is in excellent condition without any wear.

A special dance fan not pictured here will go with this regalia to the right buyer.  If you are interested in purchasing the "Ace" regalia pictured here, please contact: 





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