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Reinventing The Wheel
The Universal Wheel: Tool of Global Unity





In my lifelong search for the meaning of life, God, existence, and more, I rediscovered the Wheel. It was a cellular implant that I instantly recognized as holding ALL the answers to life, death, spirituality, the cosmos, the planet, and what a participatory human being really is. Once you connect to the Wheel, the fun truly begins as you discover and re-discover the joys of life on both sides - spiritual and physical. - Meria




The Universal Medicine Wheel - Thirteen Stones Towards Global & Personal Unity A simple circle of thirteen stones. The circle is a sacred symbol that goes back through time and space and many civilizations and cultures.

Early humans knew that the circle represents infinity, the continuous circle of life. In today's world where people are beginning to realize the realistic threat to life on this planet due to famine, disease, war and destruction of our environment this simple tool puts it all into perspective.


The Earth is our Mother, and we must take care of it. That begins with the simple lesson of the Universal Wheel - "Personal, Emotional, Physical, Sexual and Spiritual Peace begins with learning about ourselves, all other human beings occupying Mother Earth (Gaia) and our interconnectedness to all living things." A real tangible tool to "clock" your own personal and global progress. A sacred space that you can use for any form of meditation, relaxation, healing, conversation, sharing and the like. There could be no better way to start your day off right, than at the Wheel. Nor, a better place to end your day as well. The message is a simple one "we will either live in a sacred manner or die".


This is not a hysterical woman saying this, check out the information on the web at and learn what Noble Prize Laureates have to say about the length of human life on this planet with the current rate of apathy, destruction and loss of the very things that sustain human life. The wheel is more than a circle of stones. It is a philosophy and lifestyle for correct living and correct thinking. A true rebound to the expression "think globally, act locally". Change begins with one person. Let the Universal Wheel help you begin. 


Get your own copy of the teaching book and start living in harmony with all living things, learn the ways of the true peaceful Warrior.




Reinventing The Wheel
The Universal Wheel: Tool of Global Unity

Problems everywhere - ALL the solutions RIGHT HERE. Simple spirituality and environment answers to the world's problems. Easy, fun and powerful. Come dance the wheel. 

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About the Author:


Meria Heller is an internationally known teacher of the Universal Medicine Wheel, Spiritual Teacher, Master Metaphysician, Producer and Host of "The Meria Heller Show" now in its sixth year. She is a hereditary intuitive, natural healer, and Reiki Master.


Meria Heller is Media Monitors Network's columnist and one of the most popular web-caster on the Internet today.  Meria Heller is a "voice for the voiceless" and has hosted an international web-cast heard in over sixty countries for several years. She believes in truth, justice and humanitarianism for all living things. Meria is concerned with the environment and spiritual balance of people.  Tune into the Meria Heller Show





"...Reinventing the Wheel is an extremely compelling learning experience. The Wheel teaches how human beings can travel a balanced journey and have a sense of moral human decency.  Each thousand words in between the book's cover represents numerous images of a spiritual walk in the circle of life. The inner peace of the Wheel is indeed AWESOME.  When following the Universal Wheel you will realize that it is not a religion, cult or sect. It is the place to cross the abyss of hatred, prejudice, unwanted "baggage", and much more..."  

Ken Lenke



In today's hectic, chaotic, and disconnected world that we live in, we have lost touch with ourselves, the people around us, and most importantly with nature. Life it seems is a delicate web of interconnections and when one of those connections is broken, we feel something is missing. We may not know exactly what it is that is missing, but deep inside, we can feel it and some desperately seek to find what that "what" is. Once they find the "what", they usually feel different about the world at large and start to become connected once again to their spiritual self and conscious.

In the book, we are shown that everything is connected, that delicate web I spoke of. The brotherhoods and sisterhoods are all connected to form the connections that we would call, "mankind". It seems that this connection is seriously dysfunctional in our world of today. When people are introduced to the Wheel, they start to feel that missing connection; if they go a little deeper, they see that the connection between mankind and Mother Earth is also in serious jeopardy. If one goes on to an even deeper thought, they find that another important connection is missing or on the verge of so; that connection is to the Creator. All through the book, Meria explains the importance of these connections and how re-establishing them can profoundly change one's life. One discovers that they are not alone, but belong to a huge family with family members all over the world if they really think about it. This book will show you how much we are all interconnected, woven into the tapestry of life and love.

The book is easy to read and understand and Meria has done an excellent job of explaining how to build one's own circle and the significance of each stone. I believe that if one reads the book and builds their wheel (make it a wheel party and have friends help you build it) and start to use it, they will start to feel those broken connections repairing themselves; you become one with the universe and to all things around you. In reading the book and building your wheel, you will discover the web of life that is interwoven into all things around us, the Earth, sky, animals, plants, and other humans to name just a few. In my personal opinion, this is a must read for today's world; I doubt that you will be dissatisfied if you read the book and build your wheel and start to use it, if for nothing else but to relieve the stresses of modern day living. At the very most, you will discover a world that you did not know existed before and get in touch with your spiritual self; when one does that, the possibilities are limitless....   

Jerry Simons