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Animal Rights: US Park Service Slaughters Buffaloes
Bennie LeBeau Mother Earth Is Waiting For Us


Natural Ant Control
Elder Council Meeting: February Details

Elder's Meditation:

Dr. Charles A. Eastman, Santee Sioux

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Dance to Heal the Earth!
Funny Bones 1: Indian Astrology Chart
Funny Bones 2: Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob
Funny Bones 3: Words of Wisdom

Hawk Speaks:

One Grasshopper Can Jump Higher

Healing Prayer Basket:

Don't Stand at My Grave

Health Watch:

Fluoride - Bane To Humanity.....

Hill & Holler:

Mining Threatens Colville Rez
History: Skull for sale discovered
Indigenous Perspective: My Two Beads Worth

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Smiling Fox

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Healing Medicine Grandmother Used

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Food Baskets Needed Now!

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Earth Medicine by Liora Leah
Opinion Page: Force Animal ID System  - Conspiracy!
Tribal Politics: Federal Recognition of Virginia Tribes

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Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums

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21 New Pages Added in February!

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Build Your Child's Self-Esteem

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The New World is a World of Doing...
Women's Calendar: March Happenings




GOAL EXCEEDED:  Manataka's goal to supply 444 "honoring gifts" to be gifted through Marcine Quenzer for Spiritual and Tribal leaders across the country was reached within one day of the announcement.  Now, the new goal is 4,444 gifts. 



A very interesting story is making its way around the Internet.  A lot of buzz about a new web site with some intriguing information. Alerted by Paula Horn, confidant of Arvol Looking Horse, we found this story at:  The full story is found at:



"Mitakuye Oyasin"  hosts Winona Yellowhammer and Bill Patton, 98.9 radio WRFN-FM in Nashville 8:00 to 9:00 pm on Sunday nights. click on "Listen Online".  sponsored by NAIA of Tennessee  ~Submitted by Jennifer WhiteFeather Attaway, Alabama



The Native American Indian Club of Luxemburg, Germany was formed recently.  No fees or dues.   For more information:  or   352-061-925685 Firewalker Jervis 

[It is our understanding this is a "Indian hobbyist" group.]




NOTICE: Wolf Dancers 

Wolf Dancers Needed. Rocky Thunder Wolf Miller of the Manataka Wolf Society is asking people who dance the Wolf or those who wish to learn to contact him.  The Wolf Society will dance in April 2006.  A wolf pelt is not required to dance, but we have them if needed. Powerful stuff.  


Also See Powwow Now! One of the largest powwow calendars on the Internet today!





Gathering and Proclamation of  the Continental Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor

Saturday March 11th: Indigenous Youth Alliance Day
Sunday March 12th: Indigenous Peoples Day

Treaty of Teotihuacan

Nican Tlacah Ilhuitl - Indigenous Peoples Day
Sunday March 12, 2006
Embassy of the Indigenous Peoples
802 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Tel (602) 254- 5230

The Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums
March 21, 2006
Otomi Ceremonial Center
Temoaya, Mexico

The International Indigenous University presents: The Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums. According to a Sacred Prophecy revealed at the Otomi Ceremonial Center by the Otomi Elder Sages as a Vision of our Venerable Ancestors, the day when the sounds of 8,000 Sacred Drums join together will be the beginning of the healing of Mother Earth, of all the species and the human family in order to be able to live together on the road to Sacred Peace.

Medicine Wheel Spring Gathering In Memory of Bernard Ice Jr.,

March 31 - April 2

Island Grove Park  4-H building, 501 N. 11th Avenue

Greeley, Colorado


A Gathering of Elders and Youth to Share Traditional Teachings and Truths for the Next Seven Generations Hosted by: The Medicine Wheel Sundance and He Ska' Tokala Sobriety Society affiliated under the National Heritage Foundation. Three inspiring days with Traditional Indigenous Wisdom-Keepers, Elders, and Leaders who are coming to share their timeless teachings and views as they speak about such things as Global Warming and Earth changes, Wars, Poverty, Prophecy, Traditional Values, Ways and Philosophy. SUGGESTED DONATIONS: $25.00 per day; no one turned away. Note:  Advance Registration is strongly encouraged as seats are filling fast.  Steve Bergman (970) 590-6366 or e-mail, Helen Frost (970) 330-8879 or e-mail  or Wendy Chunn (417)-294-0645 or e-mail

Earth Works for Humanity - Gathering

April 21 - 23, 2006

Sedona Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ



Returning to the natural world.  International multi-cultural weekend gathering.  Music and dance, healing ceremonies, medicines for planetary healing, acupuncture for sacred sites, balance Mother Earth, environmental education.  See flyer - Manataka Events


Manataka Encampment

April 21 - 22 - 23, 2006 

Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds, Hot Springs National Park, AR


Camping on first come first serve basis.  $10 per night.  Everyone is invited to come enjoy a weekend of camping, eating, games, drumming, eating, healing, songs, fun and more eating!  Drumming and Flute Sessions * Storytelling * Meditations * Prayer Ceremonies * Hiking * Potlucks * Special Presentations * No reservations * No schedule * No fees (except for camp space) * No Agenda.  Drop-ins welcome.  Come anytime.  Bring a friend.  Bring your drum, flute, rattles. Bring a chair, your camping gear or stay at a local motel. Rick Porea, Events Chair


International Indigenous Business and Entrepreneurship Conference

June 19-22, 2006, 

Albuquerque, NM USA. 

"Fostering Indigenous Entrepreneurship"



Our new goal is 4,444 honoring gifts!   

Can we achieve this goal?  

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# 1 Lakota Stories - Exciting and Historical
# 2 Zuni Stories  - 6 Stories Added
# 3 Lenape Stories - Colorful
# 4 Achomawi Stories - 6 Beautiful and Informative
# 5 Dakotah Legends - 4 Great Stories
# 6 American Indians North and South: A Web for Discourse
# 7 Legends of the Choctaw - 8 Really Good Stories
# 8 Seven Fires Prophesy of the Anishinabe



Ghost Trails to Manataka CD

Stirring music. Intense, emotional and beautiful. Hear the legends of the Place of Peace. A Moving Experience. Only $19.95  Read More

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In Our Own Homes:


Natural Ant Control

Submitted by Liora Leah



Spring is coming to many parts of the country and natural ant control will be important information -- especially against the notorious fire ant that can cause illness and even death and is growing more resistant  to toxic chemicals that need not ever be used around the home.



Natural Ant Control
1)     Ants hate chalk. They won't cross it. If I have a flurry of ants that would like to enter the house, I just draw a line of chalk around the entry point. They butt up against the chalk and back off. For an area like a tree......perhaps you could scribble a thick chalk line around the trunk, or get some of that bulk chalk for athletic fields, and sprinkle a line of it on the ground around the tree. I'd say scribble some chalk on the trunk, see if you notice the ants avoiding that spot, and then continue chalking around the trunk.

2)     Around Trees: Paint "tanglefoot" around the trunk to stop the ants from climbing the tree. It's a very sticky goo that the ants can't cross.  I have heard that tightly wrapping the trunk of the tree with strong paper -- then putting some sticky goo on the paper (not the tree). I would guess you can get the goo at a gardening center. The ants crawling up the tree get stuck in the goo.

3)     Also spraying the trunk and leaves with a mixture of juiced lemon (citrus) repels insects.

4)      Mix up a little tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract with water and put in a spray bottle. Occasionally spray around the trunk of the tree so they don't cross that line.

5) Dr. Myles M. Bader, The Buggy Professor, from his book: "Club the Bugs & Scare the Critters"

If bugs and pests are flying, crawling, burrowing, or sneaking in your household Dr. Myles Bader has non-toxic, safe, all natural solutions that are safe for your kids and pets without the use of pesticides.

How can you keep ants from attacking your plants?
Place any cooking oil around the base of plant

How can I get rid of an ant colony, naturally?
Place instant grits near the entrance, they bloat up

What can I do to keep ants off my kitchen counter?
Solution of 50:50 vinegar and water

6)     Try peppermint essential oil on your plants. It works great on mine. Purification oil works great too. Put the oil in a mister bottle with water and spray on your plants.

7)     Meditate and communicate with them and invite them to a better alternative.. Worth a try.

"Talk" to them and suggest, respectfully, that they go elsewhere. You might even leave them a daily feast of some kind somewhere away from your trees.

(Liora's Note: similar to what I do with cockroaches--I catch them in a cup, walk down the street for a block while I talk to them and tell them I'm going to give them their lives and their freedom in exchange for their promise for them and their progeny to stay away from my house! Then I let them go. I have a lot fewer roaches in the house this year than last!)

8)     I am guessing that a type of moat around the base of the tree might help. Ants are famous for avoiding water, people would put the table legs in bowls of water to keep them off the table. Hose off the tree then put a plastic lined little moat. But then you will
have mosquitoes to contend with! Maybe just hosing down your tree often may help.

9)     Divert them with this Ant Bait:

Mix 3 cups water with 1 cup sugar and 4 teaspoons technical boric acid formulated for pest control.

Wrap 3 or 4 jam jars with masking tape. Pour a half cup of so of bait into each of the jars, which have been loosely packed with absorbent cotton. If there are kids of pets, screw lids tightly onto the jars and seal with adhesive tape. Pierce the lids, making two or three small holes, and smear the outside of the jars with some of the baited syrup.

If no kids or pets, leave jars open where the ants are foraging. It may take a few hours or days, but the ants will eventually swarm to the jars.  (I put little twigs inside the jars so the ants can easily climb down onto the cotton balls.)

10)     Mint is also an ant repellant.

11)     If you grow things like garlic, that may help because most bugs don't like the smell.

12)     Liora's ant control: I leave the ants outside alone. I figure it's their domain. When they come in the house in droves, I look for the entry point; if it's a crack or small hole in window frame or wall base, I take some putty and patch the hole. I also draw a line along their route with dishwashing soap (I use biodegradable, unscented/nontoxic Seventh Generation brand). Most of the ants are wise and avoid crossing the soap line. For the adventurers that get stuck in the soap and die, I leave their little carcasses stuck in the soap for a day or two. I swear I can smell dead ants--they smell like, well, dead ants--and I'm sure the live ants can smell them, too. This acts as a deterrent for the ants to come in that route, and usually the ant trail has disappeared in a day or two.

Another very natural ant control for the house is spiders. I have a good relationship with the Daddy-Long-Legs spiders in my home. They are very intelligent spiders and make their webs along the ant entry points, usually near the front door and the bathroom window. I let the spiders do their job. It's amazing how many little sucked-dry ant carcasses I find piled up under the spider webs over a period of a couple of days. I wipe up the dead ants but leave the spider webs until they get too dusty, then I wipe the webs up, catch the fleeing spiders and put them outside. In a day or so the spiders are back, with nice, new, clean webs. I love spiders!


Remember to think globally, act locally, and what can be more local than In Our Own Homes?  Be in Good Health!


Liora Leah


Resource:  Grapevine San Diego:


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Dance to Heal the Earth
Whenever you dance, wherever you dance, dance to heal the earth!

Dancing is power. Dancing is prayer. Some say that all is dance. Maybe.

Now there's a big dance coming, a dance to heal the earth. If you're reading this, you're probably part of it. You take part whenever you do whatever you do to help heal the earth. When you recycle. When you choose to show love, to fight for justice, to bring healing, to bring out what is good in others. When you avoid cruelty and dishonesty and waste. When you are outraged. When you speak out. When you give.


When you consider the generations to come. When you protest to the oppressors and encourage those who feel the cutting edge of injustice. And, of course, when you dance. There is a tree that all the prophets see, and whenever you let your love show, you make the flowers grow.

Soon this dance will be done in a big way, in the old way, on sacred ground. All living things will take part. If you want to, you can take part. No one is twisting your arm. You can stop any time you need to, and start up again whenever you're ready. If you've read this far, you probably know what I'm talking about. You've probably been doing it in one way or another for a good while. Soon will be the time to make no bones about it! Cut loose!

Anytime you dance, anywhere, whether at a party or in church, dance to heal the earth! Let your feet beat a healing rhythm into the earth. Let your feet beat a strengthening rhythm for those who struggle the hardest. Let your feet beat a life-giving rhythm for all peoples, regardless of race or national boundary, regardless of whether we're human or whether we're the trees, the air, the fish, the birds, the buffalo, the bear, the crow. We come out of hiding, we come back from the dead, and we dance, and our dance is a prayer, and our songs and our rhythms and our breath give life.

Is the music they're playing some mindless jingle? Never mind, as long as it's not bad music, and you can dance to the beat! Make your own words, and make the words a prayer. A prayer for the end of exploitation, a prayer for the end of lies, a prayer for healing, for justice, for life. Remember your prayer-song, feed it and let it get strong and pass it along. Dance and pray, whenever you dance, dance to
heal the earth.

Have you seen anything? Wear it out! Make it so that all can see what you see! Take a white T-shirt and mark it with your dreams. Is there anything you'd like to tell the world? Take your shirt and mark it with your song! This is the way it has been done, so you can do it too. Use any color except black (there are reasons for that that will become clearer later), and you'll probably find that a loose, pure cotton T is most comfortable for dancing in. Cos this is an actual dance, you dance hard, you sing and breathe hard and sweat. Wear it when you plan to go out dancing, to dance to heal the earth.

Some people do this dance while fasting, and dance for several days straight. But even a few minutes of dancing helps, and joins with all the other dancing going on, everywhere on Earth. Not everyone can fast these days. Besides, you never know when you're gonna dance, and you have to eat sometimes! But if you plan to dance, hold off eating till later, or just have a little. It's easier to dance if you don't have a hotdog weighing you down.

Some people say, do not do sacred things where people are drinking and partying. But all the universe is a sacred place. It really doesn't matter what others are doing, you can make a place sacred wherever you are, with your intention and your prayers. Some people use smoke to make a place sacred; a cigarette or incense stick will do fine. You can dance to heal the earth anywhere, even a party or a bar! The earth is everywhere, so you can dance anywhere to heal her. Only one thing.  Please hold off drinking or using any other intoxicants till you're done. It works better that way.

The Lie has gone far enough. It spreads and makes everyone sick. Now is the time for this dance to begin. It, too, will spread, and it will bring healing to all. In the beginning, they say, God put a rainbow in the sky, to let us know that Spirit never forgets. Now is the time for us to put a rainbow across the earth, to let God know that we, too, remember.

Dance to heal the earth. Not just when you're dancing, but always. Live the dance, whenever you move, in all you do, dance to heal the earth.

From the Archives of Blue Panther







A Conspiracy of the Federal Government and Big Corporations




Look at the new law that the USDA is going to force on everyone that has livestock, even if you raise it just for yourself. And it is going to include everyone who has even 1 horse that they use for transportation. 

I have been raising animals for most of my life. Always trying to live a better life through natural foods and always helping out whoever needs help. I was very upset to read that I may not be able to do that anymore. Please support and boycott this new law. Tell everyone!  This is still our country, but only if we fight for it. Don't just sit back and let things like this happen.

~Submitted by Crystal Harvey


Why You Should Oppose the USDA's Mandatory

Property and Animal Surveillance Program 

By Mary Zanoni, Ph.D. (Cornell), J.D. (Yale), Executive Director of Farm for Life

P.O. Box 501 · Canton, New York 13617 . 315-265-2800 ·


For several years, the USDA has been working with the largest-scale animal industry organizations (for example, the National Pork Producers, Monsanto Company, and Cargill Meat) to develop a mandatory "National Animal Identification System" ("NAIS"). 

However, most small-scale livestock producers, people who raise animals for their own food, and people who keep horses or livestock as companion animals, do not know about the USDA's plans. 

The NAIS will drive small producers out of the market, will make people abandon raising animals for their own food, will invade Americans' personal privacy to a degree never before tolerated, will violate the religious freedom of Americans whose beliefs make it impossible for them to comply, and will erase the last vestiges of animal welfare from the production of animal foods. 

The Problem:

On April 25, 2005, the USDA released "Draft Program Standards" ("St.") and a "Draft Strategic Plan" ("Plan") concerning the NAI8. If you think the description below sounds too bizarre to be true, please go to, read the Standards and Plan, and check the citations. 

By January 1, 2008, the NAIS will be mandatory. (Plan, pp. 2, 10, 17.) Every person who owns even one horse, cow, pig, chicken, sheep, pigeon, or virtually any livestock animal, will be forced to register their home, including owner's name, address, and telephone number, and be keyed to Global Positioning System coordinates for satellite monitoring, in a giant federal database under a 7 -digit "premises 10 number." (St., pp. 3-4, 10-12; Plan, p. 5.) Every animal will have to be assigned a 15-digit 10 number, also to be kept in a giant federal database. 

The form of 10 will most likely be a tag or microchip containing a Radio Frequency Identification Device, designed to be read from a distance. (Plan, p. 10; St., pp. 6, 12, 20, 27-28.) The plan may also include collecting the DNA of every animal and/or a retinal scan of every animal. (Plan, p.13.) 

The owner will be required to report: the birth date of an animal, the application of every animal's 10 tag, every time an animal leaves or enters the property, every time an animal loses a tag, every time a tag is replaced, the slaughter or death of an animal, or if any animal is missing. Such events must be reported within 24 hours. (St., pp. 12-13, 17-21.) 

Third parties, such as veterinarians or county assessors, will be required to report "sightings" of animals. (St., p. 25.) In other words, if you call a vet to your property to treat your horse, cow, or any other animal, and the vet finds any animal without the mandatory 15digit computer-readable 10, the vet may be required to report you. 

If you do not comply, the USDA will exercise "enforcement" against you. (St., p. 7; Plan, p. 17.) The USDA has not yet specified the nature of "enforcement," but presumably it will include imposing fines and/or seizing your animals or other property. 

There are no exceptions under the USDA plan, you will be forced to register and report even if you raise animals only for your own food, or keep horses for draft or for transportation. 

The Negative Effects Eradication of Small Farms People with just a few meat animals or 40-cow dairies are already living on the edge financially. The USDA plan will force many of them to give up farming. Loss of the True Security of Organic and Local Foods - The NAIS is touted by the USDA and agri-corporations as a way to make our food supply "secure" against diseases or terrorism. However, most people instinctively understand that real food security comes from raising food yourself or buying from a local farmer you actually know. 

The USDA plan will only kill off more local sources of production and further promote the giant industrial methods which cause many food safety and disease problems; 

Extreme Damage to Personal Privacy:

Legally, livestock animals are a form of personal property. It is unprecedented for the United States government to conduct large-scale computer aided surveillance of its citizens simply because they own a common type of property. (The only exceptions are registration of motor vehicles and guns, due to their clear inherent dangers but they are registered at the state level, not by the federal government.) The NAIS would actually subject the owner of a chicken to far more surveillance than the owner of a gun. Surveillance of small-scale livestock owners is like the government subjecting people to surveillance for owning a couch, a television, a lawn-mower.


What about non-livestock animals?

Will the government next want to register all cats, dogs, and parakeets, and demand the' global positioning coordinates of their owners' houses and apartments? 


Insult to Animal Welfare

The NAIS is the ultimate objectification of higher, sensitive living creatures, treating individual animals as if they were cans of peas with a bar code. Many people who raise their own animals or buy from small, local producers do so because they are very troubled by industrial-scale production of chickens, cattle,' and pigs. These people will be forced either to sacrifice their personal privacy to government surveillance, or to stop raising their own food by humane standards.


Burden on Religious Freedom

Many adherents of plain (and other) faiths raise their own food animals and use animals in farming and transportation because their beliefs require them to live this way. Such people obviously cannot comply with the USDA's computerized, technology-dependent system. The NAIS will force these people to violate their religious beliefs. 


What You Can Do?  

Do not participate in any ''voluntary" state or federal program to register your farm or animals-the USDA is using corporate farmers' supposed willingness to enter a ''voluntary'' program as a justification for making the program mandatory. (See Plan, "Executive Summary" and pp. 7-8.) Help Inform and Organize other concerned citizens. The USDA presently does not plan to finalize its rules for mandatory ID until the summer of 2006. There is still time to oppose this plan!



We are concerned that FDA's national animal ID system is too invasive into people's lives.  If the real purpose of NAIS is to track the food supply for instances like mad cow disease then:

1) NAIS is not necessary for horses, donkeys, guardian animals or other non-food animals - these animals are not going to enter the human food chain in our country and should NOT be tracked by the government.

2) NAIS is not necessary for sales direct to the consumer from the farm. In these cases there is already far better tracking of the food chain. I breed and raise my own pigs and sheep. I sell directly to the consumer. The consumer, my customer, knows me. I know the consumer. I know my animals. My customer knows exactly where their food came from - me.

3) NAIS should not be at all involved with people who are raising livestock for their own family consumption. They know exactly where the food came from - they raised it. There is no need to have any government involved in our own kitchens and backyard food raising.

NAIS is being implemented too broadly. To include the above three groups suggests the government has ulterior motives and is trying to invade people's privacy. There should be exemptions for the above three groups. 

-Walter Jeffries
Sugar Mountain Farm



[Could the bureaucrats actually be trying to control the entire food supply of this country in preparation of a time of total economic collapse?  Are they so frightened of the potential for mass anarchy that they would actually plan the genocide of millions of Americans?   The FDA recently temporarily withdrew plans for full-scale, national implementation of the forced animal ID system until 2008.  We have so little time left. - Editor]



HISTORY....  Repatriation

Skull for sale discovered to be part of Indian history
By SUE LINDSEY, Associated Press Writer

ROANOKE, Va. -- Steven Mendola thought he would help out the medical profession when he put a human skull up for sale on eBay as a teaching tool. Instead, he's done a service to Virginia's Monacan Indians by returning one of their own.

Sorting through a closet after he took over the Staten Island, N.Y.,  office of a chiropractor who had died, Mendola found the old skull. He had no idea it was an artifact that would be treasured several hundred miles away.

The chief of Virginia's Monacan Indians, Kenneth Branham of Amherst, believes the skull could have been among remains of at least 180 American Indians exhumed in western Virginia in 1901.

Mendola decided to sell the skull because he had a newer one that he could use for explanations to patients.

"Doctors are always looking for authentic skulls and bones to study from," he said. "I really didn't need it."

The chiropractor checked with New York authorities to make sure he wouldn't be selling someone's long-lost relative. The skull had a sticker on it labeled "Suponi," which he assumed was an Italian name. No one with that name was missing, he was told.

The sticker also said "Roanoke, Va.," which he thought might be where the skull was purchased. A second sticker said "1671-1701," which he figured meant it was more than 300 years old.

The online auction house eBay was the logical place to sell the skull, and Mendola put it on last February with an asking price of $199.

He got offers of $150 and $152.50, but a query from a news reporter in Roanoke put a stop to the bidding. Mendola hadn't put the sticker name on the eBay listing, but when he gave it to Dan Reany, then with WSLS-TV, the reporter discovered it was more likely "Saponi."

That's a Siouan tribe related to the Monacans in Virginia. The sale was off--it's a federal crime to sell American Indian remains.

That was fine with Mendola. As soon as he spoke to the Monacan chief, Mendola said he realized that the skull could hold much more meaning than as a teaching tool.

Mendola overnighted the now-precious cargo to Virginia, and it was examined by Joanna Wilson, an archaeologist with the state Department of Historic Resources in September.

"It was in very, very good condition," she said.

Wilson was able to determine that it was American Indian by the shape of  some of the bones. It belonged to an older man, probably at least 50, who had lost all his teeth, she said.

There was no evidence of disease, she said, but bony growths in his ear canal meant he could have been hard of hearing.

Wilson said she could not determine the age of the skull or its tribe.

Branham said he's "99 percent sure" the skull is of a Saponi that was found in the Roanoke area.

"That is our region," Branham said, so the Monacans are claiming the skull and plan a reburial service, probably in the spring, on their land on Bear Mountain in Amherst County.

The skull has been smudged to purify it and wrapped in a red cloth with items that his ancestors traditionally buried with bodies. Corn or squash were included to represent food, Branham said, as well as tobacco as a sacred plant and personal items such as wood beads or pottery.

While there's no way to say for certain, the chief believes the skull could have been among the remains from the early 1700s that were dug up in Rockbridge County in 1901. Antiquarian E.P. Valentine exhumed the remains and put them on display in his family's museum in Richmond,
according to an article in Archaeology magazine.

The remains of more than 100 of the Indians were returned to the Monacans in 1999, after being held by the state for a decade before federal officials approved their release to the tribe.

Branham said he was upset when he heard the skull was for sale online, and said he would have gotten the federal government involved if necessary to get it returned to Virginia.

"We had fought so hard to get remains back before," he said.

However, Mendola was eager to return the skull once he learned where it belonged.

"It has a home," he said. "It has to go back."


~Submitted by Andre Cramblit, Indigenous News Network


[MAIC maintains a Grave Repatriation and Preservation Committee headed by Jim PathFinder Ewing as part of the Ceremonial Elder duties.  If you would like to volunteer to participate please send us a note.



Legends of Old:



Smiling Fox
by Albert GrayEagle



This is a story about the placing of the soul told to me a long time ago as a child.  I do not know it's origin.  I believe it is of Lakota origin.  The story of  Smiling Fox will teach us a lesson we need to know.  We sometimes just need to be reminded there is more to life than trying to get what we don't have.  It is what we do have ourselves.



The story about the placing of the soul, is a story I was told a long time ago as a child.  I do not know it's origin.  I believe it is of Lakota origin.  I thought it would help with the story of  Smiling Fox and teach us a lesson we all know.  We sometimes just need to be reminded there is more to life than trying to get what we don't have.  It is what we do have ourselves.

There was a young couple that had been wed for two summers.  They had  everything going well for them.  Food was plentiful and the young husband was always fortunate in hunting. 


The young wife gathered berries and roots. They would sit in their lodge eating, even while all the other people counseled and prayed.  They forgot about their Creator and prayed no longer or gave thanks for their good fortune.

The young man's father was troubled by this, for he thought he had raised his son in a better way than the way he was living.  He prepared for prayer, then cleansed himself in a good sweat, then prepared for a vision.  He told his wife he would be gone as long as it took, until the Creator listened to his prayers and gave him a vision.  He wanted to pray, for his son and himself, for strength that neither had.

He was gone two days before he came back.  His body was weak from hunger.  His wife asked him about his vision.  He told her they were going to be grandparents and the child will be great, for a little one, and will teach all in the village, and especially himself, the value of life.  He saddened and said no more about his vision.  It showed a lot of pain that he had a hard time thinking about.

The vision of a child in pain and himself learning the last thing he would learn.  This child would be his connection to the circle of life and he would see the pureness and energy of innocence and knowledge.  The center of the medicine wheel will be where the child stands at in his moment of truth. He didn't quite understand what this meant.

In the month of the hard faced moon (January), the young couple came to his lodge and gave them the good news of them becoming grandparents.  The man knew his vision was going to become true.  It would be a little girl conceived during the hard faced moon and born during a thunderstorm around the time of the cool moon (September).

It came to pass that the cool moon came and the storm that startled the woman enough to give birth early.  The new grandfather paced outside the lodge with his son, while his son spoke of  how a great warrior his new son would be.  He told his son of his vision of the girl child that would be great amongst her people and her name will be Smiling Fox. The young man smiled and said that would be good also. As the thunder sound was off at a distance the sound of a baby crying made them jump for joy.

The young father ran inside while his father waited outside.  The son brought his daughter out and told his father, "Here is your granddaughter, Smiling Fox".  When the grandfather looked into her eyes he could see why creator called her this name, for her eyes smiled and danced like prairie grass in the wind.  Then a sad look came unto his face as he looked into his vision.  His son asked him what was wrong and, of course, he said nothing and smiled.

As the child grew the more curious she got and the more she wanted to know.  She was so close to her grandfather and he fed her with knowledge. They would spend their days talking.  She was about four summer seasons old when she started to get ill.  No one could cure her.  The medicines did not help.  She coughed very badly and her bones would ache so bad that she limped.  She moved in back and forth motions, just like a fox does and her grandfather noticed this.

Her mother and father knew she was very ill and they wondered why the creator would do this to them and why they had to listen to people talk about the child and tease her.  It was very hard to take.  Everything was going good for them until Smiling Fox was born.

The grandfather saw his son one evening outside by the fire as the sparks went up in the air watching them disappear feeling sorry for himself.  He said, "Son, what is wrong?"  His son asked him, "What did I do wrong,father?"  The father replied, "I think,  you forgot where your spirit is, son.  The path you took a while back was not a good one. Watch your daughter and learn.  She is ill but, yet, here for a reason.  His son stared at him and said, "I think your vision was superstitious foolishness!", and stormed into his lodge.

Smiling Fox came outside, smiled and sat next to her grandfather.  Just about then, one of the children's parents came out and shouted she had fry bread left over for who ever wanted it.  All the children rushed at her and took it all.  When Smiling Fox got there, she had to turn her away.  There wasn't anymore left. 


Smiling Fox told her that was okay and smiled as she walked back towards her grandfather.  All the kids started teasing her.  They called her "walks-with-a-limp" and "slow-like-a-turtle" and all she did was look back at them and smile as they ate their fry bread.

She could hardly walk anywhere.  Her lungs would burn with pain.  She would cough and her grandfather's eyes would fill with tears.  He knew she would not live much longer and his heart grew heavy.  He asked her, "Nepevomohtahe?", (are you feeling well) and she smiled and said, "Napevomohta", (I am fine) and sat down next to him.  He knew she was going to start talking and asking questions because she was a very curious child.

Oh, how he loved his Smiling Fox and talking with her.  He stood up and walked to a tree and sat under the shade, then told her, "Nanaestse" (come here), "Hamestooestse" (sit down).  She sat down and said, "I hear you and the old ones talk about our spirit and Creator.  Where is our spirit, grandfather, and will it help me get better?"

Her grandfather said to her, "Let me tell you a story and then you figure it out.  Along time ago, our Creator created all the stars, the sun the moon, the rivers and all living things.  Then our Creator created the most favorite thing he had always wanted.  The human being.  He made them of different colors, big and small, and all spoke different words.  Then creator wanted to give the human being the greatest gift that could be given, and it was called a spirit.  This spirit would live on forever, just like Creator. If a human being could find where it is no matter if the body died."

Smiling Fox interrupted and asked, "Memeehe (grandfather), "Tosaa" (where)? Grandfather said, "Hekotooestse" (be quiet) "Otaha" (listen), and he continued with his story. 


Creator thought of where to put this gift. Creator thought and thought of many places but thought they were too easy to
find and not good places to put the spirit.  Creator said to himself, "I know, I will ask earth mother.  She is wise and she nourishes all the earth."   So Creator spoke to earth mother and said, "I decided to give the human being a spirit.  Where do you think I should put this gift I am giving them? It will be a measure of good and bad, right or wrong, and who ever finds it will be deserving to live on forever."

Earth mother thought a little while.  "I know", she said, "Put the spirits under my earth and rock."  Creator thought and said, "No, they will dig unto you and scar you up and find other things and then end up on a bad path and make you ill."  She thought a little while longer and said, "What if you put the spirits under my waters.  They will not easily find them there." Creator said, "No, they will there also.  They will learn to swim and breath like the fish people and poison your life giving blood."  Well, earth mother thought even longer and said, "I know, put the spirits on the moon.  They surely won't find them there!"  The Creator looked far ahead and told earth mother, "No, they will go there also.  I created the human being very smart and very curious.  They will go there also."     


"Well, I don't know then", said earth mother, "But, I think, I know who does."  So Earth Mother brings Grandmother Mole out of the earth and said to the Creator, "This is the wisest creature you have created.  She has no eyes but she sees all with her heart."  Creator said, "Do you have a place in mind where I can put this gift Grandmother Mole?" 


Grandmother Mole thought about it and said, "If you want these human beings to be truly deserving of their spirits, make the easiest place you can put them.  Put the spirit inside themselves.  They truly won't look there, unless they truly deserve it."

Creator thought for awhile and spoke, "It is done."

Smiling Fox's grandfather said, "That is where the spirit is. 


Now that you know where it is, listen to it."  Grandfather smiled at her.  She got up and walked away, limping, and he knew she was thinking very hard.  He thought about her, as he watched her walk away, and his heart grew very heavy. He looked into his vision and thought to himself, "Maybe my vision of Smiling Fox is wrong.   Maybe it is another grandchild.  This one is suffering more than my vision showed me."  He found himself like the girl's parent's, feeling sorry for her. 


They stayed away from her because of the hurt and feeling sorry for her, yet he could not stay away from her.  Oh, how he loved her so much.  As he saw her sitting in front of the lodge, he didn't know he planted a seed in the child's mind.  One that would make her wiser than any of them had ever seen for her age. As she got older, she could not keep up with the children anymore, so she walked with the elders as they walked slowly also. 


She learned more and more by doing this.

She learned of the plants and herbs and she became knowledgeable of medicines and healing.  Yet the more the children laughed and teased her, the more she smiled.  She started seeing things differently. The older she got the wiser she was.

One day, when she was about eight summers old, her grandfather and her were sitting near the edge of the crooked forest.  Her grandfather thought of how close they were and he got tears in his eyes.  He tells her, "I am sorry this life has been bad to you Smiling Fox", and he cried.  She held him and said, "Memeehe neveeaxaame napevomohta", (Don't cry, grandfather.  I am okay).  She tells him to look at the trees.  If they were all perfect, it would not be a beautiful forest.  The same is not good for all. If some of the trees would not take the wind and snow, the others would not make it.  "I like it the way things are", Smiling Fox said. 


The grandfather smiled at her sadly.  A few days later a sickness came and no one knew what to do.  All the children were  getting ill.  Smiling Fox went out and picked plants and roots and, along with the elders, helped cure the children.  The children came and thanked her when they felt better and when fry bread was being given out, they made sure she got some first. Her grandparents and parents were becoming proud of Smiling Fox.

One night a big storm bigger than anyone had ever seen was coming and Smiling Fox felt with her heart it was going to be very bad.  She went out and moved the horses where they would be safe as the storm became worse.  She could hardly breath as her lungs were filled with pain yet she managed to wake up all the people so they could take shelter. 


The winds came and knocked trees down on lodges and lightening started big fires.  Many of the lodges were washed away with the rain.  When the storm passed  they all talked about how Smiling Fox had saved them. The courage of the young woman was great.  All of the people were proud of Smiling Fox.

 The next evening, some of the elders got together in council.  They wanted to have a name giving ceremony.  The grandfather of Smiling Fox stood and told the elders of the vision he had years before.  He told them not to change the child's name and that he felt honored that they felt this much for his granddaughter.  He was very proud.  Then a cold stir came upon him. He remembered in his vision that the child born would come with a storm and would leave this world with a storm.

He walked back to Smiling Fox's lodge to check on her.  His son was sitting outside by the big fire with his head in his hands and he said, "Father, the storm was bad on her.  She is very ill."  The grandfather looked at him and thought the worst. It was his precious Smiling Fox.  He ran inside the lodge and the girl was on her death bed.  He started weeping so loudly that all the others came from their lodges. 


Smiling Fox told her grandfather, "Memeehe neveexaame napevomohta", (Don't cry, grandfather.  I am fine.)  His tears were like rivers coming down a mountain in the spring. He saw Smiling Fox looking at him and then she said, "Grandfather, I have found my spirit", as her eyes closed and then she died.

Grandfather ran out of the lodge and, by the fire, took his knife and cut his hair,  throwing it into the fire as he was cutting it.  The sparks from the fire went up into the sky and his cries with them.  His son came and stood next to him and did the same as he said,  "Father, all is for nothing. I know why she came."  He cried, "And it all came to be of the vision you spoke. I know what you meant."

Two summer's later, the grandfather grew ill himself.  Many say from the loneliness of not having Smiling Fox.  He was on a mountain one day and knew it was the time for his vision to be fulfilled.  He was old and it was time.As he grew weak, he looked at the sun and into the crooked forest where Smiling Fox and he sat along time ago.  He saw a fox running towards him, limping, and it looked as if the fox had a smile on its face.  Now he himself has found his spirit.  She has come to greet him and now he can be with The Spirit of Smiling Fox.

Albert Grayeagle © 24 April, 1999

~Submitted by Helen RedWing Vinson 





Healing Medicine my Grandmother Used

Dear Manataka:                                     

         As I child I remember grandmother always used cactus plants for   cuts, bruises, and burns, as well as a vitamin in her favorite beverage. She told me that the cactus has natural vitamins to not only heal ones scratches the plant its self has healing powers of it's own because it can grow almost anywhere. Grandmother almost always knows how to cure the strangest of ailments for example: I had boils in my inner part of my thighs she advised me to get Yellow Mustard like French's, and a piece of cheese cloth cut into the size of a 3X5 index card put the mustard on the cloth in the center use medical tape and keep it on over night in the morning it was gone I was so happy. It was very painful I am so thankful for her wisdom and knowledge.

          The warmth from her hands is very comforting she has spiritual healers hands. When I had gone home over the Christmas break I got to spend a little of time with her so I gave her a massage on her hands, when I was 2/11/06finished I felt like mine were going to spontaneously combust. Now that she has gotten older and her health is not as good as it used to be I know that her gift of healing will be passed on to me when it is her time to be laid to rest on Mother Earth and Father Sky. If you look at the hands of the elders in your family think about what all they have done for me and you by the works of there labor?

Dulcinea Almager




Dear Editor:


I am appalled by the ugly arrogance of the U.S. Department of the Interior and the National Park Service.  They steal our property and billions of dollars in trust funds, destroy the environment in favor of big business and slaughter buffalo on the open range for big corporate ranchers.  They defile sacred sites and prevent religious ceremonies on sacred grounds.


We no longer have a government "...of the people and by the people..."   We have a greedy machine run by a few over-bearing, unthinking and abusive bureaucrats.  


John J. Cloud




Dear Manataka,

Cobell Update Petition

The Associate Deputy Interior Secretary James Cason sent a "Dear Tribal Leader" letter detailing a plan to cut various Indian programs to pay some of the $7 million in legal fees and expenses Cobell was awarded against the government for stealing over $4 billion "Indian" dollars. The government lost a lawsuit and should not punish the people who won by paying them from their own money. This is absurd.

Legislation is pending regarding this lawsuit, and I strongly urge lawmakers to vote in favor of the Indian Trust beneficiaries - for what is right and honorable (for a change). It is time the u.s. government takes responsibility for its gross mismanagement of Indian Trust money. Has not the mismanagement and theft of Indigenous American Indian funds, resources, and lands caused Indigenous Peoples to have suffered enough?

Please do the right thing by voting to hold the government accountable for mismanaging billions in tribal monies.

~Scott Treaty



Dear Manataka,

We love you.  Our family has grown in many ways as a result of our contact with the beautiful people associated with Manataka. 

Our knowledge of indigenous customs and history has grown.  Our children love the stories and legends and my husband and I have found many articles that are intellectually stimulating.   The best thing has been our spiritual growth as a family.   We have learned what the Freedom of Worship really means.  We have found the Creator and moral / ethical basis for our existence.  We pray more often as a family and we perform ceremonies in the privacy of our home.  We have grown closer as a family. 

There is nothing more important to us than family -- and Manataka.   

~Julie Probst





Funny Bones...




MUSKRAT Dec 22- Jan 19:
You are always saving junk and dragging things around the yard.  You are basically a pack rat. There has never been a tidy Muskrat from your Band. You should quit stealing other people's garbage.

PTARMIGAN Jan 20-Feb 18:
You haven't the foggiest idea who you are and you've stayed stupid for too long. You are a natural liar. On the other hand, you are compelled to the dinner table where, you make loud sucking noises, as you devour the last six pork chops. Everyone thinks your Indian name should be Pork Chop. You should stop going to bingo.  (For those of you who do not know: A Ptarmigan is a close relatives of forest and prairie grouse, live in alpine and arctic tundras throughout the northern hemisphere.)

WEASEL Feb 19-Mar 20:
You have no imagination and you always think INAC or Social Services are following you. You have influence over welfare administrators and friends think you're a weasel. You  lack perseverance and are generally a chicken yet possess exceptional dancing skills. You should wear moccasins.
OWL Mar 21- Apr 19:
You are an old stiff and this is reflected in everything you do.  You are always whining over nothing and think everyone is out to rob you of something. You should start using Sweet Grass and start being the one on top.

WOLVERINE Apr20- May 20:
You like to work like hell and you are a genuine Jack of all  trades. Most people think you are just getting in their way. You are stubborn and persistent. You should get on welfare immediately and quit passing out after your done.

WOLF May 20- June 21:
You are very intelligent on your feet but lose all credibility when drunk. People like you because you know how where to get a bootleg at 3 in the morning. This means you're a con artist. Wolves are notorious for their flirting and pimping. You should stop drinking on weekdays.

LYNX June 22- July 22:
You are sympathetic and understanding to other peoples' problems. Friends think you are a sponge and you are always misplacing your Sweet Grass. That is why you will always drive a Ford and have a mate who fools around. You should give up your driver's license (since it expired 2 years ago anyways).

BEAR July 23-Aug 22:
You consider yourself a warrior, others think you're a macho egotistical creature of habit. Most Bears like to pick on little people. You have no ambition and will forever live in your mind. Bear people are scared of the cops but yet always walk out of the > bar with a drink in their hand after closing. You should start playing bingo.

TROUT Aug 23- Sep 22:
You like to have things in perfect order and will nit pick all day. Your sex life has become well known, due to your meticulous nature. Friends think you're an example of institutionalization and would make a model inmate.  You need to buy more underwear. 


FOX Sep 23- Oct 23:
You want to learn how to make bannock but don't have the time. You want to live the traditional way of life, but would go crazy if you missed an episode of your favorite TV soap. Chances for employment are nil and you'll have to do bead work for the rest of your life. You should start learning how to sew.

CARIBOU Oct 24- Nov 21:
You are a shrewd and conniving . Your land claim cannot be settled because you also want them to throw in others. Your work ethics defy logic but this stems from the fact that you know everything.  Most Caribous have thick, moppy hair, yet they don't need to shave. Never work for the Band because relatives will always ask for money.

MOOSE Nov 22- Dec 21:
You are extremely optimistic and have the tendency to rely on Indian Medicine. The majority of Moose carry little bundles of leather and will do weird things suddenly. You should take Centrum Multivitamins, fast once a week, quit the hard stuff and start Drumming (if you're a He) or start Tanning (if you're a She).


~Submitted by Mariah Stevens - RedRoad Drums



[Smoke Signals is proud to welcome Bennie E. "Blue Thunder" LeBeau Sr., an enrolled member of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming to our growing list of MAIC Newsletter Correspondents.  His "Teton Rainbow" column will become a regular feature on these pages starting this month.]

Greetings my bothers and sisters,


Sending you love and peace today...I pray in my thoughts that you have great blessings today and everyday...peace be with you always in your minds, body and spirit for the future depends on working for peace upon Mother Earth. 


Mother needs our love and healing of all her creations...she is calling for us to move to action and cleanse her.  The past trauma of the history of the America's needs cleansed, including the whole world...using our minds and in sacred vibrations of our drums and songs will cleanse those bad things out of all the elements.


Mother Earth is waiting for us to move forward in love and peace bring harmony...many blessings to us all...we are the people we are waiting for...don't forget we need help to bring peace to our families for the next seven generations, we are all related in nature with the same spirit...the energy called electrical magnetic energy the spirit of all life upon Mother Earth allowing everything to hold consciousness, spirit, we can communicate with every form of rock, tree, air, water, animals, birds, bears, mountain lions, whales, dolphins ect....


Love, peace and harmony to us all...many zahaunts, thank you's...Blue Thunder





Elder's Meditation


"Each soul must meet the morning sun, the new sweet earth and the Great Silence alone!"  ~Ohiyesa, (Dr. Charles A. Eastman, Santee Sioux)


The most important thing we can do during the course of the day is pray in the morning. There is a special time in the morning that has great power. This is the exact time the sun is rising. During the rising of the  sun, everything on the Earth is waking up. Animals, plants, birds and humans will be blessed at the rising of the sun. This is a special time to help us prepare for the day. During this time we ask the Creator to bless our day.  We ask Him to guide us, to protect us and to give us courage to overcome the day's obstacles. Doing this everyday will give us knowledge of God's will for us.

Grandfather, Grandmother, guide my path. Let my thinking be guided by You.





Tribal Politics...




By Chief Adkins, Chickahominy



Federal Recognition of Virginia Tribes


Thank you Senator McCain and other distinguished members of this committee for inviting me here today to speak on Senate Bill 480 which is pending before your Committee. The bill, introduced by Senator George Allen is titled the Thomasina E. Jordan Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act of 2005- S.480. A hearing on our Federal Recognition bill was held by this committee on October 09, 2002 ( S. 2694) before Chairman Campbell.

On behalf of the six Tribes named in S 480, the Eastern Chickahominy, the Monacan, the Nansemond, the Upper Mattaponi, the Rappahannock, and my Tribe the Chickahominy, I am requesting that the testimony and evidence from that hearing be submitted into today's record. That evidence included a strong letter of support from our current Governor, Mark Warner, testimony from the Virginia Council of Churches and our anthropologist and many others supporting our Federal Recognition through Congress. Beside me today is Professor Danielle Moretti-Langholtz, from the College of William & Mary, who is a renowned anthropologist specializing in the heritage of the Virginia Tribes, who worked on the petitions we filed with the BIA, and is prepared to assist with any questions you may have about our history.

Senator McCain, I could tell you the much publicized story of the 17th Century Virginia Indians, but you, like most Americans, know our first contact history. Well known is the story of Chief Powhatan and his daughter Pocahontas, her picture being in this very capitol building with her English husband John Rolfe. I often say this country is here today because of the kindness and hospitality of my forebears who helped the English Colonists at Jamestown gain a foothold in a new and strange environment. But what do you know or what does mainstream America know about what happened in those years between the 17th century and May 11. 2005. The fact that we were so prominent in early history and then so callously denied our Indian heritage is the story that most don't want to remember or recognize. I, and those Chiefs here with me, stand on the shoulders of the Paspahegh led by Chief, Wowinchopunk whose wife was captured and taken to Jamestown Fort and "run through" with a sword, whose children were tossed overboad and then their brains were "shot out" as they floundered in the water, and whose few remaining tribal members sought refuge with a nearby tribe, possibly the Chickahominy.

With this horrific action in August 1610, a whole Nation was annihilated. A Nation who befriended strangers, and, ultimately died at the hands of those same strangers. We are seeking recognition through an act of congress rather than the BIA because actions taken by the Commonwealth of Virginia during the 20th Century in seeking to erase the existence of my people through statutes and legislation have made the administrative process nearly impossible. The destruction of documents, regarding our existence, during the Civil War and other periods of early history pales in comparison to the State sanctioned indignities heaped upon my people under the hand of Walter Ashby Plecker, a rabid separatist, who ruled over the Bureau of Vital Statistics for 34 years, from 1912 to 1946. Although socially unacceptable to kill Indians outright, Virginia Indians became fair game to Plecker as he led efforts to eradicate all references to Indians on Vital Records. A practice that was supported by the state's establishment whn the eugenics movement was endorsed by leading state universities and when the State's legislature enacted the Racial Integrity Act in 1924. A law that stayed in effect until 1967 and caused my parents to have to travel to Washington D.C. on February 20, 1935 in order to be married as Indians. This vile law forced all segments of the population to be registered at birth in one of two categories, white or colored. Thus legitimizing cultural genocide for Virginia's Indigenous Peoples. Sadly this tells only a part of the story. The affect of this period and the racial policies of the state, meant that Indian people were targeted --it was feared that they would dare to try to claim their heritage and seek extra protection outside the state or with the Federal Government. The policies established by Plecker made it illegal to designate Indian on a birth certificate or to give an Indian child a traditional Indian name. Violations put doctors and midwives at risk of up to one year in jail. Our anthropologist!

It says there here is no other state that attacked Indian identity as directly as the laws passed during that period of time in Virginia. No other ethnic community's heritage was denied in this way. Our state, by law, declared there were no Indians in the State in 1924, and if you dared to say differently, you went to jail or worse. That law stayed in affect half of my life.

I have been asked why I do not have a traditional Indian name. Quite simply my parents, as did many other native parents, weighed the risks and decided it was not worth the risk of going to jail.

We are seeking recognition through Congress because this history prevented us from believing that we could fit into a petitioning process that would understand or reconcile this state action with our heritage, we feared the process would not be able to see beyond the corrupted documentation that was legally mandated to deny our Indian heritage. Many of the elders in our community also feared, and for good reason, racial backlash if they tried.

My father and his peers lived the Plecker years and carried those scars to their graves. When I approached my father and his peers regarding our need for state recognition they pushed back very strongly. In unison they said. "Let sleeping dogs lie and do not rock the boat". Their fears of reprisal against those folks who had risked marrying in Virginia and whose birth records accurately reflected their identity outweighed their desire to openly pursue any form of recognition. Those fears were not unfounded because the threat of fines or jail time was very real to these Virginia Indians.

Senator McCain, the story I just recounted to you is very painful and I do not like to tell that story. Many of my people will not discuss what I have shared with you but I felt you needed to understand recent history opposite the romanticized, inaccurate accounts of 17th century history. Let me tell you how we got here today. The six tribes on this bill gained State Recognition in the Commonwealth of Virginia between 1983-1989. Subsequent to state recognition Sen. George Allen, as governor heard and learned our story. In 1997 he passed the statute that acknowledged the aforementioned discriminatory laws and allowed those with Indian heritage to correct their records with costs to be borne by the Commonwealth. At that juncture we began to look ahead to federal recognition. In 1999, we were advised by the BAR (Bureau of Acknowledgement and Research) now OFA (Office of Federal Acknowledgement) that many of us would not live long enough to see our petition go through the administrative process. A prophecy thathas come true. We have buried three of our chiefs since then.

Given the realities of the OFA and the historical slights suffered by the Virginia Indian Tribes for the last 400 years, the six tribes referenced in S480 feel that our situation clearly distinguishes us as candidates for Congressional Federal recognition.

As a Chief of my community, I have persevered in this process for one reason. I do not want my family or my community to let the legacy of Walter Plecker stand. I want the assistance of Congress to give the Indian Communities in Virginia, their freedom from a history, that denied their Indian identity. Without acknowledgment of our identity, the harm of racism is the dominant history. I want my children and the next generation, to have their Indian Heritage honored and to move past what I experienced and my parents experienced. We, the leaders of the these six Virginia Tribes, are asking Congress to help us make history for the Indian people of Virginia, a history that honors our ancestors who were there at the beginning of this great country.

I want to end with a quote credited to Chief Powhatan. This quote, from Chief Powhatan to John Smith, maybe has been forgotten but ironically the message still has relevance today,

    I wish_.that your love to us might not be less than ours to you. Why should you take by force that which you can have from us by love? Why should you destroy us who have provided you with food? What can you get by war? In such circumstances, my men must watch, and if a twig should but break, all would cry out, "Here comes Captain Smith." And so, in this miserable manner to end my miserable life. And, Captain Smith, this might soon be your fate too_.. I, therefore, exhort you to peaceable councils, and above all I insist that the guns and swords, the cause of all our jealousy and uneasiness, be removed and sent away.

Senator McCain, our bill would give us this peace that Chief Powhatan sought, it would honor the treaty our ancestors made with the early Colonists and the Crown, and it would show respect for our heritage and Identity, that through jealously perhaps has never before been acknowledged.

Chief Adkins, Chickahominy
Submitted by TN Indian Affairs mailing list (



Health Watch... 


Fluoride - Bane To Humanity.....

From Crystal Harvey, MAIC Correspondent

The fluoride synergism effects leading to rise in world wide health effects.

This is a very informative article written by Jim Phelps last year.  Hope you learn from it.

This monologue is presented to orient persons, using plain language, to the problems associated with fluorine and fluoride chemicals. 
If I were to name one element or one chemical compound that would represent the "Bane of Mans existence on Earth" it would be fluorine or fluoride. Fluorine has caused huge problems for man since the beginning of time due to volcanic effects on Earth. Fluorine or Hydrogen Fluoride released from volcanic events or even meteor terminal events is the principle effect for extinction events on this planet. 
Fluoride in the body rises constantly with age and there is even one excellent book named for this effect: "Fluoride The Aging Factor" by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis [ISBN 0-913571-03-2]. Fluoride increases in the bones with age and all the effects of aging leading to immune system dysfunction and death track the retention of fluoride in the human body. Yianouyiannis and others have picked up on this effect.  
The industrial age has brought on a huge rise in the levels of fluoride in the air, water, and food supplies. Persons like German doctor Waldbott were some of the first to begin to point out the problems of fluoride. One of his books even presents the issue as the Dilemma: "Fluoride The Great Dilemma" by George Waldbott, MD [ISBN 0-87291-097-0] with foreword by Alton Ochsner, MD. Waldbott has this book foreword'd by one of the lead persons on the kill Castro with Cancer methods using SV-40 effects with a trigger of radiation or fluoride.
More recent books speak to the huge cover up of industry and the US government on the issues of fluoride connected to the nuclear bomb and strategic metals processing, see: "The Fluoride Deception" by Christopher Bryson [ISBN 1-58322-526-9]. Book Review. The health damages due to fluoride releases of these operations were so destructive that the Govt. with industry partners [DuPont, ALCOA, Rockefellers, Kettering Labs of Cincinatti, Oh.] decided to conceal the effects from the public.  Kettering Labs is located where the occupation illness center in the US is located and Kettering is funded by the polluters and most all their files on fluoride research are kept locked away from the public. This has lead to extreme levels of abuse toward citizens and their health in the
name of attempting to defeat communism.
Fluoride has been used as a pesticide for centuries and when one looks for the method of which it kills bugs, one quickly discovers the mechanism involves the upsetting of trace metal metabolism within cells. In insecticide uses, higher concentrations are applied, but when these same poisons enter the human food chain these same effects happen, only more slowly. Every human on the face of planet Earth is affected by this fluoride effect, some more that others depending on geographic, food consumption, industry, and water pollution. Fluoride is cumulative from
even the subtlest levels taken in by human consumption. 
The key to understanding the most damaging effect of fluoride is to know about these trace metal upsets that control enzyme repairs and other processes within cells. Upsets in these trace metals occur due to the
fact that fluorine is the most electronegative element and when present within the body will cease onto trace metals spontaneously. This effect keeps these trace metals from being able to do their essential uses with the body and cells. This effect leads to rise in cell damages, higher levels of oxidation like damage to DNA, rises in the cytokine levels, loss of immune system tolerance in detection and elimination of varied pathogens, etc. 
The problems associated with fluoride doesn't stop with the metals-complex issues, as fluoride damages the thyroid hormone due to iodine like valence effects, it damages the pineal gland and the melatonin / serotonin hormones, it contributes to arterial plaque, it upsets many of the immune cells like macrophage energy, it associates to heart attacks, kidney damage, and etc. If there were one element that were to be associated with the "God of the Underground," Death, and Hell; it would be fluorine. 

Fluoride effects are directly related to loss of IQ in children and the dumbing down of the population that makes them easier to lead. Fluoride effects linked to aluminum are linked to the passage of aluminum across the blood-brain-barrier that is linked with Alzheimer's effects.


Fluorides complex with aluminum to form G-protein like substances that are able to permanently upset cell bonding sites. Fluorides increase the retention of toxic metals in the body and lowers the retention of the beneficial trace metals, and this is a death keel to essential enzyme processes. 
Fluorine was a large factor in the health problems in London due to the "London Fogs" that stemmed from the burning of high fluoride "Sea Coal."  These emissions produced fogs so thick they were called "Pea Soup" and persons had to lead carriages around the streets in broad daylight with lanterns. It is this same area that spawned the problems connected to "Jack the Ripper," who appeared to be looking at the health effects of prostitutes connected to these toxic effects. A good book that goes into some of this is: "When Smoke Runs Like Water" by Dr. Devra Davis [ISBN 0-465-01521-1].  
Fluorine began being exposed industrially in the 1930s in the Meuse Valley in Belgium from the emissions of aluminum processes, where it is used as a flux and melting point modifier for aluminum smelting. In the US in 1948, fluoride became a huge issue for the town of Donora, Pa. from an air inversion that trapped coal smoke and fluoride vapors from the flux operations of the steel mills there. 
In the 40s era Manhattan Project it was a huge problem connected to national security and huge accidents near Buffalo, NY were concealed and problems from DuPont's Peach Bottoms emissions were the start of huge government sponsored cover ups on the damaging effects of fluorine processes. Fluorine was the only element that led to the lowest temperature gaseous form of uranium compounds. So, the government in working with the Rockefellers and AMA designed medicine around taking note of fluorides damage to human health. This made this faction rich in the process and they attack those that expose this planned oversight and conspiracy of silence. 
One can see there formed a government and industry sponsored cover up of the dangers of fluoride that matured into something to make it associated with good for children's teeth. The truth of this deceptive process is that it put a deadly poison within the reach of nearly every child in America. The deadly truth is that there is enough fluoride in one tube of the sweet and flavored toothpaste to kill an adult. Short of doses that kill the fluorides toxic effect robs children of their IQ, robs them of essential trace metals needed to immune health, and leaves them with a lifelong predisposition toward cancers, immune illnesses, and HIV. 
When one knows and recognizes the issues of fluorine intake affecting the immune system, then other factors come into view. For example, rodents have long been associated with spreading the "Black Plague" bacteria in Europe. Most of these outbreaks have occurred correlated with major volcanic events. Rodents like to chew on bones to sharpen their teeth and this also puts high levels of fluorine into their diets. These levels tend to rise after volcanic events and this is associated to the immunity being damaged to the extent that the black plague bacteria are not controlled. 
Since rodents have naturally been exposed to much higher levels of fluoride in their food chain due to the bone consumption, this effect has also upset the data derived from their use in medical research. Reference 1 below speaks to the finding of rodents by Wake Forest University with drastically different immune responses to cancer than that from all previous lines of mice used in cancer research. The long isolation of mouse lines in captivity and their being fed low fluoride diets have lead to some of them recovering their immune functions. This basically means that all the data collected with mice has been flawed by the generational damage done by fluoride. 
Bone meal fluoride is a huge undisclosed problem. It shows up in cattle fed bone meal leading to the issues of Mad-Cow or BSE. It shows up in gardeners who use bone meal on food they consume who then come down with similar illnesses. And it has shown up in children fed "pablum," which was made from bone meal. 
Natural fluoride effects even upset the reproduction of salmon fish, which must migrate into fresh water with less than the 1ppm fluoride in sea water. Various fish hatcheries have been harmed by fluoride levels of only 0.5 ppm in varied industrial cases. 
Fluoride taken into the stomach is converted by the stomach acid to hydrofluoric acid, which is highly absorbed into the body and highly retained. It is a cumulative effect. The effect is most pronounced in rodents that consume bones that highly concentrate fluorine from the environment. The effect highly drives cancer resistance. This effect
entered the studies on cancer as a weapon against Castro using SV-40 mutations. 
DuPont's mess made from fluorine not only made an ecological disaster from the Manhattan Project, it went on to wreck the world and even individual children's young lives. DuPont made the lead for leaded gasoline. DuPont made the fluorine to make the UF-6 used to make the bomb uranium and they made the "Teflon" used to seal the processes and the "Freon" used to remove the heat of compression from the gas diffusion process. The Freon would go on to wreck the global environment due to the Fluorine being so close in mass to air that it lingers and builds in the upper atmosphere. Here it absorbs high levels of IR radiation and contributes to global warming, and also sequesters hydrogen that adds to the UV-b levels from ionization effects and damages the ozone like


Click here><Click here


Among American Indians


According to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC),  "...diabetes  is a chronic epidemic among American Indians."  On average, they are 2.8 times as likely to have diagnosed diabetes as non-Hispanic whites of similar age.  For example, among the Pima Indians of Arizona, about 50 percent of people between the ages of 30 and 64 have diabetes.  From 1984 to 1986, diabetes was the sixth leading cause of death among American Indians and Alaska Natives.  Between 1986 and 1988, the death rate for diabetes in American Indians is estimated to be 4.3 times the rate in non-Hispanic whites.  Diabetes contributes to several of the leading causes of death in American Indians: heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, pneumonia, and influenza.


Manataka is deeply committed to helping our brothers and sisters combat this terrible disease.  Here are two suggestions that will help:


1.  Fight One Cause: There are several causes for diabetes. Maintaining a healthy diet is mandatory in fight the causes.  Therefore, stop eating government commodities - especially white flour, white sugar, white salt, white rice -- if it is white -- it ain't right!  


2.  Treat Diabetes Effectively:  Take Diabeticine™ tablets daily for at least three months.   


Diabeticine™ is proven to be successful and goes to the cellular level to lower your blood sugar level, lower your insulin resistance, and increase insulin production. It contains all-natural ingredients, in its purest form, that are essential to making it gentle and effective, unlike prescription drugs that may have harmful side-effects to you. Diabeticine™ has been scientifically engineered and a partial list of the ingredients are:  


Banaba, Guggle, Bitter Melon, Licorice extract, Cinnamon herb powder, Gymnema Sylvestre, Yarrow, Cayenne, Juniper Berries, Huckleberry, Vanadyl Sulfate


Read More... Purchase Diabeticine Now!

Animal Rights....





U.S. National Park Service Ignores Mandate and Caters to Livestock Industry

GARDINER, MONTANA.  Today, wranglers at Yellowstone National Park captured another sixty-nine wild buffalo in the Stephens Creek Capture Facility, within Yellowstone's northern boundary.  This capture brings Yellowstone's February capture total to 262 wild buffalo.

"The Park Service works for the American people who have repeatedly urged them to stop slaughtering buffalo and to take proactive measures to ensure their future," said Stephany Seay of the Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC).   Instead Yellowstone officials choose to ignore the public and continue to slaughter buffalo."

Since Monday, the National Park Service (NPS) has sent 171 buffalo to slaughter.  None have been tested for brucellosis, the supposed reason for the Park's aggressive management.  The NPS sent eighty-six buffalo to slaughter this morning, fifty on Tuesday, and fifty-two on Monday.  As in January, Montana has refused to transport the buffalo to slaughter, prompting involvement from the US Departments of Agriculture and Homeland Security.

So far this year, the NPS has captured nearly 1,000 wild Yellowstone buffalo and has sent nearly 800 to slaughter.  In January the NPS captured 672 wild buffalo, sending 583 to slaughter and 86 calves to the Corwin Springs quarantine facility where at least half will eventually be slaughtered.  Three buffalo died in the Stephens Creek capture facility in January from injuries and mishandling by government officials.

"Yellowstone's buffalo slaughter is disgraceful and unnecessary," said BFC's Mike Mease.  "Rather than expending its limited resources on capturing and slaughtering buffalo, the Park Service should work to safeguard critical winter habitat outside Park boundaries."

The Yellowstone bison herd, America's only continuously wild herd, now numbers fewer than 4,000 animals. Wild bison are a migratory species native to North America and once spanned the continent, numbering an estimated 30 to 50 million.

Some of the bison captured by the NPS migrated onto or near the Royal Teton Ranch, owned by the Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT), and located within North America's largest wildlife migration corridor directly adjacent to Yellowstone's northern boundary.  In 1999 U.S. taxpayers spent $13 million on conservation easements to allow wild bison to access these lands.  The deal remains unfinished.  CUT owns less than 150 head of cattle.

Fear that bison may transmit brucellosis to cattle is the purported justification for the aggressive management of wild buffalo by state and federal agencies.  Yet there has never been a documented case of wild bison transmitting brucellosis to livestock, even during the decades before the current plan was enacted.  None of the adult bison slaughtered by the Park Service this year were first tested for brucellosis.

On Tuesday, the Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) forced Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) to again suspend Montana's bison hunt along Yellowstone's northern boundary.  DOL agents shot a bull bison that they claim was a threat to a small herd of privately owned cattle.  Bull bison pose no risk of transmitting the cattle-borne disease brucellosis.

The NPS and the DOL defend their actions under the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP).  Under the IBMP, wild bison are largely confined to Yellowstone National Park, which lacks critical winter range.  The state-federal IBMP was purportedly crafted to "protect and maintain a wild, free-roaming population of Yellowstone bison" while maintaining Montana's brucellosis-free status.  In reality, the livestock industry is the Plan's sole beneficiary. Under the IBMP, bison are routinely slaughtered, shot, hazed, and otherwise prevented from carrying out their natural migration, all of which alter their behavior and erodes their wildness.  BFC opposes > the IBMP and advocates for protected bison habitat in Montana, as well as more sensible, livestock-based risk management, including fencing and vaccination of domestic cattle in Montana.

Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group working in the field, everyday, to stop the slaughter of the wild Yellowstone buffalo. Volunteers defend the buffalo on their native habitat and advocate for their protection. BFC video footage and photos are available upon request and may be viewed at


P.O. Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT  59758
Contact Stephany Seay

(P) 406-646-0070
(F) 406-646-0071

~Submitted by Elaine Nowell and the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee






This is a collection of poems written by Liora Leah, a MAIC Correspondent and earth advocate.

Eye of the Hawk
Fierceness of gaze
Strength of talon
Powerful flap of wings
Soaring, diving
Killing of prey
...In your eyes I see
a vision of dinosaur ancestors

Prayer to the Mother

 Mother ripen us

even as you ripen seeds

plant us in your fertile soil

grow us stalks and leaves

nourish us with tears of rain

and Brother's Holy Sun-Fire

We will send down roots

We will send down roots

We will send down roots



Around the fire, dance

smell of smoke

beat of drums

pounding feet

beads of sweat

heaving chests

sounds of chant

eyes lift to Father Sky

arms embrace the Mother 


Eagle Dance

Whirling circles of arms and legs

Colors of the rainbow

Feathers fly

Eagle reborn

Mother Earth is Ailing
 Mother Earth is ailing
Her air fouled with gases
Her waters clogged and darkened with debris
Her soil saturated with poisons
Her seas thick with crude oil
Mother Earth is ailing
wracked by fever, chills, and fear,
I put my arms around Her,
and weep

Prayer for Rain
I pray for rain
I pray for healing water
washing over me and cleansing me
I pray for rain, for a deluge,
to wash the Mother clean from toxins
renewing the Earth's body
just as my body is renewed

Unlike Noah's flood
this rain for which I pray
will not kill and destroy
it will heal and wash away our evils--
evils of thought and word, action and deed--
leaving our souls renewed, fresh, and pure
ready to begin again


By Susan Bates


Mining Interests Threaten Colville Reservation

The Reservation that is home to the Confederated Tribes of the Colville People encompasses 1.4 million acres in North Central Washington. A virtual paradise, it is bounded on the east by the Okanogan River and on the west and south by Lake Roosevelt, the Columbia River and the Grand Coulee Dam. 

The Confederated Tribes consist of the Nespelem, San Poil, Okanogan and Lakes nations, who were later joined by the seven others, including the Wenatchee, Entiats, Chelan and the Methow. The Moses Band was forced to move onto the reservation in 1884 despite the wishes of those already residing there. There they merged with the Moses-Columbia Band already residing on the reservation.

Completing the original ten bands was the Palouse. The last to arrive was Chief Joseph's Band of the Nez Perce.
For years these People have fended off mining companies who covet the riches buried deep inside Mother Earth. In 1998 a vote of tribal members resulted in a 600 to 0 defeat for mining. They also passed a moratorium stating that there would be no mining on their reservation ever.

But time marches on and old traditional thinking council members retire and younger ones take their place. Unfortunately these young people often do not seem to have the ties to their culture, traditions and land that their Ancestors did.

Just as small pox, TB and alcohol infected and killed millions of Native Peoples, greed, the curse of the European invaders, has infected many of our own people, causing them to think and act like whites. The promise of high paying jobs and big money blinds the eyes to the high cost of mining.

For years mining interests have set their eyes on Mt. Tolman, a Sacred site to these People. Now the whole reservation is being considered. Not only will the Sacred Mountains be scraped away by huge machines, but the waste rock and tailings would be dumped into Meadow Creek which flows into Lake Roosevelt. Eventually the waters of the Columbia River would be effected.

Molybdenum, a by product of mining, is only one of the dangerous substances that will be around for many generations if the People allow the land to be raped. Crops irrigated with these contaminated waters will in turn become hazards to life - both human and animal. Cancer rates will soar. More and more children will be born with birth defects.

What salmon that are left in the waters will eventually sicken and die.

The high paying jobs some covet will cost so much more than they can imagine. The irony is that the ones who will make the really big bucks will go on with their upper class lives far, far from the Colville Tribes.

The Mother is angry. The mountains shake, the ice melts. Hurricanes and floods devastate the earth. Strange diseases pray upon the People. She is giving us a loud and clear warning about what is going to happen to this planet if we don't stop now.

The Red People are the Guardians of the land. We need to be strong and stand for what we know is right. Time is short.
I am Chickamauga but I know about your great chiefs and how they fought for their people. Where are your warriors now?
There was a spiritual gathering on the reservation February 17 - 20. The election will be held on March 18th.


Quote of the Month:


"Whole Indian Nations have melted away like snowballs in the sun before the white man's advance. They leave scarcely a name of our people except those wrongly recorded by their destroyers. Where are the Delaware?

They have been reduced to a mere shadow of their former greatness. We had hoped that the white men would not be willing to travel beyond the mountains. Now that hope is gone. They have passed the mountains, and have settled upon Tsalagi (Cherokee) land. They wish to have that usurpation sanctioned by treaty. When that is gained, the same encroaching spirit will lead them upon other land of the Tsalagi (Cherokees). New cessions will be asked. Finally the whole country, which the Tsalagi (Cherokees) and their fathers have so long occupied, will be demanded, and the remnant of the Ani Yvwiya, The Real People, once so great and formidable, will be compelled to seek refuge in some distant wilderness. There they will be permitted to stay only a short
while, until they again behold the advancing banners of the same greedy host. Not being able to point out any further retreat for the miserable Tsalagi (Cherokees), the extinction of the whole race will be proclaimed. Should we not therefore run all risks, and incur all consequences, rather than to submit to further loss of our country? Such
treaties may be alright for men who are too old to hunt or fight. As for me, I have my young warriors about me. We will hold our land."

Chief Dragging Canoe, Chickamauga Tsalagi (Cherokee)





An Indian woman went to the school to register her boys.
"How many children do you have?" asked the secretary.
"Ten" she said.
"And what are their names?" she was asked.
"Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, and Bob" she said
"They're ALL named Bob?" the secretary asked. "What if you want them to come in from playing?
"That's easy" she explained. "I just call Bob and they all come running".
"And what if you want them to come and eat?" the secretary asked.
"I just say Bob, come eat your dinner, and they do". She said.
"But what if you want just ONE Bob to do something?" asked the secretary
"Oh that's easy" she said. "I just use their last names".


~Submitted by Jennifer Attaway, Alabama





I have observed many problems that exist today involving the Native American People.  Most are the same old problems that were prevalent two hundred years ago.  Greed and 'The Me First' Attitude are still at the forefront of these problems. 


Jealousy between tribal members who are the top levels of an organization as well as those who think they should be at the top.  Many hearts are broken because of promises made.  I am reminded of an old proverb which goes like this, "Humility is an attribute that is very hard to attain however by learning to be humble, we can learn how to be pleasing to our brothers and sisters." 


Just because one blade of grass grows taller then the rest of the field, this gives it no cause to brag.  All the grass will sooner or later turn brown and be blown away by the wind.  Just because one grasshopper can jump higher or farther then others dose not give that grasshopper the right to think it is better then the others. 


All of us are like the grass in the field and like the grasshoppers, we are here on 'Mother Earth' for a short time and then we are gone.  Not one of us has the right to think he or she is better then anyone else.  Have you ever noticed a grasshopper chewing his tobacco?  What a disgusting sight!  We are all precious in the eyes of the Creator and each one of us has a purpose here on the earth.  It is up to each individual to discover what that purpose is and then follow that path.  I can not walk your path and you can not walk mine however if we walk the path together, we can help each other along the way and make the path easier to follow.  

~Hawk With Seven Eyes Hoffman

MAIC Correspondent












Thomas D. Yarnell, Ph. D. Clinical Psychologist


Self-esteem refers to how you feel about yourself. It includes such things as your self-confidence, self-respect, pride in yourself, your independence and your self-reliance. All the ways you feel about yourself and your abilities are wrapped up in the term "self-esteem".


Generally it is thought the more positive your self-esteem, the more successful your life will be.  e more positive your self-esteem, the more successful you will be at dealing with life. The same holds for your children. The more positive their self-esteem, the more confident and proud they will be. They will try harder, be happier and have greater self-respect. They will make friends easier and will be more giving. Children with positive self-esteem are more secure and loving than children with negative self-esteem.


Negative self-esteem is related to low self-confidence, insecurity, underachievement, anxiety, depression, acting-out behavior, sleep problems and being a loner.


As a parent or a teacher, you have a great influence over the self-esteem of your child. For the first 4 or 5 years, parents are the most important contributor. When children start school, teachers and friends become important. Once they reach adolescents, peer groups begin playing a greater role in steering your child's self-esteem. The more positive their self-esteem was before adolescents, the easier it will be for them to resist negative peer group pressures.


Here are some things you can do to build your child's self-esteem:


1.    In general, the more positive the parents self-esteem, the more positive the child's will be. Be a good role model. Start by building your own self-esteem.


          2.    Honest praise is the quickest way to build a person's self-esteem. Find someway to praise your child every day. Make sure the praise is realistic and honest. When possible, praise yor child for trying to do something even if he/she was not successful. If need be, give your child a task you know can be completed just so you can give the praise. As your child's self-esteem grows more positive, this process will become easier and more natural.


          3.    Focus on the positive aspects of your child's behavior. Even if you don't like some of the behavior, find something positive to focus on.


          4.    Put a picture of your child with family members next to your child's bed. This is a subtle reminder to your child that he/she has family support and they are not alone in the world. Yes, many children really do feel that way.


          5.    Communicate with your child. That means listening to how your child feels without making judgments about those feelings. Try to find out why they feel the way they do. Once you know why, you may be able to offer a different interpretation so the child's feelings can change. Regardless, do not judge the feelings. They are just there. How your child reacts to these feelings are important because behavior has consequences. If you listen and understand, you are better able to suggest behaviors that will have positive consequences rather than negative ones.


          6.    Keep criticism to a minimum. Criticism does not produce positive behavior. Praise does.


          7.    Show your child there is a way they can control their feelings. When your child is feeling bad, play this game with her/him. Close eyes and remember something from the past that was fun and imagine or visualize that it was still going on. After 2 or 3 minutes, your child will begin to feel better. Explain to your child that this is something they can do anytime they feel bad because they are in control of how they feel.


          8.    Teach your child to set goals, follow through and complete projects. The projects can be small and short in the beginning and then get more involved. This builds self-confidence and self-esteem and shows children they have some control in their life. Make sure the project is age appropriate and not too complicated for your child's level of development. Remember, the purpose is to allow your child to experience success. Give praise often during the project as well as on completion. Each positive event in your child's life is building a more positive self-esteem.


        Copyright 2000 Thomas D. Yarnell, Ph. D. All rights reserved


Women' Council Calendar

“Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and all that move in them…”Psalm 69:34 

Raven Makes Magic—“My father did not recognize me. Next time he saw me he said, ‘You are the child of a crow.’ I am looking at my father, I am looking at him, he is beginning to turn into a bird turning into a bird.”—Arapaho Ghost Dance Song

Date / Time  Event Program Place
4 March 11:30 a.m. Women’s Council Meeting  Melinda Smith  “Healing through Music” 136 Waine Place, Hot Springs
14 March   Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse Nature reaches a crescendo of activity so it is a time of fulfillment. Period of greatest light. A time for completing things and for bringing things into perfection. 
17 March St. Patrick's Day National Holiday
19 March 9 a.m. Elder Council Meeting
19 March 1 p.m. Membership Potluck

Hosted by: Gayle Sexhauer

Come Celebrate Spring & New Beginnings

Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds
20 March First Day of Spring

Vernal Equinox - Drumming & Ceremony

Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds
29 March New Moon

Total Solar Eclipse - Good time to start a new project or to launch a new idea and to push forward with it as the tide of energies continues to build up. The New Moon of each month is a power day.

Tiger Lily—“Spring is opening. I can smell the different perfumes of the white weeds used in the dance.”— Pawnee song, translated.  Frances Densmore
Date / Time  Event Program Place
1 April   11:30 a.m. Women’s Council Meeting  Jody French  The Praying Flute” 136 Waine Place, Hot Springs
1 April Day Light Savings Time
7 April Judy Filmore Birthday Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds
12 April Passover Jewish Holiday
13 April Full Moon Nature reaches a crescendo of activity so it is a time of fulfillment. Period of greatest light. A time for completing things and for bringing things into perfection.
14 April Good Friday Christian Holiday
16 April Easter Sunday Christian Holiday
21 - 23 April Spring Encampment TBA
22 April Earth Day Celebrating the role of Mother Earth in the walk around the Wheel of Life.
23 April Elder Council & Membership Meeting Annual Joint Meeting TBA
27 April  New Moon Good time to start a new project or to launch a new idea and to push forward with it as the tide of energies continues to build up. New Moon = a power day. 
“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him.”Psalm 62:1
Green Voices —“To the house of old age, Up there I return. To the house of happiness, Up there I return. Beauty behind me, With it I return. Beauty before me, With it I return.”—Navajo song of Dawn Boy, translated by Frances Densmore
Date / Time  Event Program Place
6 May 11:30 a.m. Women’s Council Meeting  Becky Moore “The Medicine Wheel of Life” 136 Waine Place, Hot Springs
13 May Full Moon - Scorpio  Nature reaches a crescendo of activity so it is a time of fulfillment. Period of greatest light. A time for completing things and for bringing things into perfection.
14 May Mother's Day National Holiday
19-20-21 May Healing Retreat Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds
21 May Elder Council Meeting
21 May Membership Potluck Picnic Bring Snacks, Drinks, Hot Dogs—to Share Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds
27 May New Moon - Gemini Good time to start a new project or to launch a new idea and to push forward with it as the tide of energies continues to build up. The New Moon of each month is a power day.
29 May Memorial Day Federal Holiday
Kitsune —“Listen, I’m a shaman. Spirits rise for me, draw near me now, animal spirits, rise up now—help me.”—Yukaghir shaman’s incantation to exorcise a demon, David Cloutier version.
Date / Time  Event Program Place
03 June Women's Council Meeting Planning Eureka Springs/Turpentine Creek Powwow Trip 136 Waine Place, Hot Springs
11 June Full Moon

Sagittarius -  Nature reaches a crescendo of activity so it is a time of fulfillment. Period of greatest light. A time for completing things and for bringing things into perfection.

13 June Silver Celebration 136 Waine Place, Hot Springs
16-17 June Women's Council Trip Turpentine Creek, Eureka Springs
18 June Father' Day
18 June 9 a.m. Elder Council Meeting
18 June 1 p.m. Membership Potluck Picnic Hosted by Jim Ewing: Bring Snacks, Drinks, Hot Dogs—to Share Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds
21 June 4:30 p.m. First Day of Summer Summer Solstice - Drumming & Ceremony Gulpha Gorge Campgrounds
23 - 25 June Summer Gathering TBA
25 June New Moon - Cancer Good time to start a new project or to launch a new idea and to push forward with it as the tide of energies continues to build up. The New Moon of each month is a power day.





My Beautiful Sisters all over the world,


The new world is very much welcome for the balanced male-female energies, it is the perfect essence in the perfect expression.


For the "world of  the doing" has become a burden all this changes, perspective and expectations in the future is very much based in the expression too, human being still is forgetting the heart. the place of the creation.


Doing the right thing, the duty, the example, is not precisely the best, because all this is very much based on a cultural belief that will separates others, many people have died as an example for others in the world of the overpower and imposition, you don't want to be an "example" in the world of the doing, human being become tangle between the doing and the heart, as a military training, since they were children, the wounded mother in the world also put the doing as the way of living, instead of awakening the heart, instead of nurturing the essence of the human being. Now human being is encountering the heart, finding the way of the essence. embracing the mystery of love.


Love is indeed the bonding of all traditions, it is unity in the essence, and freedom in the expression, love embraces, unify, Love is the entrega, not still, but liberates, not offer or give but consume. 


Harmony can never be imposed, if it is impose then unbalance take place, harmony can only be awaken by love as an energy, the true medicine, the human being medicine.


Woman and men  want to love and to receive love, in the best perfect expression of our cultural belief, we have forgotten where the true heart is,  woman have become slave of their own heart. slave of their own relations, because they have exchange the true love for convenience.  Men have become slaves of their own duty, and the true love become compromise, because was convenience.


Can human being re-learn, re-discover, unity again? this is very much the use in a good way the human being medicine, it is about recognition, it is about the incursion in the world of the creation, the place of the stillness just before the movement, it can be so beautiful to make a big gathering of all the spiritual leaders in the world, just to be in silence, and not gathering for the purpose of what to DO? but to gather all to recognize, bond, unify, love, create, recreate, silence no languish allow, only the essence of the vibration, the being before the manifestation.


Human being medicine is the way for the enlightenment, balance, and welcoming the new world. The new world with the divine order as the structure and the essence of love as the perfect unity, then peace is there. The secret is not in the doing....


I am you

Magdala, Maya Priestess







Prayer and ceremony work.  Creator heals and brings peace.


Memorial Gift... 

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MEMORIAL GIFTS - When a friend or relative passes, honor their memory and send a tax deductible  contribution to MAIC and we will send the family a beautiful letter and memorial certificate in your name.



Don't Stand at My Grave

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there I do not sleep

I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glints on snow

I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle Autumn rain

When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds In circled flight
I am the soft stars that shine at night

Do not stand at my grave and cry

I am not there I did not die

~Author Unknown


I sit here this morning thinking of you

 he walked to the stars in the sky so blue.

When the stars come out in the night

I see them twinkling with light

Then I look up and I give a sigh

For I know you are shinning on high

Then I see you shine like no other

I wonder then if you are Dad or my Brother

I look to the right see the twinkling of others

I wonder again is that my Sister or Mother


I look and I watch the twinkling of stars

I say to you keep on shinning where you are

I sing to all the twinkling stars

Just keep on Twinkling where you are


By Red Wing, 12-01-05


Crossing Over...

Chief Harold Lee Hicks, 59, of Bolivar, Missouri passed suddenly on Thursday, January 27, 2006 at Saint John's Hospital in Springfield. Chief Hicks was instrumental in the formation of the Water Hollow Band of Chickamauga Cherokees and was our first chief. He said many times that he hoped to live long enough to get the band on a solid foundation. He was successful in his efforts.  Harold was a big man in many ways. A loving husband, doting father and adoring grandfather, Harold's family was his life.  He always had a funny story to tell, and no one could remain depressed very long in his presence. His booming laughter will echo inside my head as long as I live.  He had a deep connection with his People, past and present. His fame as an arrowhead finder was legendary. While walking through the woods or an open field with friends, he would often shush the conversation claiming he'd "heard" an arrowhead. Unfailingly he would then walk a few feet, dig in the dirt and find one.  The last words he said to me were "I'll see you down the road, Old Girl." I can hardly wait.  His ashes will be scattered on Sacred land at a later date. ~Susan Bates, 02-01-06

Victor Kishigo, leaves a legacy for tribal community. A strong business man, an advocate for his language and culture and a leader and mentor, Victor Simon Kishigo has left behind a legacy for his Northern Michigan community and fellow members of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians.  Full Story: ~Andre Cramblit 02-13-06


Grandfather Tony White Wolf - Lakota Elder living in Australia.  A true man of peace who whispered from his heart. ~Lynn Smith 02-15-06

Sickness and Injuries...

Luis Bonet - Currently hospitalized in Pacifica Hospital of the Valley in Sun Valley, California having suffered from a heart attack.  We welcome your prayers and good thoughts for all of them.  ~Corina Roberts 03-06-06

Alan Fisher - Alan was released [from the hospital] last night - extremely high blood pressure.  Your energy, prayers, and good wishes came across loud and clear. ~Stella Fisher 03-03-06

Fernando Espinoza  - Taken ill in California, wife is Imogene.  Need of prayer.  They have children and they need our love, comfort and support through trying times.  Walked the path with us to fight the injustice of disenrollment that has divided our people.  Carla Foreman-Maslin 2-28-06

Amber - Her Mom died.  She is having a rough time with anger and grief.  Ruth King In the beautiful West Virginia Mountains 2-27-06

Linda & John James - Prayers are needed in abundance to acquire healing center near Manataka.  ~Linda James, 2-18-06 

Sharon Barnett - Has returned home after three days of testing for brain damage.  She sends thanks to all for their prayers. Love and prayers ~Ruth Mountain Wind Song 2-15-06

Hawk Hoffman - Suffering from debilitating arthritis pain. Please send him lots of prayers. ~2-14-06

Larry Irons - Still battling cancer.  Came back in his spine and right leg.  Very sick and on morphine in 4th stage of the disease. Walks only about 20 feet. ~Charles Irons 2-16-06

Helen B. Green Robinson - Head mother of the Indian Creek Band of the Chickamaug Creek and Cherokee Roundhouse.  Cancer of the Kidney. ~Chief James Billy Little Red Wolf Chance, 2-11-06

Roland Forest Walker King - I am a child of the Rainbow Family who has just given birth to a son, Roland Forest Walker King. We need healing and light for our family. We ask for your prayers and we send you our love. ~Shanon Heart, 2-10-06
Willow - 8 month-old baby. Muscles are not developing as they should. Need prayers ~ RedWing 2/01/06.

Mother of ZaDiWi - German lady operated on for herniated disc. ~Helen RedWing 1/27/06

Lee Standing Bear Moore - Hospitalized with congestive heart failure.  Recovering. 1/25/06

Mike Chumley of Russellville, AR and Bear Society Dancer - Two toes amputated due to complications of diabetes.  Wife, Kim, by his side.  Cher Wilkinson 1/24/06

Henrietta Eagle Star DevereauxDiagnosed as legally blind. ~Sun Dancer Woman 12-10-05 

Debbie - "Miss Sootie" - Near to crossing over.  Requesting prayers for the family. RedWing 12-10-05



Did you submit a prayer request above?  If so, please send us an update.  We are reluctant to remove anyone without knowing if more prayers are needed. 



February Elder Council Meeting...


The February meeting was cancelled due inclement weather.  The following is a recap of the January Elder Council meeting:


All Elders were present. The consent agenda with the minutes / treasurer report were approved  unanimously.



The upcoming Spring Encampment (April 20-23)

MASELA (Manataka Ambassador to Spiritual Elders of Latin America) Project 

Open seats on the Elder Council

Teepee Lodges Stolen in 2004

Donation to a Navajo spiritual elder


Approved Motions: 

Creation of a Public Safety Committee

Report from the administrator of the Red Road Forum 

Letter of thanks to the UKB for its donation of a flag

MAIC response to the UCT for regarding MASELA issues

Expenditure of funds for a Sentinel Record Newspaper Advertisement


Rejected Motions:




"Asset Acquisition" by consultant Lynn Selvidge 


Proposal to acquire specific lots of land for the purpose of developing an interpretive outdoor exhibit, indoor museum all contained within a self-sustainable forest environment.  


Approved Committee Reports:

Women’s Council

NAGPRA Committee

Public Relations

Website / Newsletter


Presentations for the religious convention in Atlanta, GA

The new Owl Medicine Society will hold its first meeting during the Summer Gathering






NOTICE 1:     ELDER COUNCIL POSITION FILLED.  Gayle "Texas Wind" Sexauer of Fayetteville, AR was recently appointed Public Relations Elder.  "Based on her excellent background, experience, wonderful disposition, strong ideals, and love of Manataka, the Elders of Manataka made a wise decision in selecting Gayle for this important position," said MAIC Chair, David Quiet Wind Furr. 


NOTICE 2:    TWO ELDER COUNCIL POSITIONS REMAIN OPEN:   The Education Elder position will concentrate on developing public school curriculum based on American Indian philosophy and coordinating presentations to schools, civic organizations and churches. The Treasurer position is now open due to a recent resignation. The position will require experience in bookkeeping and/or accounting.   


If you feel qualified for this position, please submit your information now.


NOTICE 3:    FOOD BASKETS NEEDED NOW!  people are hungry often throughout the year.  Please bring or send non-perishable food items. Gift cards for food from Walmart, Safeway and other stores are great.  


NOTICE 4:    REGULAR MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS - 1:00 p.m., 3rd Sunday of each month at Gulpha Gorge - bad weather at Phil's Restaurant on E. Grand.  


NOTICE 5:    WOMEN’S COUNCIL MEETINGS - 11:30 a.m., 1st Saturday each month. 


Now is a good time to support the many programs, services and events of MAIC. We can always use a small donation. Pay by check or credit card online. It's easy, secure and fast!   Now is a good time to support the many programs, services and events of MAIC. We can always use a small donation. Pay by check or credit card online. It's easy, secure and fast!  


1.  Computer needed.  A larger mother board is needed for in-office workDonated.  

2.  Reams of ink jet paper
3.  Postage stamps
4.  15 - 30 gallon plastic storage boxes with lids

5.  LAND -  Donate land to be used as financing leverage for to build a cultural center. Any size or location is  acceptable. Certain tax benefits may apply.

6.  MEMORIAL GIFTS - When a friend or relative passes, honor their memory and send a tax deductible  contribution to MAIC and we will send the family a beautiful letter and memorial certificate in your name.




TO UNSUBSCRIBE:  Simply click the reply button, 

type 'Unsubscribe'  in the subject line and send.



Manataka American Indian Council
PO Box 476
Hot Springs, AR 71902-0476


Lee Standing Bear Moore

MAIC Correspondents:

Jennifer Attaway, Alabama

Sheri Burnett, Georgia

Crystal Harvey, Arkansas

Hawk With Seven Eyes Hoffman, Illinois

Bennie LeBeau, Wyoming

Julie Maltagliati, California

Magdala, Arkansas

Bobby Joe Runninbear, Tennessee 

Helen Red Wing Vinson, Tennessee

Liora Leah Zack, California

Paula Unega Ulogidv Phillips, Arkansas


Susan Bates, Missouri

Andrea Crambit, California 

Romaine Garcia, Colorado 

Corina Roberts, California

Valerie Eagle Heart

Thomas D. Yarnell, Ph. D.

Elaine Nowell, Louisiana

Mariah Stevens - RedRoad Drums





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