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    JUDY FASON- Folk, Rock, Blues   

For Love of the Earth

MA -1998 (CD)



For Love of the Earth is a wonderful collection of some of the best written songs to be found anywhere.  Judy's style and delivery are beautiful, exciting and soothing all at the same time.      


Judy is not only an accomplished song writer, musician and singer, she is also a registered nurse and healer. My native elders  taught me that "to feel is to heal".  I have taken this to heart, and it has changed my life, and the lives of those I work with.

Judy facilitates medicine wheel workshops and performances based on her native experiences. Judy Fasone's outdoor celebrations and performances include annual equinox and solstice celebrations and an event she calls, "The Heartbeat of the People" which includes drumming, chanting and dances of the Native Peoples.

Indoors, outdoors or on CD, Judy offers a musical presentation that lifts the spirit and blesses the soul. All of the songs recorded on the Love of the Earth CD are original tunes.   Judy's music is an earthy blend of folk, rock and blues. Judy has the ability to captivate any audience. You will enjoy this presentation.

"Heartbeat of the People" presentations (combines songs and dances of the People). Music Lessons for the individual or group, piano, guitar and drum (Native and African). Empowering Women's and Couples Retreats.  Contact Information: Judy Fasone  614-261-8194


The Songs
01. Morning Prayer
02. Wake' Yana
03. I Will
04. Umbea
05. Dignity Due

06. Phoenix
07. Voice of the Wind

08. The Storm

09. Come Unity - Community
10. Sisters

11. AHO!

12. Internet in the Sky

13. Ileano Weya Heyo

14. Sacred Fire

15. Thank You Song