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Believer from India

Dear Manataka,

I Believe I now choose meant that purification of using water You mentioned as one of visions in the article You sent. Thank You, I am very glad You wrote it.  Beside Jesus, the Ascension is also of course of both, but not now physically why not dying now.   Thank You. I am interested in Your peace wishes using the original pure religions of Manataka respected unoppressed in friendship with all the religions including Christianity, and I am interested in Peace of the Rainbow Lady and keeping of the sacred traditions purely of Manataka.  Thank You  ~Vishnu Sippora


Most Basic - Tsalagi

Hello Manataka,

"given the chance to use the language on the most basic item of Cherokee identity, the tribal card, the opportunity is missed" BW  What are we putting on this most basic item of identity?   I am volunteering to help get this done as soon as possible. It is a start.  Sure, lets put BOTH English and Cherokee but lets get the Cherokee on there.  Whether its in Syllabary, like I will use when I sign this email, or in Phonetics.  But lets use Cherokee  Tsasuyed Ries   ᏦᎭᎾ ᏣᏑᏰᏓ ᎻᎩᏍ ᏫᏍ

Wisdom, Spiritual Power, Opening Third Eye

Hello Manataka,

I came across your site by chance and it is intriguing and, maybe, timely. I will be in New Mexico during the last couple of weeks in April. I know I could probably find something on your Website to answer my question but yout site is HUGE (good job!). I would like to meet up with some one like the people in your community except that you are in Arizona. Can you point me to the right direction of some body in New Mexico? I will be staying mainly in Santa Fe.

I am originally from California and, at the time, was very interested in the Hopi Indians. Then time goes by and we forget. And then, we happen on a Web site that brings us back.

I don’t know if you want to know what I am looking for but it is pretty much what you offer – wisdom, spiritual power and the opening of the “third eye”.

I hope you can help. You seem honest and not a charlatan institution. Actually, I got to your site because somebody gave me the name of James Tyberon and I read your article. People take advantage of gullible people – it is sad but a long tradition.  Wishing you more hope and strength.  ~Roanne Martin

Super Light Water

Sister Selma and Manataka,
Being four months your senior, I'll call you Younger sister . Just read your bio. Good to meet you.   Knowing you can reach out and look at my Heart Light, please do. White guy from Kentucky who fell in love with a beautiful woman from Texas. Had to become a self-trained naturopath, not a dr., cause no one in any branch of medicine knew how to come at the benzene induced type 1, insulin dependent diabetes that dominated and finally ended her earthly life. And the breast cancer that it also produced and we defeated naturally. This was the moment of our getting deeply involved in "natural healing and wellness!" Without getting long winded, took us seven and a half years to find all the keys for her and we finally did. Shirley was just to beat up from the final episode of her life, the two months inside a mainstream heart institute. Four heart attacks, four heart stoppages, one 45 second heart flutter episode, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, a blood pressure crash, a blood clot and at the three week point, was diagnosed with most deadly staph infection on earth, the MRSA.

I detail all this and more in the book I am about to publish. And if you would like to see and hear me teaching how to engage the Heart Pressure Point Technique, just type in those four words at youtube. It's a four minute video of me explaining how this technique allowed me to bring my wife back to life after a team of cardiac arrest experts quit on her.

In our healing path, we found sooooo many wonderful people doing some very cool things for people and the earth mother. Super Light Water was one of those many wonderful "things" that are out there. It has the ability to restore conscious memory to water, any water, in polluted water, the water then "Fixes its self".

As a man without credentials, NO ONE wants any part of me. Particularly Drs. as they run from me once they find out all the many "miracles" I have been blessed to be in the middle of. And yes Younger Sister, I know, not miracles at all, just Natural, God stuff or Great Spirit Stuff.   Have much to share to help man, beast and that which sustains us all!  Kraig

The Medicine of India

Dear Manataka

In andhra Pradesh from great grand fathers time to still now there is a medicine (herb) known as different names one name is eg, ma ru gu _manndu(medicine).  Is commonly used to make slaves , attraction to particulars who kept it.  I had self experienced that they are very powerful that they(herb) even change the minds of enemies into friends.  Because in my personal life I had experienced bad days because of that medicine.  'Bad' in the since this medical is very powerful

I knew they are different in types also: 1 green liquid type ( smells bad); 2 color less type.  They are used on the target(person) on by just touching it to the surface of skin ,head foot or in food, tea etc.  The target is 5-7 days became friend or slave to those kept it for target.  The target loves unknowingly.  " one can make bad cruel husband into slave (lover) of wife."

There is also remedy for these medicine. I also know how to check whether I had it by someone , the process is just a plant no idea about its name ,just make it like liquid by adding water n that solution should be placed in the palm of the target
It will check whether affected or not.

These are wonderful medicine (herbs) from India and its history:  Is medi., are made by village , older in ap, talengana in districts of adilabad, karimnagar, warangal, khammam.  Their cost is in thousands from 3-8k.  But the result is in 5-7 days.

These med., are used commonly by wife to her husband.  These are most valuable medical., herbs from historical Indian civilization.  I think most of Indians even do not know about its existence.  If you have any information regarding these
Reply for these.  ~Anilkumar Pingili


Women Drumming

Dear Manataka,
Your story and information was very much as I believed and suspected the European influence all along. It was good to read a source with so much information and I want to thank you for taking the time to explain all of this to us.

I do have a question that maybe you can answer for me. Is this also true for a Sundance Drum?

I’m part of a Tiyospaye of mixed people living in NH that travel to SD for Sundance. We try to follow their teachings. There are only men on that drum. Women do stand with the singers and participate but none ever sit at the drum. We are in the process of starting a new dance this June and acquired a drum in a good way. This weekend the drum was awakened in a ceremony. With this drum and with another drum made from the land in ceremony and used in practice sessions, only the men sit at the drum. Everyone seems to be OK with this but I was curious if you could shed some light on this for me.

Several of the women have personal drums and lead in lodges. One elder teaches drumming and singing to other (both male and female). There are more women skilled with the songs and drums than men at this time. We do our own things and are happy but it would be interesting to share some of this information with them.   Again thank you for your story.

All my relations.  ~Rose Ann Boudreau


Expectations from Australia

G'day Manataka,

G'day from Australia, My name is Russell Williams, I live in Ballarat in Victoria, a southern state of Aus. I plan on travelling to the USA in September-October 2015. I feel I am from the Sioux Nation. Don't ask me why, I just know. I feel I a need and desire to re-connect to a past existence on Mother Earth. If you could help me in anyway, I would be very thankful to you and anyone who could help me. I intend on visiting Powder River, this my starting point in my quest.  Kindest Regards ~Russell Williams


Hello Russell,

The best advise we can give you is, stay away from having expectations.  Expecting things that come from books, media, and even visions do not necessarily depict reality.  If you come with zero expectations, you are more likely to be open and accepting of those things you do experience.  And, you will not be disappointed.


The Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people are not the same today as they may be depicted in books and other media.  Be prepared to move across vast geographic areas.  Be prepared to see things you do not want to remember.  We wish you much success in your search. ~Editor