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The National Association for the Advancement of Indigenous People (NAAIP) began as a research group studying United States Constitutional Law, Law pertaining to Indigenous peoples of America, and International Law. The group has provided free research information to thousands of fellow researchers, ancestry seekers, native indigenous groups, tribes, clans and nations across America.


NAAIP Director and Researcher Joreal DeVante, AKA Hemoc Akan Xelup (Shee-Lup), along with NAAIP former judicial professionals, researchers and other indigenous advocates, founded the institution under “Private Tribal Trust”. They have established an exclusive indigenous member only institution for the benefit of aboriginal people living under the colonized power of the United States Government.


NAAIP researchers pull from more than 600 years of international and national archived history to reveal hidden truths about the true diverse cultures and heritage of America’s natives. Utilizing the historical knowledge of laws and treaties, NAAIP representatives also provide private confidential support and assistance for members, which include sharing of information, classes, instruction law and indigenous judicial processes where members gain greater insight pertaining to privileges, immunities and rights under International and American Indian Law. NAAIP also assists members with various indigenous related issues.


The NAAIP is an active supporter and a member of the United Nations as an Indigenous Peoples Organization (IPO).

NAAIP P.O. Box 1598, Murphy, North Carolina 28906


From: Punka Rogers

Sent: Friday, February 05, 2016 1:11 AM




To the members of the Manataka American Indian Council,

It has recently come to my attention that the organization known as NAAIP (National Association for the Advancement of Indigenous Peoples) has knowingly committed fraud by placing at least 35 unauthorized names on a document NAAIP has disseminated to your website and elsewhere.

The director of this organization, Hemoc Xelup (whose legal name is Joreal DeVante), is my former brother-in-law.  He has included in a document titled "International Affidavit and Notice of Constructive Fraud, Identity Theft, Unlawful Conversion, Economic Deception, and Ethnic Cleansing Against American Aborigine People Demand for Identity Correction"  at least 35 names of people who supposedly signed a petition that I can personally verify have NOT signed or endorsed any such document.  He committed this fraud knowingly and intentionally.  I must say, it is ironic that a document decrying "fraud" and "identity theft" includes a number of fraudulent "signatories," including myself, my immediate and extended family, and a large number of lifelong friends.  The fraudulent names begin at #338 and continue through #372.  I would not be surprised if many of the other names on the list were also appropriated without the knowledge or consent of their owners.  

I know you wish to continue your long tradition of being a reputable and trustworthy non-profit organization for the indigenous population of this country, so I trust you would like to be told if you are being deceived or used fraudulently in any way. 


Thank you,

Madalyn (Hammond) Rogers