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Joseph Beautiful Painted Arrow
Monthly Message 

Ancient wisdom is everywhere.
New knowledge is ancient knowledge - Enlightenment.
This year is 1+5 which is number 6.
Number 6, is for bringing in ancient wisdom that is Knowledge-ment
Knowledge + Enlightenment

As you know each month I talk with Joseph about the current month's art work and this month was no different. I am ever so grateful for the teachings he imparts, so I would like to share with you, a personal note of guidance on viewing his art.

In Australia it is Autumn - a beautiful season of change. We embrace this change by Dancing from Good Friday to Easter Monday. I invite you to be with Australia and Brazil, as our two countries dance the Sun Moon Dance at Easter neath a Lunar Eclipse on Saturday 4th April.

I wish you and your loved ones a Sacred Fire Ceremony. Jennie Coles
A Personal Note of Guidance
All my paintings have to do with the past and the present. Some 40 years ago I decided that someone needed to record the vision of how the world and humans originated from the breath of God. How life and creation manifested from movement of the up above.

Black space in my artwork is dark matter. The sky is dark matter where everything lives waiting to be brought in to life. Blue is Creator energy that reaches into ancientness, draws it up and blows it into the light bringing ancientness into the present so it can move into the future.

To view my pictures, squint your eyes and look at the art with 2 minds –physical mind and spiritual mind. View the art from the bottom to the top. Look at the art like you looking through the eyes of a deer and do a meditation.


Source: Jennie Coles Monthly Newsletter, emailed to Manataka