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Memorial Pink Flowering Dogwood Planted on Manataka Sacred Grounds


A Tribute to Lisa Renee “Quiet Storm” Thompson
February 27, 1972 – July 10, 2010

"When Lisa was about four years old she attended a day care at a Lutheran church. One day after I picked her up she announced, with complete confidence: “We went to God’s house today and I saw God; he’s black.” Wondering exactly what had occurred, I asked the day care worker about it  the next day. She explained that they had taken the children up to see the chapel, “God’s House”, but seemed a little puzzled by the confident announcement concerning the race of God. Then she started smiling and said a little hesitantly, “The janitor was cleaning when we went up”.  This is an amusing little story, but I can’t help but feel that it was Creator’s way of starting her on a life mission.

Lisa lived her life as a Rainbow Bridge, working to create harmony among diverse racial and ethnic communities. Although her financial means were often scarce, she did not know a stranger and opened her door to anyone in need, caring for the children of women in shelters for battered women and offering temporary shelter for homeless children as well. She loved children and never lost her own child-like qualities, loving to play and tease. She was an active member of the New Home Baptist Church, feeding the homeless and “Praise Dancing”.

Lisa had a deep love for the people of Manataka, the Rainbow Woman, and for the Sacred Mountain on which her ashes were released in ceremony. She treasured her friendship with Amanda Morningstar Moore and held it sacred. Lisa is missed much by her family, especially her children Imani, Paris and Romeo and by the many communities impacted by her open and loving heart. She rests now with the ancestors in the loving arms of Creator at Manataka."  ~Linda VanBibber, Lisa's mother.


Lisa's ashes and spirit were released inside the circle on the Manataka sacred grounds in August 2010.  A pink flowering dogwood was planted in the name of Lisa Renee Quiet Storm Thompson on the Manataka Sacred Grounds in May 2015 by Mike Eye of the Eagle Feather Burton officiating and other Manataka Elders attending.  A memorial plaque will be installed at the base of the tree during ceremonies on July 10,

2015.  In the future, when people visit this site, they will see a beautiful tree commemorating

a beautiful person, Renee “Quiet Storm” Thompson,  her life and the love we had for her  will endure forever.


~Mike Eye of the Eagle Feather Burton, Chairman, Manataka American Indian Council

Lisa with the World Drum

Lisa's Family:

Front: Imani; Lisa, Cameron, Paris

Back: Romeo and Herb

Lisa 2009