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JULY 2015


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Greetings from Johannesburg South Africa

Dear Manataka,

Greetings from Johannesburg South Africa ! !

I have just finished reading the article on the Eagle feathers. This has article brings home that fact that while the First Nations are depicted as FREE and Sovereign. ..well....they are not.

Seems that all the Brothers and Sisters are targeted for what I understand from the article. ...for no apparent reason but to ruffle feathers. Many years of ruffling feathers.  Strange that something like these feathers are an important part of the Way of the First Nations.....are challenged. It seems rather petty and spiteful.

Clearly while this has been an arduous journey and fight for the basic right to use and own these precious feathers....Great Spirit has seen this and brought them back to where they belong.  Placing restrictions on these feathers is a mean and petty thing instituted by those who would try to have a grip and last say with the perceived power of authority.

But in spite of this....these feathers will never be quite...they will always serve.  There is so much spirit in and around these beautiful feathers. And as with all things in nature there is balance. Like night and day.....and you all have been through a winter and now summer is at hand for the victory that is yours!!!!


I have to say my heart was rather thunderous on reading this article. But these articles are so vital to the education of others like myself.
All education whether it is the Feathers or the poverty or news of the butterflies and walking with Spirit on the mountains....or the History that in many ways has been so easily or conveniently forgotten.

We are in a time now where technology has brought so many Brothers and Sisters together and has opened the door to many wonderous and yet frightening things.

Bringing awarness to the plight of the First Nations is reaching through the technology and across oceans and land.
To the heart soul and minds of those who know the truth and to those who begin to learn the truth.

Keep the good work going...keep teaching and reaching out to people across the world. Educate us and share with us so that we may be given the tools to go forward and be better beings for it.

Spirit will not be denied.  Love reading your Smoke Signals and learn all the time.  Blessings Love Peace and Gratitude  Caroline Clacher



Heart Pressure Point Technique

Dear Manataka,

Thank you for the Smoke Signal News. Now, I have something special to share with you that I hope you will want to share as well. Please visit my four minute Youtube video of me demonstrating the Heart Pressure Point Technique , just type in those words and enjoy my gift. It is about how I brought my wife back to life in a heart institute where the team of cardiac arrest experts quit on her and called the time of death.

Hope you will also want to share my book that is about to be published about the 62 days in the hospital and all the natural things I did for her that no one has ever done inside a mainstream hospital. 38 years of Benzene induced type 1, insulin dependent diabetes is why we were in such a state of chaos. Sincerely, Kraig L. Carroll


Interested in Diabetes

Greetings Manataka,
I am very interested by your website, it has been great to read. I don't know if you would have any information on diabetes and high blood pressure but if you do I would be very grateful if you could share it with me. I am not looking for specific medical advice or a diagnosis because I understand that a doctor should be consulted first but I am simply looking for some advice. I know someone who suffers a lot daily with physical pain, in the body and muscles, they have diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease. I have read quite a few wellness blogs and sources of information but I can't seem to find a good method of tackling this problem.

I would be very grateful for any help at all. Warm wishes, Arooj Shah

Hello Arooj,
Go to our website home page,  and scroll down to the search engine. Enter the word "diabetes" You will find dozens of articles about diabetes and natural herbal medicines. ~Editor

The Isalah Effect, Book Review by Author

Hello Manataka,

Just saw this on Gregg Braden's wall about his book Isalah Effect. Thought I would send it to you guys. Cheers ~ Sahan

“Native North and South American peoples believe firmly that present-day events echo details of their ancestors’ prophecy. For many, visions of a world to come have been held secretly in tribal traditions to preserve the integrity of their ancestors’ insight. Sensing that the shift of the millennium represents the day of tribal prophecies, their guidelines for this time in history are now shared openly. The belief is that people of all walks of life, in all nations, may benefit from the insights left long ago. Allowing for specific differences in family and tribal traditions, there are common threads that link many of the tribal prophecies of the Americas in a unified vision of our future.

“The Hopi of the American Southwest offer some of the most concise visions of our future in their prophecies of the birth of a new sun. Similar to the traditions of the Maya, the Aztecs, and earlier indigenous traditions found throughout the Americas, the Hopi believe that there have been great cycles of human experiences before our time. Each ended in a period of destruction, the most recent of which was the Great Flood. We are living near the close of one such cycle, they say, preparing to move into the days of the Fifth Sun. Prior to the close of our cycles, Hopi Prophecies describe a period of decline followed by a transition period into the next cycle. From their perspective, the time of decline is a time of great challenge, often called the ‘time of purification.’ Understanding that the earth and our bodies are one, the Hopi view the conditions of the earth as a ‘feedback mechanism,’ a barometer of sorts, reminding us of when we have made choices that affirm or deny life in our world.

“One of the first Hopi visions to be disclosed were three signs denoting a timetable for the Great Shift. The first sign was the appearance of the moon ‘on the earth as well as in the heavens.’ The fulfillment of this portion of the prophecy remained a mystery until 1993, when lunar images began to appear as crop circles in the grain fields of the English countryside. The unmistakable images of the crescent moon were interpreted by Hopi elders as the fulfillment of the first portion of their prophecy.

“The second sign was the appearance of the ‘blue star,’ a symbol that is common in the folklore and myths of many Hopi traditions. Some Hopi elders saw the 1994 impact of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy into Jupiter as the fulfillment of this prophecy. Researchers were mystified as to how the impact of a broken comet could be seen as the fulfillment of the prophecy. Their answer was revealed when the spectographic images of the giant planet were viewed following the collisions; Jupiter was glowing with a curious blue hue that could be seen only with sophisticated imaging devices!

“Perhaps the most mystical sign of the Hopi prophecies is the third and last. Prominent in the dance, weavings, and sand paintings of the Hopi are curious, humanoid images that often adorn their homes and ceremonial sites. With strange costumes and very otherworldly faces, these representations of Hopi ancestry, the sky people, are called kachinas. The third portion of the Hopi prophecy states that the time of the great change has occurred when the kachinas return from the stars and dance once again in the plazas of their villages on the mesas. To the best of my knowledge at the time of this writing, the third sign has yet to happen.”  The Isaiah Effect, pages 65-67, Gregg Braden


Clarity and Truth

Dear Manataka,

i am writing you after many years of journeying, looking for clarity and wisdom. I only have the teachings and research that I have found and I know likely these may conflict with the actual truth and THAT is what i am really looking for. Yesterday was my 34th birthday and i decided to write my medicine story (the core of it minus dreams, visions, intuitions and childhood experiences) i humbly ask that you may read my story and give me feedback, clarity and truth. Thank you. Mitakuye Oyasin! ~Eagle Childe Buffalospirit


American Indian Holiday

Dear Manataka,

There are a group of us in a forum and thread right now debating an issue of us not having a native month and holidays throughout the Gregorian calendar year. The question is how to go about going thru the proper channels to get something of this magnitude established . we made the observations of Jewish . Christian and Muslim calendars having their own and how so much of the country observes these holidays. . African Americans have black history month . and so do many other communities have their respective holidays observed and we are an up and coming group of people who want to see people like sitting bull on the calendar as well. Can u pls offer any suggestions. ? Some of us are from differing tribes and nations but we all agree that its our time to be acknowledged by the rest of the country as proud sovereign indigenous peoples of this land.   ~Santee Man


Hello Santee Man,

We encourage you to continue your path of discovery.  There is a great deal of information out there on the subject of “American Indian Holidays”; Native American Holidays; Etc.  You will discover one such day, declared annually by the President, but not given much attention – by the media or the tribes.


Animal Spirit Guides

Dear Manataka,

I am writing to say thank you for your article regarding spiritual guides. I recently moved to another state, my intuition or sixth sense has been keeping me busy. Then one night I way lying in bed and heard an owl outside my window. I didn't think much about it, other than remembering some of the negative superstitions regarding owls through the years. For many nights the owl would return and then it dawned on me, that the owl was there for me. I researched the meaning of owls and began trying to understand the "totum." I saw many "tests" and other ridiculous sites that would tell you what your spiritual animal was. My intuition told me that I wasn't the one to choose, but rather my owl chose me. Your site gave me insight to what a "totum" is and that my instinct was correct. Now if I can figure out what it is trying to convey to me.  Thank you again, ~Trish Hopkins