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Manataka Council Fire


Dear Beloved

Sisters and Brothers,

Thank You to those who are contributing their monetary and volunteer support for the sacred site...the out-pouring of contributions has enabled us to clean and prepare the site and prepare a new garden.  Our initial plan is to plant heirloom species on corn, squash and beans. We are about to get a permit for water lines, though we have not planted due to the rains...maybe this weekend!!!


Today, I write about a pamphlet Lee Standing Bear gave to me, written by Thomas O. Mills entitled "Stonehenge ~ If this was East". (Available on Amazon) In this publication Tom Miles explains the Stonehenge site and many ancient mystery sites around the globe, using the Hopi creation history passed to us through thousands of years of oral tradition. It simply shows, when these sites were created east was radically different, and they are perfect astronomical computers during their time. Current knowledge grossly underestimates their age and cant figure out why they aren't precisely aligned with the heavens today.

The axis we turn on would have to shift significantly for these things to line up. It makes sense and when taken as a whole, with all sites considered and realigned with the ancient axis point, they are a testament to, a message from the past, built in such a way that NO ONE COULD ALTER THEM THROUGH TIME. It was that important.!

He then goes on to relate these to the global warming occurring today. The planets wobble is becoming increasingly more erratic due to the stabilizing effect of trillions and billions of ice on both polar regions. The worst thing that could happen is not that much of our costal cities will look like Venice, (Venice wont exist probably) but the sudden and catastrophic "realignment of our axis points". In the Hopi story these wobbles have been altered somehow by the creator four times, (Mayan history also speaks of the four ages, and Egyptian also, Jesus even prophesied that the end times would be predicated with great earthquakes, like nothing ever seen by this modern era) on the fifth time, the creator does NOT fix the wobble. All of this explains, in our ancient history, sudden increases of volcanism ( a product of earths crust being pulled apart). the great flood, ice ages, Antarctica's original tropical climate, and what happened to these ancient civilizations we have evidence of, but grossly underestimate their date, and know not where they made off to.

With his figures of how much ice is melting and the what the consequences...we should have formed a plan...we being humanity...and stopped sticking our heads in the is probably going to happen, for we may be too far along to reverse the carbon dioxide and methane now in our atmosphere. AS usual when you wait till the last minute, usually drastic measures are called for.

I can see only one way, so "bear" with me...its a little on the SIFI side of solutions, but I feel the creator has helped us to progress, so the technology is now available to make a solution possible. The problem will arise that when you begin to talk of this, people are going to perceive you as crazy, until they read Thomas Mills' booklet. it is. There is no way, with the third world beginning to industrialize and fossil fuels in such use, and our slow uptake of green friendly technologies, which always take a back seat to PROGRESS. What we must do, and quick, is shade our poles from the sun! I propose a continental size canopy in space, to reflect enough solar radiation back into space and act as a n umbrella over north pole and south pole. This will NOT be popular in Russia, Greenland, and other peoples living high up past the 50th parallel. We have the technology to put these unfolding shields far enough out, in geo-synchronous orbit, to change how much radiation reaches these areas. It must be done in the next ten years and may be needed before then.

In the mean time I call on each and everyone of us to do what we can, in a good way to capture CO2 and be carbon zero in our day to day lives, as much as possible.

Otherwise fasten your seatbelts, it could be a tumultuous ride!!


With humble gratitude and respect for nature, I ask that you let me know if you are given a better idea!!


Michael "Eye of Eagle Feather" Burton

Chairman, Manataka American Indian Council

Member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma