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Miles From Yesterday

Thunder Hill

Miles from Yesterday
CR-6533 (CD)


Power and grace characterize the sound of Thunder Hill.  As one of the top singing groups to have come from the Native peoples of the Southern Plains, they have earned the respect of elders and the enthusiasm of young Pow-Wow fans.  Recorded live with a legendary crew of singers, these songs carry the spirit of the Southern Plains to all the four directions. 


1. Glidin' The Notes (3:35) 

2. The Way, Way Back (3:42) 

3. Chris Tsosie's Song (8:23)  

4. Tune of an Okie (4:11) 

5. Pawnee Song (4:50) 

6. Take 2 (3:20) 

7. Tribute to the OGs (2:51) 

8. Hethushka Song (2:35) 

9. Old-Time Round Dance (3:09) 

10. Dynamics (3:30) 

11. A Singer's Melody (3:28) 

12. Hethushka Song (3:28) 

13. Southern Delight (3:13)

14. Let's Battle (2:35) 

15. Whistlin' Away (5:22)

Total time: 59:17


Δ   Thunder Hill have carried the mantle of Southern Style singing traditions on the Pow-Wow Trail for more than a decade.  They have earned multiple championship titles for their talented singing.


Δ   This recording presents a variety of Southern Style song and dance styles including Inter-tribals, Old-Time Oklahoma-style Round Dance songs and Hethushka Songs sung in the Omaha language.   


Δ  Thunder Hill is one of the few Southern groups to compose original songs in the Hethushka Song style.  The traditional Hethushka songs belong to the Hethuskha Warrior Socities and not performed at Powwows.  Thunder Hill therefore have composed their own in order to perform them at Powwows.