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Sacredness is when divine presence descends from the heavens into the earth and it purifies that single moment in to an instantaneity

"Dancing is an expression of the physical body, and the physical body is like a temple, like a holy place. So when we walk, when we talk, when we cry, when we pray, when we speak, when we sing, when we laugh, it is the process of the voice of sacredness.

The whole idea in all my dances is to get people to meet God, to meet th Divine presence within themselves; To become enlightened."

In Josephís tradition Divine presence is breath, matter and movement, and from out of that came the dances.

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Joseph and I had an in depth conversation about Dance Protocols prompted by numerous emails on this subject. Here is an abridged version of Sun Moon Dance protocols. A more detailed version is available upon request.  ~Jennie

In the Sun Moon Dance we are dancing the Moon, dancing the Sun

The Sun Moon Dance begins with a commitment to 4 dances. This is an important part of the Sun Moon Dance as it is a journey of healing with Breath, Matter and Movement. It honours the four cardinal directions and in doing so, also honours all the in between places. Since each of us is a microcosm of the planet, the healing we bring to ourselves also brings healing to the planet. For these reasons alone, the dance is a powerful gift that you give to yourself and all that exists in this perceptual reality.

The dance is done over 4 days within a covered arbour and in some instances without an arbour, using tents in a circle. The dance arbour is the sacred Medicine Wheel. It represents the world, the life it contains and nurtures. A pole or tree planted in the centre of the arbour is the centre of the circle of life, the centre of the self. It is where we want to journey in conscious awareness to meet Divine presence within ourselves.

According to Joseph's vision there is only one sweat lodge and that is done before the dance, as a cleansing ceremony for the dancers, chiefs, moon mothers, supporters and all the helpers

Each day begins with a sunrise ceremony and ends with the moon song. The only songs sung at a Sun Moon Dance are those given by Joseph and Benito.

This dance is a dry fast. That means once the dancers enter the arbour there is no eating, drinking or talking. When dancers leave the arbour they wear a white sheet. All dancers wear modest clothing including a skirt. They refrain from making eye contact with anyone.

The Chief is the intercessor. The Chief and only the Chief, starts and stops the dance. The Chief holds the space for the dance to unfold and potential possibilities to be planted.

The Moon Mother, wears a prayer shawl and carries a feather fan. She assists the Chief. Her role is vast. She does or delegates various duties that need to be carried out from the beginning to the end of the dance.

Dog Soldiers tend fire, assist the moon mother and keep the arbour and surrounds in good order.

A complete list of Moon Mother/dog soldier duties and dance protocols is available from

The dance ends with a beautiful Water Blessing Ceremony. It is for those dancers who have been without food and water for the entire dance.

A feast and often a giveaway is the final ceremony. It is the ceremony of communing and gifting with peace, love and light before heading home.

Originally there was no talking, no drinking, no eating and no Sun Father.
Then talking happened even though that was not the original instruction.
Then drinking happened, even though that was not the original instruction.
Then eating happened even though that was not the original instruction.
Then Sun Father happened even though that was not the original instruction.
These changes were not from Joseph.

Joseph said, ďIn the end the point that I want to make, is that I received originally, you donít eat food, you donít drink anything, you donít talk, because what you want to achieve through the dance is powers to have a vision; so you may be empowered to get a spiritual vision from God."

He added, "If people want to include eating, drinking, talking and Sun Father in the dance they can but, it is not my dance. Then it is their dance and they need to name it, own it and take responsibility for it."

Those who are called to the Sun Moon Dance come to make important changes in their personal lives, as well as play an active part in global peace and planetary healing

The Sun Moon Dance, as with all Joseph's dances, is a closed dance. There are no spectators, photography, nudity, or any mind altering substances allowed.

The Sun-Moon Dance was brought forth from the vision of Joseph Beautiful Painted Arrow. He is a visionary and mystic of Southern Ute and Picuris Pueblo heritage. It is most important to understand that the Sun Moon Dance is NOT a Native American Dance but, from the vision of a Native American.

For complete Sun Moon Dance protocols please email


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