Manataka American Indian Council






By Heather Lewis


We fight until we are tired of fighting

We die until we are tired of dying

When will all this controversy cease?

Will my people ever be left in peace?


To live our lives and just go on

To smoke our pipes an sing our songs

Battle -- where does it really lead?

Is a revolution truly what we need?


We stand so proud, we stand so tall

While the world just lets us fall

We give our time, we give our heart

Yet is that enough to be a part?


A part of the stand with which our people may rise

To live life in unity without our nations' demise

Please, Great Spirit, help me.  I am falling.

Now in this time of need, your children are calling.


Help us break free from the chains of our past,

Teach us to create a freedom to last,

Can we soften the blows dealt by our brothers?

Can peace be found by our sisters and mothers?


Live.  Love.  Laugh. Create.

Hold on to the memories, do not let them escape.

Do not succumb to society's constricting cast,

Pass down to the present the teachings of our past.


Help save our people before it is too late.

Before we are lost in a white-eyed haste.

©Heather Lewis, 2005

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