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Spotted Eagle Medicine Man

Peter V. Catches (Zintkala Oyate)


Sacred Fireplace - Oceti Wakan




Pete Catches Sr. (Petaga Yuha Mani - He Who Walks With Hot Coals) lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota throughout his life, and for decades healed and instructed both Natives and non-Natives near his home and off the reservation.  He is credited with reviving the Wiwangyang Wacipi (Sundance) among the Lakota in the early 1960's.  In 1964, he was named  Sundance chief by the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, the only such distinction in tribal history. 


Peter V. Catches is the descendant of 37 generations of medicine men, is recognized as the Keeper of the Spotted Eagle Way medicine, oral history, sacred rites, and experiential teachings.  For the past 28 years, he has conducted the Spotted Eagle Sundance near his home on Pine Ridge.


Both Lakota Spotted Eagle Medicine men had a vision of Oceti Wakan - Sacred Fireplace. It was in response to events that have devastated the Dakota Nation (Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota), the great Sioux Nation. 


Their vision was to establish a Healing Center to confront cultural genocide, disease, poverty, and drug and alcohol abuse.  They knew that Sioux culture is maintained, evolves and flourishes from one generation to the next by preserving the language, the Healing Center must include cultural and language education.  The Sacred Fireplace, symbolic of the Creator and the sacred fire within each of us, will be at the center of all activities and a large sacred fire would be built at the physical center of the Healing Center for the benefit of all people.


The vision began to take form when the book "Oceti Wakan - Sacred Fireplace" was published in 1999.  The heart and blood of the vision then came into being as new educational materials, books and CD's were created by Peter and his family.  Over the next few years, programs presented to thousands of children and seminars and workshops for adults became the long arms of the vision, reaching out to many people in need.  Then, the bones of the vision took form when architectural plans were created to build the Healing Center.   


The Healing Center will be situated on 19 acres in the foothills of the Black Hills on the Pine Ridge Reservation, next to the Spotted Eagle Sundance grounds -- a very special place.   A large Ceremonial House, with a large fireplace in the center, will be surrounded by guest cabins.  The Ceremonial House will be a place for educational workshops, drug abuse prevention, cultural events, Lakota language programs, community activities and ceremonies.  Elders of the tribe will teach history and the beauty way of the Lakota. 


The Healing Center will also house the Wakanyeja Center (the Lakota word for child is wakanyeja which means sacred being.)  The "Sacred Child Center"  will be a safe haven and beautiful environment for children to enjoy cultural enrichment programs and participate in character building activities.


The only thing now lacking to make this great vision come alive is...  you.



Proceeds from the items below go to support the Oceti Wakan Foundation, a nonprofit organization, for the construction of the Healing Center and to create new Lakota educational materials.  

Continue your Lakota learning journey and help this vision come alive!



Sacred Fireplace - 2nd edition - The Life and Teachings of a 37th Generation Lakota Medicine Man

by Pete Catches Sr. and Peter V. Catches

This is a beautifully presented exploration of the Oglala Lakota culture and spiritual beliefs as movingly related by the late, revered medicine man Pete S. Catches Sr. (Petaga Yuha Mani) and his son, Peter V. Catches Jr. (Zintkala Oyate) of the Pine Ridge Reservation. The two men focus on the deep importance of understanding and living traditional Lakota values in the face of white men's aggressions and controls. Likewise, telling stories about their lives, sacred rites, and ceremonies, they eloquently and informatively reveal the Lakota's close and respectful relationships with one another, their surroundings, and the Creator. Highly recommended for academics and professionals as well as for the general public. This new edition has many new pictures, additional information and new insights to provide the reader with an exceptional viewpoint of true Lakota teachings. Paperback, 243pp, 02/12, #1500PC  ID: 1234 Price: $25.95  

Seven Sacred Rites of the Lakota CD 

Developed for the youth of the Lakota to better understand these rites.  Excellent resource.  Expertly done.  #1800PC   ID: 1238 Price: $22.95   


Realities Within - 

This is a beautiful collection of Zintkala Oyate’s inspirational poetry and writings is a spiritual journey full of life, love and wisdom.  This book is a guidepost for those searching for meaning and purpose in a traditional Indian way.  Wonderfully woven tapestry of words and wisdom.    #2000PC  ID: 9998 $22.95

Lakota Language Workbook and CD -  Book One

This booklet contains simple, common and more difficult phrases in Lakota. These terms are used daily and are basic in the interactive involvement in speech. You will also find a Pipe Filling Song, a Four Direction song, a Grandfather Song, and a Thanksgiving Song. Songs that are very relevant and purpose of the Inipi (Purification Rite; Sweat Lodge), also it has a sample of a prayer in Lakota.  My father, Lakota medicine man Pete Catches Sr. states in the book 'Sacred Fireplace, "If you are going to participate in Lakota ceremonies, you should learn the language."   With the help of this booklet and CD, you have journeyed into a beautiful realm that is unique in the Western Hemisphere. My prayers are with you. -- Zintkalal Oyate  #2800PC ID: 1235  Price: $35.95 

Lakota Language Workbook and CD - Book Two 

This is a workbook and CD that was created for Middle and High School students of Pine Ridge.  It’s focus on learning to speak the Lakota Language.  We feel that students have had such a hard time learning to speak Lakota because it is usually taught like one would teach the English language.  We have used simple phrases that are used every day in the Lakota world.  There are 14 lessons with 10 to 14 phrases for each lesson.  Each lesson is on a track on the CD, so the student will be able to “hear” the pronunciation clear, simple and if they need to again and again.  After seven lessons, Zintkala Oyate shares a story that is imbued with the gifts of the Lakota culture for “encouragement”.  After  each phases there is a place to write the sentence again and again.  There is a “Notes” page at the end of each lesson.  This will have the words that you can ‘take apart’ in the phase.  It will have pictures of the nouns and actions, as many people learn ‘visually’.  Note pages are included.  #2500PC  ID: 1236  $35.95

Guiding Your Child in Speaking the Lakota Language  - Level 1

The book/CD set is designed to introduce two simple conversational phrases a week. A great tool for parents to work with their child to learn the Lakota language with its cartoon pictures that go with the phrase, the phrase also being phonically spelled out. #2500PC  ID: 9999 Price: $35.95  

Guiding Your Child in Speaking the Lakota Language - Level 2

The level in developing the Lakota language. At the end of the school year a child will know how to speak 144 conversational sentences. #2500PC  ID: 1000  Price: $35.95  

Parent's Handbook - Raising Resilient Children

This parent's handbook was designed to go to parents of the students that were using 'Learning Prevention Using Lakota Values' workbook in school but a great tool for any parent. It has a large reading list of Lakota children books to read to their children; has old Lakota authors sharing concepts of how Lakota raised their children and the newest parenting tools for raising healthy children.  ID: 1004 #900PC  Price: $12.95  



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