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Manataka Ambassador to Spiritual Elders of Latin America



In February 2005, The Elders of Manataka took a momentous step with the unanimous appointment of Otto Riollano Dávila of Puerto Rico to the new post of "Manataka Ambassador to Spiritual Elders of Latin America."  


Otto Riollano Dávila traveled to Manataka for a week long stay and was formally installed to his new post during special ceremonies before the Bear Dance at the Manataka Encampment on April 23 by all members of the Elders Council. Led by MAIC Chair, Doc Davidson, Elders bestowed many gifts and honors on Dávila including a red ribbon shirt worn by the Elders, medicine stones, a book about Manataka, a framed Certificate of Appointment, and other gifts.


Dávila will work under the direction of the Elder Council to establish formal communication with indigenous tribes and nations in the South and help develop programs and projects to assist indigenous spiritual elders to serve the growing number people who demand their guidance.  


"Indigenous people of the South are leaving the authoritarian doctrines of organized international religions by the thousands and returning to their original spirituality.   Spiritual elders there are being overwhelmed by this joyful phenomena and Manataka hopes to lend our support," said Lee Standing Bear Moore.


By the grace of the Great Spirit,  Otto --- the subject of the story that follows --- has been blessed with many talents that have practical use for the benefit of others with his varied and rich seventy year life experience.   


"...These gifts have no other purpose at this time of [my] life but to put their worth for the benefit of others... individuals and communities which are, like this person, in a quest for increasing the level of consciousness and awakening spirituality,  mainly through selfless-service efforts and devotion, said Dávila.  


Otto Caballo Blanco Riollano Dávila is devoted at the juncture of his third age to service projects orientated towards consciousness development and community self-sufficiency and empowerment.  Assisted by his  multidisciplinary academic training and management skills,  he has held executive positions in private business,  government and academia.  He has also worked as an independent entrepreneur in various private endeavors, including the production and direction of activities and products for the media, particularly film and TV.  He has always been deeply interested in philosophy and religion,  from a practical point of view, and has a penchant for whatever has to do with justice and peace,  through the tenets of  selfless-service, sharing  and tolerance.  Still very much a student at heart and mind, he is eager to continue learning and improve every aspect of his nature.  In these pursuits,  he has found a tremendous resonance and support  in indigenous people spirituality, particularly American Indian spirituality. 


By Blood and Spirit  

Otto Caballo Blanco Riollano is Puerto Rican by birth,  or borinqueño: -- that is, a native of Boriquén, which was the indigenous name of this Caribbean island before it was invaded and colonized by Spain.  His racial and cultural background is Puerto Rican, which is a nationality mainly made up of a mixture of Spaniards, Africans and Taíno Indians.  (Although the Taíno nation was exterminated as a body politic, Taíno blood ancestry, spirituality and social traits constitute a very strong cultural undercurrent in the Puerto Rican nation.)  Spiritually,  Caballo Blanco [White Horse] feels he has a very high indigenous quantum:  a reality which unfolded slowly in the course of his life and has now become a very strong presence in his being.   


Academic Background

Otto's formal academic training has been multidisciplinary, and includes:  a Bachelors in Science degree in 1957 from the University of Puerto Rico, followed by a year of studies at the University of Puerto Rico School of Law.   He then pursued two years of graduate studies in Business Administration at City University of New York .  From 1971-73 took a two year Diploma Course in film-making at the London Film School.  Conducted independent studies of, and practiced, Catholicism, Hinduism and Shamanism.  In the last few years has developed a special interest in Indigenous America, including its history, culture,  and particularly, its spirituality. 


Work Experience

In general, Otto has held business executive jobs in government and private enterprises; --  was self employed as a management consultant and lecturer;  -- worked for a number of years in the media (film and TV) as a script writer, producer and director;  --  has been a promoter and manager of cultural events, and finally; -- worked at the University of Puerto Rico, where he held various positions, including;  Department Director of Cultural Activities;  Associate Dean of Student Services;  Assistant Dean at the College of Humanities and;  Special Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor.  As an interim job within this positions, was appointed Chancellor of the San Juan Technological College.  He retired form the University of Puerto Rico in 1999.   


Special Interests

Special current interests include:  consciousness awakening  projects, working in this endeavor with small groups;  -- community service projects focused on conservation practices and sustainable development; -- writing papers, proposals, essays and articles on subjects related to spiritual, social,  community development,  paradigm changes and other matters of human interest.   In these endeavors and writings have been increasingly inspired by various American Indigenous nations and cultures.  He feels that impulse to pursue these activities comes from a vision to do his share in the  promotion of good relations, understanding, respect, abundance, balance and peace. 



Otto was married once (a good friendly relationship is maintained with former spouse),  is the father of two beautiful daughters and has five grandchildren.  He lives in the central mountainous part of the island, his home being a center of meditation, study,  hands-on learning, gardening, sharing, prayer and celebrations with spiritual brothers and sisters, family and friends.  He feels very enthusiastic and desirous to serve and help others, and in these efforts, is significantly inspired by the American Indian spirituality and life principles.  His home ---  a gift on loan from the Great Spirit --- is open to all people of a good heart who are in search of the Right Path or are already treading it.  The name of his home is Portal Monte,  or Portal del Remonte,  which means:  "a door to the path of awareness  and ascension." and is very close to the largest,  and now  well preserved, Taino ceremonial plaza in Boriquén.


A Future for All

Otto is profoundly convinced that his interest in that which is believed to be a "mythical state" perceived by so many in the deep recesses of the spirit and memory  -- the origins, or that ancestral state in which man was noble and pure -- is part of the mystery that has brought him back to the Rainbow Warriors of Manataka.  He feels his life vision,  and the impulse and desire to work and serve is a blessing from the Great Spirit.


The Elders of Manataka invite you to offer your prayers for the success of this important mission. We also invite you to read monthly reports from the White Horse himself as we together reach out to the Kogi, our big brothers in the Columbia mountains, the Maya of Guatemala, the great Inca of Peru and other indigenous people of the South.  



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