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In 2003, Benny LeBeau, Sr. found his way to the Sacred Manataka Mountain.  He participated in sweat lodge ceremonies and left an offering before continuing his journey back north to his home in Shoshone country.  While here, he met with several elders and later sat down on the sacred mountain to speak quietly with the "Bear".   

His visions were strong with assurances that his path would take him far.  His voice was calm but quick with many words to explain his paths and visions.  He seemed to know things without being told, yet he sat with the curiosity and wonder of a child.  He offered good advise when questions were posed and seemed anxious to give whatever may be requested.  He may have known the questions were more hypothetical than real, but that did not seem to make a difference to him. 

He first learned of Manataka from a cousin and spiritual elder, Woableza LaBatte, and made several acquaintances among the friends of Manataka before venturing on to the sacred grounds.  Now he was here, maybe expecting more than what he found and maybe leaving with more than he thought possible.  Time will tell.

For a long while now after his visit, we watch our new found friend from afar and on rare but welcome occasion, we speak with him by telephone or email.   We have seen his path go to many places.  We know of the detours and the pot holes he found along the way.  We know the burdens he carries.   We also know of his successes and the growth of a wonderful spirit that dwells deep within that provides him guidance and peace.  

Now after a respectable amount of time and observation, the time has come for Manataka to recognize and honor the work of Bennie LeBeau, Sr.


Bennie LeBeau, Sr. is an enrolled tribal member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming and is a spiritual leader and advisor.  He is an Earth Healer, Sundance Leader and a member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth and is a Seed Carrier of the Eagle and Condor Prophecies. He has many years of experience in indigenous tradition and culture with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe.  Encouraged by tribal elders, he studied Cultural Anthropology and Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University.  He speaks from a truly Native American perspective. 

LeBeau's First Path: 

Protecting and Preserving Messages of the Stone People

His path is to help educate his Shoshone people and other cultures on the significance of protecting an preserving sacred sites and indigenous prophecies.  He is led to teach the significance of sacred rock art areas across the America's and the world to those who need help interpreting the landscapes of these sacred sites.  LeBeau stresses the importance of language found inscribed on stone in the many Garden of Eden's (the original homelands of Indigenous Nations) that are currently and rapidly disappearing around the world due to uncontrolled land exploitation. 

LeBeau believes there is a great need to undertake a thoughtful look at all rock art sites as part of a spiritual learning experience.  According to LeBeau, American Indian rock art sites and other sacred sites around the world provide important knowledge and wisdom that can be combined and re-taught.  He says dreamtime wisdom has given him the tools and foundation to interpret rock art texts and pictures carved and painted on stones [petroglyphs / pictographs - rock art].  

"Rock art images explain historical events that happened in the past, can happen in the present or can happen in the future. Medicine people can find important ceremonial explanations in these interpretations.  The ancient rock art is a text of ancient healing ceremonies, knowledge of the universe, and 'all things' on Mother Earth that have been lost through the ages," said LeBeau.

He explains there is a need for wisdom of the tangible and intangible spiritual aspects of all life on our Mother Earth.  "Our true Mother the Earth gives us life.  Our Father the Central Sun is known as the "Mysterious One."  The Spoken Truth written on the stones is known as the Original Instructions and Universal Laws...  Great visions were carved on the stones...  These messages provide direction for all mankind to stay in balance and harmony with Nature and the Universal Laws.

"Universal Laws will be used to judge man-made laws and people who destroy the sacredness of Mother Earth and threaten to plunge the world into darkness," LeBeau warns. 


Medicine Wheel Healing Ceremonies

In 2004, LeBeau conducted a series of Medicine Wheel Ceremonies to honor the Earth and all creation.  The Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and Big Bear Lake, California became the hubs of these multicultural events.  LeBeau envisioned that all four races of mankind would celebrate blessings of the Earth together.  The Big Bear Lake Medicine Wheel Ceremonies demonstrated how 20 and 9 sacred mountains and waterways worked together to bring harmony to our Mother Earth in Wyoming and California. 


LeBeau says these events were necessary for mankind to reflect on environmental issues and what is happening to her sacred sites.  


LeBeau's Universal Medicine Wheel Ceremonies are a vision for people to celebrate the love and healing of Mother Earth.  They teach ways of "re-birthing" harmony and balance within mountains and bodies of water that have been taken out of harmony by modern man.  At these events, he teaches how the alignment of Medicine Wheels decreases the threat of natural disasters and how negative vibrations produced by government and private developments, mining, damming of waterways, road and housing construction, pipelines, and warfare all affect earth's harmony.  


"Environmental disasters are wake-up calls for mankind to reflect upon Mother Earth's abuse of sacred sites. They cause earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and horrific forest fires," said Bennie LeBeau.


Following Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, LeBeau conducts workshops on sacred geometry, grid lines, ley lines and song lines to provide additional insight for participants into the ceremonies, ancient earth wisdom and prophecies.  LeBeau feels instruction about sacred geometry found in the Medicine Wheel and how it works on the matrixes of the earth and human existence is vital in today's world.


"As we heal Mother Earth, we heal ourselves and family relationships.  This makes for a better tomorrow for all generations."




LeBeau's Second Path: 

Healing Mother Earth Through Education

His objective is to educate the world on Earth issues.  He Interprets natural disasters as "unnatural disasters" - caused by and affected by man's manipulation of nature using modern technologies for the sake of greed.  LeBeau knows it all starts in the classroom where wrong-thinking is the head master and the subjects of unbridled consumerism, techno- genocide and fear of scarcity are taught for the benefit of governments and mega-corporations.  


His hope is to reduce needless development by encouraging greater concern for clean air, water and soil.  He knows that by working together to solve these world-wide environmental problems it will help bring about peace and harmony between people.


Bennie LeBeau's path is to remind us of who we are and why humans are here on Mother Earth.


Manataka honors Bennie LeBeau for his path in life and it is our prayer that regardless of where it leads, the Creator of All Things will be with him.