Manataka American Indian Council








By Martha Switzer


God Created every thing, breathing

His "God" ness in to all his creations.


Therefore, God is in you and me.

God is in the rock and the tree.

God is in the flower and the sea.


Therefore, I am God, You are God,

As are the flower and the tree

And the rock and the sea.


Therefore, I am you

And you are me.

And we are He.



The earth is a beautiful great cosmic sphere

Radiating light from all who dwell here.  

Light permeates nature and all that we see 

And is the true essence of both you and me.


Picture seeing our planet from far outer space. 

Surround it with light from the whole human race.


Imagine the power of this awesome light 

Emitting Love into the cosmic night.

Notice the brilliance of this one great glow; 

Lights pulsating in unison as they ebb and flow.

From this perspective far above

Observe we're united in the Light of Love


This magnificent aura is the Light of our Being

Our Oneness with all is what yon are seeing.







God is among us in you and in me;

You have to just look, you can't help but see.


He created us all, from His Essence of Being;

We share in His grace, but our eyes are not seeing.


Open you mind; listen to your heart; 

His pulse is inside your; your life is His art.


He whispers to you if you quietly listen.

He wants to tell you that you life can glisten.


Happiness and harmony are yours for the asking.

Peace and Love are behind all the masking.


Step away from the noise, and see God in all things;

Take time to look inside, and see what quiet brings.


Your Self has the answers, it waits to be asked.

No question is too great, it's up to the task.


Asking will bring you to a most wonderful place,

Where you'll meet God Essence face to face.






Set your Self and your Spirit free; 

Give your permission just to 'be.' 

Stop the madness and step aside, 

Get off the frantic treadmill ride.


Look at what you do to you.

      I give you permission to. 

Cease all these many things you do....

"To thine own Self be true."


Achieving all that you can be 

Is not a mandate sent by me.

    Meditate and look inside 

Where your heart and Soul reside.


Look for the Self you want to be, 

Then live that Self for all to see.

  Going inside will show you, too,

There's nothing more you need to do. 

You already are the best you can be.... 

I am your Essence, and you are Me.






I love my children unconditionally,

Beyond anything I could ever foresee.

No matter the distance, space, or time,

This love I feel will still be mine.


No matter what they say or do,

My love for them will still be true.

No act of crime, passion, or hate

Would 'loss of love' be, as their fate.


For all the lesser acts they've done,

Forgiveness springs forth for every one.

I accept them however they want to be,

And the love I give flows back to me.


Whatever is mine, they also own;

As love shares, so abundance is grown.

I give this love, unconditionally; 

I know of no other way it could be.


This comes from my soul and simply is...

But how could my love be greater than His?

I think not, truly, that such could be.

God's love feels this, and much more to me.






Dream of a world where all are brothers

Where there is no one considered "others."

Where all who exits throughout earth and space

See themselves in the eyes of every race;

A world seeing all as part of the One,

As billions of rays from the Central Sun...

All aware of our universal Sources;

All as One, on a common course.

All with trust in a higher plane,

Knowing that we play in a cosmic game.

We are here to remember, and ultimately see

That we are all aspects of divinity.

That we are all one, God manifest in form; 

And all that exists, from Him has been born.

Know that His Light eternally glows,

Through worlds yet unknown, His Essence flows

Yes, dream of a world where Love is free,

Where all of us become ALL we can be.

Desire it, dream it, create it in your mind;

And the nature of our world shall soon be redefined.






That's some God you talk about

And you don't seem to have a doubt.

You dread His wrath at every turn

For fear in Satan's hell you'll burn.

He put you here to test your Soul,

And hopes to cast you from His fold.


The God of wrath frowns down on you

Seeing and judging whatever you do.

This God that grades your every sin

Makes many feel they cannot win.

A mortal sin could seal your fate,

And your remorse could come too late.


You must repent and show your sorrow

Or you won't have His love tomorrow.

This jealous God will show his scorn

If ever a doubt of Him is born.

Adam's sin must be washed away

Or loss of heaven is what you'll pay.


Unbaptised souls are cast aside,

Unworthy of God, forever denied.

This God of yours... you're wise to fear.

What His love means isn't clear.

Sadly, if this God does exist,

Salvation is just a lucky twist.


And, I think that if this is our God

We'll all be smitten by His rod!







No matter what anyone else is saying

Think only thoughts that heal.

Use positive "I am healthy" phrases;

Never think of yourself as ill.


Resist entertaining negative thoughts;

Watch what you think, speak and say.

Never give power to thoughts you don't want;

Just see them and turn them away.


Remember the universe always responds

To whatever you think and speak.

Supporting that with your behavior

Will actualize that which you seek.


Whatever it is that you fear the most

Will most definitely show up in your life;

Dwelling on things you hate and dread

Will call forth only pain and strife.


Living in fear of any event

is constructing what will come true;

You are breathing life into that thought

Which most certainly will happen to you.


Thank God sincerely will trusting faith

For whatever you'd like to be seeing.

Presupposing a gift is received

Will facilitate it into being.






All thoughts this journey of life

We seek to minimize pain and strife.

We only want to know the happy and good,

We fear the tough times more than we should.


Each incidence of pain from your very birth

Is to enhance your Self through your life on earth.

If you fear and abhor what causes you pain

You will draw it to you with nothing to gain.


Embrace the pain as a perfectly placed gift

To carry you forward, and your Spirit uplift.

"Pain" is only painful if you define it as such;

Define it as growth, and it won't hurt so much.


If you change your perception just that bit,

Whatever life brings you will ultimately fit.

You'll know that joy is the flip side of pain

And whatever you lose, there's somewhere a gain.


For every misfortune you accept and move through

An equally great blessing will follow you.

You will find life's events you defined as bad

Will no longer hold power they once had.


Nothing is painful unless you allow it to be so

You can choose to move on, and let it go.

Those things you cling to as hurtful in your past

Have served their purpose, so let go, at last.


Whatever you have met in life's journey so far

Has been there to remind you Who You Really Are.

Consider all that comes as appropriate and right,

Bringing an opportunity to move closer to the Light.


So, meet life's crisis with courage and resolve

They are gifts to remind you and help you evolve.

Realize that the exquisite Bring you are today

Is the sum-total of all that has come your way.






Most choose to sleepwalk through their earthly experience

With no connection to their Soul's creative powers,

With no burning desire to discover transcendent truths,

No need to contemplate the nature of their relationship with God.

Meditating, listening to God within, would be a tedious abstraction.

These souls are inextricably caught up in the illusion.

They walk oblivious to the multiplicity of life's dimensions.

Their tongues speak, but the words are not reflective of the Soul's truths.

Their religions have all the answers,

A concept of good and evil,

Right and wrong, that serves them well,

Removes all the guesswork,

Erases the need to think independently, creatively.

Some do not choose to be sleepwalkers,

But, to not choose to not sleepwalk, is to choose to walk unaware.

They have no passionate desire to explore their own spirituality.

Having no deep, searching questions requires no effort at all.

What they believe is so, is simply so, and simple.

All questions have already been answered.

The answers are adequate.

Life is expedient.






Happiness is a state of being

That paints the world and all you're seeing

The spirit of happy soars and sings;

It easily accepts whatever life brings.


It gives you strength in times of sorrow,

Certain there is a brighter tomorrow.

It knows that up is opposite of down,

And a smile can quickly replace a frown.


Happy is something you choose to be,

Then happiness happens for all to see.

Mind your thoughts, watch what you say,

And guide all your actions day by day.


Make happy the way you see your life;

Throw out ideas that cause you strife.

Let optimism lead your mind;

All that is negative, leave behind.


Paint your vision with a rosy brush,

When thoughts turn dark, make them hush.

No matter what you life's all about

There are many thoughts you could throw out.


Start each day on a personal high;

The unhappy things will pass you by.

Many good things will be drawn to you

To reinforce happy in all that you do.


Become it first within your mind;

Your heart will follow close behind.

That elusive happy you want to be

Will soon become your reality.


A Thought is Forever


Be thee alert what your mind is saying,

Be clear you want that, for which you are praying.

For a thought or a prayer, once formed and created

Exists and goes forth, its effect unabated.


Once presented, it travels through space and time

Into the universe, with like-thoughts to combine.

It carries with it, great power to create;

Once thought, to retrieve it, it's just too late.


That energy wave which you sent into space

Joins with thoughts from the whole human race.

It has an effect, though you may not know how,

On your life, and mine, in the moment of Now.


Once formed, its vibrations forever survive;

To meet like-thoughts and become magnified.

Any and all of your thoughts and your words

On earth's consciousness are truly conferred.


So mind your thoughts that they add, not detract.

Know they touch others, then reverberate back.

Watch what you think, and own what you say;

These represent you, and return in some way.


Know that your actions, your words, and your mind

Form your experience, of whatever kind.

We are co-creators with God above,

So, make sure that you create nothing but Love.