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Holding Fast to Earth Mother

By Hohongwitutiwa, Hopi Grandfather



Ngungu'taota (greetings, we are relatives), Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are One),

I think that all who have read Takatoka”s “Great Remembering, Part I and Great Remembering, Part II” have been inspired and look forward to part III of that series. Following the end of part II, a preview of part III subjects were provided, including, among others:


*  Preparing for massive social, economic and earth changes

*  Learning to survive and overcome fear.


According to our knowledge, I would like to address the above two points  inserting them into a larger picture, so our brothers and sisters can clearly understand what is really occurring and what is at stake. 


This information is provided to help prepare people for the chaos surrounding the ongoing changes, so their fear can be overcome and they can make wise choices. At the heart of this knowledge is restoring a deep and profound trust in our Earth Mother, so we will always hold fast to Her no matter what occurs to steal us from Her in the confusing days ahead.

The knowledge I have been sharing in past Manataka articles, and elsewhere, is being provided in accordance with the instructions we originally received from Masau long ago, to openly share these secret matters at the end of this Fourth World-- this is a time when all peoples are being called to speak out. The knowledge being shared fits with the “remembering process” Takatoka spoke about-- remembering all our Earth Mother is and means to us, including how she has long been carrying us within an evolutionary process created by the Great Spirit, that is about to culminate at the end of this purification time.

The unusual and intensifying stormy weather, climatic changes, and escalating geological disturbances are all part of a natural cycle that is occurring throughout our sun system/Kokyangwuhti's nest. These changes are due to what is happening deep within the Earth, at Her core-heart, Her birth pains as She prepares to birth Her core-egg. Ta'a, the Earth is in labor to give birth, along with the sister worlds of our system as we all progress according to the Great Spirit's plan for life. For our Earth Mother and Her children, this is the final step up the evolutionary ladder to the Fifth-Forever World, where we will receive our crowning life. As the Earth's birth draws nearer, Her birth pains will escalate causing fear, thus helping promote the massive social, economic and earth changes referred to by Takatoka .

But fear can be overcome when we understand that what is occurring is natural, the completion of a long journey we have been involved in for ages with the Earth, a wonderful fulfillment of our highest aspirations. Those who understand these changes are part of the Great Spirit's plan, embrace them knowing they progress us toward the destiny hoped for us by our creator. As we have done in many past lifetimes on Earth, dying Hopi faithfully proclaim “ita tamta: I give my life back to my Earth Mother, with faith that She will return it to me again.” With faith in our Earth Mother, we can face the escalating changes and worldly upheavals unafraid to die upon Her good body, trusting She will once again restore our life following this purification. But there will be a difference this time: our new life will awaken in our perfected, imperishable forms in the heavenly Fifth World, as long as we remain immovable from our Mother through all to come.

There is another thing we should know; if we will live lovingly and peacefully together, the birth pains of the Earth will be lessened, reducing fear. So let our hearts guide us to live this way and to pass it on, for the good of all the Earth's children.

As this knowledge becomes meaningful to you, please share it with all our brothers and sisters, asking others to join in this effort. I am old now and hope others will carry on sharing this information after I am gone. I am always available to help those whose hearts guide them to do this work, at


Naawakna nihqe kyaptsita – with love and respect,

Upaava - your brother Hohongwitutiwa


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