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 25 Years | National Museum of the American IndianDear Manataka Friends,
I want to thank you for your steadfast support of the National Museum of the American Indian.  Your vision and dedication have meant so much to our work together over the past twenty-five years.

Now I hope you will take the next step with us. Working together, we want to transform the inaccurate popular perceptions so many people hold about Native history and contemporary culture and help all Americans understand its relevance to their lives today.  We’re working hard to share this message among all those who care about the work of this Institution. I recently talked with Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor at the Washington Post and he wrote this piece on our efforts.

Simply put, we want to remove the "imaginary Indians" from our world and replace them with real Indians.  This will be no small undertaking and I hope I can count on you to help tell this bigger story.

You see, for a time early in the last century the Indian population so declined that a mythical version of an Indian created by Non-Natives dominated popular culture and filled our textbooks. As a result, today most Americans, through no real fault of their own, do not know America's whole history.

Most Americans do not realize that whoever you are, your history includes American Indian chapters. Let's work together to change that today.

Please partner with us to:

*    Provide a fuller, more accurate telling of American history

*    Share the vibrancy of Indian culture today

*    Help ensure social justice for indigenous people


I think of loyal members like you as being on our front line for telling this bigger story.  Your voice and willingness to share are powerful tools.  This is why we will be sending you regular updates on this effort over the next few months.

But here are three ways you can start helping to tell the bigger story right now:


*    Share this short video with your friends and family and ask them to sign up to learn more. 

*    Explore Nation to Nation: Treaties Between the United States and American Indian Nations, our latest

     exhibition, and learn the real story of what lies at the heart of the relationship between Indian Nations and

     the United States.

*    Pass on Moving beyond the 'imaginary Indians' perception and challenge others you know to discover

     today's real Indians. 



Kevin Gover 

Kevin Gover (Pawnee)


"If there is a shadow of a doubt someplace, that will cause a weakness."  -- Wallace Black Elk, Lakota



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