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November 1, 2014


Focus on Wiconi International


Dear Manataka,
We wanted to take a few minutes and let you know about some of the exciting events that Wiconi has had the pleasure of being involved in:


Cross-Cultural Experience in South Dakota 


In our last edition of Smoke Signals, we reported on our 11th Annual Wiconi "Living Waters" Family Camp and 10th "Living Waters" Powwow, has been renamed the "Richard L. Twiss Memorial Living Waters Powwow".


Just prior to the Family Camp, Wiconi held our 8th annual Cross-Cultural Immersion Learning Experience in South Dakota taught by professors Jay Moon and Doug Anderson. This year JR Lilly and Casey Church assisted on behalf of Wiconi. Originally begun by Dr. Richard Twiss and Jay Moon in conjunction with Sioux Falls Seminary, this is the second course we have held since the passing of Dr. Twiss.


On July 12, students gathered at the seminary in Sioux Falls before heading out to the Rosebud Reservation in Mission, SD. From there they drove to various places such as Wounded Knee and Tree of Life. Casey states, "By making this trip a priority, I was able to attend most of the training events, meet the students and share in discussion on Native culture both theoretically and practically. I was able to attend with the group a local powwow, participate in a sweat lodge conducted by a local elder, take part in a wiping of tears ceremony of a prominent elder who was a friend of Richard."


One of the major benefits of this week-long cross-cultural experience is the opportunity to recognize one's own cultural ways, biases and prejudices more clearly as we closely learn to understand and appreciate those of others.


The 9th immersion seminar will be held in July 2015. For more info, you can contact Wiconi at  


Wiconi and Indian Life at Canada's Manito Ahbee

Manito Ahbee, Canada's largest Aboriginal festival, kicked off September 10, and Wiconi staff Jim & Jan Uttley were there. Jim is also editor of the Indian Life Newspaper. They had a booth right inside the main entrance to the festival at the MTS Centre in downtown Winnipeg. Jim along with staff and volunteers from Indian Life Ministries distributed hundreds of copies of Indian Life Newspaper and gave out a free book.


"I'm thankful for those we were able to speak with," says Jim.  "A young man, quite interested in the literature, said he had questions about Creator and wondered 'if God was even listening to him...' I assured him that I would pray for him." An elderly woman chatted, raising a question or two about her spiritual journey. She was given a copy of "Choosing the Creator's Path," a popular brochure.


This is the fifth year that Indian Life has had a booth at the festival. For more information about Indian Life Ministries click here:


To view the latest edition of the Indian Life Newspaper click here:




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