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Women on Drums


Women have had such an important place in native society and had the ability to remove chiefs/sachems.  I think that this fellow that wants  to eliminate women on the drums is trying to produce an idea that is not originally with us. I question his  position in native society.  My name is Earl Mack ... my native ancestors  were  north east woodsmen.


Membership Renewal

Hello Manataka!
I received my membership renewal in the mail today with my beautiful id card. Looks like I also have a new email address, According to Yahoo, this email address did not exist. But, I liked the name of it, and it fit in so many ways (I am a 'mother' to many on many levels, in addition to my own children). So I created the email address for myself to claim it!

This was meant to arrive at this time, and I am grateful to Manataka and to the Holy One, for impeccable timing as usual. Things come and tend to happen when they need to, when they are meant to - we need to wait on G-d's timing and not our own wishes or whims. The Universe has its own rhythms and cycles, in accordance with the laws and majesty of the Holy One.  With love and gratitude.  ~Kim Summer Moon

Natural Way to Better Health

Dear Manataka American Indian Council,
I got your email address on the internet. In case some of your members are interested in better health and a natural way of healing, I invite you to the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, international voluntary organization,
received an international peace award at the UN for its work in 2013. EN - Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is Awarded with the Peace Pole at the UN Tillmann Chapel, NY

Remembering, Part II


I send You this wish for a vision of purification.  Best wishes. ~Vishnu Sippora


Love for Manataka


My name is Tyre I am writing to you to express my sincere and heartfelt expressions at this time. 


I truly hope that you continue to stay strong and to remain steadfast, always be courageous in all things. I know how it feels to face trials and overcome tests of faith, we are are encouraged to have peace of mind and to remember the stronghold that we have, and to feel comforted and to captivate tender mercies. Furthermore, I will always keep you in my innermost thoughts and prayers, I send my deepest gratitude and love go out to you and your family, always take to heart the words of cultivating and safeguarding your heart and the wonderful endurance and prominence that you hold true to. I am very proud of you all, and the amazing and profound virtues that you hold true to your foundations, staying close together with your family, and having that special love for one another draws you very close and it strengthens the bonds and incites fine works. Love never fails, it is a perfect bond of union, it hopes all things, believes all things, and endures all things. I'll always keep you firm in my mind and in my heartfelt prayers as well and I hope that you will remain strong and hold fast to your integrity.   With loving gratitude and genuine graciousness.   Sincerely, Tyre Nelson

Spirit Moves in Big Circles

Dear Manataka,

I Live in Western Australia by the beach. I am a spiritual man with a close connection to the Lakota people of Pine Ridge.

I look forward to reading you news and stories.   I watched the lunar eclipse here from the beach Wed evening. Since then I have been over come by sadness. Can you please tell me why?  Thank you.  Kind Regards. ~Michael Lewis



The great tides of the oceans and all other waters of the earth, including the water within you, respond to the call of the moon.  Emotions flow easier when the water within us is being drawn by the moon opening us to feelings of melancholy, passion and love.  Negative emotions also find expression during times of the full moon or an eclipse.  Crime rates go up, more babies are conceived and the crazies are on the loose.  Thirteen women from many directions arrived at Manataka this week.  They were drawn by the moon.  Their moon time brings feelings of melancholy, followed by increased awareness and love.


I am going through lots of change and growth and variable emotions this last 5-6 weeks.  This started with Breath work with my teacher in an authentic tepee. She is a talented gifted woman, her name is Catherine. About  a week after this I did a very strong healing on myself. For me the last full moon eclipse was very moving yet somehow I was awash with sadness. Some of this sadness was not mine. Now the emotions seem a little more even, even though I step my red road very carefully and patiently. I met Peter and Cindy Catches when I travelled to Pine Ridge on 2005. Peter gave me my Lakota name which is Ota. Cindy and I maintain regular contact via email and letters. I hope to return to see them and spend part of the summer next year. Meanwhile I shall enjoy our exchanges and a growing connection Manataka.  With every Blessing from Michael Ota. 



Knights of Columbus and Columbus Day

Dear Manataka,

We really have enjoyed your various online stories and your website.  Here is a news tip that may interest you.


Any history and knowledge needs to be neutral. The Knights of Columbus Wikipedia's site is NOT neutral. Wikipedia states," All Wikipedia Articles and other encyclopedic content must be written from a neutral point of view." "Wikipedia is written collaboratively by largely anonymous internet volunteers who write without pay." "Wikipedia is NOT responsible for any historical errors.


Many European and American cultures don't understand the reason why Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day is really insulting to certain Catholics. Read on with an open mind about how other Catholics feel.


As Catholic First Nations, we have our own historical interpretation of Knights of Columbus and Columbus Day. First, Columbus Day began in the late 1930's when the Knights of Columbus and American-Italian New York leader Generoso Pope Sr lobbied the US government. Generoso Pope was a powerful mafia boss with connections with Frank Costello. Generoso Pope built much of the New York's skyline such as the Empire State building, Yankee Stadium, George WA bridge, Rockefeller Center, and Radio city music Hall. Generoso was an important advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Together, the Knights of Columbus and Generoso Pope created Columbus Day as a National Holiday and the Columbus Day parade for New York City. Other Knights of Columbus mafia connected members are but not limited to Tommy Lucchese, Joe Bonanno, Joe Profaci, John F Kennedy, and Jerry Horan. The Knights of Columbus even uses Mafia terminology in the fraternity such as “Associate member.” An associate member in the fraternity means a non-insured member. In the mafia an associate member means, “One who works in affiliation with a mafia organization, but is not an official member.”


Times have changed to respect all Catholics universally in the United States and the Knights of Columbus needs to respect Catholic First Nation Rights. 501 (C) (8) Tax exempt not for profit entity. What about Catholic First Nation rights? Read the history books of Columbus and pray that the Knights of Columbus will change their name to a positive one. You will find that Columbus is not the best choice to honor as a Catholic hero. Perhaps even the name Knights of Father Mc Givney or Knights of Christ would be more appropriate choice for the order?


Christopher Columbus was not the first explorer of North America. The First Nations were the first explores of North America. The Greeks provided credible evidence that the Earth was round 2,000 years before Columbus. Additionally, Leif Erikson discovered North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Then Christopher Columbus mistakenly labeled our First Nations as Indians. It is historically embarrassing that Queen Isabelle had Christopher Columbus arrested and sent back to Spain in chains for barbaric crimes against the Arawaks. The barbaric leader Christopher Columbus even operated sex slavery. In his journal, he wrote in 1500, "A hundred Castellanoes are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls, those from the ages of 9 and 10 now in demand." In the modern world, this action would be defined as sex trafficking.


Next, Christopher Columbus was a war mogul seeking power and gold. In his journal he wrote, “I could conquer the whole of them with fifty men and govern them as I pleased. " Columbus demanded Gold, food, and sex for his men. If the First Nations refused, he would order for their noses, ears, and hands to be cut off or kill them. The body parts of the First Nations were fed to Columbus's hunting dogs. There is credible evidence that Columbus and his men killed over 300,000 Natives through war. Christopher Columbus enslaved the First Nations for Gold. Columbus wrote, " As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some Natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts." Catholic Bishop Bartolome De Las Cases wrote, "Such inhumanities and barbarisms were committed in my sight as no age can parallel. My eyes have seen these acts so foreign to human nature that now I tremble as I write." Further, Catholic Bishop Bartolome De Las Cases wrote, “What we committed in the Indies stands out among the most unpardonable offenses ever committed against God and mankind, and this trade [In Indian slaves] as one of the most unjust, evil, and cruel among them.”


King Ferdinand finally pardoned Christopher Columbus, but stripped his governor title for life. In Pre-Columbus days, the population of the Arawaks of Hispaniola were about 5-8 Million. By 1542, Catholic Bishop Bartolome De Las Cases confirmed a record of less than 200. By 1555, the Arawaks became extinct on Hispaniola. As a result, Christopher Columbus was accused of genocide through war, slavery, and biological warfare of disease.


The world is starting to apologize and recognize the unchristian behavior of killing thousands of innocent Natives. Even Pope Leo XIII rejected the Knights of Columbus request to have Christopher Columbus recognized as a Saint. In 1994, the United Nations declared Aug 9th as the International Day of the World's Indigenous People. Many US States such as Hawaii, Arkansas, Alaska, Oregon, Delaware, California, Florida, Wyoming, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington State, Nevada, Vermont, Texas, and South Dakota DO NOT recognize Columbus Day. Hawaii celebrates Polynesian Discoverers and South Dakota celebrates Native American Day.


Knowing all of these facts let’s investigate a question," Would the Knights of Columbus accept Christopher Columbus as a Practical Catholic?"


Knights of Columbus written law for all members states:


Knights of Columbus Charter Constitution laws Sec 168 states, "Any member of this order shall, ipso facto, forfeit his membership in the Order" Sec 168 # 1 ” Who shall fail to remain a practical Catholic in union with the Holy See." Sec 168 # 6 " Who is convicted of a felony by a court of competent authority."


The historical facts of Christopher Columbus are evident that he wouldn't be accepted for KofC membership as a practical Catholic during our modern era. Clearly Christopher Columbus and his men are accountable for several crimes against humanity of the First Nations.


At one point, Columbus himself was arrested and convicted within Queen Isabelle's authority. Today, Christopher Columbus would be labeled as a convicted felon for crimes against humanity.


Now ask yourself, why honor Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day?


Other ideas of Knights of Columbus reform should include NO KofC symbols on the Chalice or any Eucharist supplies. The focus should be on Christ and not a Catholic Insurance company. No KofC Swords should be allowed inside the church. In Matthew 26:52 Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword." In fact, in 1992 St.Joseph Parish Peace and Justice Commission located in Rock Island Illinois made a good attempt to bring National attention to remove the KofC ceremonial sword inside churches and rename the Knights of Columbus. Let’s join together in prayer that the Knights of Columbus Supreme office will consider reform. 1) To change the KofC order's name that is more internationally positive that embraces God's love. 2) No Knights of Columbus symbols on any Eucharist items for mass such as the Chalice. 3) No Swords in the church.


A few resources: "Lies my teacher told me about Christopher Columbus" by James Loewen and "Christopher Columbus - The Last Templar" by Ruggero Marino and " In Defense of the Indians: The Defense of the Most Reverend Lord, Don Fray Bartolome De las Cases, of the order of preachers, late Bishop of Chiapa by Bartolome De Las Casas" By Catholic Bishop Bartolome De Las Cases. Finally, "Generoso Pope Foundation ", "Knights of Columbus Charter Constitution laws", and “ The Mafia Encyclopedia from Accardo to Zwillman by Carl Sifakis pg 94.  ~William Duncan


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