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What have you learned about Earthing?




Manataka Smoke Signal News featured the following articles

by Martin Zucker of the Earthing Institute



02/2014 -   Earthing: Real Healing Power Right Under Your Feet

03/2014 -   Reconnect to The Healing Earth

04/2014 -   Mother Earth and Stress Relief:  Earthing

05/2014 -   How the Earth Protects Your Cardiovascular System – Part One

06/2014 -   How the Earth Protects Your Cardiovascular System – Part Two

07/2014 -   Earthing and Insomnia

08-2014 -   Mother Earth − A Missing Link in Women’s Health





Please take five minutes to answer a few questions about what you have learned?


1.    I read this number of Earthing articles




2.    I read these specific Earthing articles




3.    Have you followed any links to the Earthing website?  


4.    Did you purchase any products at the Earthing website? 



5.    What is the most significant information you learned?







Thank you for your time and interest in Earthing!



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