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She is a Rainbow Warrior and her job is to use the wisdom and knowledge of the ancestors to help others to find Truth and bring them into the Creator's fold. 

Her teachings are basic, simple and suitable for people of any religion or nationality. 

She does not see herself as a missionary sent to convert people from their religion, but just the opposite.  Her goal is to enhance their faith and lead them to fulfillment, filling in the gaps that are present in most organized religions.  Her mission is to help people become the best they can be so they can practice their religious beliefs by living in the Light.

According to Grandmother Winter White Moon, "...Knowledge is healing.  If I can use my medicine and knowledge to heal the heads of people who are lost, confused and going in many directions that is good.  If I can help bring balance, that is using medicine in a good way..."

"I do not attempt to bring others to believe as I do, think like me or practice their religion like me.  Each has their own path, their own way to find.  Only a Spirit Medicine Teacher can teach these type of things," says Grandmother Winter White Moon.

She has been practicing what she preaches for several years in small town in northern Arkansas.  Hardly a day goes by that people do not drop in to hear what Winter White Moon has to say.  Some listen and some do not.  Regardless, they all find warmth, friendship and love in this pudgy, black-haired, always smiling woman.  

Her parents named her Betty at birth and she was raised as an Arkansas farm girl and she did not have the benefit of being reared in traditional American Indian ways.  The family's Cherokee heritage was never discussed but little did she know that her parents were teaching her the old beauty way.  

Betty's father was a very proud man who worked the land that he dearly loved.  He treated the land and everyone in his life with respect.  His word was his bond and when he passed on to the Spirit World, the greatest inheritance he left for his family was a good name. "...Now that was a man who walked the beauty path!," she smiled. 

Her mother taught many things were an essential part of placing her daughter's feet in the right direction along the Beauty Path - the basics of right and wrong.  Winter White Moon was raised in the church and taught the importance of self-esteem without egotism by her parents.  "Mother taught me to respect all of God's creations. She showed me Mother Nature," Grandmother said.

As a young girl she heard many old sayings about living right and treating every living thing on Earth Mother with respect.   

"Most of these seem to tie directly with "The Code of Right Relationship " and "The Seven Reminders to the People ". These basic Cherokee rules of life closely resemble the Christian Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus Christ but they were practiced among my people long before the Christian religion came to North America," stated Betty Winter White Moon. 

She was raised in the Baptist church and always believed in an ultimate being, a higher power. "...But," says Grandmother Betty, "..The Christian teachings left me with many questions and there were no answers to quiet my soul.  I spent my life searching for these answers but only began to find them in 1997 - in the American Indian Medicine Ways."

Betty saw a small star, a tiny light in the heavens and began to follow that star to find the teachings and people she needed to guide her along the path.  She became Unegv Noquisi - White Star as a symbol of her struggle to see the way.      

Sometime later she joined a small Cherokee group in North Arkansas and was elected secretary of the organization.  In 2001, she found her way to Manataka and immediately felt the power and energy of the sacred mountain and heard the ancients speak.  She later became a member and intensified her efforts to know the rainbow ways of light and earned a respected position within the organization.   Recently, Grandmother Winter White Moon was nominated to serve as an Elder of Manataka.

For seven years she has studied intently and knows she has only began to scratch the surface - even though the search and studies have been the central focus of her time. "I will never learn all there is to know but I am very proud to have the opportunity to pass some of the knowledge that I do have along to any who wishes to learn".  

According to Winter White Moon, those who are beginning their journey on the 'Beauty Path' must look within to find answers to spiritual questions.  She sees her job is to serve as a guide along the path that is lit with the fires of the ancient ones.  "I have come to be seen and I am marking the trail so the way ahead will hold no fear for others who come after me," says Betty.     

" For those who walk this Path should not be left to grope in the dark when light can make them aware that the Path is beautiful and the steps that they take can be a choreography of beauty too. For this Path is the Beauty Path - the beautiful way - where all who will may dance in beauty around their own hearth fire!," proudly says Winter White Moon.

When she first came to Manataka, she was known as Betty Unegv Noquisi -White Star Frey.  But,  in June 2004, she was gifted with a new spirit name during ceremonies in the sacred circle at Manataka.  Earlier in the spring, a Cherokee spiritual elder came to Manataka to perform ceremonies on the sacred mountain.  While praying alone by his fire the last cold snap of winter descended upon the mountain top and the wind spirits began to sing.  After climbing down several hours later, the old man gave these words:  

"In the beginning of your path, you saw a tiny white star whose message was faint and far away.   Today, that small distant white star has come much closer into your vision and today you see your path as well as you can see the white moon above.  Like the moon, who has power over the movement of waters, your medicine lies within the healing and purifying waters of mother earth.   These healing waters run deep with the emotions of human and thus your new path begins with your new sacred spirit name Grandmother Winter White Moon."



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