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Dream Weaver

by Gayle S


Well Folks, are we having fun yet? If your lives are in flux right now you are in Good/GOD company. I am hearing from many Way-Showers that their lives have become especially tense and intense lately. I know that mine certainly has for Creator GOD has asked me to release my hold on everything that I hold dear. To let go and let GOD in totality as I free-fall out of all of my comfort zones. To be willing to float unencumbered as the winds of change blow around me. To feel to the depths of my being all of the highs and lows of pulling up the anchor and going with the flow.

I was shown a dream catcher in a vision a little while ago. As I thought of the design I was told of the truth that each one of us represents a separate cord anchored to the Sacred Hoop. That when we first made the decision to follow our unique Spiritual Path, our strands were spaced widely apart. The cords were arranged in such a way that our individual soul resonance didn't effect the next cord very much. There were few cords directly in contact with ours and our soul level growth decisions didn't directly impact another's path while we began purposefully following our inner guidance. We were more secluded as we worked our way through layer after layer of learning and healing.

As we have continued to grow in our faith in Creator GOD we have moved ever closer to the center of the hoop. We have become stronger in our determination to accomplish what we came here this lifetime to do. The distance between our individual cords has lessened. The weave has become tighter and what we each personally think, do, and say has a quicker and stronger impact on the soul cords/chords that we are entwined with.

We are now living in the times of the tight weave. The chords of our soul vibrations are effecting those that are also walking their Paths and are joined with ours in close relation. This closeness has many side effects both pleasant and not so pleasant. When we are resonating with fellow travelers that are light-hearted and feeling inner peace, it is joyous to feel and combine with their energy.  When we are in close proximity with Spiritual Warriors that are still battling fear, it can be downright irritating. When we are facing difficult decisions and fearing the outcome, we are irritating to others. Because we are in a closer knit we effect each other in ways that we didn't when we were more widely spaced.

It is important to remember that we are and will continue to be a unique cord/chord in the design. We are still and always will be individual soul walking our own Path toward the oneness that is Creator GOD. That even though we are all rapidly advancing toward the center, we are still separately and divinely Sourced to carry out our particular assignment, apart from the mass mind.

What we came here to do is not exactly in tune with anyone else's mission. We each have our own task that, combined with each other, colors in the New Creation landscape. The restoration of the divine blueprint that Creator instilled in us when we began as sparks of GOD. We were and continue to be gifted with the free will to make our own choices to experience the All That Is. To make our way back to Creator GOD that nourishes and sustains us and lovingly watches over each and every step we take.

Each of us are being faced with personal decisions that are determining our Paths. We are making choices that either follow the ways of the world or remain true to our inner knowing, our GOD guidance. Many of these decisions are in the life changing category now. We are sensing that the finish line is fast approaching. We don't quite know what the grand finale consists of but we are being guided to address our remaining weak spots so that we will be prepared for what is to come. To become so confident and so Trusting in Creator GOD that no one and nothing can knock us offkilter.

Our greatest fears are surfacing now. The ones that we have known were lurking under the surface but have been able to avoid dealing with in a direct way up until now. Avoidance in any way, shape, or form is no longer going to be allowed if we are to succeed at our assigned tasks. For at the center of the tight weave that we are now enmeshed in is the circle of the unknown creation. The void that we are meant to fill with the new story of what we intentionally wish to usher in for the future generations inhabiting this beautiful planet. The opportunity to join our Soul resonance, our unique cords/chords, together to weave a new design that will expand into infinity.

What we think and feel will have a greater and more immediate return as we enter the void. Our thoughts and our dreams have immense power and our abilities are increasing as the days go by. We are responsible for the emanations and vibrations that we are putting off. We are not responsible for anyone else's and we must not allow ourselves to be overtaken by the energy of those around us.

It is imperative that we do our inner GOD work so that we will not be making choices based on anyone's Soul Path but our own. It is important to carefully and fully examine and heal all of our weaknesses and shortcomings. To leave no stone unturned in going within ourselves for better understanding of who we are and why we made this journey to be here for this time. It is also important to encourage those around us to be seeking their own inner guidance and to not demand, or even expect, that they believe and act as we do.

Mother earth is trembling and the winds of change are howling. All of us are feeling uncertainty in our lives as we see and feel the emanations of new birth approaching on many different levels. The umbilical cords connecting us to our comfort zones are being stretched to the limit; soon to be cut for good so that we may rise up to our full potential.  Prophecies of the ancients appear to be reaching fulfillment and new prophets are rising up with messages of impending doom and retribution for the wayward ways of mankind.

Because we are so tightly entwined as our Paths converge, we will be tempted to believe and go along with these harbingers of death and destruction. To add our energy to the mix and thereby set up a negative vibration that will shake the world to it's very foundations.

Let us each, in alignment with Creator GOD choose to be Dream Weavers of the Highest Order. To weave the new creation in such a way that we realize our good dreams and not our nightmares.  To walk our Path in oneness with Creator in such a way that we are an integral part of the Divine solution, not merely another strand in the problem.

My GOD Bless us and sustain us as we progress into the dream-time. May we each feel the Love that is always with us, filling us with the strength and courage to face the unknown and to walk straightforward and confident into the darkness of the void to shine and combine our Spiritual light with one another. Sweet Dreams to All and to All a Good/GOD night.

"You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!"

by Gayle S

We are living in trying times. In December of 1776 as the opening line to a series of pamphlets entitled "The American Crisis", Thomas Paine wrote "These are the times that try men's souls". The time that he was referring to was the beginning of the Revolutionary War but the same can be said for the times that we live in now. For we are soon to be fully immersed in Trials and Tribulations.

I heard the song "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" within me this morning as I was talking to GOD about the title of this message.  I was beginning to wonder if this one would ever come to completion for it has been almost a month of collecting bits and pieces to weave together into this collaboration. The title of this Message applies to all of us on a global and on a personal level. It is a statement that conveys warning and at the same time a welcome wave that the show is finally getting on the road after waiting so long behind the gate.

I was also reminded of the story of the "Little Engine That Could". Most of us are simply doing our best, chugging along, trying to make sense of things as we continue traveling our path. Now many of us are receiving either Divine Confirmation that we are on the right track, as encouragement to keep on moving forward, or seeing pieces fall into place now that have built on what came before. Knowing that because of what occurred in our past, we are in alignment with what is coming to fruition now. That even though we can't see the track as it winds around the bend, GOD is already there removing the obstacles. Thank GOD we are gifted with these enlightened moments for the journey is difficult and often an uphill climb as we venture into the unknown.

Many of us have read books that were written up to three decades ago describing earth changes and an impending Spiritual Awakening. For that space in time, many messengers were receiving guidance that these events were to occur before the turn of the millennium. Those who took those books as gospel, lost confidence in what was foretold when it didn't happen on schedule. Others read what was written and held it in their hearts to be used when the time came for everything to fall into place. The books have stood the test of time and created a template that we and those born after us could follow in order to not lose hope that we will birth a new way of living together in peace and harmony.

My guidance is that we received a Divine dispensation, a reprieve of sorts to allow for more of humanity to get aboard the Soul Train. For more Souls to recognize and realize their assignments for this lifetime and for additional Souls to embody to take part in the celebration of what we will create.

We made our reservations for the trip when we decided as Soul to take on human form. As we have become awakened to where our strengths lie and accepted that we are willing and able to follow through with our unique mission, we've been issued our assigned seats. At all times we have had the choice whether or not to show up for the journey. All through our lives we have had been allowed the free will to R.S.V.P. to the Divine Invitation. A simple yes or no is all that has been required.

We have all shown up at different times. Some came early on and have waited for what seemed an eternity as passengers/Passage-rs trickled in one by one to take their seats. Many of us have been sitting in a holding pattern for years waiting patiently, sometimes not so patiently, for the ride to commence. Finally, the seats are almost filled and the delay is just about over. Even though the wait was often tedious as we squirmed in our seats, it was well worth the wait. The increased number of Souls joining hearts with us will make the ride all the merrier. We have been gifted with this opportunity of many lifetimes and we're in for a mighty exciting ride. For the Divine Dispensation and reprieve is coming to an end.

What was predicted and foreseen through so many people is now at our doorstep. It's come a knocking, the bell is ringing and whether we open the door or not, someone eventually will, and all of Humanity will be faced with what we have hoped to keep at bay as long as possible. The earth must heal and the Dark Ones must be vanquished from their seats of power and destruction. What I promise, and can only do so because GOD has promised me that it is the Truth, we are not going this alone. We have all the support emotionally, physically, and most of all Spiritually that we will ever need and it is all for the asking.

GOD spoke these words to me a couple of weeks ago and I loved the way that it was expressed to me. On our Spiritual Path we begin as Wayward children, wanting our own way, making unwise choices, and taking unnecessary risks. Then as we grow in our understanding we become Wayfarers, travelers, taking many different paths until we find our unique place in the world. Until we understand what GOD is trying to reveal to us as our part in the grand scheme of things. Until we come to the place of conviction and are strong enough to stand up for ourselves and what we know as the GOD'S Honest Truth in our lives. Wearing many different hats until we find the one that fits perfectly and defines who we are and what we will be as GOD'S companion, co-worker, and co-Spiriter.

The final leg on our Path is that of the Way-shower; a Beacon of GOD and a Light bearer that assists those that are stumbling and faltering on their personal journey. By aligning with Creator GOD we can become a person of compassion and kindness that encourages those who are still searching and questioning their own place in Creator GOD'S plan. We can't become this person on our own volition. It takes Divine development to attain this level of being an agent of GOD in the physical. For it isn't what we can do for GOD, instead it is all about what GOD can do through us.

We tend to look for lightening bolt moments and miss the firefly flashes; the subtle nudges and inspirations that appear in our lives each and every day. Yet, these are the most incredible part of our journey. The subtle giftings and graces are what provide us with the impetus to never give up; to continue on through the hard times and the bumps in the road. To realize that we have enough time to accomplish our mission even when everything around us says otherwise.

It is wise to recap our days before we turn in for the night.  To think about all the people that we met, and what they said or did in our presence. To think about the nuances of what we've read, what we've seen, and what we've heard or felt throughout the day. For often there are hidden gems in the midst of all the busyness. Often there are messages that fit together with something that we have observed before. Building blocks , whose importance becomes apparent when we take the time to search through them and sort them out. For there is not a moment in our lives that does not build on what has come before and paves the way for what is to come in the future.

By becoming more aware of the wondrous design of our lives we feel more centered, calm, and peaceful. We come to a place of knowing that nothing happens by mistake. That there is something to be learned and treasured in everything that we experience and that when we have chosen to live as Co-creators with GOD we will not be left aimless without the means to carry out what we are here to do.

We rarely think of the difficulties in our lives as something to be treasured, especially when we are in the midst of the lesson. It is only when we have passed through the fire and come out on the other side that we will know why it all came about in the manner that it did. We will understand the purpose for what we have gone through. By experiencing the hardships we will better understand the hardships of others and be willing to lend a helping hand when the next opportunity presents itself.

We are in for a stomach clenching, gut wrenching roller coaster ride in the Corning Days. Emotionally, mentally, physically, and Spiritually we will be stretched to the limit. It will take much courage, Faith, and Trust in Creator GOD to throw up our hands in excitement and joy instead of white-knuckled grasping on to the bars of our comfort zones that lock us in. It is time to raise the bar. To open the cage doors of our lives and walk out into the freedom of the unknown, hand in hand with GOD. To look down the track we are traveling with expectation instead of dread. To welcome the adventure that we are so perfectly prepared to undertake.

Never before since the beginning of time has humanity been gifted with this opportunity. To finally know why GOD created us in this form. To function at complete capacity as the wondrous works of art that we are. To experience life to it's fullest and to get the job done that needs to be done. To utilize these bodies, that we chose to wear for this lifetime, in ways that we can't yet imagine.

For we have been deceived into believing that we possess organs and glands that are not meant to be used. We have been taught that we are fragile and need to be careful and not overextend ourselves. We have Not been told that we are capable and imbued with qualities that reach far beyond our 3-D physical frames.  We rarely are reminded, by the ways of the world, how very much we are Loved.

Everything that we need for our GOD connection came as standard issue in the human body. No accessories or assembly required and no purchase necessary. We even came with a never-ending, never depleting, Power Source. How Great is that! Thank You GOD! How Great Thou Art!

Let us keep foremost in our minds and hearts that GOD didn't and doesn't make any junk and that we are perfectly prepared for our individual tasks. Creator GOD knows our abilities and our limitations for this is a Divine Design. We will not be asked to do anything that we cannot do. Every part of us is onboard, online, and aligned. With GOD'S Guidance and ever present assistance we will Be All that We Can Be.

All Aboard! The Soul Train is on time and it's leaving the station. GOD Speed Everyone!


Stories by Galye Sexauer, MAIC Member

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