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                                                                    23 October 2004


In Perspective

The United States Role Regarding:

Ancient Civilizations and how groups as Sciences, Politics, Religions & Vested Interests deal with them.



After nearly a life time of private research and investigation and trying (with opposition) several times to bring out solid facts, with ancient articles in hand accompanied with forensic documentation, I now believe that there are those that are afraid of the truth, and those that believe that they would in some way lose or otherwise be damaged or threatened by the truth the past has to reveal. I am well acquainted with Russell Burrows, formerly of Illinois and Mr. Earl John Brewer Sr. of Moroni, Utah who each have extensive authentic archeological finds now documented.


These two men, Earl John Brewer and Russell Burrows, both found ancient literary writings and artifacts in caves here in North America. In both cases, in regards to their finds, Russell Burrows and Earl John Brewer were subsequently accused of fraudulent fabrication and deceit by people with authority, academic degrees and position.  Never to my knowledge at any time did these accusers come forth with conclusive scientific evidence that Brewer or Burrows did in fact perpetrate a fraud.

As I recall, the newspapers believed the authorities and were merciless in their unkind implications and accusations of Brewer and Burrows.  As a matter of record, Russell Burrows retaliated by having Forensic tests done on a number of his articles/artifacts. I myself and others have now had our own Forensic tests done on some of the Brewer plates and some of my own findings in Utah and of course they have all checked out with authenticity.

I am talking about clear literary works found here in Utah that go back to BC!

It is now evident that people of the private sector are taking more personal responsibility and acting upon it by bypassing the general authorities and Universities and getting their own tests done at their own expense so as to acquire the long awaited truth. I am in hopes that more interested people will add to this pool of helpers until we reach mass collective strength.  It could perhaps go further to put together some good substantial funding for the purposes of getting the truth to the people and some good museums where the public can view some of the findings that are not talked about except in private circles.

Remember the Dead Sea Scrolls?  After their discovery, a small group of scholars held on to them, untranslated, for some 40 years.  Finally, when the   translation was complete it was kept esoteric.  Only by chance did it finally come out for the public to consider. I am not talking about sensational tabloid mentality, but real honest scientific works and documentation. When sound data comes out, then people can and will write their many books and there will be a lot of conjecture, opinions, fiction and Sci Fi that will emanate from it, but the foundation needs to be based in science.

I am well aware of many of the books written on the subject matter of Archeology, Anthropology, and ancient civilizations of Giants, the Nethilim, Grigori, and the Anunnaki and such places as Atlantis, Lemuria (Mu). Further, many of these books are certainly not accepted by the academic authorities of our present world. They discuss the remains of high technological civilizations, and the Dark Age periods after their falls.  Research in the United States indicates there were extensive sites, many (sometimes mysteriously) horribly ruined in the early years of European settlers.

The subject of Giants in America (in ancient times) at large is a subject matter of great controversy, politics, fear, competition and mystery. I admit that I myself do wonder at times, if some of the so-called Sci Fi pseudo-scientists and mystery ghouls & writers (thriving on the sales of their books) are guilty of not wanting real scientific evidence (proof) to surface because this may cause a decline in their long-lived economic resource situation.

I have not “Looked in the eyes of Agamemnon” or discovered the City of Troy, but I have seen some of the Giant human remains and some of their artifacts, records and writings left behind for us to learn from. If and when we as a civilized (courageous, veracious) people are truly ready for it, I am personally willing to help facilitate the acquisition of some of these ancient sites.

I have traveled to several countries in my research/investigation and firmly believe now (by 40 years of educated experience) that the majority of artifacts and records of ancient civilizations and some of the greatest Archeological finds in history have been, are being and will soon be looted.  In reality the results are that much of these antiquities are being placed in private collections to be undisclosed for open scientific knowledge, research and study.

Also, many irreplaceable libraries and scientific tools (artifacts) made of precious noble metals are melted down and sold on the black market by the       greedy wealthy for profit.  While the desperately poor do their dirty work for a mere hand-to-mouth survival. 

Some countries have really good laws that are fair, just and safe for the finders of ancient antiquities and finders are rewarded and taken care of in a good way. I believe these protections to the finders save and protect most of the antiquities from being looted and allow museums, universities and viable tourisms to work.

In Utah, I have also heard many complaints and rumors from the private sector that some very unusual (gold) artifacts of ancient origin have been excavated here by some of our Universities only to be covered up, or in some cases sold or traded outside of our country, for funding (donations) for the University.  It was said that, payment was accepted as a “tax exempt donation” and nothing was ever mentioned of the rendering of artifacts… If these allegations are only half true, then who are the looters? “I have seen the enemy and they are us”.

Perhaps the very people that we look up to and trust to be our protectors, helpers and keepers are the one’s that receive our reports and are first to these ancient sites to loot, pilfer and plunder?

Is all of this “protecting the burial sites” of our ancient and natural history a drama of Red Herring, so we can be easier plundered by 1) private people working incognito at the Universities or 2) perhaps people working through the Universities for private interests?  3) Or is it the Universities themselves?  As just one source of plundering, maybe all three are possible.      

I hope that we can get good sound fair laws in our country as well as in more countries of the world because this will save (I believe) over 80 percent of the knowledge of our ancient past from being stolen or destroyed.

Though I would hope that there would be a massive public outcry to our elected officials in our respective State and States as well as Washington, District of Columbia concerning the illegality of some scientific research in areas of great importance to mankind, but the outcry has not happened yet because I think that the public at large is not aware of the full extent of the situation.

I believe that the public and the teachers of our public have been misinformed on some areas of history and it isn’t very likely they could/would stand up to complain to the very institutions that feed them their livelihoods, prestige and power. 

I can respect the Native American feelings towards not desecrating burial sites and I am part Native American myself.  However the Giant people here in America and particularly Utah are usually red haired and fair skinned and I do not think that they are Native American.  DNA tests are actually important towards verifying that there were peoples of different civilizations and genetic lines on this world prior to our present official knowledge of history. 

As civilizations grow and progress, in the evolutionary refinement and development of mankind they learn greater medicine, a better spiritual, social conscience and progressive education-ional improvements.  I can think of untold millions of people that are alive, well and living longer today because of scientific inventions, research and development. What can we learn from earlier civilizations, so far largely undervalued and mostly ignored? What if it remains suppressed?

We have Galileo’s historical case of politics & religion obstructing science and human progress. John Dee corrected the Gregorian calendar about a hundred years before Scholars of those times would/could accept it because of jealousy. Thinking in retrospect on some of our greater scientists of the past, fear, jealousy and economic interests has often retarded or blocked the expeditious use of beneficial discoveries.

I have an open request to Science, Scientists, Archeologists, and Anthropologists and our respective branches of State & Federal Governments alike to put their authoritative textbooks in an “open” mode, for further additions of revelations and knowledge, for just a little moment in time.  Let’s do a scientific study of some of these still existing Giant human remains.

I know where several Giant burials are, but due to the many legal ramifications and legal fortifications, I am unable to go any further or deeper on my own investigation/research without severe penalties.  Good, knowledgeable and unbiased investigative teams are important but hard to come by.

In short, when Science, Politics, Religions & Vested interests come to honest terms with Giants and other advanced (civilized) ancient civilizations in Americas past, then we can all receive the knowledge and benefits to our betterment, even though some will not see it this way.

My historical research has indicated we cannot ignore the existence of the Giants.  In our past, ancient writings and legends indicate they already altered our current lives.  To study their existence to see what more effects may still be set in motion, (time released) plus what was left for us to study and learn, may be of great importance that should not be overlooked or underestimated.

It may very well be that responsibility and accountability from our elected and appointed leaders, on this subject matter, will be lacking, non-existent or insufficient to be of any good consequence, saving quality or quantity or timely enough, but nonetheless the penalties will effect us and our future outcome for generations to come and our children and grandchildren may suffer from it for time immemorial.  


Robert Shrewsbury M.A.A., B.A.



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