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by Hunbatz Men, Maya Itza Tradition


Solar Initiate:
May the Great Father Sun be with you when you receive this message.
The Mayas are already here to continue the harmony of the Cosmic New Age. The following message was delivered at the sacred temples of Chichen Itza last December 21, 2012.
We are attaching this message for a better understanding of the things that happened on that important day and marked the beginning of the counting of this Cosmic New Age in which the initiates are going to start their work for the wellness of mankind.  May the Great Spirit be always with you.
Council of the Supreme, Commandment of the Mayan Elders


I feel really glad to share with you what happened at the Mayan temples of Chichen Itza, Mexico, on the 21 of December, 2012, when we performed the ritual of the prophecy of the New Age. The ritual began at 7 AM when the sun had just started to form the shadow of the Pyramid of Kukulcan right there in Chichen Itza. About 200 people from many places of the world took part in this ritual, and I, Hunbatz Men, was watching if the guards of the government would interfere or not. Fortunately, these people did not interrupt us; it was like magic but none of the security guards came to bother us.


Around 7.30 AM, it suddenly started to drizzle, but this light rain looked more like some type of dew, and it just lasted for about 15 minutes. Just after this rain, there was an absolute silence that lasted for 15 minutes, too. Then I watched all around and I was nicely surprised to see that about 70% of the people were wearing white clothes. A few minutes later all of them started to play some type of musical instruments, so an atmosphere of joy could be seen and heard everywhere. Summarizing, first, there was the dew-rain: then the absolute silence; next, many people wearing white and playing some musical instruments. In conclusion, my heart was very happy for all those wonderful things I could experience in just a few minutes.


But the biggest surprise is that none of the local authorities intervened to stop the rituals. This was great for me since it seems like the Mayan Gods gave their consent to allow everything go smoothly and harmoniously. After that, my group of about 200 people and I concluded our ritual in front of the Pyramid of Kukulcan giving thanks to the spirits and our Father Sun. We were going to walk in circles around the pyramid but we had just walked a few steps when a group of about 10 people started to ask questions. Some of them looked familiar to me, and as we were about to complete the first lap, I realized I had not seen those people for many years.


I can say that by the second lap I had already talked with several of these people who were wearing very strange clothes that did not look like native clothes by the way. I also noticed that they asked questions that were unclear to me. By the third lap around the pyramid, I came to the understanding that the faces of those people did not belong to this physical dimension. Mi understanding became clearer when I saw someone I was sure did not exist in this third dimension anymore; anyway I kept walking with the group. It is then when I realized I had just entered another dimension. Thus, even before completing the third lap around the pyramid, I thanked all the participants and ended the ritual in honor of the Cosmic New Age.


Now, after some reasoning, I can understand that the pyramid is actually in several dimensions and the people I talked to there had just gotten manifested in that sacred site of Chichen Itza. It is here where we could have many questions but just a few answers. The good thing is that many spirits got manifested in such a sacred site like the Mayan temples of Chichen Itza. It can be said that in a cosmic way these spirits were allowed by our universal creator to be manifested at the beginning of this Cosmic New Age and accompany us during this ritual in honor of our Father Sun and all the givers of life that were with us, too. This way our initiatic work fulfilled its commitment to our universal creator Hunab Ku and all the high spirits successfully.


But I truly believe that the sacred crystal skulls also helped us from their own dimension, like it was the case of the sacred crystal skull NAGA KU that was sent to me from Tibet. This sacred crystal skull was always with us during the whole of the ritual. All the energy it projected to us, together with the energy of the initiates who were with us, contributed to the fulfillment of part of the prophecies. Only with the help and energy projected by Naga Ku and the spirits of the high Tibetan teachers, who were always with us in spirit, we were able to complete our sacred mission.


Continuing with our initiates process, let me inform you that we were also given another sacred crystal skull named KIN BATZ that belongs to the Maya Lacandon people of Chiapas, Mexico. This crystal skull was lent by the Maya priest Kayun from the Maya Lacandon community to the French initiates Carole Tridon and Franck Echardour who took the skull on a journey through several sacred sites in France. After that process our French siblings have returned this sacred skull to Mexico and given it to me on the condition that I shall hand it in to its original owners, the Maya Lacandons, in a ritualistic act that is going to be performed during the pilgrimage of the skulls in March 2014.


We can say then that in this Cosmic New Age the sacred skulls are going to help the new things coming from the cosmos to be manifested in this dimension in order to contribute to the spiritual development of the new initiates within the wisdom from the cosmos and with the purpose of helping mankind.  Then the skulls from all over the world are going to fulfill part of the prophecies of the new awakening of mankind and the ancient temples from all over the world are going to receive the energy from the universe retransmitted by the sacred crystal skulls from all over the world and universe. Thus, these skulls are going to activate the 13 sacred sites where we are going to begin our work of reactivation.


This is the reason why we are going to start with these 13 sites and 13 skulls. Each of the 13 chosen initiates will have to choose a sacred site to perform this universal spiritual work. So the gate is open to any initiate who wants to participate and choose a sacred site to activate. Please let me know if you are interested so that I can add you to the record of initiates who will be in charge of activating the magnetic poles of our Mother Earth in conjunction with the cosmos. This way we are going to begin the New Age with the crystal skulls and the enlightened beings of these times; this great commitment is necessary in order to create a new pathway for the whole mankind.


When these initiates have concluded their work, the sacred crystal skulls will begin to activate other hundreds of sites more both in our world and the cosmos. Thus, this will be the beginning of all what will come from the new education coming from everywhere and we can say that these 13 sacred sites will be the source of the beginning. All the skulls from all over the world will be intercommunicated for the benefit of the holy human race and all the dimensions will be connected; as well, all the thinking beings are going to commence this work, and in this way everybody here and there will be connected cosmically forming a unique thinking mind that will work for the supreme mind following the laws of the universe.


WE inform: 

All the initiates and followers from all over the world should know that the New Age commenced last December 21, 2012. Now we will proceed to perform the activation of the 13 sacred ceremonial centers in several places of the world. This activation will be performed through the 13 sacred crystal skulls we mentioned. So these 13 skulls will reactivate the 13 ancient centers in different places of our terrestrial globe.


We are convoking everyone on the day December 21, 2014, when we all together are going to perform this work to allow all that channeling of positive energy be used for the spiritual development of the human beings who from now on are going to venerate the universe.


Hunbatz Men, Maya Itza Tradition



Submitted by: Debra Massey



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