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SITTING BULL:  A Stone in My Heart

An 83-minute documentary film on the great American Indian Lakota Sioux chief, spiritual leader, warrior and diplomat, told in his own words as performed by Adam Fortunate Eagle.  Winner Best Documentary 2008 Big Water Film Festival; Winner of two awards: 2008 FARGO FILM FESTIVAL "In John Ferry's captivating documentary the viewer is yanked head and heart... this is the Sitting Bull few people know." - Carole Levine  “There are few places to go to get a better spirited picture of his life." - Wild West Magazine.  DVD Now Only $24.95 ON SALE! Was $29.95



The Romance of a Vanishing Race presents three 35mm films of American Indian life filmed between 1913 and 1921. The Romance of a Vanishing Race includes three historic motion pictures of American Indians and their life-style in the early 1900s. Featuring Tribal Chiefs who participated in the Last Great Indian Council and several who fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Originally produced on 35mm film, this priceless footage, recently discovered within the lost treasures of the National Archives is re-mastered to include an original music score and soundtrack to further preserve the Native American history and culture. Program #1 The Romance of the Vanishing Race. A view of Indian life in the Southwest featuring Navajo, Pueblo, Crow, and Hopi tribes. Released 1916. Running Time 29 minutes. Program #2 Rodman Wanamaker Expedition of Citizenship to the North American Indian. Carrying the Flag and a Message of Hope to a Vanishing Race  Dr. Joseph Dixon explains the symbolism of the flag to numerous Indian tribes. Released 1913. Running Time 26 minutes.  Program #3 Winter Farm Life On a Crow Reservation. Shows reservation life including butchering a cow, raising a teepee, and ceremonies. Released 1921. Running Time 8 minutes.  Total running time 66 Min. Rated for all ages. NTSC All Regions-Captioned. Each DVD is $29.95 

Our Spirits Don't Speak English: Indian Boarding School is a Native American perspective on Indian Boarding Schools. This DVD produced by Rich-Heape Films, Inc. uncovers the dark history of U.S. Government policy which took Indian children from their homes, forced them into boarding schools and enacted a policy of educating them in the ways of Western Society. This DVD gives a voice to the countless Indian children forced through a system designed to strip them of their Native American culture, heritage and traditions. Our Spirits Don't Speak English: Indian Boarding School has already captured an impressive array of awards, including:

Carlisle Indian School, 1885

  • Best Feature International Cherokee Film Festival
  • 2008 Accolade Competition Award of Excellence
  • 2008 Best Documentary Columbus International Film Festival Official Entry:
  • American Indian Film Festival
  • Santa Fe Film Festival
  • Talking Stick Film Festival
  • Native American Music Awards
  • Red Nation Film Festival
  • Denver Indigenous Film Festival  

    Each DVD is $29.95


    Part 1 - Crazy Horse & His Family

    The Great Grandsons of Crazy Horse, Sr. set the record straight as to who were Crazy Horse's immediate relatives. They tell stories about their family that most thought were lost forever, like that of young Crazy Horse's maternal grandfather, Black Buffalo, and his meeting with Lewis and Clark on the Bad River in 1804. And then there's the story of Crazy Horse's eldest maternal uncle, One Horn, and his meeting in 1832 with the famed painter George Catlin and how he came to have his picture painted (currently at the Smithsonian). Also the story of why Crazy Horse's mother, Rattling Blanket Woman, hung herself when Crazy Horse was four years old and how it affected his father and Crazy Horse. Plus the story about why Crazy Horse named his only daughter, They Are Afraid Of Her, after his youngest maternal aunt who carried the same name (his aunt was originally named Looks At It...but that was before a fight with her husband!). These stories and many, many more are contained in this one of a kind DVD. It will give you a personal insight into the culture and spiritual values of Crazy Horse and his Family.   99 Minutes Each DVD is $29.95 

    Part 2 - Crazy Horse: "Defending the Homeland: (PRIOR TO THE 1868 TREATY) The Crazy Horse family discusses the Oregon Trail, the Grattan Fight, and Crazy Horse's hemblecha (visionquest). The story of how he received the stone from the medicine man Horn Chips to put behind the HORSE's ear, the first time he killed an enemy, the Platte River Bridge Fight and Battle of Red Buttes, December 6, 1866 battle near Fort Phil Kearney, the Fetterman Fight, the Wagon Box Fight, and the story of his relationships with Black Buffalo Woman and Black Shawl are also featured. Park Rangers, Educators, and Museum Curators from Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Fort Caspar Museum, Fort Phil Kearney State Historical Site, and Crazy Horse Memorial give the military side of the above stories and added reference to some of the things Crazy Horse did not participate in but that had a direct influence on him and the Lakota people such as the 1854 and 1868 Treaties, the 1866 treaty attempt by the government, and the Fleming Fight of 1853.  DVD 90 min.  Each DVD is $24.95

    Part 3: Crazy Horse - The Battle of the Little Big Horn begins with the birth of Crazy Horse's young daughter and ends with the final shot of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. This DVD is packed with Crazy Horse family member's oral history about Crazy Horse and the Battle of the Little Bighorn that is being told for the first time outside the family.

    The elder Crazy Horse's grandsons discuss and reveal Crazy Horse's carving on a huge owl-shaped rock showing the carved vision of his death. The family also tells how the Lakota and Cheyenne acquired the guns and ammunition used in the battle. Accounts of courageous family members who fought in the battle along with those stories about those that went back to the agency are also included.

    In addition, Chief Historian John Doerner and Chief of Interpretation Ken Woody of the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument augment the Crazy Horse family's oral history with an analysis of government and military strategies during this defining moment in history.

    A version, protected for four generations, sheds new light on the battle and is responsible for producing some significant additions at the Little Bighorn Battlefield.  93 minutes.  Each DVD is $24.95 



    This two hour documentary explores America's darkest period: President Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation to Oklahoma in 1838. Thousands of Cherokees died during the Trail of Tears, nearly a quarter of the Nation. They suffered beyond imagination and when they finally arrived in Indian Territory, they arrived almost without any children and with very few elders, in a way they arrived with no past and no future.  $34.95 DVD.  



    This set of videos , produced by the Cherokee Heritage Educational Foundation, is designed to give an accurate and interesting account of almost four hundred years of Cherokee history and culture from pre-white days to the late 1800's.   Videos may be purchased separately or as a set.


    Volume 1.  Cherokee Culture  1500 - 1820   $24.95

    Volume 2.  The Cherokee Odyssey (Trail of Tears) 1825 - 1850  $24.95

    Volume 3.  A Nation Within A Nation (Civil War)  1850 - 1870  $24.95  

    Volume 4.  A New Life Begins - Reconstruction  1865 - 1880   $24.95

    Set of ALL 4 Videos (save $9.85)  1500 - 1880   $89.95



    "To build the future, you must know the past. But what if that past has been hidden, lost, or denied?" That question is posed by this program and its answer is explored through interviews with people with mixed African and Indian heritage. Black Indians from many walks of life discuss the search for their unique identity -- and the racial tensions and stereotyping they have encountered in their lives. The film also examines the history of this group of people, bringing out important aspects of its cultural and artistic heritage and considering them within a modern context. Music accompaniment by Indian and black American artists and narrated by James Earl Jones. D50036          $ 24.95 DVD.


    This video is available in DVD and for a limited time in VHS format.  Please check with us at to insure VHS is in stock.


    D-50135 TALES OF WONDER - Volume I & Volume II

    Native American Fireside Stories.  An enchanting collection of Indian stories and legends handed down from generation to generation, told by Greg Howard, of Cherokee/Powhatan descent, and accompanied by flutist Nash Hernandez.  Beautifully done. Great for home or classroom. American Stories for Children which received the prestigious Parenting Magazine Video of the Year 2000 Award, Parents Guide to Children's Media Award and the 1999 National Parenting Publication Award.  Tales of Wonder II, includes nine fireside stories told in the Native American tradition by acclaimed storyteller and linguist, Gregg Howard and accompanied by Flutist, William P. Gutierrez. Talented sketch artist Haley Burke creates drawings as the stories come to life. Tales of Wonder II entertains children and adults alike with Gregg's traditional way of Native American story telling. Stories include: Flying Squirrel, Hawk & Hunter, Strawberries, Daughter of the Sun, Sky People, Democracy, Dream Catcher, The Ball Game, Origin of Bluebonnets.  60 min. DVD only  D50135  $24.95


    BARGAIN! Two volumes now available on one money-saving DVD. 


    UNTO THESE HILLS by Kermit Hunter

    Behind the scenes and through the years. Selected stories. History of the drama and a backstage look at the foremost Native American drama.  Read about dramatic scenes like "The Trail of Tears", the Eagle Dance, and powerful native songs. Learn of the great Cherokee leaders like Sequoyah and Junaluska. 52 pages will many colorful illustrations. $21.95 + s/h   



    Here is the dramatic saga of a people uprooted  from their native lands, and the struggle to preserve their rich heritage and culture.  This is both a history of the Eastern Band of Cherokee told through their tradition and culture and a glimpse of their lives today in Western North Carolina.  VHS.  30 minutes.  $24.95

    Sold Out -- Discontinued


    Now, the wonderful story of Little Tree, a best-seller in book form, is available in beautiful video as seen on TV.  Little Tree is sent to live with his grandparents, meeting all the joy and adventure and pathos of living in a mountain setting and learning its lessons.  You will never forget this story.  DVD only.  Was $34.95  Now only $27.95 


    NOTICE: The book on which this DVD is based and its author are controversial amid charges that the book is fiction and not autobiographical as the author claims.  Other charges claim the author is racist.  Its publisher, the University of New Mexico Press has continued to support this work for over twenty-five years.


    Sorry, Discontinued -- See book below


    The first person memoir of a little boy who lives in the Tennessee mountains, adopted by a Cherokee grandmother and half-Cherokee grandfather.  A favorite of many people.

    $ 15.95 + s/h




    Iktomi, the great trickster of Plains mythology and legend is brought to life is the light hearted video capturing his presence in the modern world. This video brings the Lakota side of Iktomi into the 21st century. Features music of Black Lodge, Tom Ware, Millard Clark. This video, featuring an all Native American cast and filmed in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, dramatizes the Trickster storytelling tradition, delving into the humor and visual language of this central Native American cultural icon. The prankster figure in Sioux mythology functions as a creative vessel, engaging with both the sacred and the profane, while offering 'humor' as something 'holy' for discovering values. The video brings the ancient Trickster mythology into the 21st century through its own journey into these primal concepts of creativity and play.  Directed by Charles Nauman.  1999, color, 27 mins., VHS  Regular $99.95  39 min., VHS.  T145  $24.95  

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