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How to Make Moccasins DVD -
Enjoy the comfort of traditional Native American footwear. For Men and Women...of all ages. Now you can make a pair of authentic Plains Indian hard sole moccasins. Our simple teaching methods show you how step-by-step. Learn how to make a custom moccasin pattern that fits - any size from infant to adult. Beautiful examples of different tribal styles. Includes printed instruction sheet and supply list. For young people and adults, ages 12 and up.
(30 min.)   Order No. D116   $22.95 



Meet a Cheyenne Moccasin Maker

We looked a long time to find the right moccasin maker to create the beautiful Cheyenne style moccasins for our new "How to Make Moccasins" video. We're pleased we found a master of this craft - Annabelle Medicinechips (Cheyenne/Caddo).

Missouri River Plains Hard Sole Moccasin Pattern
A great companion to our "how-to" video that has additional tips, patterns according to men's and women's shoe sizes, typical beadwork layouts for uppers, pointers on cutting fringe and attaching tin cones.
Order No. FC500-101   $9.95 


When she was eight, her mother and grandmother taught her to make little bags and purses. "They used to let me bead with their scraps". To learn to bead lanes, "they'd make marks on there I could follow". By the age of 15, she was making moccasins on her own and hasn't stopped since. Even while working full-time as a nurse for BIA for 18 years, she kept creating. "At night, after my work was done, I'd drag my beadwork out. I enjoy it."

Now that Annabelle is retired, she can work late into the night at her kitchen table, listening to Indian music.

She recommends that beginners add only a lane or two of beadwork to their first few pairs of moccasins before they attempt a fully-beaded pair.

She's concerned that so few Cheyenne young people are learning this traditional craft. "I'm afraid it might become a lost art".

We're very pleased to share her work with you.

Making your own Custom-Fit Moccasins

For dancing or relaxing, there's nothing like the feel of high quality leather moccasins- custom fit to your foot size. And tiny tots never look cuter than when they have a pair of "baby mocs" on.

If you thought making a pair of moccasins would be too complicated, our new 30 minute video, "How to Make Moccasins" makes it easy. Co-Producer Sandy Rhoades says, "Before this video, it was difficult to find out exactly how to make moccasins. For the first time, this tape brings together the best of "how to" from dozens of different craft articles and craftspeople".

This "how to" program introduces you to the Plains Hard Sole moccasin style.

In the beginners project section, we show you how to draw a pattern for your exact foot size, select the right kind and weight of leather, cut out the leather and sew it together. This basic low-cut design can be adapted to both men's and women's styles - and for high-top boots, such as ladies boots and the Mountain Man Rendezvous look. There are also tips for creating a pair for infants and young children.

Close-up shots of historic Plains tribes moccasins from the Gilcrease Museum show intricate construction and beadwork details. Viewers can learn to distinguish the variety of moccasins worn by Plains peoples in this segment.

Two nationally known moccasin makers share tips on construction and technique.

Annabelle Medicinechips (Cheyenne/Caddo) show the centuries old way to sew with an awl and animal sinew - how leather and beads were held in place before the introduction of needle and thread. Mike Kostelnik has studied moccasin making for more than 30 years. He shows a way to prevent leather from tearing along cut lines.

An instruction sheet includes a list of materials and tips on how to draw custom-fit moccasin patterns.

With this video, good quality materials, careful attention to measurement and a couple of evenings, a custom-made pair of moccasins can be yours.


Child's Moccasins
Same high quality patterns and instructions as the adult
moccasin patterns. From newborn to around 8 years old.
Both hard and soft sole patterns.
Order No. FC500-206   $9.95  

High Top Moccasins
Simple to follow instructions on making a really
nice pair of high tops. Men's sizes 7-12; women's sizes 5-10.
Order No. FC500-011   $9.95


Cherokee/Southern Moccasins

 The soft sole, one piece center-seam moccasin was the most common type of the Southeastern tribes, mostly Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Creek. Missouri River Pattern.

Order No. 500-021  $ 9.95


Southern Plains Tab Leggings

This style of men's Tab leggings has its beginnings among the Eastern Woodlands and Great Lakes tribes, but, as they migrated to the edges of the Plains, this style became popular among the Comanche and Kiowa. Made from buckskin and incorporating hand twisted leather fringes. This style remains popular among southern straight dancers wishing to dress in the Southern Plains fashion. Missouri River Brand  Order No. 500-022 $ 9.95  





Moccasin Making - Video

Demonstrated by renowned moccasin maker Frank White, this presentation explains the making of side seam moccasins; demonstrating different types of leather and materials available. Easy to follow video instruction. Produced as a companion to the book Craft Manual of North American Indian Foot Wear by George W. White. DVD Only: Hard Slip Cover: 55 min. D127  $24.95 

Moccasin Making - Book

Easy to follow instructions for making a variety of moccasin styles from Plains to Woodland; hard sole to soft sole. BK127  $9.95 



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