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Native American Crafts



The Plains Warbonnet
Its Story and Construction
by Barry Hardin

This NEW book presents the many elements comprising the story behind the war bonnet and provides full instructions on making the various styles. A unique feature is the discussion of numerous decorative options on historic examples.

It's loaded with large color photos of actual museum specimens and dozens of historic images of Indians wearing bonnets with their ceremonial attire. Large construction photos and illustrations take you step-by-step through making a regular bonnet, single and double trailers, and the unique Straight Up bonnet of the Northern Plains.

This is the most comprehensive book available about this important symbol of the American Indian Paperback, 128 pages, 130+ photos with most in full color, and over 35 color illustrations.  ISBN-10: 1929572239   1790-0 Softcover: $25.95

Focus on Feathers
A Complete Guide to Feather Craft

by J. Andrew Forsythe
Good feather work skills are a must for producing top quality craftwork, and this comprehensive new book covers every facet in great detail. Beginning with a gallery of full-color photos of hundreds of real feathers, the author takes you through the selection, straightening, trimming, splicing and extending the feathers in preparation of dyeing and painting.

Various types of eagle, hawk, owl and flicker feathers are covered, providing the techniques and tricks needed to produce top quality feathers. The second half of the book is devoted to comprehensive instructions for a dozen projects, including a warbonnet, traditional bustle, roach and hair feathers, wing and tail fans, and more! This book is an absolute must for every serious feather worker. ISBN-10: 1929572131  112 pp. color throughout.  Paper. $25.95



The Art of Simulating Eagle Feathers
by Bob Gutierrez

Full color, instructional manual showing how to create realistic imitation golden and bald eagle feather. The author shares 20 years of experience with explanatory photographs and descriptions. 32pp, full color. Paper
ISBN-10: 0943604591  B00-43   $10.95  







A Warrior I Have Been
Plains Indian Cultures in Transition

The Richard Green Collection of Plains Indian Art


This catalog of Plains Indian material culture is a wonderful reference source for anyone interested in learning about Plains Indians lifestyle. Richard Green's enclosed exhibition traces the evolution of Plains Indian art and culture from early times to the present, and includes material from a wide range of tribal groups.


Includes sections on Men's Parade Regalia, Wild Bill Cody's Tour of Europe, Sioux Indians in Early Postcards, Weapons, Warrior Clothing, Dance Regalia, tools and Implements, Tipi Furniture, Women's Clothing and trade Cloth Dresses, Childhood Items, Horse Gear, Tobacco Bags, Bags and Pouches, Moccasins, and Made-for-Sale Items.


The book includes over two hundred and fifty color photos of exhibit pieces and other items, along with vintage black and white historical photographs from the early 1900s.


The late 19th and early 20th centuries marked a period of unprecedented change in the lives of the North American Plains Indians, manifesting itself in all aspects of material culture, including the production of traditional weapons, beadwork, quillwork, and featherwork. On display at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham, England, is the extensive collection of Richard Green, which is featured in this exhibition catalog.

The collection includes numerous items such as moccasins, leggings, shirts, pipebags, horsegear, women's clothing, bags & pouches, tipi furnishings, tools & implements along with vintage historical photographs of plateau, central and northern plains individuals.

208pp, 273 magnificient color photos, 35 b&w photos, 2 maps, Softcover "A visual feast" -Peter Durkin, Houston, Texas  ISBN-10: 096714941X
Originally published at $29.95. 


By Rod Peate

History and origin of the classic Warbonnet, complete with construction details and illustrated instructions. Black and white photos and illustrations. Soft Cover.  $14.95 + s/h


From Noc Bay Publishing
The Making of a Porky Roach 
Produced by Loren Woerpel, this 25-minute video shows you step-by-step how to make a contemporary 15-inch "porky" roach, worn by traditional dancers, straight dancers and fancy dancers. Each step is shown in detail: From building a loom for your work and choosing porcupine quills, to the final sewing and wrapping on the roach. The video includes and insert with plans for the loom and detail drawings. We recommend it for people who already have some craft experience or those of you who are just curious about the technique.  DVD Only.  Order No. D120    $19.95 


Elegant Visions: Native American Women's Clothing
A beautiful 30-minutes tribute to the clothing and finery made by American Indian Women. Includes outfits from all regions: early hide clothing, Woodland tunics and ribbonwork, exquisite Plains beadwork, a Navajo wedding dress, a Tlinglit blanket - 44 models representing 24 tribes show 70 different outfits. Produced by Full Circle for the Bartlesville Indian Women's Club, this tape is funding scholarships for Native American youth.
(30 minutes)   Order No. T107    $22.95  OUT OF STOCK -- OUT OF PRINT

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