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A Bi-Monthly Magazine of  Crafts Culture Powwows History

  • Crafts and culture of the American Indian
  • How to make those crafts, expertly illustrated and photographed 
  • Book and music reviews 
  • Historical photographs, articles on tradition and culture
  • powwow dates and much more

If you are interested in the American Indian and in particular the material culture of the American Indian: Past & Present, WHISPERING WIND is the magazine for you.  Since 1967 we've helped our readers bring the tradition home and help keep the tradition alive. 

One year is $25.00

Two years is $45.00


One year $42.00



WH 25951 MEDICINAL and OTHER USES of NORTH AMERICAN PLANTS: Historical Survey with Reference to the Eastern Indian Tribes Chronological historical citations document 500 years of usage of plants, trees, and shrubs native to eastern Canada, Also complete identifying information. 343 illustrations, 544 pages, paper. 978-0486259512  $19.95 + s/h

WH 440214 NATIVE AMERICAN GARDENING: Buffalo Woman's Guide to Traditional Methods: Early-20th-century study takes a look at techniques of subsistence-level farming used by the Hidatsa of North Dakota. Descriptions of how tribe planted, harvested, and stored its food. Of value to modern organic gardeners and farmers, anthropologists, historians, and anyone fascinated by Native American culture. 40 figures; 10 illustrations on 5 plates. 144 pages, paper 978-0486440217 $10.95 + s/h



In this book author, Stephen Harrod Buhner looks at the long standing relationship between indigenous people and plants. He examines this history and the techniques used by these cultures to communicate with the plant world and harness their healing powers. For each plant presented are the medicinal uses, preparation guidelines, and ceremonial elements such as prayers and medicine songs associated with the use of the plant. 6 X 9, 208 pages, black and white photographs, paperback.  $17.95 + s/h


This book is no longer available on the Manataka website.  The author sells sacred ceremonies (Vision Quests: $700; Sweat Lodge: $300, etc.)  A big no-no.


by Michael J. Cabuto and Joseph Bruchac.  In Native North American tending a garden is one of the most important ways that people become part of the Circle of Life. This book contains stories, projects, and recipes for families with a native approach to gardening. 7 X 10, 157 pgs., well illustrated, paperback.  $24.95+ s/h


This book is out of print.  Email us if you are interested in this book.


Organized, easy to read book on medicinal, edible and other useful plants.  Information is recorded in both common and scientific names covering over 300 species.  Well illustrated.  6" X 6", 136 pages $14.95 + s/h


The intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature.  A must read book for herbalists, healers, gardeners, and nature lovers.  $20.95 + s/h


Wild Roots Author Doug Elliot in his humorous flavor profiles roots, rhizomes, corms, and tubers that grow in North America. Learn the botanical and regional common names as well as what they are used for; medicines, making natural products such as toothpaste and shampoo, or even improving the invisible charms of women. This is a book for all nature lovers.  8 X 9 1/2, 128 pages, black and white drawings, paperback. $18.95 + s/h


This is the ULTIMATE RESOURCE and guide to Native American use of wild plants. Almost 1000 pages of well referenced info on what plants were used, for what purpose (medicine, food, dyes, etc.), by what tribes. Indexes by usages, tribes, scientific names, common names and synonyms are provided. 8 1/2 x 11, 927 pgs., hardbound, thoroughly indexed. $84.95 + s/h

CP 792 - NATIVE HEALING: Four Sacred Paths to Health

Explores the spiritual as well as the practical side of Native American practices. It does not disregard or denigrate the many powerful aspects of Western medicine, but attempts to integrate Native American perspectives into larger healing potentials. Dr. Peate honors his Iroquois ancestors through his powerful stories and examples. He is a practicing physician and professor of medicine and public health at the Univerisity of Arizona. 7.5 x 7.5, 120 pages, paperback.  $18.95 + s/h   Out of Print  Send us an email if you want this book.

CP736- CHEROKEE HERBAL: Native Plant Medicine From the Four Directions by J. T. Garrett  
A practical guide to the medicinal uses of over 450 plants for treatment of 120 ailments and herbs as applied in the traditional practices of the Cherokee.  Includes traditional teaching tales as told to the author by Cherokee Elders. 240 pages, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4 8 b & w illustrations, Paperback
 $17.95 + s/h

CP749- PLANTS OF POWER by Alfred Savinelli 

Native American ceremony and the use of sacred plants. This book is a guide to the sacred plants traditionally used by Native Americans and other indigenous people. 128 pages, paperback.  $ 11.95 + s/h


by William S. Lyon
Huge Resource. This monumental volume explores, explains, and honors the healing practices of Native Americans throughout North America, from the southwestern U.S. to the Arctic. Designed for ease of use with maps, a detailed subject index, extensive bibliography, and cross references, this book is sure to fascinate anyone interested in Native American culture and heritage. Illustrations, maps. Paperback: 373 pages; 88" x 10.26" x 7.28" 
ON SALE! $33.95  Out of Print.  If you wish to order this book, please send your shipping address to:


CP579E- ESSIAC HANDBOOK: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy  

This book gives a complete account of the recipe, the doses and of Essiac's uses now available through health food stores. Tells of experience of patients who have attained relief or regeneration from this remarkable herbal preparation. The book details a remarkable natural remedy with a history of use concerning cancer; this book also details essential health concerns for those facing cancer in themselves or loved ones in a compassionate, caring, and useful way that makes this an essential reference for all interested in vital health. Illustrated, Soft Cover, 132pp, 34" x 8.42" x 5.46" $ 39.95 + s/h  Classified as Out-of-Print / Rare book.



Claimed to be a "Native American cancer remedy"  An Ojibwa formula in an extra strength form.  2 fluid ounce bottle with dropper makes 150 cups of tea.  $29.95 + s/h  OUT OF STOCK


CP248- INDIAN HERBALOGY by Alma Hutchins
This encyclopedic volume describes more than 200 medicinal plants found in North America, gives directions for uses and dosages, and offers a comparison of the same plants in other cultures where herbalogy has flourished. Annotated bibliography. Illustrations.
$ 26.95 + s/h




CP 753 - MEDICINE WHEEL GARDEN by Barrie E. Kavasch
The American Indian medicine wheel was an ancient way of creating sacred space and calling forth the healing energies of nature. Drawing on a lifetime of study with native healers, this book offers a step-by-step guide to bringing this beautiful tradition into your own life--from vibrantly colorful outdoor circle designs to miniature dish, windowsill, or home altar.   Planting guides for medicine wheel gardens in every zone, from desert Southwest to northern woodlands. A beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of 50 key healing herbs, including propagation needs, traditional and modern uses, and cautions. Easy-to-follow herbal recipes, plus delicious healing foods Ideas for herbal crafts and ceremonial objects, including smudge sticks, wind horses, prayer ties, and spirit shields. Seasonal rituals, offerings, and meditations to bless and empower your garden and your friends, and more. Practical, beautiful, and inspiring. 
$ 21.95 + s/h


CP 687- NATIVE PLANTS NATIVE HEALING: Traditional Muskogee Way By Tis Mal Crow
This book is a must for beginners and serious students of herbs and of Native American ways. This set of herbal teachings draws from the Muscogee tradition, presents an understanding of the healing nature of plants for the first time in book form and  examines common wild plants in a clear and authoritative style explains how to identify, honor, select, and prepare them for use. Illustrated and indexed by plant name and medical topic.New Lower Price!!  Was $16.95 Now Only
$ 14.95 + s/h



by P. Hamel & Mary Chiltoskey 

Traditional herbal plant medicines. Excellent resource. Soft Cover.  

$ 6.95 + s/h



by Silver Wolf Walks Alone
This book includes all you need to know about sage: identifying it, gathering it, ceremonial uses of it, healing with it, preparing and storing it. An exploration of traditional Native American healing practices, this volume looks at the ceremonial uses of sage to help with physical, mental and spiritual healing. paperback
$ 6.95 + s/h


CP742- SACRED SMOKE: The Ancient Art of Smudging for Modern Times by Harvest McCampbell
Smudging is the burning of herbs as a spiritual practice. Harvest McCampbell explains and illustrates this integral part of traditional life that she began learning about from her Iroquois Onondaga Oswegatchie grandmother.  Learn how to make smudge sticks and identify, collect, and grow a wide range of sacred plants for smudging. Discover how to reclaim your own traditions and find your personal healing rituals. Includes sources to purchase herbs and reference materials.  Paperback: 96 pages; 0.32" x 9.16" x 6.00"

$ 11.95 + s/h


CP 685 - SECRETS OF NATIVE AMERICAN HERBAL REMEDIES:  A Comprehensive Guide to the Native American Tradition of Using Herbs and the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection for Improving Health and Well-Being - by Anthony J. Cichoke
A complete guide to centuries-old Native American herbs and other remedies. The modern techniques of holistic and alternative healing and natural remedies have been alive in the "old ways" of Native American medicine for centuries. A comprehensive guide introduces the Native American concept of healing, which incorporates body, mind, and spirit and stresses the importance of keeping all three in balance. The book details Native American healing formulas and recipes for treating particular ailments, from hemorrhoids to stress. Bibliography. Index. Soft Cover 274 pp; 0.77" x 9.18" x 7.54" 
$19.95 + s/h


For millennia, Native Americans have burned sacred plants to drive away negative energies. Change your life by doing it, too! Smudging, combined with other ancient techniques, restores, heals, banishes stress, and even brings families together. Turn your home into a spiritual fortress. Welcome a new baby to the world with a gentle blessing. Sail through the day with confidence, energy, and hope when you start each morning with a cleansing. The natural power of these rites is available to all! 7 X 8 1/4. (all in color)
$ 19.95 + s/h  Out of Print - send an email if you want this book.


Native American Magic & Medicine by Mary Atwood and Bert  Seabourn. 
"A self-help guide to the Native American spiritual growth process...Readers are given directions on how to discover their own places of power, auras, power animals, healing powers, and other elements of personal spirituality, attainable even if one lives in a modern urban setting." --Library Journal.  5 7/8 X 9. (4 in color), 164 pages.

$ 14.95 + s/h



by Nancy Locke Doane

Dozens and dozens of common physical ailments are listed that were treated in the old days with both herbal and mineral, water and air  remedies.  $6.95 + s/h


Notice: Occasionally books may be discontinued or out of stock without prior notice. Your order may be filled from the 'shelf'.  Shelf books are new, but some may be slightly discolored or sale tags may be still attached.   

Foreign Customers: Shipping fees and import duties (if any) may not be calculated properly at time of purchase so please do not click on the payment Add to Cart button or the order may be rejected.  We ask Foreign Customers to email your order.  Please do not include credit card info in the email. Manataka Books


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