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WH-3628-8 The FOUR GOSPELS AND SELECTED PSALMS IN CHEROKEE is a companion to the Cherokee syllabary New Testament. Written by Sequoyah in the nineteenth century, the syllabary New Testament is the largest complex text composed in Cherokee by a truly fluent speaker with an easy command of the language. Here for the first time the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are presented in Cherokee using the English alphabet. With line breaks that follow exactly those in the syllabary New Testament, this book serves as an aid for readers seeking to deepen their understanding of the Cherokee Bible.  In her introduction to the Gospels, Ruth Bradley Holmes offers a history of the Cherokee New Testament, a detailed look both at the Cherokee syllabary and at the process of transliterating a Cherokee text into the English alphabet, and information on tones, vowel length, and other intricacies of the Cherokee language. Also included is the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer is presented first in English, then in the Cherokee syllabary, and finally in Cherokee using the English alphabet. It is accompanied by an analysis of the language structure and word definitions within the prayer.  400 pages  $49.95 + s/h  


This reprint of a 1921 book is accepted by many as one of the few basic resources available for serious study of Cherokee history, legal documents, and biographical information on leaders and old families. Forty portraits of prominent Cherokees and other old photos of that time period included. Covers origin, religion, characteristics, treaties, immigration, schools, officers, and old families. 6.5 x 9.5, soft cover edition reprint, 680 pages.  Hardbound copies of this book are now in the rare book category and sell for $350 to $600.  Buy your today at  only: $ 41.99 + s/h

CP 831 - CHEROKEE EDITOR - Writings of Elias Boudinot by Theda Perdue

This volume collects most of the writings published by the accomplished Cherokee leader Elias Boudinot (1804?-1839). Founding editor of the Cherokee Phoenix, Boudinot is the most ambiguous and puzzling figure in Cherokee history. Although he first struggled against the removal of his people from their native Southeast, Boudinot later reversed his position and signed the Treaty of New Echota, an action that cost him his life. Together with Theda Perdue's biographical introduction and in-depth annotations, these letters, articles, pamphlets, and editorials document the stages of Boudinot's religious, philosophical, and political growth, from his early optimism that the Cherokees could completely assimilate into white society to his call for a separate nation of "civilized" Cherokees. Univ of Georgia Press Paperback, 256pp ISBN: 0820318094 - $27.95 + s/h


CP 383 - CHEROKEE AMERICANS: The Eastern Band of Cherokees in the Twentieth Century by John R. Finger

Much has been written about the forced removal of thousands of Cherokee Indians to present-day Oklahoma in the 1830s. Many of them died on the Trail of Tears. But until recently historians have largely ignored the tribal remnant that avoided removal and remained in North Carolina. John R. Finger shifts attention to the Eastern Band of Cherokees, descended from that remnant and now numbering almost ten thousand, most of whom live on a reservation adjacent to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Cherokee Americans is, ironically, the first comprehensive account of the twentieth-century experience of a band that is known to and photographed by millions of tourists. University of Nebraska Press, ISBN: 0803268793  9780803268791 Paperback, 247pp $21.95 + s/h


CP 464 - AFTER THE TRAIL OF TEARS: The Cherokees' Struggle for Sovereignty, 1839-1880 by William G. McLoughlin 

Traces the social, cultural and political history of the Cherokee Nation during the 45 year period after its members were forcibly removed from their mountain homeland to Oklahoma. Explains how the Cherokees rebuilt their lives and society. 6 x 9, 437 pages, maps, paper, index. $ 29.00 + s/h


by Horace Kephart

The dramatic history of the Cherokee Indians. A small packaged book with lots of detail and information from language to the forced removal. 6 x8, 37 pages, illustrations, paperback.  $6.95 + s/h





Another compelling book by author John Finger, professor of history at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, this time with the focus on the Eastern Band of Cherokee during the 19th century and how they dealt with escaping the forced removal in the 1830s, Civil War, white encroachment on their lands, and a poorly defined relationship with state and federal governments. This book puts the Eastern Band of Cherokees, as a tribal entity into a clear and historical perspective. 6 X 9, 242 pages, maps, black and white photographs, and drawings, paperback.  $ 24.95 + s/h




A history of the Cherokee Nation, that is of pride and success, defeat and despair.  12 contributors such as Duane King, Theda Purdue, and John Witthoft giving their specialized point of view on their examination of the life of the Cherokees.  6" X 9.5", 256 pages, figures, tables, and maps.  Hard Cover. 

$ 39.95 + s/h   OUT OF STOCK -- If you want this book, send us an email 


OS - CHEROKEE PEOPLE by Thomas E. Mails

The Story of the Cherokees From Earliest Origins to contemporary times.  Thomas Mails, renowned researcher and writer, has given us a sourcebook destined to be a classic on Cherokee history and culture. Sections on birth, marriage, death, government, medicine, religion, festivals, dress, dwellings, games, cooking, dance and more make this a must book in your Cherokee Library. 9 1/4 x 12 1/2, 368pp, Well Illustrated. Soft Cover Edition

Was $ 49.95 + s/h Now Only $ 39.95 + s/h


Edited with an Introduction by Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green

With copies of letters, documents, treaties, petitions and other historic documents the story is told in its most accurate historical form. Enables the reader to study the past as historians do. Great for students of Cherokee history for home and/or classroom use. Should be in every library of Cherokee and Native American history.  $ 18.95 + s/h


CP 884 - WHERE IT ALL BEGAN: Cherokee Creation Stories in Art

Cherokee Creation Stories in Art The Museum of the Cherokee Indian is proud to present an exhibit of original artwork by members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The exhibit shows the strength of Cherokee oral traditions as interpreted through the creativity of contemporary Cherokee artists and crafts people. Published by the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, 2001. 51 pages, paperback  $ 12.95 + s/h



CP741 CHEROKEE VOICES by Vicki Rozema
Early Accounts of Cherokee Life in the East edited by Vicki Rozema, author of Footsteps of the Cherokees: A Guide to the Eastern Homelands of the Cherokee Nation, which won an Award of Merit from the Tennessee Historical Comm. Her articles have appeared in Blue Ridge Country and Country Extra. Paperback. 128pp. 5" x 7 1/2".  $ 13.95 + s/h


CP 828 - THE CHEROKEES by Theda Purdue 

This book contains information about what the "Principal People," the Cherokees have endured throughout their history including forced removal, seperation of tribe, and civil war. 6.5 X 9, 124 pages, including illustrations and a chronological timeline, paperback. $ 34.95 + s/h

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  CP 404- TEXAS CHEROKEES by Dianna Everett
People Between Two Fires, 1819-1840 A great study of the Texas Cherokees, who led by the Tennessee chief, Duwali, separated themselves from other Western Cherokees in a effort to retain the tribe's traditional life ways. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 173pp, paperback
  $ 22.95 + s/h

CP 009- TRIBES THAT SLUMBER by Thomas Lewis and Madeline Kneberg

You will learn about the Indians of Tennessee and North Carolina through an account of their progression from prehistoric to recent times.  Ends with an exciting account of the Cherokees, and includes a final chapter on Cherokee religion and the seven sacred ceremonies. 7 x 9 1/2, 208 pp, well illustrated, paperback  $20.95 + s/h

CP117S- TRAIL OF TEARS: Rise & Fall of the Cherokee by John Ehle

Gives a fascinating portrayal of the Cherokee Nation, filled with legend, lore and religion. After much research the author has created a heart-stirring story of the tragedy of the Cherokee Trail of Tears which puts one into the time and place of that tragic time with a sense of authenticity and accuracy. 5 x 8, 424pp, paperback $ 17.95 + s/h


Stories, Mysticism, Commentary, Fiction, Inspiration


Notice: Occasionally books may be discontinued or out of stock without prior notice. Your order may be filled from the 'shelf'.  Shelf books are new, but some may be slightly discolored or sale tags may be still attached.   

Foreign Customers: Shipping fees and import duties (if any) may not be calculated properly at time of purchase so please do not click on the payment Add to Cart button or the order may be rejected.  We ask Foreign Customers to email your order.  Please do not include credit card info in the email. Manataka Books


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