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Susan Power aptly examines the role of Cherokee Indian art and offers a significant contribution to an understanding of Cherokee culture and traditions. Carefully compiling available literature and coupling it with her own extensive research, Power elicits a very approachable balance in her writing.  Her study of early works and the influence these pieces have on contemporary artists is very informative.  Power's efforts to present so engaging a story will enhance our knowledge of the Cherokee's creativity in the face of adversity and garner respect for Cherokee Indians."  --Andrew L. Stout, University of Oklahoma School of Art.  Hardbound. 145 pages.  Many color illustrations.  $28.95 + s/h

  CP 005 - Arts and Crafts of the Cherokee by Rodney Leftwich NEW!
Definitely the sourcebook on Cherokee Arts & Crafts. Lavish with  photographs, this book gives the historical background of each craft and a  clear guide to the materials and procedures used for making Cherokee  baskets, beadwork, weapons, pottery, weaving, feather, stone, metal,  leather, and woodcrafts. 6X9, 160 pages, 146 photographs, paperback.  $14.95 + s/h

WH-5490-0 Indian Crafts & Lore

The classic Ben W. Hunt work filled with easy to do craft projects, this is a classic work that many "old timers" will remember from their early days of learning American Indian craft work. 112 page and hundreds of color images. $ 17.95 + s/h

  NV -BLACKFOOT CRAFTSWORKER'S BOOK by Adolf and Beverly Hungry Wolf Originally written to encourage craft workers among the divisions of the Blackfoot Nation to learn the traditional styles of their own People's culture, this book is a collection of photographs of various articles of clothing, robes, toys, moccasins, instruments, bags, dresses, vests, and more that have been displayed in various museums throughout North America. Also included is basic information on sewing and the kinds of stitches used.  Page Count: 80;Width: 8.5 inches; Height: 11 inches; Format: Soft cover; Publication Year: 1977 Price: $12.95 + s/h 
This book, a collaborative work between the Indian Arts & Crafts Association and the Council for Indigenous Arts & Culture, will help you become an informed collector of Southwest Indian arts and crafts. A unique team of American Indian artists and art experts explain the techniques used to identify authentic Southwest Native American arts and crafts, silver jewelry, beadwork, quillwork, pottery, rugs, baskets, fetishes and katsina dolls. You'll learn how to identify quality contemporary Indian art, where to buy it, what questions to ask, and how to identify fraudulent work. You'll also find solid information on the dynamic history and process of Native art with a comprehensive resource and personal views into these creative worlds.  Page Count: 214; Width: 7 inches; Height: 10 inches; Format: Soft cover; Publication Year: 1999 Price: $16.95 + s/h

CP 869 - The Ultimate Basket Book  NEW!

An incredible collection of 43 baskets to make, with every skill level in mind.  Such popular designs as Bean Pot, Cherokee Comb basket, Gourd vessel, Double Wall basket, Choctaw Pouch, and many more.  Learn techniques of weaving, coiling, plaiting, and twining with a variety of materials such as honey suckle, grapevine, wisteria, and even vine rattan.  8.5" X 10", 192 pages, color photos and easy to use diagrams, soft cover.  $ 21.95 + s/h


NV - NAVAJO CEREMONIAL BASKETS -  Sacred Symbols Sacred Space By Georgianna Kennedy Simpson  NEW!

Navajo Ceremonial Baskets provides an intimate look at the seminal importance of the ceremonial basket in Navajo culture. Each color, each stitch represents an aspect of nature, life, the people, and their ancestral beginnings. The baskets and the ceremonies in which they are used are essential to the well-being, balance, and harmony of both individuals and the community.  Drawing on her intense research into historical documents and interviews with Navajo medicine men, weavers, academics, traders, and cultural teachers, author Georgiana Kennedy Simpson brings new insights into the history and archaeology of Navajo baskets. Her love of the people who weave and use ceremonial baskets shines throughout.   Highlights:
* detailed color photographs of vintage and modern baskets
* portraits of award-winning basket weavers and their work
* illustrations of designs, artifacts, and related objects
* techniques for making tight-sealing woven water jars
* tips about the etiquette and safekeeping of ceremonial baskets
* a glossary of essential Navajo words
* As a new generation embraces this sacred art, the ceremonial basket will continue to be an integral part of the landscape in Dineh, the land of the Navajo. Color photos.  Page Count: 160;  Width: 7 inches;  Height: 10 inches;  Format: Softcover; Publication Year: 2003  Price: $19.95 + s/h


CP 779 - Native American Bead Weaving

Use basic equipment & simple skills to craft 15 beautiful Native American inspired beaded objects. Book instructs you on several different items such as bracelets, choker’s, rings, earrings, different fringe styles. 112 pages, paperback, color photos.  $ 19.95 + s/h  Out of Print - email us if you want this book.


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CP 870 - Beading In The Native American Tradition

Projects & Techniques From the Southwest Filled with authentic, striking projects for you to make, from jewelry to baskets. An extraordinary book that features desgns evocative of tribal legends and cultural tradtions such as Bear earrings, medicine wheel, and powwow perfume bag. 8 X 11, 128 pages, full color illustrations, bead design graphs, index, paperback. $ 24.95 + s/h Out of Print - email us if you want this book.




CP 879 - The Beading of My Heart    NEW!

Directions for making your own mini-frame loom, beading techniques and 52 beautiful beading pattern designs such as barn owl, birch bark canoes, gone fishin’, tatanka wakan, and many many more. 8 x 11, 110 pages, black and white illustrations and pattern guides. $ 17.25 + s/h


WH-3001-9 Beadwork Techniques of the Native Americans by Scott Sutton

This book is in a class by itself. The author not only covers the rudiments of bead work, but also reveals the techniques he has learned from his extensive experience as a bead worker. This volume covers bead work found among the western Plains Indians, both past and present, and includes step-by-step color photographs and illustrations for each project. Features dozens of full-color photos of first-rate Indian and non-Indian made beadwork from museums, private collections, and today's marketplace. This book is an artful contribution to the craft of bead working. Page Count: 96; Width: 8.5 inches; Height: 11 inches; Format: Softcover; Publication Year: 2008  Price: $19.95 + s/h


OS08069- Beading for the First Time by Ann Benson
They've enticed you at stores: seed beads, tubular bugles, or fancy drops, ovals, and flowers. Now work with them! Arranged in a Q & A format, this handbook covers all the basics: different types of beads, tools, materials, techniques for 18 easy projects and 14 more challenging ones. Incorporate knotting, use pressure crimps and stitching to make ornaments, jewelry, needlepoint, a wrapped candleholder, and more!  8 1/2
X 10. (all in color) $ 23.95 + s/h



CP 286 -  American Indian Beadwork by W. Ben Hunt.

This practical how-to, hands-on manual to doing beadwork is typical of Ben Hunts clear and complete instructional books containing directions for beading stitches, making and stringing a loom, using bead designs and appliqué beading. If you want to see Native American beadwork designs, and the traditional colors that were used, this is the book. Photos and Illustrations. Patterns. Soft Cover. 132 pages. 8" x 11"

$ 17.95 + s/h

  OS-048640- North American American Indian Beadwork by Clark Wissler 
A wonderful book of dozens of authentic designs and helpful tips.  1999. Paperback.  Normally sells for over $8.95 
$ 6.95 + s/h 



OS 04862- Authentic American Indian Beadwork By Stanley-Millner 

An excellent "How to Do It" illustrated book with 50 Charts for Bead Weaving and 21 Full-Size Patterns for Appliqué.   $ 6.95 + s/h




Indian Bead-Weaving Patterns:  An Illustrated "How-To" Guide

By Horace R. Goodhue   A complete beading resource written for both beginners and advanced beaders with over two hundred illustrations and photographs of forty-seven beadwork pieces. The emphasis here is on traditional Native American techniques. Includes sources for supplies, notes on knots and threading, and an illustrated section on how to make an Indian Bead Loom.  Page Count: 80; Width: 7 inches; Height: 10 inches; Format: Softcover; Publication Year: 1989 Price: $9.95 s/h


CP 670- Loom Beading By Susan McNeil  

Make thousands of beautifully beaded crafts with this great 'How To' book. Illustrated throughout. No project is too big with easy to follow instructions. 

$10.95 + s/h  Out of Print - email us if you want this book.


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CP121- Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding Book By Alta R. Turner 

$ 7.95 + s/h


Get Started Right with A Finger Weaving Kit!




SV - FINGERWEAVING BASICS By Gerald L. Findley  New!

Gerald Findley has spent many years studying, reproducing, and teaching the art of fingerweaving, and he shares his expertise through these many pages of illustrations and descriptions. Each technique is simply described step by step, with a color illustration for each move.  What at first might seem like a complicated craft becomes pleasantly clear as the introduction of each technique is built on the one previously completed. One of the easiest-to-follow books ever published on this craft. Beautiful color illustrations throughout. Page Count: 144; Width: 8.5 inches; Height: 11 inches; Format: Softcover; Publication Year: 2005. Price:$25 + s/h 


SV - A Manual of Finger Weaving By Robert J. Austin New! Fingerweaving is becoming a lost art. This great 'how-to' book contains comprehensive instructions and wonderful color photos that show all there is to know about this craft. Includes traditional Indian patterns, weaving techniques and materials, beginner-to-advanced weaving projects, historical photos and more. Page Count: 64;  Width: 8 inches;  Height: 11 inches; Format: Softcover; Publication Year: 2000  Price: $17.95 + s/h


by Douglas Spotted Eagle Wallentine

This exciting edition includes all you need to know to make powerful and attractive Indian bows with an easy-to-follow text. The reader is shown how to use both primitive and modern techniques of bow and arrow making. Making bow strings with techniques that are understandable to even the beginning bowyer; and shooting the way that Indians did years ago. 116 photos, 5 charts and diagrams, this book will be invaluable to anyone interested in traditional weapons of the American Indian, their material culture and/or early Americana. 119 illustrations. Paperback, 98pp, .29" x 10.97" x 8.56". $ 15.95 + s/h



This magnificent volume has more than 300 photographs from more than 60 leading museums and private collections that have never before been published describing the clothing in fascinating detail, from moccasins and tunics to sashes, bags and ceremonial and burial costumes. Theodore Brasser explains who made what and how, as well as the meanings of the different kinds of decoration, such as beadwork, embroidery, appliqué, patchwork, weaving and dyeing. There are also many examples of native pottery and other historic artifacts that depict themes used in the clothes. 368 pp, 300+ color and b&w photos, biblio, index, maps.  $65.00 + S/H  NEW!


SV - TRADITIONAL DRESS: Knowledge & Methods of Old Time Clothing By Adolf Hungrywolf

Take a fascinating look at the clothing styles of 19th and early 20th century Native Americans and learn what influenced their dress; from cultural traditions, status, the environment as well as dreams and visions. Over 50 vintage photographs show the diversity of styles worn by Native People of various regions from formal ceremonial regalia to everyday combinations of Native and western pioneer garments. Most of the items described here are accompanied by illustrated instructions for recreating apparel at home. You can learn to fashion you own dresses & shirts, beadwork, headdresses, moccasins, vests, robes, capotes, and more. Page Count: 128;  Width: 6 inches;  Height: 9 inches; Format: Softcover; Publication Year: 2003  Price: $12.95 + s/h





Emil Her Many Horses

WH 5369-3 IDENTIFY BY DESIGN: Tradition, Change, and Celebration in Native Women's Dresses  by Emil Her Many Horses

A world-renowned collection of Native American dresses held by the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. The book, edited by award-winning beadwork artist and NMAI curator Emil Her Many Horses (Oglala Lakota), presents a fascinating array of Native women's clothing from the Plains, Plateau, and Great Basin regions of the United States and Canada, dating from the 1830s to the present and including dresses, shawls, moccasins, belts, bags, and hair accessories.   In addition to superb color plates of the clothing, Identity by Design contains lively and perceptive essays by Her Many Horses, artist and professor Colleen Cutschall (Oglala Lakota), and scholar and author Janet Catherine Berlo. Striking historical and contemporary photographs depict Native life and Native women and their attire. The beautiful creations included in this book—whether made of deerhide embellished with beadwork and fringes or wool ornamented with silk ribbons and metal danglers—reveal the artistic vision of many individual makers as well as different regional styles and tribal designs. They also reflect Native history and identity during a time of intense social and cultural change.  The words, insights, and memories of a number of contemporary Native women artists who design and make dresses enrich the text of Identity by Design and add a fascinating new dimension to our understanding of this magnificent attire. The book accompanies a major exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian.   Beautiful color photographs highlight the 160 pages with expert explanations of dress construction. Bringing the early dresses into the contemporary powwow scene are interviews and photos of some of today's top dancers and crafts people. Hardcover.  $ 24.95 + s/h




by Donald Sizemore

Excellent resource.  One of a kind book with illustrations throughout and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. $ 29.95 + s/h 



If you want this book, send us an email



By Clark Wisseler

This important work from 1915 by the famous anthropologist Clark Wissler is a full-color, comparative study of the forms and distribution of Plains Indian men's shirts, coats, and women's dresses featuring specimens in the American Museum of Natural History.  In this modern version, actual color photographs have also been added to supplement many of the original black and white illustrations.  Any student wishing to discover tribal and regional characteristics of Plains war shirts, dresses, and coats will find this a valuable resource.  64 pages.  Produced in an 8 1/2" x 11" includes 36 detailed color photos. Softcover. $ 20.95 + s/h



by Donald Sizemore

Cherokee ceremonial dances and costumes are described and illustrated in full color in this beautiful "how-to-do" book by Donald Sizemore, author of How To Make Cherokee Clothing. Paperback, 175pp. Cherokee Publications $ 21.95 + s/h



By Evard Gibby.  With Patterns and Ideas for Making Authentic Traditional Clothing, Making Modern Buckskin Clothing and a Section on Tanning Buckskins and Furs. 

A new and exciting book for those interested in traditional Native American dress and for anyone who wants to know how to make use of their own deerskins and other animal skins, in either a traditional or modern manner. Extensive, well researched and fascinating to read! This book first explores the Traditional Dress of Native Americans in the nine major cultural areas of North America, with an emphasis on everyday or "work" clothes. Individual items of clothing are then discussed in detail. Among the many items included are skirts & aprons from a variety of materials, dresses of many styles, capotes, robes, leggings, breechclouts, shirts, breastplates, parkas, hats, moccasins cradleboards and sandals. Selected pieces of dress clothing, primarily from the Plains, are discussed. Included are drawings, patterns and ideas for making replicas of primitive clothing. There are also sections on how some people currently live in buckskin year round and surprising facts about native clothing.  Buckskin Today describes clothing made in modern times in both period and modern styles. In addition bags, pouches and parfleche are covered and there are tips for sewing and cleaning buckskin. Tanning Buckskins and Fur emphasizes Indian brain tanning methods including dry-scrape and wet-scrape techniques. Coloring and dyeing hides are described. Other tanning methods included are Ivory® soap buckskin and acid tanning techniques. Over 100 references on these subjects are provided. Paperback, 176pp $34.95 + s/h


WH - 4940-1 Scarlet Ribbons: American Indian Technique for Today's Quilters by Helen Kelley  

Classic work on American Indian ribbon work. Includes explanations of Plains style ribbon work, templates for various ribbon work patters, easy to follow instructions for multiple ribbon work patterns for dresses, straight dance suits, shawls and many other projects, color photos, easy to follow sewing and quilting instructions. 134 color photos, bibliography, soft cover, 140pp. Our video "Ribbons of the Osage" (sold out) makes a good companion to this classic work.  Our Straight Dance clothing pattern also has excellent instructions.  SKU:4940-1  $22.95  SOLD OUT OF REGULAR STOCK -- Email for out-of-print, rare books

  WH -CR2 CRAFTS ANNUAL #2 contains 4 "how-to" craft articles from the pages of WHISPERING WIND Magazine.  Expertly written, photographed and illustrated articles. Blackfeet Women's Clothing: Complete study from pre-1815 to present.  by Richard Conn; A Grass Dance Harness by Richard Green; Lazy Stitch Beadwork by Peter Bugelski; Ermine Skin Drops 48 pp, 46 photos, 23 illus. $ 10.95 + s/h


Back in Print and better than ever! Added is explanations of Woodland designs, beliefs and symbols of the Great Lakes Region. But the real beauty of this books are the designs for men and women clothing during the 1740s to 1840s. Profusely illustrated with 100+ illustratons, 140pp. $16.95 + s/h



Finally, a book devoted to women's dresses and accessories! Covering the northern, central and southern plains, as well as the plateau, this comprehensive craft guide shows how to recreate both cloth and hide dresses of the 19th century, as well as the accessories worn with these dresses. 100 professional illustrations, 82 color photos, 25 historical photos and paintings, 104pp. $ 21.95 + s/h Regular price: $25.00. 

  CP 631 -  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN INDIAN COSTUME Lavishly illustrated presenting the variety of clothing; ceremonial, functional, traditional; arranged by tribal region including all accoutrements. Great old photos. 516pp, photos, bibliography, index, paper. $ 27.95 + s/h  Out of Print.  If you wish to order this book, please send your shipping address to:
  MODERN FANCY DANCER by C. Scott Evans and J. Rex Reddick   NEW!
Learn about the origins and history of the modern fancy dance and how it evolved into the styles of today. Step-by-step instructions of the techniques and materials used to create the basic regalia and accessories for each dance are concise and easy-to-follow. The text is complemented by black and white photographs of early dancers and beautiful color photographs of modern dancers. Page Count: 64; Width: 8.5 inches; Height: 11 inches; Format: Soft cover;  Publication Year: 1998 Price: $15.95

Full color photos featuring dancers at powwows from South Dakota to Oklahoma. Included are detailed instructions for making nine different aspects of this outfit. All instructions are fully illustrated with easy-to-follow steps. 68 photos, 67 illus., 48pp
. $ 11.95 + s/h

WH - 4121-6  CHEROKEE DANCE and DRAMA by Frank G. Speck

(The Civilization of the American Indian series)

This classic study is now back in print detailing the traditional dances of the Cherokee from social to religious dances. 160pp, 12 figs, 22 plates  0806125802  $19.95 + S/H



by Donald Sizemore

Cherokee ceremonial dances and costumes are described and illustrated in full color in this beautiful "how-to-do" book by Donald Sizemore, author of How To Make Cherokee Clothing. Paperback, 175pp. Cherokee Publications

$ 21.95 + s/h





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