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WH-1667-3 The Earth Made New: Plains Indian Stories of Creation

This beautifully illustrated Plains Indian Creation story celebrates a new Earth after the flood and narrates the making of the buffaloes, mountains, plants, colorful horses and Thunderbirds among others. Weaving together the legends of the Plains Indian tribes, including the stories of the Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Arapaho, and the Crow, this revised edition contains 8 pages of additional illustrations and stories, as well as a new foreword. It also includes an extensive reference list and detailed introductory note. 40 pages, Color illustrations by Paul Goble throughout. Hardcover  $17.95  + s/h 1933316675


WH-3277-8 ALL OUR RELATIVES by Paul Goble
Traditional Native American Thoughts about Nature

This new book by award winning author Paul Goble includes actual quotations of Native American people who lived during the nomadic times, 23 traditional stories, and original illustrations by the author that vividly recreate the old Buffalo Days. 36pp. Hardcover: $15.95 + s/h

WH-71499-8  STAR BOY by Paul Goble

Star Boy was the son of Morning Star and an earthly bride. He was banished from the Sky World for this mother's disobedience and bore a mysterious scar on his face, the symbol of the Sun's disapproval.  As Star Boy grew, he came to love the chief's daughter, and it was she who helped him find the courage to journey to the Sky World and make peace with the Sun. The Sun not only lifted the scar but sent Star Boy back to the world with the sacred knowledge of the Sun Dance, a ceremony of thanks for the Creator's blessing. Age: 5 to 8  Paperback.  $ 7.95 + s/h


At one time, buffalo used to eat people! That's why they have hair on their chins. The creator saw that this was distressful and ordered a race to be held between all two legged and four legged creatures. The winner would decide each others fate. 32 pp.  All ages. Paper: $7.95 + s/h

WH-71109-3  BUFFALO WOMAN by Paul Goble

A young hunter draws his bow against a buffalo cow drinking from a stream. Before he can loose his arrow, there is no buffalo -- instead, there stands a beautiful young woman, The hunter's people shun the Buffalo Woman, and so she returns, with their son, Calf Boy, to her people. The hunter's heart compels him to follow. But he has been warned: The Buffalo Nation is angry at the Straight- up-People. And if he cannot find his wife and son among the many buffalo, they will be lost to him forever. 32 pp. Paper: $7.95 + s/h

WH-84137-X STORM MAKER'S TIPI by Paul Goble
In the beginning, when the Great Spirit had made the first man and woman, he told Napi who was his helper: "Stay close to Man and Woman and look after all their needs."  Man and Woman had no shelter at that time, but when Storm Maker blew the first winds of winter, they shivered, huddling close to their cooking fire. Napi knew they would need a shelter. While he was thinking about it, a yellow leaf from a cottonwood tree blew onto his head. "Yes!" he thought. "This leaf has the shape of a good shelter!" 
Look at a cottonwood leaf; you will see it is shaped like Napi's tipi.  His thunder and downpours and terrible blizzards once endangered all the children and grandchildren of first Man and first Woman. Yet legend tells of the time when Storm Maker was considerate. Two Blackfoot hunters, were caught suddenly and nearly blinded on the plains by wind-driven snow. Cowering, they huddled beneath a buffalo skin and there, with his boy at his side, Sacred Otter was given a dream. Whether sleeping or awake, for he could not be sure, he saw an immense, mystic tipi -- Storm Maker's own -- and then heard a voice which changed the lives of his people from that day on.  This book tells of how tipis were first granted to the Blackfoot people and then, in a dramatic rendering of an old myth, tells of why the painted designs on tipis have come to possess their meaning and power. Young readers and readers of all ages will be delighted with the authentic text and full color illustrations. Hardcover: $18.00 + s/h

WH-71731-8 BEYOND THE RIDGE by Paul Goble A vision of the other land beyond the ridge; the witnessing of the death of an elderly woman by her grandchildren. There is no death; only a change of worlds--Goble delivers these reassurances to readers in his latest book, once more based on the customs of the Plains Indian people. The book reads like a prayer, expressing specific beliefs about dying as well as the story of a woman who is called by her long-dead mother to go ``beyond the ridge.'' The world she discovers--after a steep climb--is abundantly beautiful, and there she finds the familiar faces of people who have passed that way before her.  34pp.  Paper: $7.95 + s/h

OS-10:0689716966 THE GIRL WHO LOVE WILD HORSES by Paul Goble  A Native American girl loves horses and spends all her free time with them. When a storm hits, she and her horses are forced to flee and they end up lost, but a handsome stallion, the leader of the wild horses, welcomes her to live with them. Gradually the girl relinquishes her life with her people, and years later, turns into a beautiful mare herself. Goble writes exclusively about Native American and his art reflects their culture and customs. $9.95 + s/h
WH-81999-4 THE LOST CHILDREN: The Boys Who Were Neglected  by Paul Goble 

Based on Blackfoot Indian myth, this tale movingly reminds readers that all children are sacred. Six orphaned brothers, neglected by their people and taunted by their peers, abandon the Earth for the Above World where they become the constellation known as the Pleiades. Full color. $7.95 + s/h

WH-81683-9 LOVE FLUTE By Paul Goble 

Traditionally, the Native American man would use a ``love flute'' to woo the woman he loved, to speak to her of things that words alone could never express. In this lyrical tale, a young man too timid to profess his love is presented with such a flute by two mysterious Elk men. In love with a beautiful girl, but too shy to tell her, a young man leaves his camp in frustration. One night he receives mystical visitors who offer him a special gift -- a love flute. A gift from the birds and animals, its tells the girl of his love where words have failed.  $7.95 + s/h

WH-71730-1 HER SEVEN BROTHERS by Paul Goble.
Retells the Cheyenne legend in which a girl and her seven chosen brothers become the Big Dipper. When an Indian girl begins to make clothes beautifully decorated with porcupine quills for seven brothers she has not yet met, her parents believe that unseen powers have spoken to her.  The girl knows she must travel to the north country to find the seven brothers. She comforts her mother by saying, "Soon you will see me again with my brothers; everyone will know and love us!"
  $7.95 + s/h
NV - SPIRIT OF THE WHITE BISON by Beatrice Culleton  NEW!
This story is told from the viewpoint of a young bison growing up on the plains in the late 1800s. He faces peril at the hands of soldiers who are destroying the great buffalo herds as a way to control Native tribes and is befriended by a Native warrior and a white hunter who try to save him and his herd from annihilation. Ages 12 years and up.  Page Count: 64; Width: 6 inches; Height: 9 inches; Format: Soft cover; Publication Year: 1985 Price: $7.95 + s/h


NV - CHILDREN OF THE CIRCLE By Adolf & Star Hungry Wolf  NEW!

A moving photo history of Native American children from the 1870s to 1920 that includes over 20 tribes of the American West. Over 90 photos, many very rare, are accompanied by descriptions of daily life as well as ceremonial and other special occasions. Page Count 160; Width: 5.5"; Height: 8.5" Format: Softcover; Publication: 1992. Price $9.95 + s/h

DREAM FEATHER by VientoStan Padilla NEW!

This beautifully illustrated book centers on a young Native American boy whose spiritual awakening takes him on a wonderful journey to the sun. Ages 10 - 14; Page Count: 60; Width: 8"; Height: 8"; Format: Softcover; Publication: 1987; Price: $11.95 + s/h


The story of how the animals took revenge on the people causing sickness and how the people turned to the plants and trees for medicinal help. 

$ 16.95 + s/h

sv - Song of the Wild Violets By Peggy Thompson

The story of a young Chippewa girl who gains new understanding about her place in the world by spending time in the woods with the plants and animals. From her new sense of being, she inspires her parents to value their traditional heritage. Page Count: 36; Width: 8.5 inches:  Height: 5.5 inches; Format: Saddle stitch; Publication Year: 1993  Price: $6.95


Myths, Legends and Supersitions of N.A. Indian Tribes. Delightful collection by Goingback Chiltoskey, famous renowned Cherokee sculptor. $ 18.95  + s/h


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By Peter and Connie Roop 

The third title in a series about Native American people, this book reveals what it was like to grow up in a Cherokee family long ago. Full-color illustrations by a Cherokee artist complement facts about Cherokee games, language, dwellings, medicine, names, and more.Paperback, 80pp Scholastic, Inc. Ages 7 to 10.  $ 8.95 + s/h

CP 027 MAGIC LAKE: Mystical Cherokee Healing Lake 

By Thomas B. Underwood 

A legendary story for children aged 5 to 10.  Kids will enjoy learning about native life with descriptive words in Cherokee and English as they color $ 8.95  + s/h

OS   PLEASE DON'T STEP ON ME By Elly-Kree George

A legendary story for children aged 5 to 10.  Kids will enjoy learning about native life with descriptive words in Cherokee and English as they color $ 8.95 + s/h   Temporarily Out of Print.  If you wish to order this book, please send your shipping address to:

CP 400- STORY OF LIGHT By Susan L. Roth  

A Native American folk tale which explains how the animals brought light into their world. A delightful childrens book boldly illustrated in black & in bright yellow. It was dark. The animals couldnt see. So they sent three emissaries, one by one, to snatch a bit of the sun & bring it back. In softly cadence language & bold, dramatic collage, Susan L. Roth draws on Cherokee myth to tell The Story of Light. $12.95 + s/h

Black & white photos throughout, also several color photos. Includes information on the Indian cultures of the Northwest coast, totem poles, how to look at totem poles & a list of totem poles on display in the Univ. of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology. Color guide to learning about & making your own totem poles  Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest pass on their legends and their history through totem poles. The text is engaging and the beautiful illustrations have the look of woodcuts.
$ 19.95 + s/h


By Alice Boggs Lentz 

and Carol B. Murray.  Ilustrators Carol Bates Murray: From From Overmountain Press.  Ages: 5 to 8  Hardcover, 32pp $ 15.95 + s/h


By James and Joseph Bruchac    NEW!

Kids will enjoy this book as they learn and play many games know and played for many years by Native American youth and adults.  As they play the games and enjoy the stories they will learn two basic lessons from the Native Way of life: 1) Inclusiveness - everyone should play at any level of ability; and 2) To play for the joy of it not just for winning. 7 X 9, 87 pages, Illustrated, Soft Cover. $14.95 + s/h


By Gayle Ross 

15 Cherokee tales of Rabbit, the trickster, that have been past down from generation to generation.  Beautifully Illustrated. 8.5 X 8.5, 79 pages, Illustrated, Soft Cover. $13.95 + s/h   NEW!

WH - 3836-2  COYOTE MEDICINE - It's Good to Laugh at Yourself by Golden Eagle
"This book is about looking at life with an understanding attitude and not taking minor events of life or ourselves too seriously. Everyone, young and old, can use a strong dose of coyote medicine."  "Golden Eagle has been involved in religious education for over forty years." For twenty years she has been studying Native American spirituality. Her Medicine Wheel Series is an attempt to show the beautiful Christian values found in Native American spirituality as well as to call all who read to honor and respect Mother Earth with whom we are all connected in the web of life. The books will show that being in tune with the Divine Presence in all of creation is a form of prayer. It is the Sacred Way. Published in December 10, 2004, Lifevest Publishing. 20 pages, color. $12.95 + s/h

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