Manataka American Indian Council









Official American Indian Tribal Flags







Most flags contain no more than 4 to 5 colors,

but the Southern Ute flag is very special containing 15 colors!

The price reflects the fine quality and superior color of this official tribal flag.





Screened by the most modern acid-dye penetration process for brilliant, long-lasting colors, with four rows of stitching in the fly  and two rows all-round; white canvas header.


Our beautiful flags are not Wally World cheapies.  Each long-lasting 3' x 5' flag is made from high- strength, top-quality woven polyester bunting material. Four full rows of stitching in the fly and two rows of white canvas header are carefully sewn around the entire outside border to provide excellent durability.  Two real brass, weather-proof grommets. Each brilliant color is finely detailed using on the most modern acid-dye penetration process. Made for indoor or outdoor use.  






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